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Summing up 2016

- Realizations from Australia

Randi Green

Summing up 2016
- Realizations from Australia
Summing up 2016
- Realizations from Australia

Copyright © 2017 Randi Green

Copenhagen, Denmark

Layout: Randi Green

ISBN 978-87-717043-5-8

The SETAH Initiative

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Table of Contents

A Sum Up of Things........................................................................ 7
In-Program Human Obstacles......................................................... 10
Sovereignty of Mind and Emotions ................................................ 13
The Recreation of Our Reality ........................................................ 18
The Years to Come.......................................................................... 21
To Recapture the ISP ...................................................................... 25
The Clans & Other Races Here.....................................................27
The Military Industrial Complex ..................................................... 31
The Reptilians ................................................................................. 36
The Walk-Ins ................................................................................... 38
The Assisting Parallel Races ............................................................ 39
The 7D Assisting Rulers................................................................40
Q&As to this chapter ...................................................................... 47
The First Modification Rules ........................................................48
The Mind-field and the Aura .......................................................... 49
Q&As to this chapter ...................................................................... 52
The Community Rules..................................................................54
The First Modification .................................................................58
Implementation Programs ..........................................................61
So, Then What? ...........................................................................64
Rules of Creation .........................................................................66
The Energetic Influences – Astrology & Tarot .............................71
The Rules of the ISP .....................................................................77
Appendix ......................................................................................79
The Origin of Human Life .............................................................80
Our System or Cradle of Life ........................................................81
Our Outer and Inner Structure ....................................................83

The Level One Energy System (The LOES) ...................................... 84
Different Levels of Evolution .......................................................85
Overview of “Races” ....................................................................86

A Sum Up of Things

I have been working directly to revive and activate the stellar genetics
in people for the last 10 years with more or less success. Mostly with
little success. The main reason for this has been the place where I
tried to make this unfold, i.e. in Denmark. Denmark is part of the
European continent and is therefore, or was, under the control of the
Old World Order (the Brotherhoods) and the Clans (the Cube) and in
this it has been extremely difficult to create anything new or outside
the rules and set up of the OWO.
I have played nice and worked my way through the Interactive
Simulation Program (the ISP) and the 3D-6D progression pyramid and
it´s inner work and perception levels, the pyramid enables you to
unfold and work with in order to develop both organic and stellar
genetics. Just as we created it to begin with, aside from the fact that
after the takeover by the opponents, the ISP1 was reversed and came
under control of the regressed humanoids (3rd worlders) and in this
did not amplify either soul restoring or soul progression, but the
opposite; depletion of genetics and regression all with the purpose of
feeding the 4D and 5D regressed races in our scheme with organic
and stellar genetics from our program, to ensure their survival.
It has been a long inner journey encountering different players,
inside and outside the program, trying to make me turn their way, or
trick me to play along with their agenda as well as feeding me with
both false and true information.
The high level of information and the different agendas and their
type of rules and why they were here, have been confusing for most

1 Read the book Ending the OWO and the ISP to understand the ISP and the

people that are still embedded into the in-program human perception
of things and in most cases this have created a retraction into their
human comfort zone with the tendency to doubt, give up, or simply
just become indifferent.
The closer I came to the place where we, as a group using this
information, could have made a change, the more the opponents
played on our human weaknesses, fears and comfort zones making us
struggle with the issues we had not cleared out, or had control over,
on a physical, emotional or mental level.
One by one the viable players were, and still are, held back by
material issues in the 3D and pulled away or distracted by their fears,
longings and other psychological as well as subconscious ego issues
being amplified directly by the opponents to make the ones, that
could make a difference, think that it is more important to get these
things in order first before being able to truly do the full work, or they
do the inner work and overlook the 3D issues, and in this get stressed
by it as the 3D reality forces them to play along and do their in-
program human things.2 All put there to make us overlook the last
energetic fight, to get our reality back, we could have done before the
cyclic changes of 2017. We lost the window of opportunity and now
we have to go about it in another way.
The few that could have claimed the rights over our system, being
the main focal point of their segment,3 were taken out early or kept in

2 Of course, we have to have an income and all the things of the in-program human
reality, but we can also obtain the higher awareness and still do the 3D in-program
human things. It is a matter of multitasking and discipline to do both; all it takes is
will power and focused diligence. And of course, a high control of the ego, emotions
and thought forms because the closer you get to freeing yourself from the control
the more they directly amplify your weaknesses, making you go down in energy and
from there they can drain you of the higher level of energy, you have built up in
energy work or meditation.
3 A focal point human was to play the program to its full completion, showing the

way for the others of that segment, typically being humanoid souls that were to

a strong downsizing, having dark masters controlling them or playing
against them, dragging them through all levels of the astral plane and
similar distortion fields attacking them and derailing them. In this,
rising above these forces, it was almost impossible for the group
leaders and if the focal point humans managed, as in my case to get
to the level where we could activate the “archangel in us” and get
control of the program and in that activate the heart field to its full
potentials, their group members had been modified genetically or
placed in in-program settings that literally made it impossible for
them to rise to the occasion.
No matter how many group or individual healings I did, with fine
results, they were modified back during night time to their original
energetic state, taking out all that I did to lift and clear what was left
of my segment to enable them to activate their overlay genetics and
from there lift into the higher levels of the ISP pyramid to begin the
progression there. I even played with group members from the other
segments and their foreign types of genetics, trying to alter them into
the flame code set up, which would make them respond to the
activation sequences that the archangel level of the program allowed
for us to pull in from the upper template.
I managed to get the sequences integrated in few but due to their
ego-structure and the continued in-program controlling mind-set the
new consciousness structure was prevented from unfolding to its full
potentials to enable the human vessel to do the reconnection to their
stellar genetics and soul level. My work only led to short lived higher

transform into a human soul. The focal point human typically held either a highly
developed humanoid soul or a human soul and in this acted as a way-shower setting
the example of how to play the program to do the soul transition. In this the focal
point would then dissolve the program attached to that segment by having played it
out and from there have helped the segment, or group, to its completion too since
the program could only be fully completed as a unit using the Ka-Le-Ka code and the
heart field connection in between all the group members.

levels of awareness or momentarily, when I held the energetic space
for them, giving them the inner sight. Whatever I did was reset in my
group and since they were not able to hold the energy on their own, I
eventually faced my defeat – not by my own good will – but due to
total depletion.

In-Program Human Obstacles

I recognized the in-program human obstacles in 2010 where I began
my teaching work, healing work and clairvoyant therapeutic work
with the intent of clarifying these weaknesses and obstacles in
humans. However, the subconscious is both a very deep and steep
iceberg beneath the ego and clearing this out alone is not enough due
to the engrained mental belief systems most people have on a
personal and cultural level, preventing them from doing the real inner
People want to do this work, and many have been doing the
energy work I suggested on a daily basis and even got the sequences
integrated or whole new energy system created in my healing work
and yet, the changes of the ego structure were few and almost non-
sequential seen from the perspective of the need to create activated
people that could fight off the OWO.
Naturally, I understand the stronghold of the ego today because I
did not include the fear of the initial pain in my work, i.e. the large
blockage humans with a soul connected to them hold from the time
when the Draco-reptilians took over in affiliation with the opponents.
It´s not only the ego that gets in the way all the time and the in-
program controlling systems manipulating the frequencies of the
heart and brain to unfold specific types of emotional reactions and
thought forms but also the ancient fear of the initial pain which is the
last obstacle to face to reconnect to the dyad (the soul).

I was forced into working directly on the ISP on my own as well as
cleansing it directly instead of working with people; as a last attempt
to get our reality to a level, where people could wake up and take
their world back, I cleared out the in-program remains of old races
and their energy systems. That led to little effect on the human level
but to a huge effect on the inner levels of the program since I, in that
work in spite of my wishes, ended up releasing the Old World Order
and their top entities (the Cap Stone), awakening them and setting
them free so that they could leave the program. What an ironic
outcome. I wanted to assist humanity and ended up assisting and
releasing their suppressors. However, in the end we are all souls and
even though the oppressors had got it all backwards and were in a
regressed soul state, they were still our brothers and sisters seen
from a higher perspective, i.e. from a soul level where we understand
that we all have come from the monadic or unified consciousness
field and in that capacity are reflections of the same consciousness,
developed into a human level or just have been on a status quo in the
humanoid form, which most of the OWO souls were in.
With this freeing of humanity from the souls of the opponents,
one should think that humanity would wake up, but no. The take off
from the opposition has not changed humanity and the souls
attached to them have not awoken either. On the contrary; for most
it is still business as usual since humanity on most parts are too
embedded in the in-program mind-set that they cannot see what
unfolds beyond their little fish-bowl. They are still controlled by the
ideas of having to earn money, take care of business as usual and
people around them as a responsibility that overshadows everything
else. The changing of the old ways is the first place to begin the real
changes of our world.4

4It is like freeing an animal having been brought up in a zoo. When freed it wants to
continue its habits and old ways of existing. It has grown dependent on being fed and

The double mind-set of being both in the inner and outer world is
yet something for most people to learn to deal with and accept as the
true mind-set for the races on this planet. Eventually it all comes
down to the fear most humans hold; fear of the unknown, fear of the
inner realities and fear of really waking up and in this have to take the
responsibility this brings about: A responsibility for a solar system and
their own soul progression.
But, why is it so fearful? What is really going on? It has been so
easy to point fingers at the oppressors and blame them for our
misfortune and destiny. It´s always easier to see the flaws of others
than looking at our own; in psychology this is called projection. What
we need to work with to become more balanced is typically seen in
others as flaws or something we do not like. And instead of taking
responsibility for our own development, we try to develop it in others
or in our surroundings, using other humans as our mirrors or players
to bounce off the imbalances we hold.
Of course, the opponents have been playing us to such a degree
that we have totally lost any full awareness of anything meaningful
and high leveled knowledge that could had made a difference but we
must not forget that we have allowed this to happen. Yes, we were
perhaps tricked or altered, or manipulated into oblivion but we also
got all the wake up calls in the 1980´s and 1990´s from the 4D and 5D
benevolent races that were here, before they were captured or
shipped out in the mid 2000 and we did not listen – as in putting the
information we got into action - nor did we take the chances we had
in 2016, which, if we had just got a little insight in the ISP “clock” (the
Tarot Cards shows the progression wheel of the pyramid) would have
seen that the number sequence 20 (the Judgment) and 16 (the

controlled. It takes a long time for it to adjust and enjoy its freedom. Sometimes it
even goes into a full depression and dies due to the stress of adapting to the new
circumstances or lack of abilities to survive on its own.

Tower) indicated the fall of the powers that be and that they would
be judged accordingly (being redeemed and set free). We missed that
chance too to actively go into the 20-17 sequence, where we will be
judged accordingly, because we did not remember the program and
how it runs in sequences telling us the story line of our reality set up.
We have to change this in the next five years because if we don’t, this
reality field will be put under full administration of the other races of
our quadrant and humanity as a race will not continue.
From what I am getting from the other quadrant races that are
coming in, and in this taking over our reality field with the intent of
rebuilding it, or subsequently totally altering it, humanity is still in no
position to handle the responsibility, on a stellar aware level, of our
system and how to work with it. They all point to the fact that there
are no real awakened humans on this planet to rule it and since the
OWO is gone, it is now a free zone to be taken over and come under
administration of the 4th to 7th dimensional races from other sectors
of our quadrant. Some working with humanity and others against it.

Sovereignty of Mind and Emotions

In this, to be able to play along with the incoming races, it is
important to work with the concepts of sovereignty and trust in
ourselves. That is perhaps the most difficult challenge for most of us
who carries a Lemurian or Atlantean soul attached to this human
vessel or those who have Lemurian or Atlantean genetics in their
composition. There is a reason why we cannot remember. It´s not just
that we have been put into oblivion; most have chosen to do so for
various reasons.
In this system, the Lemurians experimented with a different type
of soul energy amplifying the heart field, from where the dyad or soul
is attached, affecting the triadic form (the form suitable for this
system energetically and genetically) in a new way.

We decided to put a code called the Ka-Le-Ka code into the heart
field with the purpose of developing a new way of working together.
We teamed up as male-female partners, generating a unified field
using the Ka-Le-Ka code to link our heart fields together, typically
with a co-joint soul teaming up for the new experience. This merging
amplified our connection and made us able to feel each other in our
heart field and as a direct part of our organic system. It added to the
telepathic and energetic merging a feature that strengthened our
bonds to each other and created vulnerability in us due to this, which
was new and exciting.
This vulnerability to energetically, in our organic form to feel pain
and love (and the full spectrum of the other energetic sensations, we
today call emotions), was what that took us out when the opponents
took over our reality field (and the ISP) some 15,000 years ago
because they targeted our family units and our beloved unified male
partner by taking them out. Only the Atlantean and Lemurian women
were left in the event to proceed as breeders for the opponents. This
is the initial event we have to deal with, if we want to truly activate.
It is important to understand that all Lemurian and Atlantean5
males were killed in the Draco-reptilian take over. But their organic
genetics were reused in altered genetic compositions creating a new
male form, which could not link up to the original Lemurian or
Atlantean souls, or soul genetics. Some of the co-joint Lemurian male
souls repositioned themselves into the female Lemurian soul, hiding
there. This is why the remaining female Lemurian souls hold both the
inner male and female soul structure. One goal of our work is to
extract the Lemurian male soul from our soul structure and get it
back into male human vessels because we cannot rebuild this system
without our Lemurian male counterpart.

5Naturally not the ones that joined the opponents, who were Atlantean. However all
Lemurian males were taken out.

However, since all of the male Lemurian souls were captured and
split up or put into the forms of the opponents, used as a soul battery
to ensure their power inside this system, there are not huge portions
of male Lemurian genetics or full potential male Lemurian souls left.
To our luck there are in-program human males today carrying around
40% of the Lemurian organic genetics and these human vessels are
the ones into which we can pull in the remaining Lemurian soul
genetics floating around inside the ISP and from that we can reinstate
the male Lemurian soul.
In-program human males, carrying the organic or overlay genetics,
are responding to their Lemurian and Atlantean genetics and in this
feel and see themselves as Lemurians or Atlanteans but they are not.
The same goes with women carrying bits and pieces of the Lemurian
or Atlantean genetics, without having a Lemurian or Atlantean soul
attached to them.6 However the Lemurian and Atlantean organic or
overlay genetics carry the imprint of the initial event, when we got
taken over and thus most of us, that are to do this work carrying the
Lemurian or Atlantean genetics in some form affecting our heart field,
have to face the challenge of the initial event, i.e. the takeover by the
In the initial event our heart field crumbled in tremendous pain.
And this pain, and the extreme energetic blast it led to in the heart
field, rippled up to the soul as an unthinkable non-understandable
event of betrayal and sorrow but also as a feeling of shame of not
having seen this coming. We should have seen it coming because
most of the souls of this system, who chose to go down on the
evolutionary ladder to build this system, where highly skilled, old and
strong souls from the old systems that unfolded with the first wars.

6 So in my perspective a true Lemurian or Atlantean is an in-program human vessel

with an attached Lemurian or Atlantean soul, no matter what type of bio-DNA or
overlay genetics we have – these can be altered because the Lemurian or Atlantean
soul preside over all lower leveled genetics in this system.

Our system was supposed to solve this warring of the old humanoid
and human soul races.
That inner pain, and the event that shifted our system into the
hands of the opponents, sealed off our heart field and close off the
passage in us that links us to our soul or dyad. Not until that ancient
heart pain of the original betrayal and the loss of our family unit and
designated partner have been dealt with can we regain our full soul
The opponents have kept us in check using this pain and fear of
experiencing it again; and most of the programs that have been
played against us are based upon this initial event, making us retract
whenever there is the slightest chance of recovering, and in this get
close to the initial pain. When this happens, we crumble up in fear
and rationalize why our in-program human reality is more important
than the real work and the releasing of the initial pain, as well as the
event this led to of deeds and stupid decisions, trying to recover or
undo what the oppressors did to us. The reversed polarity arose from
this event and we, as the original races, were just as much a part of
creating this downfall as the opponents were. We need to face that
fact. In our pain, we did stupid things and our reality field fell into its
reversed state by it, helped along by the invited Draco-reptilians etc.
So, we are not blame free in this and now it is time to wake up and
repair the deeds of the past as well as face up to the responsibility of
being a soul race with a vulnerable heart field and a code in it that
makes us different from the other races in our quadrant, and we will
have to learn to live with that and deal with that in our work with the
other races, as well as in the restoring of our reality. We need to get
our memories of whom and what we are back and it is only possible if
we face the initial pain and shame.
Nobody can wake us up as long as we have that pain because no
matter what was done to us, organically and in terms of the stellar

genetics we have got as part of the overlay genetics and the roles we
have played inside the program, and the clearing out of these, or how
many healings that are performed the true inner knowledge and
awakening, as in reconnecting to our dyad (soul), the heart field
needs to be repaired by facing the initial pain. The soul is pushing for
this from the inside but the ego refrain over and over again, knowing
that that pain will sting and hurt beyond imaginable suffering.
So not until the ego emotions and belief systems are under control
is it truly possible to awaken; only if the observer has been developed
can the ego enter into that field of pain and energy that follows with
it, stemming from a time when the organic form was much more
sensitive and thus this pain will be a blast of energy into the whole
body and in that is perceived as a death for the ego and body. It is not
a death of life, but a death of a shell of energy that is artificial,
downgraded and false.
And in this it is also clear that only the ones with a soul attached to
them will awaken and only the ones that are brave, that are willing to
fight and face the inner levels of reality can do this.
Therefore, the return to the original race and its consciousness is
not for all humans on this planet and only the strong ones that know
how to work from within, and are already doing it and have done it
on their own their entire life, are the ones that will complete the new
cycle and lift humanity into the new human paradigm.
It cannot be taught or instructed how to do the energy work and
the inner work that will lead to the opening of the heart field. That
knowledge comes from the soul.
Only the techniques of how to manage the ego, the emotions and
belief systems as in the in-program control programs can be taught
but the rest have to come from within, in remembering and in
resonance with the correct level of information that gives energy to
the soul level in you.

Because of this my information will always be from a soul level
and not from a level that the human in-program mind can easily
understand. The true understanding of what we are, and what we are
capable of, is intuition and an inner knowledge where all information
is given to us in a split second. There is no linear processing needed
and the knowledge is just there; clear and direct giving us the full
instructions on what to do next to integrate more of our dyadic
structure to reconnect it fully to our heart field again, in this current
body, and with that what we need to do to alter it to be able to link
up to the dyadic energies and consciousness it holds.

The Recreation of Our Reality

The recreation work is mainly on the inner planes of our reality and
only a soul infused human can truly work there and understand how
the 3rd dimension becomes the result of the inner work and not the
other way around. We take back our reality, in collaboration with the
ones that want the same as us, and recreate what we have lost and
all of that begins with the inner perception of energy and the ability
to learn to work with energy. Not just how to make money, take an
education, read books or take care of our current families, friends and
so on. Most of our family members are in-program humans with no
soul attached to them. We, the ones carrying a soul, are fueling them
and thus they are placed around us. One active soul fuels an entire
family in-program unit, whether the unit is composed of military
projects, astral souls or clones. Therefore, our family and friends are
our responsibility but not our real families.
If we manage to give the family units what they need and in that
regain our freedom, we are typically led to other groups of non-active
genetic humans where we continued to give of our soul genetics as
an attempt to awaken humanity, or save humanity or heal humanity
all with the purpose of being service to others. All in all, just another

level of the controlling program to deplete us of our soul energies
that instead should be used in soul integration.
Luckily for us the reversed program is dissolving and in that we
learn that the most important thing in this is to reconnect to our soul
first and foremost and then we can begin the changes of our reality.
But not until the soul has taken over the in-program human vessel
and has merged with the ego or personality, are we truly capable of
instigating any real energetic changes in the 3rd dimension. Until then
it will only be frequencies working with frequencies on the same level
and thus only create a horizontal action potential or no effect at all.
So let us get to work people knowing that a soul infusion can be
done over less than a year, if the ego is willing to collaborate with the
soul and do not reject the impulses, energies and directives that
comes from within – and no the soul information is not an inner
entity talking to you, or a higher self; all of these are the remains of
the program and false entities trying to get a last chance of survival or
they are walk-ins from the other systemic races that are coming our
way. And for some of you that is good and fine, and I will work with
you too, i.e. the ones with walk ins from other systems because they
will present themselves to me and what their purpose is here and
typically they are here to learn and how to become a human soul
because our system, and scheme, do has this as its main progression
rate; changing the humanoid souls into human ones. That is, going
from the 4th evolutionary cycle and into the 5th and 6th. We must not
forget this in our progression and restoring journey we are to
undertake in the years to come. Nor must we forget that we chose to
do this with high skilled soul knowledge and the Ka-Le-Ka code in our
heart fields, making our program of upgrading souls slightly different
from the other systems in our scheme.
We need to collaborate with the other races on this but also
remind them of our program here and what we wanted to achieved

with it. Most of them know that they are to soul progress from one
level to another and thus they have come our way. Again, not without
difficulties due to their perception of how they want to do the
progression, and in what pace and in this they will try to take over our
system and pretend to be our superiors and set the terms of the
collaboration – naturally; they are humanoids. But in this they also
know that at some point they have to give in and do the work, as we
did it eons ago when we shifted from humanoid to human souls.
In this is it also important to acknowledge the different stages
humans in our system are in, as in what type of soul capacity they
have attached to their human vessels, and if they are clan members,
walk-ins or military projects only holding the stellar bio-DNA in their
vessel (and sometimes with that an attached stellar personality but
no humanoid soul – i.e. dyad of the 4th evolutionary cycle since that
one has pulled out leaving the stellar personality attached to the
military project human vessel).
Many awakening humans do not have a dyad attached to them
but only various forms of stellar personalities, which are lifeforms but
lifeforms without a dyad behind them. Some of these stellar races
come from systems where there has been no soul attachment for
eons and they have found a way to sustain themselves without, using
technology and other forms of solutions.
We will work with that and see how much of these stellar genetics
we can transform and grow into more complexity and from there
generate a dyad because our system, this little cradle of life we call
our solar system, can generate dyads or souls from below, from the
organic forms if there are viable soul genetics, i.e. the type of genetics
found in the stellar personality and its energy system.
There are also remains of the original dyads in the biological stellar
genetics in the overlay genetics attached to our body and the original
interactive program was created to assist the biological genetics to

unfold higher forms of energy from which a high capacity dyad could
merge his or her field with the soul-to-be energy system and from
that replicate the true soul structure into the energy system holding
developed and complex soul genetics. Or add soul genetics to an
energy system ready to begin the process of soul generation.
So, all in all, our system is a valuable system and hence the need
to return it to its original structure, reviving the original sciences and
knowledge so that the entire scheme can continue its progression
rate and move from the 4th evolution cycle and into the 5th using our
system as the place to restore, recreate and upgrade the souls of our

The Years to Come

2017 is a year of the changes and the beginning of a new cycle, where
humanity is supposed to lift into a new setting and be free of the
obligation to work with the 3rd worlders. This is also part of why the
OWO have left and the humanoid souls with them. I think that when
we agreed to take in the 3rd world souls to our system, we also agreed
on a cycle where we would work with them and if they had not
changed into human souls by 2017 then they would have to go to
other areas where they could continue their evolution. Either way,
they are mostly gone now. Few OWO souls are left and these are the
ones that still want to proceed into the human soul evolution. Many
of the Clans are still here since most of them are directly affiliated
with the 3rd dimension, whereas the OWO typically worked from the
6th and 5th dimension, using the 4D Clans and their 3D human vessels
to be found inside all forms of business, politics and societal
structures or the human Brotherhoods (Freemason, church and all
forms of spiritual work) to do their work in the 3rd and 4th dimension.
The souls from Lemuria and Atlantis that took on the job to
transform the humanoid souls, are today in no position to complete

this task, as it is for now, and thus the other reality races have
decided to take over and complete what we could not as well as
restoring this field back to its original racial composition before the
taking in of the 3rd worlders and similar humanoid off-world races
from the quadrant.
Being micro and macro managed is never a nice thing but as long
as humanity, as a whole, prefer their downsized state as in-program
oblivion humans there is not much else these races can do. And they
are kind of forced to take on this role due to the fact that our system
is the basic level of the whole quadrant and our downfall has pulled
the entire quadrant into a lower leveled scheme and they wish to
change this. If we rise back up to our full potentials, so will the other
races of this scheme.
Australia is the continent that is closest to the Lemurian gridwork
and its original landmasses.7 Thus I have returned to Australia with
the hope of being able to connect to the presiding stellar races with
the goal of rebuilding the Lemurian race structure that once lived and
thrived as a high skilled humanity both consciously and scientifically,
before the invitation in of the 3rd worlders and the other races from
the rest of the lower levels of the solar system. Due to our high skilled
capacity, we invited them here as they were in need of a reality field
to exist in after the devastation of Mars and the other earth planets
being part of our solar system, i.e. our system8 in the Great Wars.
Consequently, Australia is the best place to create and unfold the
new human paradigm, which in fact is not a new paradigm but the
return to the original race we used to be. Perhaps we could call it a

7 In the light of this, it has to be remembered that the European continent, including
Africa, is the gridwork and remaining landmasses of the transferred Atlantis and the
landmasses that was created to house the 3rd worlders and their partaking of the
restoration program.
8 Read the Short Version Metaphysics in the Appendix.

paradigm to reform (as in reshape and bring back to its original form)
To accomplish this, I will collaborate with whom I need to
collaborate with on the inner true levels of our reality, to make this
happen on the outer planes, as in the in-program reality. The in-
program human vessel must undergo the transformation too due to
the fact that only if the genetics of the human vessel, from its base
program organic bio-DNA to its pyramidal overlay stellar genetics to
be unfolded in the ISP pyramid progression program, can this organic
form continue its evolution in the 4D-6D realities, which are the ones
that will stand after the great transition in 2065. The changes into
these dimensions will be part of the years to come.
I know many have tried to make this happen since the 1980´s and
we keep popping up, those of us who hold the knowledge of how to
do this. My take is not the usual Atlantean humanoid sciences.
These sciences were released in the 2000 by the Sirian Bs,
Pleiadian or Orion races attached to our reality in the 5th dimension,
since these humanoid races were the main races of Atlantis and from
that angle brought into the base program their teachings to free their
humanoid souls from the human in-program vessels before the end
of 2016. Most of these souls pulled out in the period of 2009-2015.
The last to go from the Atlantean-Egyptian period9 was the OWO,
along with their affiliates, which until the end of 2016 were the rulers
of the Atlantean continent from Africa, the Middle East to Europe and
parts of America10 as partially explained in the Souls of Humanity.

9 This period began 26,500-30,000 years ago and ended as a stellar reality around
2,500 BCE with the insertion of the astral barrier aka the astral distortion field.
10 Sub-factions of the same Atlantean races and the OWO have been the rulers of

Asia too. The sub-factions of the Asian continent and their Brotherhoods are based
upon the winged snakes, aka the Nagas with a higher level of reptilian genetics than
the avian-mammal Annunaki brothers of the OWO.

No, I work from the Lemurian angle, or the true humanity of this
reality field and the ability to generate soul genetics – not to be
pulled out or brought to other systems but to be kept here to enable
the current humanity to continue an evolution at all. The majority of
landmasses on our planet will, due to the pull out of stellar genetics
that has taken place since the 1950´s, succumb to the changes and
only the North Pole and Australia, perhaps also the South Pole, will be
positioned above the surface of the elevated sea levels when the
resetting is over and in this return our reality field back to its original
structures and compositions. Humanity will continue its evolution as
both the military projects carrying Pleiadian or Orion overlay genetics,
as well as the humans carrying the genetic lineage of the original
races of this system, be it from the Lemurian or Atlantean period.11
The last thing I will address here is the biggest challenge all of us
carrying a soul have; to face our own fears and let go of the idea that
we are just humans. The in-program mentality and emotionality as
well as our perception of our reality must change.
Yes, the outer energies are to be mastered and in that the 3rd
dimension before we can master the inner in full, or give our sole
focus there but it can be done as a joint work. Learning to handle the
outer reality is just as much an inner energy perception because
when it is understood that the outer reality reflects to you what you
think, feel and perceive to be the truth about the world you live in,
you also understand that the outer reality takes form after that.
Change the inner perception and the energies that go along with it
and it will be easier to attract and create what you want to unfold in
the 3rd dimension.

11Many of the Clans are from the Atlantean period and they have not left because
they have nowhere to go since they are a composition of half in-program human
vessel and 4D regressed stellar genetics, primarily of the insectoid-mammal type.
They have grown out of our system, so to speak and thus belongs here.

It is an exercise of patience and the trust in that you have created
and worked with the energies of the inner realities well enough and
when that is in place, it is just a matter of trusting the outcome to
take place and then you continue the creation of the next step that
naturally will follow from the first basic creation levels.

To Recapture the ISP

Our world, the 3D base program, is the main basic level of the entire
ISP as well as the reality field itself (“the planet” in 3D). All the other
levels of the program, adjacent parallel 3D realities, 4D and 5D
realities, grow from the base program and get their energy from it.
Thus, the remaining humanoid, and few human, souls that are left
in our reality,12 are sustaining this reality by being linked up to an in-
program human vessel, sealed off, or in oblivion, or disconnected to
lesser or larger degree and therefore not actively participating in the
everyday life of the in-program human vessel. These dormant souls
have since the negative takeover, and still are today, been giving their
soul genetics to the program and in this keep it running. The sealed
off souls etc are sustaining the PL1-PL5 levels of the ISP and as they
wear out, and their in-program human vessels disappear, so will the
The ISP consists of perception levels (PLs); PL1 is the base program
whereas the PL2-PL5 are the program versions of the 4th, 5th, 6th and
7th dimensions. The perception levels of the interactive simulation
program (the ISP) were created to enable the damaged soul genetics

12 Most of the old humanoid souls of the OWO have left a long with all of the other
stellar races, which were able to do so in the years 2009-2016. Thus, the only souls
that are left now are the Clans, walk-ins and all of the lesser activated or dormant in-
program humanoid souls. Very few human souls are here too. Most soul genetics
from the Atlantis period have been retracted in 2016 from the new stellar races
claiming their heritage of their ancestors, which took part of the program.
13 Read Ending the OWO & the ISP to fully get this.

from the wars etc to restore in a safe set up, to get rid of both the
regression and infection and the in-program perception levels would
give the energy needed to accomplish this and at the same time,
contain the harmful effects the regressed and infected genetics have
on their surroundings.
In this we understand that the ISP is a contained environment into
which humanity plays out their reality. The dimensions around are
separated from the ISP and it is here we find the Clans, the walk-ins,
the Reptilians, other stellar races and so forth.

The Clans & Other Races Here

Before I go into the future view and some of the higher dimensional
factions we can collaborate with in this, in Australia and Europe, I
want to give an overview of the different forces behind the in-
program humans, aka the forces that are actively participating in the
3D but also operate in the 4D and 5D, and in this are players we need
to consider in our work.
The Clans are both humanoid and in-program humans. Their
humanoid part was once the colonizers of our reality field outside the
ISP on higher dimensional levels. Today most of these races have
regressed into the insectoid-avian or reptilian-mammal soul genetic
level, and are more human in their mindset than stellar.
The Clans run the major companies as the top executives, typically
only one per firm, the markets, the trade between countries, all in all
the monetary system, as well as the political set up of the reality we
have today, although most Clan members prefer to be behind the
scenes as congress members or e.g. spin doctors, advisors etc of in-
program human vessels, chosen to play out their agenda in the base
The Clans are behind the in-program groups such as the Italian
Mafia, the Jews (as a collaboration of different descendants from
Atlantis and outside our reality stellar systems, choosing this in-
program story line as their collaborative program), the Chinese Mafia,
the Nazis, the Moneymakers, the Rockefellers, the Bilderberger
group, the Military Industrial Complex, the Royalties, the Nobilities,
the Rich and Famous etc. All of the people that are in power, with
money and in the know of how to run the program are from the

The true Elite itself is gone because these ancient entities were the
top of the ISP, i.e. the Cap Stone (the Goats) and their affiliates in the
PL3-PL5 levels such as the Minotaurians. In this we understand that
the Elite, most talk about on the internet, in fact are the Clans and
they had, compared to the real players of the OWO (who are now
gone) little to say in our reality given that they were controlled by the
real Elite, i.e. the Cap Stone and their minions.
Now that the Cap Stone and their affiliates from the Atlantean
period are gone (few of the Minotaurians are left, but they are very
old and mostly linked to the remaining dark ones on the astral plane)
the Clans are the new elite, at least until the incoming stellar factions
have re-negotiated their place in our reality field and probably then
will push these lesser developed humanoid in-program humans back
in the correct position in the scheme of things, i.e. as the 4th
dimensional races.
The stellar personality of a Clan member is awake and active in the
4 dimension of our planet, and some are actively participating in
parallel 3rd dimensional realties adjacent to ours.
The Clan members have chosen to go into the program some 1000
years ago as they regressed into a lower energetic position. In the old
days they were the factions behind most of the greater monumental
works, generation of sciences and trade stations around in our reality
The Clans have always collaborated with the Brotherhoods, which
at that time were the presiding faction of the program under the Cap
Stone. The Brotherhoods (the European and Egyptian brothers) had,
at the time, turned into the sole administrators of the sealed off
dormant souls, setting up the rules (karma and emplacement for the
dormant souls and the story line for the inserted dormant souls into
the program) for the reversed program and how it was supposed to

At times, they collaborated with the Draco-reptilians (now gone –
left in the 1950´s with the shift of power) and the remaining reptilian
factions (under the Military Industrial Complex), as well as teaming up
– some of them did and still do – with the dark forces and the dark
brothers trying to get more power and genetic infusions from these
The Clans have lost most of their original genetic compositions and
their humanoid souls are in need of an upgrading and restoring. They
are bound to our reality and thus have not left along with the other
stellar factions. But they belong here because, as the old colonizers,
they integrated themselves deeply into our reality and they are per
definition part of this, as part of the races that belong to our reality
The Clans are to be found all over the world, connected to in-
program human vessels, operating them from the 4th dimension,
mentally, emotionally and physically.
They prefer to identify themselves under strong animal names,
such as the Eagles, the Bears, the Dolphins, the Dragons,14 etc all
signifying their stellar origin, i.e. the type of main genetics they carry
be it insectoid, avian, reptilian or mammal. Or, in the case of most of
the Clan members having insectoid-mammal genetics, they choose
names as the Moneymakers, the Rockefellers, the Freemasons15 and
so forth. The Clans are to this day using their coats of arms inside the

14 The Winged Snakes are not Clan members, i.e. ancient colonizers, but a sub-faction
of the dark brotherhood. So are the Nagas, i.e. the masters of Wisdom. The highest
level of the left wing Brotherhoods go up to the 5th dimension, where they are part of
the Sirian B reptoid-mammal races, i.e. the Ascended Masters.
15 The Freemasons are the in-program human vessels operating directly under the

Brotherhoods. The stellar humanoid souls of the Brotherhoods prefer not to take on
in-program human vessels. Instead they use the human vessels of the Clans or act as
a higher self in an in-program human vessel with special capacity for their agenda, i.e.
the gurus, the spiritual teachers, the magicians, the religious leaders and so forth.
The Vatican are not Brotherhoods but reptilian-mammal clan members under the
Technocrats, today known as the Military Industrial Complex.

program to show off their power and the lineage, i.e. original colony,
they belong to.
The Clan members have energy bodies in the 4th dimension, or
most do. These energy bodies are holographic-energetic and can take
solidified form inside our reality but that will take a lot of their stellar
or soul genetics to do so and thus they prefer to stay as energy beings
in the 4th dimension, having created a safe reality there a long time
ago for their soul genetics. In this 4D reality they live as they did in
the old days of the colonies as holographic entities; partly solid, partly
pure energy body, using their old set up from back then, as well as
flame codes and frequency codes of the PL2 level of the program.
This gives them great advantages when they put up a story line they
want to play out inside the base program.
For the Clans, it is all about creating good story lines and how to
outlive these stories energetically inside the base program, toying
with the energies there, playing around with the dormant souls and
their human vessels, affecting them and manipulating them to unfold
their story line, as well as trying to change the features of the base
program that is a compromise between the different factions here,
naturally. It is all about getting more power and energetic control of
the base program, and in this control the currents of energy, money,
in-program human vessels, which are seen as an asset to play out
their story line, and as many frequency codes as possible through
energetic compositions, story lines and “magic”; i.e. using the ISP to
its fullest to get what they want.
Most of them do not know how to operate the original technology
and sciences they have placed in their 4D worlds and this is the
reason why the Clan faction, called the Military Industrial Complex,
invited in off-worlders in the 1950´s to change the state of things; first
and foremost to be able to take over the control of the base program,
and the ISP from the Brotherhoods, but also to get new information

on how to use their old technology, and with that information,
infusions of genetics to sustain their 4D energy body and humanoid
souls, as well as being able to fully integrate themselves into the base
program with the purpose of regenerating their stellar genetics.16

The Military Industrial Complex

The Military Industrial Complex is a sub-group of the Clans going back
to the Roman Empire and the ancient Egyptian protectorate some
26,500 years ago. They are the direct descendants of the Technocrat
souls from the first stages of the ISP. Most of them participated in the
factions of Atlantis, i.e. the version of Atlantis in our reality field and
not the one on Mars, and they were part of what led to its down fall.
The Clan members in the top of the Military Industrial Complex are
the descendants of the Technocrats, ranging from the groups that
want to work with the Beast energies in our reality field, inserted into
the gridworks on specific ley lines, to the ones that just want to
rebuild this reality field back to its full potentials, under their control
naturally, and in this revive the true Atlantis on Mars.
In the 1950´s our reality got under new stellar administration from
off-worlders taking it over from the Brotherhoods and shifting the
control to the Military Industrial Complex (the MIC). The MIC contains
of reptilian-mammal Clan members as well as “normal” in-program
humans following the orders from the top.
The in-program humans that work with the MIC – all depending on
their function – have been enhanced genetically and are therefore

16 It is only possible to fully regenerate the stellar genetics if you have an in-program
human vessel, since the base program is the manifestation level. Not until the
genetics are manifested into a 3D reality form, transforming it, can the humanoid
soul move into the human evolutionary cycles. A set up agreed upon in the Atlantean
times to ensure that we would eventually transmute the 3rd dimension as it arose
from the wars and the weaponry we used back then, distorting the energies of this
level of our scheme into the electromagnetic form it has today. So for these races, a
new humanity is vital to their agenda because this will carry them out of here.

telepathic, have higher awareness and are to be seen as a new type
of in-program human prototype. Foot-men and office personnel are
not enhanced.
In the takeover of the program by the MIC in the 1950´s the other
Clan members got reimbursed with money, status and more in-
program power, building the new type of society we have today,
which began with the technological wonders of the 1950´s and the
Rockefellers, Bilderberger, Nato, UN etc; all forms of in-program
political set up to accommodate a fair playing ground between the
other Clans and the separated Military Industrial Complex humanoid-
In the takeover, the Curators, i.e. a faction of the android Greys,
got the role as the administrators of the ISP and they have run it
following the orders from the Military Industrial Complex and the off-
worlders they stem from with, mostly humanoids from negative areas
such as Orion, Arcturus and more or less benevolent Nordics. In this
company of off-worlders, we also find the Reptilians.
The agenda of the MIC is to rebuild a human vessel that can exist
outside the ISP and in the 4th and 5th dimension. They are not focused
on adding any ability to link up to soul genetics; they are mainly
working with the bio-DNA of the stellar humanoid holographic vessels
from the Atlantean period ranging from the Martian period to the
Egyptian period in our reality field, and how they can be applied to
the in-program human bio-DNA, both as overlay genetics and as
direct in-built DNA turning the human vessel into something entirely
In the light of this agenda, we understand the superhuman and
supersoldier projects, as well as the new human agenda and the
experimentation done on humans during nighttime. These projects
range from the early invasive and brutal methods done by the Zeta
Greys, which also got their share of genetics to take with them back

to their projects with the goal of building a new world with human
vessels to revive their system, to the alteration of the native
Americans and other indigenous people around the globe, which
were the first test subjects to be put under the horrific experiments.
Later on, test subjects were chosen in families of military personnel,
typically in families – at least in the USA – with religious convictions
and superstitions making it easier to access the subconscious state in
night time and modify this, as well as running the denial programs of
what had taken place.17
Today most of humanity is being altered, using primes as the
prototype and then duplicate these new humans into clones, from
which the clones can be altered when the prime is taken in and
undergo alterations. Altering the prime sends ripples of change into
the genetic replica of the clones. The Ongoing Projects, such as
chemtrail and vaccination programs, are part of the MIC alteration
programs to amplify the genetic modification of their new humanity
as well as taking out the non-viable clones.
In the military human program, the in-program human vessel is
being modified with stellar holographic genetics, typically taken from
captured benevolent factions that came here in the 1960´s to 1990´s.
From this genetic template, the human bio-DNA is upgraded, spliced
and altered into being able to merge with the stellar DNA and from
this create a new brain structure, heart and nervous system as well as
in total cellular ability to hold higher amounts of energy, i.e. the 4th
and 5th dimensional energies.
As mentioned in footnote 19 it is only possible to leave our reality
field in an organic form, if you have created an outside program
human vessel with energies of this system and fully restored genetics.

17Religious people are highly receptive to supernatural things and at the same time
they write it off as “things not to ask into”, or deny it entirely as an act of the evil
forces in the world. In this it is easy to manipulate their subconscious to denial.

Even though most of the MIC Clan members are descendants of the
Technocrats, and thus carry remnants of this humanoid soul structure
from which they could do the transformation into a human soul, they
are not interested in that. Nor are they interested in a new outside-
program human population that are able to link up to the dyadic level
because a soul infused human cannot be contained or controlled.
This is also why most of the new stellar races have abandoned the
old soul structure setup and connection, to accommodate their need
of order, control, uniformity etc. In this the soul matrix comes into
play, using technology too, where only few members of the society
have dyads attached to them – typically the top of the hierarchy as in
the case of the Sirian Bs – and the rest of their population are linked
up to replicated soul structure matrices, carrying the soul genetic
structure of the leaders of the society and in this can be controlled
directly and telepathically from the top.18
The MIC is aiming for a similar societal structure on Mars, i.e. the
4 dimensional reality field of our scheme, and there revive Atlantis
as it was before the Great Wars. To be able to do this, they have for
years sent supersoldiers, during nighttime, back in time to participate
in the Great Wars as an attempt to alter the outcome by changing the
timelines. First and foremost to undo the infection – dark antagonistic
weaponry leading to decay of the population on these timelines – and
to bring viable memory imprints from older timelines into the new
ones they are building as we speak.
When you link a current timeline up with an old one, it is possible
to transfer what is on the old timeline to the new, if there is genetic
and energetic affinity. To be able to do this, there has to be receivers,

18 We will see that the 7D Rulers that are presiding over Australia to a certain extent
use the same method. They connect genetically and telepathically to your mind and
from there give direct orders, or incentives, to do this or that. In this it is important
that we keep our self-management and discernment intact in collaborating with the
humanoid races of our scheme since they are prone to the top-down management.

aka humanoid-human vessels, to integrate the memory imprints into
and from these vessels recreate the timeline in the new reality set up,
pulling the knowledge and energies of the old timeline into the new
via the humanoid-human vessel; so-called portal or carrier vessels.
And again, this is also why the Lemurian descendants are of great
interest to the new incoming races and why they want to collaborate
with us; i.e. the factions that want to restore our reality field back to
its original composition.19
Lots of other stuff are, and have been, going on with the military
projects all depending on when the in-program human vessel was
generated and what off-world faction the MIC collaborated with at
the time. The MIC have worked with different factions to achieve
their goal, and the knowledge they needed, and in this traded in-
program human vessels and experimentation on these to get this as
in the case of the Zeta Greys and their experiments. Most of the old
in-program human projects have been released and only the most
promising ones are still in operation; i.e. the in-program young
generations born between 1999 and up.
The type of MIC project also depends on what country that is
behind the project, and the type of off-worlders the MIC in these
projects have chosen to work with to achieve advantages connected
to the specific gridwork of that country. Most of the MIC projects I
have encountered so far are the ones under the Commonwealth aka
the Reptilians or under the dark Orion infused Nazis in Germany and
the Netherlands, using the Orion technology they got during WW2.

19If we can remember our ancestry and reconnect to the timelines we unfolded, they
can tap into this via us. However, we are not giving away this information to them if
we are fully awaken, and they know that, and this is why they do not give the full
scope of things to us, nor do they awaken us fully into our vessels. We have to do
that on our own and take control of the assistance they provide to us. Eventually they
will have to let us awaken fully but then they have already got what they need and as
such can let us go to continue our own evolution. It is all about survival of the races in
our scheme due to the regressed, or disconnected from the dyadic level, state it is in.

The Reptilians
Which lead us to investigate the Reptilians; first and foremost, there
are different types of Reptilians in our reality field and I have only
encountered few of them.20 The really nasty ones are not reptilians,
such as the Draco-reptilians, which in fact are engineered killing
machines, being a merging of dark Orion-Draconis humanoids with
infected and regressed reptoid-mammal genetics and genetics from
other stellar races to allow them to enter the other realities. It is only
possible to enter a reality field if there is energetic and genetic
In England, there is a branch of the Reptilians, i.e. the long
snouted ones behind the Clan members of the Royal family. The long
snouted Reptilians are linked to a parallel 3rd world outside our
scheme and came here a long time ago via a portal, which they still
have access to adjacent to Avalon aka the inner Earth section beneath
the in-program England site.
The long snouted Reptilians are under the MIC in England and are
being fed by them with human genetics, to ensure that the long
snouted genetically are able to stay in our reality since the genetic
composition of these Reptilians are so foreign to our system that they
would be expelled instantly if it was not for the infusion of in-program
human genetics. The long snouted Reptilians came here in ancient
time as part of a 3rd world project, to upgrade their regressed reptoid-
mammal genetics back to a human-mammal type. They were invited
by some of the Druids of Avalon (an ancient Clan) wanting the power
of the genetics these Reptilians carried with them. Back then they fed
them with sacs of human genetics, created for the purpose but since
this technology is lost in the Clans, the MIC have solved this with in-

20 You can only see and work with humanoids you have some genetic affinity with or
if they present themselves to you. Thus, in this book I refer to what I know and not
“all there is”.

program babies manufactured in vitro for the purpose.21 The British
Royalty is to this day invoking the powers of this group of Reptilians,
hidden in the caves next to Avalon, to gain the powers of eternal life
and energetic supremacy of the gridworks under the Commonwealth
of Nations, i.e. preside over as many countries and their networks
energetically and their currents, which is why the coins in the
Commonwealth of Nations still carry the imprint of the Queen.
The British MIC are feeding the long snouted Reptilians with their
human food with the intent of continuing to have them around so
that when British MIC fully take over, they will get the same powers
that used to be bestowed to the Royal family and from there can take
control of the countries under the Commonwealth because when the
Queen is no longer in form, the in-program powers will go directly to
the British MIC and the Royal family will come under the jurisdiction
of the British MIC and cease to be an independent Clan.
The Reptilians of Australia are a totally different branch. There are
both dark infused Reptilians in Australia working with the negative
MIC faction here, of which the Prime minister and government is
part, and the non-dark ones.
The leading dark Red and Green Back (denoting the color stripes
on their back) Reptilian faction is strongly represented in the MIC of
Australia, and they are collaborating with the upcoming dark forces in
the USA. The Australian dark MIC is also collaborating with the
technological Orion faction behind the German MIC, as well as the
totally different but severe AI-Android Orion faction in China. Aside
from the Red and Green Back Reptilians and their android Greys, and
the overly strong infusions of these Reptilian genetics in all of the MIC
members of Australia under this faction, there are also in-program

21The snatching of babies and molestation of animals are not part of this project but
gone rouge Reptilians that have to feed themselves to exist here or off-worlders that
need specimens to work on, to replicate genetically or to alter and then send to their

factions working on their own in Australia, such as the dark-red Naga
(Masters of Wisdom of a highly infected Sirian B lineage) faction
stemming from the old areas such as Indonesia, Bali and other dark
rise countries. The dark-red Nagas used to preside over the Australian
Brotherhoods in the old days, as well as in the 1950´s and up to the
1990´s when the AU Brotherhoods were fully pushed out by the
Australian MIC. Now they are rumoring around inside the program as
astral entities, making it difficult for the incoming factions to fully
control the in-program human mind and emotional fields.
The Blue Back Reptilian faction in Australia is independent of the
Australian MIC. They were originally part of a Reptilian faction in
England but chose to go to Australia during the colonization of this
continent. Here they have built a 4D reality for themselves, having
upgraded their ancient 3rd world composition to new levels using the
Lemurian gridwork, harvested ancient Lyran genetics, as well as
trading genetic infusions with other stellar races, working here. They
are more similar to a Clan, than an off-world race because of this, and
are thus indigenous to the Australian continent. They do not feed of
others because they have changed their genetic composition. This
faction can be trusted and worked with since they are part of the
Australian 4th dimension and will stay there after the shift, whereas
the other factions collaborating with the Australian MIC have as their
agenda to shift out or transfer portions of the Australian continent to
other 4D realities.22

The Walk-Ins
Most of the walk-ins, i.e. 4th dimensional humanoids having attached
themselves to, or linked up genetically to, an in-program human of a

22 This is part of the agenda of the MIC all over the world; to get a vessel that can be
transported out as well as taking with them what they can of network, timelines and
genetics to rebuild a new ”earth” in the realities of their off-world affiliates.

newer date, mostly after 2015, are from parallel 3rd world systems or
4th evolutionary humanoid realties. They are mainly here to learn how
to do genetic upgrading as well as observing what is going on here, as
the OWO was set to leave, so were new factions looking our way. It is
a systemic shift and as such interesting to observe and be part of,
although that humanity has not yet risen to the occasion and taken
back their potentials as a race in devolvement from an enslaved state
to a free race. Most are sticking around to see what we will achieve in
the next 5 -10 years and if at least 10% of the humanity has not
accomplished the activation and integration of their genetic
potentials, no matter what faction they belong to, the walk-ins will
pull out because then we are either part of the dark forces, and the
dark Orion agenda, or under the full control of the MIC worldwide
and their stellar affiliates.

The Assisting Parallel Races

These are not many and typically they are positioned in the 6th or 7th
dimension. In the 4th we got the Reptilian Supremacy supported by
the 5th dimensional Atlantean Technocrat descendants (the MIC) and
their in-program and outside-program, in parallel 3rd dimensions,
human or humanoid affiliates or the Clans of which some can be
collaborated with because they want to upgrade too, knowing the
future prospect we all are to become part of if we do not upgrade
and become activated.
In spite of the neutral intentions of the assisting factions, as in
wanting to get order in the chaos we got here – leading to a pulling
down of the entire scheme if we do not solve it – they are still part of
the humanoid evolutions and are not aware of the soul progression.
They want to learn and work with it, reinstating our system back to its
regenesis potentials for the greater good of all of the races in our
scheme. They are working with the factions here to achieve this goal.

The 7D Assisting Rulers

I think it would be a proper introduction to this book to let the 7th

dimensional human-humanoids give an introduction to whom and
what they are, since they are the main faction of off-worlders
presiding over Australia and as such the ones that we are to
collaborate with to make enable a new human paradigm to grow:
We greet you humans of the earth realm. We are pleased to be
invited into a forum from where we can speak and connect with you.
It is our intention to assist and support your natural evolution in an
environment to your liking. We have observed from a distance the
tribulations you, as a race are in, and we are here to offer our
assistance in the ways we see fit for your evolutionary stage. In these
concerns, we might come to disputes of the nature of solutions, we
see as the best and the ones, you think is the best for you and we are
willing to learn from you, as you learn from us.
Our main goal is to restore our sector. As with your system, we
have to face the issues that lurk in the entire cosmos and the
upcoming tribulations for all of us being in this ancient level of
existence. We have, as many of the other races in this sector, tried to
find solutions to the decay and the loss of genetics – both organic and
soul wise – but have not found any profound and continuously
solution to this yet. And thus, we have looked your way, finding your
cradle of life system useful in spite of its downfall and distressful
We found interesting features in your set up, on the original level,
which we want to learn more about and perhaps replicate into our
own system.

However, there are also many features in your system which we
find overly primitive, chaotic, useless and totally unacceptable. We
acknowledge the fact that you have been ruled by races with another
purpose and we acknowledge the fact that you might find our
intervening and overtaking of the Australian continent to be just as
unfair and service to self as the rulers that are leaving your system, by
their own free will and by need. There is not more for them to work
with here and their time is up to circle out into other realities and
continue their learning process there.
All systems have a cycle that must be followed and the cycle of
change and renewal is at hand for your system. Thus, the old rulers
had to leave and with that, openings were made and we took the
opportunity to position ourselves as the new guardians of this cradle
of life since it obviously is not ruled or overlooked by its natural
We see no harm in this since it is normal procedure to give over a
system to the ones that are most fit to take care of it and progress it
further. And as for the sector as a whole it is in the interest of all
remaining races that this cradle of life is revived and secured as a
natural recourse of genetics for the other races that once came from
this level or have regressed back into it.
It is our intention to create a harmonious society with less chaos
and more order.
It is our intention to provide you with developmental schemes
from which you can progress back into your natural capacity as a
human-humanoid race.
It is our intention to set up progression rates for you that suit your
abilities and type of organic genetics.
It is our intention to continue the programs of restoring and
regeneration of your reality, although some of the prevailing methods
employed are not of our linking, but since we are collaborating with

current factions here of an older genealogy, we respect their choice
of solutions to clean up the environmental mess and overpopulation
problem you have in your system. The overuse of organic forms is not
sustainable for the system as a whole and unless that is taken care of
in a high rated pace your system will break down even before its
lifeforms are restored.
We are aware of the other issues in your system and to ensure
that our project will succeed we have generated supportive energy
fields to sustain the Australian continent and in this lifting it to a
higher dimensional rate than in the rest of your world. We have
implemented new technology into the energy fields and are now in
the process of detaching the continent from the rest of the world, as
you call it.
We are negotiating with the races of the areas around the
continent as an invitation to become part of this new reality, we wish
to create, also seen in the light of the upcoming tribulations your
world as a whole is to face in the years to come. There are still several
scenarios in play for the changes to come to follow the lift of the
changing cycle of your system, and nothing is truly decided yet. That
is up to the remaining races to decide and their new allies, which as
us, have chosen to come in and try to make a difference – some for
better and some for worse.
As the rules for focused energy also apply for us we will not focus
on these misdemeanors but on the project, we are investing
ourselves into.
As with all the other races being part of this system, we cannot
directly interact with your world since it is too low vibrant and
polluted for us; however, we can communicate through chosen
measurements of which some are by the use of technology and
others are through capable humans with the skills to discern and
interpret in a correct manner to our information.

We are offering you programs within the main program to your
liking to follow your developmental progression. We assess your
abilities and from that have created micro managed programs to
assist you to your awakening. We wish no harm with these controlled
adjustments but from our perspective you as a race, are in a more
depleted and dire state than many of the other similar systems in our
sector and thus we have chosen the stand of taking full control of you
for now until you can manage your progression rate in a better and
more productive way.
As a race, you have been bred to be self-destructive, non-trusting,
fearful and indecisive. You are insecure of your inner knowledge and
you focus all your attention on unimportant energetic creations, put
there to entertain you and keep you focused on an outer reality
instead of your own progression, which your program was set up to
We have certain points of interest with your program, as with all
of the other races that are now coming in due to the cyclic changes.
We are eager to learn more about the set up of the program and
the use of the heart field in new creational ways and we have thus
been scouting for humans with the skills to accommodate this.
All terms of the individual progression program can be debated
and negotiated. We wish no direct oppression but we wish to be clear
that we have our rules of engagement, rules of progression and
limitations to what we perceive as the correct path of development
and we will ensure that these rules are honored. It will be good for
your race to learn mutual respect again between higher developed
races and lesser developed races and in that earn your place in the
overall evolution of our sector.
As a race, you have much to learn and we will, to the best of our
abilities, teach you the ways of the races as they have developed in
your scheme over the span of time, you have been excluded from.

We see it as an honor to get this human-humanoid evolution back on
track and re-integrate you as a species in the communities of higher
developed races. We wish to revive your original knowledge you had
as a race a long time ago and in that, we focus on the specimens of
your race that hold the highest rate of original organic genetics.
Our project is to secure, develop and progress these valuable
genetics for the greater good of all of the races of our sector. Your
cradle of life, and its special original program, is of high value to all of
us and we wish to ensure that it will remain an ark for all of us and in
that the scientific goals are the most important to sustain and keep
the cradle intact, and so with its lifeforms.
In worst case scenario if you as a species cannot develop on your
own, we will ensure that you will nevertheless for now we prefer a
collaborative approach with the ones that are ready and for the
others that are not ready to communicate with us yet, we will provide
controlled developmental schemes and information so that they can
grow into the new awareness on their own terms, and in their own
pace. To ensure that all goes according to plan and to protect our
project from interference, from the other factions, Australia is a
closed off zone and will be micro and macro managed as such. We
will terraform and adjust the 3rd dimension enabling it to lift into the
4th and later on to the 5th.
We will gather all the specimens of genetics in this ark and we will
oversee and maintain them in needed interference points done by
the help of the military. We cannot afford any of the mistakes that
your current programming is destined to lead to, and our goal is first
and foremost to take out the emotional stress and negative
programming you suffer from. Those of you that cannot be adjusted
to a harmonic level will be sent to specific areas of the continent
where you will do no harm and affect no one. The rest of you will
learn to live and thrive in orderly communities, i.e. cities, where you

will learn to collaborate, adjust, accept and behave in an orderly
fashion as we do in the rest of the world outside of your system. This
will appall many of you having being accustomed to do whatever you
like, overlooking the hurt you inflict on others. That has to come to an
In the original program, you implemented a code called the Ka-Le-
Ka code. This code amplifies the heart field into a new type of
genetics which can expedite soul progression in a faster rate. We wish
to revive the original intent of that code and re-activate it into your
hearts and minds with the purpose of creating a race that is as close
to the original human race of this system as possible. In that many
changes have to be made and many adjustments have to be done,
which again will create disturbance of your usual way of perceiving
We will do the very best we can to make the changes to the
original emotional and energetic set up as smooth as possible and
many of you, which are either a direct descendant or carry the
genetic lineage to the first races, will be the first to undergo the
restoring and resetting energetically, emotionally and physically.
In this much of your old pain has to be brought to the surface to
free you heart field from the pollution and distortion codes that were
put there over the decades the distorted versions of the program
have been implemented into your reality as well as the subprograms
within the program to ensure that you were generating the correct
type of genetics for the former rulers. The freeing will be gentle
though to ensure a smooth transition. Our goal is to upgrade as
quickly as possible for the first races of the new reality, we wish to
unfold here and in this the basic ground rules will be taught with the
intention of sharing information and technologies with the ones that
are ready. The ones that are not, and never will be, will not receive
the same level of attention or information. Thus, our offering is that

the more you accept and accommodate to our suggestions, the looser
the restrictions will be. We know, again, that this will offend your
human mind, animalistic and selfish as it is, however, progression
cannot unfold unless there is order and harmony. War, disruptive
thought patterns, emotional unrest bring all energies closer to the
zones of distortion none of us wish to interfere with. Since your
system is on the brink of bordering these areas stronger control has
to be unfolded to ensure that our project of a continued humanity, in
this cradle, can become a success.
We apologize for the terms and in this the mere fact that a project
like this, with that level of control, is not in full agreements with the
natural laws of our sector. However, due to the restrictions of time
and the dire state your system is in, excuses have been made from
the higher collaborative councils overseeing our sector to go in and
do this kind of micro and macro management of a system.
And besides, your race, i.e. the organic in program specimens with
organic and soul genetics attached thereto, has not been sovereign
for a very long time and thus we are not taking away something but
in fact are adding back your sovereignty by controlled programs. Of
course, the free will and sovereignty will be replaced when humanity
as a whole as well as when individual specimens show improvement
and the correct collaborative will to support and sustain the project
of this system. Our main goal is to make the restored original
humanity of this cradle our equals and from that continue the overall
evolution of our scheme as it was supposed to from the beginning. In
this we will revive many of the original sciences and the interesting
programs your race created to begin with there.

Q&As to this chapter

Where do you come from?

We come from a parallel 7th dimension where realities are orderly
and non-chaotic. In these realities, we develop our soul capacity using
the natural laws or rules of our system. In the capacity of our nature,
we have no physical forms as you understand it but have arranged for
our triadic structure to be purely energetic and in the process of
transmuting energy to consciousness.

When did you come into our system?

We entered your reality field using 5th dimensional portal technology
from our parallel system and into yours some, in your time, three
months ago, but we have been monitoring your system for quite
some time due to the upcoming cyclic changes, which were destined
to unfold now. We have been in contact with humans prior to this to
ensure the correct entrance point energetically and consciously.

Are you what we could call a benevolent race?

We are neither or. We bring order to chaos and do that in a neutral
way. We are not polarized and thus have no function as either saviors
or oppressors. We are bringers of order and restoring of systems that
have gone into a dysfunctional down-spin and negative progression
rate. We come in, in times where the cycle changes allow this. We
also judge by the rules of the reality field, we are entering and we do
this to bring order to a system so that it can regain its original
structure to benefit the greater good of the rest of the scheme a
system is connected to. All systems are interconnected and if the
rules or laws of a system are not upheld, the entire scheme can be
thrown into chaos and this is where we come in.

The First Modification Rules

We have adjusted the program for this continent. The old version of it
as it was played out by the other rulers are now gone. The program
template remains. We do not wish to dismantle the program before
you, as a race inside our secured areas, are ready to stand without it
since the program is a sort of buffer zone to your primitive behavioral
and egocentric patterns. However, we have adjusted it.
As you think and feel as you do, uncensored and without any
concerns other than you own perception of the matter at hand, you
produce huge amounts of distortion energies which for now are being
absorbed into the program, i.e. the astral and mental fields
generating distortion energies which affect your reality program in a
negative and regressive way, pulling down the energies around you.
Since this is a flaw in the program, as humanity has developed into
what it is today, we have adjusted the energetic collective out-
balancing features of the program into an individual adjustment
process, where the energies the individual specimen produces are
gathered in the mind-field and aura connected to that specimen and
not shared with the collective field of the program.
In this the self-produced harmful energies, will be absorbed and
contained within the energy field of the specimen and not as part of
the collective community.
In this the individual human oversees his or her energetic destiny
as either part of the new reality with higher awareness and energetic
lifts, where the cleansed and controlled mind-field and aura are
permeable, high energetic and adaptable to the collective changes.
Or the individual human will continue the contamination and
pollution of his or her energy fields and in that take themselves out of

our program. Energetic affinity will be at play here since we have
created zones of different types of energy within the program, which
fit the energetic state of the specimen.
As we have indicated; the more you play along with the main
program of expedited progression and returning to the original set up
for the races of this system, the easier your life will be and
communication, assistance and teachings will be provided to you to
ensure your continued growth according to our project here.
Of course, the opposite will apply for the ones that do not play by
the rules and continue their old path of regression. This goes for all
races and nations present in this system.

The Mind-field and the Aura

Pattern The Mind-field holds all the energy
patterns made of subtle bioelectric
frequencies and reflects the
processes of the brain.

The Aura is made of

electrochemical energies and
reflects the emotional

Therefore, the basic ground rules of the original races have to be
revived to ensure that your energy systems restore according to the
original coding of the program.
There are three main rules to be observed and followed:
The natural one: do to others what you want them to do to you. With
this come empathy and the ability to “step into the shoes of the other
human” and from that angle understand, feel and perceive how your
actions affect others. With the basic understanding of how your
actions, emotions, thought forms, as an energetic creation of physical
energy, astral energy and mental energy affects the energy field of
another person, you will learn the rules of reciprocity; i.e. what you
send out will return to you.
And with the adjustments of the program, this old rule will be
enforced since the mind-field and aura have been modified and
sealed off from others as well as collectively, to only contain the
energies of the individual human, which means that all emotions,
thought forms and action potentials (the implementation of the
emotions and thoughts forms into action) will be gathered in the
individual fields and never be sent out and absorbed by the other
fields. For now, the energies that you produce will bounce off inside
your own field and amplify your mind-field and aura in the way you
have sent out or intended the energies. This rule was implemented
on the shift into 2017.
The second rule is to oblige to the service programs we offer. In
these we try to emplace you in community service of the new reality,
where we chose the function of your everyday life and the skills you
can add to the base program, with the intent of shifting this into the
new awareness and functionality as a world suitable for the original
human-humanoid races of this system. The adjustment to the original
intent is a slow process and naturally upgrades have to be made.
However, since the original races were highly scientific and highly

creational the original humanity and their worlds were to some
extent more sophisticated than the worlds we have today.
Therefore, we wish to restore and revive the old genetics and their
consciousness so that we all can learn from this. Much ancient
science and knowledge have been lost in this sector and only if we all
recreate and this knowledge, can the progression continue. Thus, the
huge interest in restoring your system from the many factions in this
sector and their attempt to come in and take over what the old rulers
have left behind.
In the community service, new areas of work will surface as we
integrate the old understanding of how to work with the program
into the minds of those who are ready. The transfer to new areas of
expertise will happen in steps and new systems of understanding will
be provided along the way to the ones that are ready to follow the
ideas of the greater good for this project; to revive the original
consciousness and organic forms of this reality.
Thirdly we wish to create an emotional collaborative environment
of politeness and acceptability amongst your race. In your interaction
with others the basic acceptance and openness to see the best
qualities in the other person, is the foremost important way to
interact with others. In this you amplify the goodness and potentials
the other person carries, or has got integrated via our modification
programs. Only if these abilities are acknowledged and seen by
another person can they be activated and enforced as a reality. In this
we wish to create relationships that have this as their main focus; to
ensure the growth of the other person as well as the growth of
harmonious and positive energies in the field of the individual. In the
relationships, be it family settings or just one-on-one relationships of
all kinds and forms, the seclusion of the mind-field and aura will be
opened up and merge as intended with the Ka-Le-Ka code to begin
with. The amplification of the potentials in another human from the

heart field of a caring and loving standpoint will expedite the growth
of both parties in the merged field. Thus, as with the original
program, family units, communities and relationships are of great
importance and how these units can support each other to grow and
progress faster within the main program. We will direct you to these
groups, persons and communities with the purpose of amplifying
your growth as we see it fit to unfold from our understanding and
knowledge of the type of genetics you have and can unfold.
Our programs for personal development are highly monitored
until you have learned to remain, on your own, in the harmonious set
up of your organic and consciousness type of genetics unfolding these
to their highest potentials within the original code structure of the
In this you will learn what to amplify and what not to focus on due
to the collapse of the joint field, you create as a team, or the growth
of your energetic potentials when you create correctly following the
amplified energies of your joint effort to ensure a harmonious and
caring environment for all implicated.

Q&As to this chapter

What is a rule or a law?
A rule or a law is an energetic feature within a system that defines
how that energy will act and react to interaction with consciousness.
If consciousness, i.e. the soul genetics, is of this or that variety, then
the laws on that level of the reality will respond in this or that way,
according to the type of genetics in question. Hence the soul genetics
determine what law or rule that will be energetically unfolded when a
certain action is taken. In this understanding, not two individuals are
under the same rules or laws unless they are identical in genetic
composition, which is rare. In this it is applied that the rule of
energetic interaction for one individual is dissimilar from the rule of

another, all depending on soul age and complexity of the dyadic
structure obtained through various systems and schemes, undergoing
exploration and development through different integration processes
as part of a triadic structure.

How do we figure out the rules for our soul progression?

We will assist you with this in the emplacement of the three main
rules we have set up for your race. The individual quirks and details
will surface with the work using the three main rules, i.e. the nuances
of how to work with energy under the three main rules will define the
results and from that, through observation, the individual rules can
be detected.
The individual rules are based upon skills to be developed in the
attempt to master energy under the three main rules as well as
deficiencies in the progression rate stemming from the overall dyadic
soul progression and the plan of that dyadic soul and what it wants to
achieve. The dyadic soul will seek the rules of the current system,
which will surface the lacks and nuances, it wants to develop further.

The Community Rules

In the rebuilding of a new reality many adjustments must be made.

To begin with our focus has been on getting order in the various areas
under the former military control. In this we collaborate with sub-
factions of the military, aka the secret organizations that are thriving
inside the program under the clans and old stellar races.
Since most of the old factions have left, crumbling the Old World
Order under the ancient stellar races that came here in the time of
Atlantis, and the merging of the remaining fields after the Great Wars
into one main field, called Earth, we are now in the process of
transforming the old bases and their energetic structures as well as
laboratories with new technology and less invasive modification
Most of the secret military programs, which were instigated in the
1950´s, have now been upgraded and transformed into more efficient
and humane ways of genetic amplification and growth potentials.
What they left of human experiments has been taken over and we
are now in the process of seeing what can be salvaged and what must
go. The ramifications of the old programs are not to our liking and the
inhumane ways of genetically modifications used on the specimens
under these programs.
More modern ways have been implemented and in this there is no
need to the intrusive and invasive organic modifications that have
taken place here in Australia.
In the new modification and alteration programs the genetic
composition can be worked with energetically in the home of the
specimen. We will let our presence be felt and the knowledge of an
upgrade since we do not want to violate the free will, so to speak.

Although it is not acceptable to decline for now, we are still willing to
openly let you know that modifications are being done.
In these modifications, we remove unfortunate genetic structures
as well as emotional and mental features that are counteracting our
programs. From these levels of modifications more clarity will arise
and in this it is up to you to follow the community rules as listed
above. We will modify up to three times and if the adjustment is not
implemented freely and willingly by that, further modifications will
cease and in this the mind-field and aura will be sealed off, gathering
the negative and polluted effects of the rigid emotional and mental
structure. You could call this a self-adjusting program.
We do not wish to act as a sort of parental source being there for
you as you learn to grow and follow the new settings. We will help
the ones that are eager to help themselves and who understands
what is expected in our program.
As a little note, we are in the process of inviting people from all
over the world to our program, whether or not they choose to live in
the selected continent; however, that offer will only stand until 2021,
where the doors close for further entrance and participation of our
In your daily community service to the greater good, i.e. the main
program of the new reality to develop the original races of this
system, we will amplify your deeds by flows of energy when you are
participating with the correct intent and mind-set. It’s a sort of
energetic feed back to your creations and projects. The projects that
are in line with the main program will be amplified and assisted
whereas creations that are not in line with the new set up, will meet
resistance and decay.
In this many of you must change source of income and the
function, you have right now. For those of you that have to let go of
your current occupation will feel this as a tribulation, as strife and loss

of income. We are not doing this to make you feel pain or anger but
to show you the correct use of the energies of your organic form,
your mental and emotional capacity as well as teaching you how to
work correctly with the program of progression.
All creations and projects have to be instigated from a level of the
greater good and the transformation of this world into a new world of
harmonious collaboration, with a focus on only creating projects that
sustains the growth of the reality as a whole. Unneeded functions will
cease to exist or be automated as in done by technology and not by
humans. For some this will seem inhumane and fear of a transhuman
world will lurk in the vicinity of this, but we ensure you that this use
of technology is not to turn you into partial robots or artificial entities
as seen in some of the areas in our sector. On the contrary we want
to implement the original technology of your system and in the
transition period we will make use of the existing technology left
behind by the other races and the military.
As you grow into your new community settings and take up your
new abilities, new innovations will arise and from that the ancient
technologies can resurface from their dimensional hiding in the 4th
and 5th dimension.
Operators of these technologies are already in the training of how
to work with this equipment and so is the revival of the original
scientists that created the technology and their use in the program. In
the wake of the shift out of the program and into the natural 4th and
5th dimensional settings these technologies and sciences will adjust
too these outside-program features.
The use of energy in the daily work is part of the re-programming.
Creations in life are not just about manifesting physical objects; it´s
more about learning to micro manage the flows of energy and how to
work with them. In the daily work, obstacles show up from an inner
perspective or perception of an outer event that have surfaced as

part of the program. In this you are being taught an energetic lesson
as in how to react and respond energetically to this challenge, in a
manner that generates positive amplifying energy for all involved and
ways to amplify the progression rate of others.
For the forerunners, this will entail showing the higher awareness
in all actions and the implications this have on human affairs and
perceptions. The ones that choose to do the restoring under our
supervision, and with our programs, will choose to leave behind all
known interaction, perception and ideas of induced behavior
amplifying a new way of being human.
These signature humans will set the example of the new humanity
and the ones that succeed will give grounds of the next generations
of humans. Their genetics will be replicated and modified to the new
energies and in this become the ancestors of the new human race in
the future. We are for now inviting the ones we find fit to become the
first ancestors of the human race to our project and in this,
modifications are offered as well.
Community service and arranged relationships – from friendships
to family settings - will be part of this and will be offered before
entrance into the main project. To a certain extent, we will accept
existing relationships and family settings in so far, they accommodate
to the genetic and energetic affinity of the first races and their
function here. If exiting connections cannot upgrade and modify to
the choice of the invited, we will allow the organic form to enter but
under restrictions and with a sealed off aura and mind-field.

The First Modification

When entering the main program, as in coming to Australia or

accepting our offer off-land or being part of the old systems in-land,
modifications are done to the organic form as well as the mind-field
and aura.
These modifications are done on an organic genetic level as well as
on the overlay genetic, which were put there to be able to work on
the higher levels of the distorted program. In this we remove the
distortion codes from the overlay and organic genetics as well as
unwanted alien, for this system, genetic compositions. This is the first
transition process.
We adjust the gene codes to fit the new reality set up of the
program and in this give the incentive to work more thoroughly with
the modifications. A feeling of peace is offered and in this the ability
to accept the new ways becomes easier. For some, this ease will be
felt as if Australia is their true home and this will lead to the wish of
staying here. That type of inserted programming is mainly for the less
developed and awakened humans coming here. The more aware
specimens will get the direct invitations and knowledge of what have
been done to them and in this no artificial feeling of belonging is
needed. We are aware of the manipulation of the common man and
woman in this but we are also aware of the limited time we have to
extract the correct type of genetics from the other areas of the
program due to the dismantling of it within the next 5 years.
With the genetic affinity to the modified Australian program our
goals are achieved in a non-volatile way and do not go against the
restrictions of the original flows of energy and transfer of genetics.
The main program is run by genetic and energetic affinity rules as it

should be, and as it is all over the other realities of this sector and
since most of the invitees are foreign to the upgraded program and
hold no energetic or genetic affinity to it, due to the distortion codes,
we have to instigate the needed changes at arrival.
When the invitee has accepted the initial modification, and shown
prospect with this modification other modifications are offered and
put into play, creating the full correct integration of the Australian
program expanding outside the borders of the country. This means
that our citizens can travel in the other areas of the world without
being affected by the energies of the remaining decaying levels of the
old program.
Eventually, after 2021, the invitation from us will be closed off and
the ones that wish to complete their lifespan within this program will
have got housing and lives here.
Of course, the genetics modifications will have ramifications for
the overall soul progressions and many of the old humanoid souls
have chosen to leave Australia before the new program was
instigated. It is our hope that the souls that choose to stay in our
program, and in this participate to generate the new system, can
accept to continue their soul progression from that level of energetic
For some it will be an upgrading; for others, a step down on the
evolutionary ladder. However, we will do our very best to assist the
higher evolved souls with tasks inside the new reality set up that suit
their progression level. It is in our interest to maintain and develop
the old soul type although we, as a scheme, have moved into another
type of evolution.
Freedom to leave is always a choice since no soul can be contained
if the energetic and genetic structures are changed into another type
of systemic affinity. As the new human race develops, we will provide
this information of how to do so as it is a natural law that the souls,

which have completed their progression cycles, have the opportunity
to return to the dyadic levels of the evolutionary cycles. No soul can
be contained against its will, when in full capacity. Thus, the ones
inside our program that choose to integrate their full soul potentials
can do so. It will benefit the overall creation of the new reality and re-
instate the original structure of this system. Naturally we hope that
these souls will remain here and assist in the full reconstruction of
basic levels of this scheme. And of course, if we see the need to keep
these souls in our new humanity project for a period of time, we will
see to that the genetic composition is not altered too quickly. It is in
our interest to recreate this system and if too many souls pull out,
then that cannot take place; hence the restrictions of outflow.

Implementation Programs

The implementation programs are the follow up programs instigated

to modify and adjust emotional and mental capacity after the first
genetic modification on the organic level.
Most invitees have huge amounts of distortion codes in their fields
and on a soul level due to the repetitive circulations inside the old
program, being put into organic unsuitable forms.
When they come into the new humanity program, they are placed
in areas where their emotional and mental capacity is in affinity with
other humans, placed there for the same purpose. These astral and
mental managed areas, of emotional and mental similarity, set the
stage for the first utilization of the genetic modification done at
arrival. Humans around the invitee will reflect the issues to be worked
with on that stage. Of course, this does not mean that our citizens will
have to move every year or so, but adaptability is part of the new
reality and if the majority of that city lift up energetically, then the
incoming new citizens will change accordingly.
The home and the area around the house, as well as the ones that
live in it and around it is part of the energetic setting with the
purpose of developing the emotional and mental fields and clear out
old programming. It can be seen as a hologram within the main new
humanity program, where reality changes according to the lessons
that have to learned and dealt with. All events in the new humanity
program are part of the process of learning to handle the energies of
the main program from the perspective of the original mind-set of the
races living here in ancient times. The accommodations, in which the
invitees are living in, hold the first set of challenges needed for that
emotional and mental processing. In the progression of the invitee

and the development, the challenges are to be found in that area,
house or setting on an interactive level with the surroundings. These
challenges will continue until there is harmony and balance on all
levels of that hologram, i.e. that all emotional and mental content is
transformed and mastered.
When the physical reality – hologram set up – is under full control
– from eating habits, to physical training, success in the community
service function and the ability to generate more energy as well as
unfolding all the rules of amplification and human interaction to
perfection and the individual can manage all energies in the provided
hologram, emotionally and mentally and by will change it into the
needed level to work with, to continue the chosen progression in full
balance with the main program, the first inner levels of progression
challenges will surface.
The inner challenges are not of human or outer nature but will all
lead to a higher awareness of mind and consciousness, enabling the
soul genetics to unfold into the now controlled human body and its
surroundings. These challenges will be focused on developing the
overlay genetics and their ability to link up to the imprinting that is
contained in them, unfolding their content into the human mind and
energy fields. There the remains of the stellar personality traits can
be transformed and cleared of their distortion codes using the same
structure of transformation utilized in the process of mastering the
From this understanding and clearing of stellar energies and
distortions, the next stage of the implementation programs is to focus
on the soul integration as well as reviving the original mind-set of the
first races that thrived here. Events, human interaction and similar
holographic settings will be provided to accommodate the integration
process, although at this stage most is done by the free will of the

Alterations will be provided to the new humans that do not hold
the correct genetic lineage in genetic integration adding the synthetic
and replicated genetic structure to unfold the correct consciousness.
Through these three steps the new humans will upgrade and
become full aware of the challenges to be managed and mastered
and in this become a full aware and awake human race progressing in
their own right and by their own power.

So, Then What?

The next step for us is to figure out what the rules of this system are;
both the original ones before the program and the ones inside the
For now, we are confined inside the base program, at least for the
next 5 years, after which the other worldly races will determine if and
how this reality field is going to proceed inside our scheme. At the
same time, we must remember that the version of the program is the
reversed one, altered during Atlantis when the Technocrats took
over. We have to adjust for that in our work with the program, taking
it for face value, i.e. what we have got of information, and then alter
it to its opposite, or balance out the polarity.
All in all, let us focus on the next 5 years and make the best of it.
I want to lift the work, we are to do, up to a soul level and look at
it from a soul perspective and not from the in-program human angle.
We can only truly understand and work with our reality if we push
our awareness into a higher type of lifestyle, where the priority is to
work on a soul level inside the program and learn to master it.
From a soul perspective, it does not matter what type of system
we are in. All systems, and schemes, are equally good and places to
learn how to master energy. A soul progresses by entering different
systems with different forms of energy. A system can be called a
school for the soul where it learns to play by the rules of that system
and from the set of rules, learn how to administer and work with the
energies of that system.
All old souls have been working in many forms of systems, from
the bad ones linked up to the dark antagonistic core to the good
ones, where the soul progression is almost complete. We have

deliberately progressed and regressed many times. Many of us, the
old souls, prefer to go into less harmonious systems to develop our
skills as masters of energy, and the ability to transform and transmute
energy there. This is also why we created this system to begin with. It
was a challenge, and we found solutions to this challenge, which in
this system is to work with the 3rd world type of energy and mind, as
well as the 3rd world souls. The program is, as you might remember
part of this.
I have not got the full access to the consciousness and knowledge
I had before we set up the program, i.e. from my personality that
existed in Lemuria. Thus, that information will come later and that is
good and fine, because for now our main priority is to learn to work
and master the base program so that we can instigate changes inside
of it.
There are several levels of the program and we are not going to
play by the old set up, which I completed in the series of videos on
YouTube23 and as described in the book Ending the OWO & their
version of the ISP. That level of information is from other sources and
their perspective of the program, which in the end can only be from
an outside perspective as well as mirroring the lack of understanding
they have of it. Besides, the races that look upon the program can
only see the reversed version with its alterations, done by the
Technocrats and the Brotherhoods.
So, in this, I will try to get us up to speed with some few rules I
remember for now that are working on a general level, because as it
was mentioned above, the program runs on individual rules and set
up depending on the type of genetics in our bio-DNA and overlay
genetics, as well as the type of soul there is attached to our in-
program vessel.

My Randi Green Channel

Rules of Creation

The basic idea is to generate a new human paradigm. The new human
paradigm grows from the inner reality of soul integrated humans. In
detached from the infected and regressed lower level of the reality
structure we are part of, humans get access to their soul potentials
that came to this reality field to do the restoring.
Therefore, when we begin creating a new type of business or a
project from which an exchange of energy takes place, we have to
understand the rules of creation, because a business or a project of
creation reflects our genetics and the energy units we use to create it
with. As we leave the lower levels of our reality, we can join the
existing stellar races here trying to create a higher awareness set up
to do the transition or use the networks of the program. If we use the
latter, the following should be taken into consideration in our projects
of creation.24

In the original ISP or restoration program25 all participants got an

emplacement into a class or group of peers with the same need of
restoring of genetics. Each of the classes was focused on how to work
with the innate or brought in to the program consciousness units
(genetics or CUs) using the energy units of this system to create forms
into which the foreign consciousness content could be expressed. The

24 I recommend the use of the rules of the restoration program because there is an
inbuilt path out of the regressed state in this but it is also important to collaborate
with the stellar races that actively have been operating in higher levels of our reality
for eons. And they will come our way as we activate, offering us alliances of
25 Read the books Souls of Humanity as well as Terralogy to get the background on


creation – a form composed of energy and consciousness units –
would then reflect to the user what was needed to restore in the
genetics used since the creation of the energy units always mirror
back the state of regression in his or her genetics. The regressed units
will try to impose their wishes to the form, trying to control the
growth of the project in a selfish and distorted way to gain something
all according to genetics.

• The regressed insectoid genetics want to create beauty, health and

longevity or the perfect form according the personal concept of what
that is, without considering the original intent and purpose of the
energy units used in the form.
• The regressed avian genetics want to control the reality energies
(magic, affirmations, invocations, use of symbols to contain energy,
energy work to gain powers) to do their bidding and use of these to
gain personal power without considering the original intent and
purpose of the energy units used in the form, they create.
• The regressed reptoid genetics want to create genetic purity, using
the form, to rise up in hierarchical power without considering the
original intent and purpose of the energy units used in the form.
• The regressed mammal genetics want to create societies where the
forms are controlled by the elite aka the brotherhoods of avian-
mammals, or the bloodlines of reptilian-mammals etc. without
considering the original intent and purpose of the energy units used
in the forms of that society.

In contrast to this, the non-regressed genetics consider the energy

units and the form that can be created out of them and from that try
to facilitate the growth potential existing there from the previous

evolutionary cycle or elevation cycle.26 The goal is to detect what the
energy units need to be able to transform and support them in this
transformation to upgrade them into the next evolutionary cycle. We
use our level of consciousness to facilitate growth for all implied.

• In the use of our restored insectoid-mammal genetics we are to

create beauty, health and longevity or the perfect form considering
the original intent and purpose of the energy units used in the form
or project of creation. How can this form create the foundation of
energy units to be able to begin a higher progression state affecting
the reality field in a positive way?
• In the use of our restored avian-mammal genetics we are to create
energy circulation and connections to the correct gridworks and
networks to sustain and support the perfect form considering the
original intent and purpose of the energy units from the networks in
this reality. How can this project of creation transform the energy
units used into a higher progression state affecting the reality field in
a positive way?
• In the use of our restored reptoid-mammal genetics we are to
develop the genetics in others, on all levels, to sustain and support
these by facilitating growth using horizontal merging, giving of our
consciousness and higher forms of energy to others, and in this
considering the original intent and purpose of the energy units used
in others as well as how our sharing will affect the ones, we are
assisting. What do they need to progress? How can our work instigate
changes in others into a higher progression state affecting the races
here in a positive way?
• In the use of our restored mammal-human genetics we are to create
symposiums or groups of energy and consciousness that will generate
a platform into which the different inner and outer forms of energy

26An evolutionary cycle follows the source cycles, whereas an elevation cycle is the 7
step progression cycles of the main evolutionary cycle. The ECs are part of the LPU

and consciousness (inner and outer humans and humanoids) can
progress according to our reality field.

➢ The restored insectoid genetics give and circulate the energy units
creating flow and life (= beauty).
➢ The restored avian genetics uses the flows of energy to rebuild and
restore the forms.
➢ The restored reptoid genetics merge with others to restore the
genetics in others.
➢ The restored mammal genetics create whole systems to sustain and
support the progression of all lifeforms.

We create to instigate transformation of the energies and progression of

consciousness units in all implied.

We create to facilitate growth in this system to get it back to its original

intentions and why it was created.

We create to restore ourselves and others in the process. We are doing this
as a team work of equals, growing together through the projects we

We do not create to support personal or ego needs or ideas of ego needs

but we can use the creation to generate a foundation from which we can
do this work without economic or emotional worries. True creation can
only take place to unfold progression in our own level of consciousness.

When we create from a belief system of transformation and progression,

the restoration program will reflect this back to us, amplifying our projects
with what we need of energy, events, consciousness etc being led our way
as we walk through the steps of our creation to restore our genetics in
ourselves and others that join our projects.

The non-regressed genetics are per se connected to the principles of
the reality field they are part of and in all creation, follow and play by
the rules of that reality field; implying the total understanding of
what can be created to facilitate growth in this reality and the races
existing here.

Understanding the Goal of our Creation

The goal is to create a platform, a project or a business into which
equal minded humans in progression can develop their innate skills as
a higher awareness human. As we use the basic rules of creation from
a higher level of awareness, we enter a new type of reality, where the
activated humanoids and humans on this planet exist. Thus, the old
rules of reality do not apply here and the response mechanism of our
reality will make things happen, which at times will take some getting
used to.
There is a full payback to our ideas and projections in both the
good and lesser good ways and the saying FOCUS ON WHAT YOU
WANT TO GROW AND AMPLIFY becomes the most important
principle in our daily lives and the projects we initiate on a monthly
basis. We need to have control of our mind-field and our emotions to
control the perfect outcome and not fuel it with subconscious fears of
failure, doubts etc.
It will also take a lot of detailed work in using the steps of
creation and the first step can be viewed as the thought processes,
where we go through our intentions with our creation and what type
of genetics we are using in the project of creation we are taking on to
ourselves. The more distorted energy we use (ego oriented creation),
the more the restoration program will reflect this back to us.

The Energetic Influences – Astrology & Tarot

The Keltic Druids of Avalon (descendants of a mixed stellar race with

Sirian A and Sirian B genetics, primarily in between the 3rd and 4th
dimension) have for a long time dabbled with the energies of the
other dimensions connected to our scheme and tried to come up with
material that would enable us to play with the program as it was back
in the Atlantean times, i.e. after the merging with the Martian
Atlantis. However, they have failed in doing this correctly due to their
less developed genetics, which have not been able to grasp the
Atlantean levels. Thus, they need infusions of information and in this
are connecting to the remaining Atlantean souls, we have in our
reality field, to make them remember and from this can fulfill their
annals and books of the planetary energies, i.e. the interdimensional
effects of our field from the adjacent reality fields in our stellar
system aka the other planets.
Now, nothing is that simple. First and foremost, I must dig deep
into my memories and in this face the pain of my organic form at the
time.27 Secondly there are several timelines in the Atlantis period with
different levels of information and my timeline is not necessary the
one that carries most of the information. It all depends on what
function we had.

27 Working with the imprints from different timelines, stored in our dyadic structure
and pulled into this form by creating the correct energy system to accommodate the
transfer and integration into the in-program vessel, is hard work. Most in-program
humans fear their in-program emotions but compared to the energetic memories of
the original organic forms of our system, the current emotions fade in comparison
due to the downsized energetic form they are in. The outside the program organic
forms were much more sensitive and directly affected by events that took place.
Thus, the pain from these memories have to be felt and dealt with before the
information hidden in the imprint can come into play and be worked with.

Thirdly the most potent timeline is the one that arose from the
takeover, where the Earth version of Atlantis fell into the hands of the
Technocrats once more, with the help of their Draco-reptilian friends
from Orion.
When this happened some 12,500 years ago, the main reality
field28 changed timeline into the one that have led to the version of
the program, we have today. That is the version, we are to work with
– reversed and all. When the Technocrats and their Orion friends took
over the main reality field, it dropped from the ability to link up to 12
dimensions and into only being able to connect to 10 dimensions due
to the regressed genetics of the Orion races that came into play with
the takeover and the seeding of the Draco-reptilian genetic lineages
into the main gridwork, creating the Dragon and Snake grids.
It is at that time that the program got the astrological addition to
it as well as the Thothian wheel of energy, i.e. the Tarot.29
Thus, Astrology and Tarot are interconnected and support each
other. We cannot work with one level without the understanding of
the other, if we want to learn to work with the program.
In the reversed set up of the program, the Astrological chart only
has 10 houses, going from Aries to Capricorn. The 11th and 12th
houses were added later and along with them Aquarius and Pisces
around 2,500 BCE with the astral barrier, and in that the suffering of

28 Our “planet” or version of reality is the main reality field where the base program
is installed. The other timelines and alternate realities grow out of ours and feed of
its energy.
29 The Thothian wheel of energy we have today is the revived version from the

Golden Dawn Society and thus not the “real deal”. But this version has been worked
with for so long by the Brotherhoods that it has become the de facto one. When I talk
about Thoth, I do not refer to the Egyptian god that have been portrayed in the later
Egyptian period of the Pyramids, but the ancient version of an Annunaki (avian-
mammal) priest with Orion-reptilian technological enhancement that came in with
the Draco-reptilians and got a function as program moderator. The later dark magic
Thothians in England arose under the leadership of Aleister Crowley, generating a
false astral version of Thoth on the astral plane using invocation and magic.

humanity as an enslaved race.30 As with all hidden information, the
outer versions are always altered to hide the real deal, and to fully
grasp this, we are to understand that Pisces is the 11th house and
Aquarius is the 12th.
Thus, we get:
Houses 1-10: Aries to Capricorn – the reversed ISP
House 11-12: Pisces & Aquarius – the astral barrier program


In the astrological charts, the 1-10th houses are the symbols of the
different factions working with the ISP. The 10th house is the Cap
Stone of the ISP, which is formed as a pyramid and used to hold the

30 All of this is nowhere to be found in the historical accounts about the signs and
houses of the zodiac. The houses, and their stellar signs, are symbols of powers and
players of the program, also called “Creative Hierarchies” from other schemes, as
noted in the Alice A. Bailey material.

Elite or the Goats, i.e. ancient regressed humanoid souls from the
Atlantean period running our reality field as the top of the OWO
under the sign of Capricorn.31 The other 9 signs are lineages of the
Clans and stellar humanoids working with and through the different
levels of the program, using the signs as their symbol.
The Roman calendar (under the landlords, i.e. oldest clans) was
based upon the movement of the Moon, and thus a lunar calendar.
The Tarot wheel follows the lunar cycle, i.e. with 21 days of work and
9 days of rest. All in all, the cycles of the new moon, full moon and
back to the new moon again. The ancient Roman calendar had 10
months following the 10 houses:

Calendar of Romulus, i.e. the oldest Roman calendar32

Martius (31 days) – the first month in Aries
Aprilis (30 days) – the second month in Taurus
Maius (31 days) – the third month in Gemini
Junius (30 days) – the fourth month in Cancer
Quintilis (31 days) - the fifth month in Leo
Sextilis (30 days) - the sixth month in Virgo
September (30 days) the seventh month in Libra
October (31 days) - the eight month in Scorpio
November (30 days) - the ninth month in Sagittarius
December (30 days) - the ten month in Capricorn

When the astral barrier came into play, the 11th and 12th months were
inserted, prolonging the rotundum of energy in the wheel, adding further
days to the year. The added months, January and February are today used to
build up energy in the gridworks, creating the story line for the year and for
setting the goals of the new cycle from March to December.

31 From Latin Capricornus meaning horned like a goat. The constellation of Capricorn
is the Goat.
32 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_calendar

Adding the Tarot cards of the Major Archana, we get

March – Aries – the Magician – 1 - Vernal Equinox - Mercury

April – Taurus – the High Priestess – 2 - Venus
May – Gemini – the Empress – 3 - Earth
June – Cancer – the Emperor – 4 - Summer Solstice - Mars
July – Leo – the Hierophant – 5 - Jupiter
August – Virgo – the Lovers – 6 - Saturn
September – Libra – the Chariot – 7 - Autumnal Equinox - Uranus
October – Scorpio – Strength – 8 - Neptune
November – Sagittarius – the Hermit – 9 - Pluto
December – Capricorn – the Wheel of Fortune – 10 – Winter Solstice
(January – Aquarius – Justice – 11)
(February – Pisces – the Hanged Man – 12)

The Astrological Year


Aries Libra


Equinoxes and Solstices fall on the 21st which is the completion number or the Tarot
card the World.

Tarot cards – Major Archana (just examples)
0 The Fool (can also be seen as the number 22)
1 The Magician (creating the grid, or blueprint)
2 The High Priestess (inserting the currents)
3 The Empress (manifesting the creation)
4 The Emperor (giving it action potentials)
5 The Hierophant (adding the direction)
6 The Lovers (making the intention)
7 The Chariot (setting it into movement)
8 Strength (see how it works)
9 The Hermit (letting the creation take its own life)
10 Wheel of Fortune (the result can be shown)
11 Justice (the impact on the ISP or the result of the personal efforts)
12 The Hanged Man (the acceptance of the creation)
13 Death (the letting go of old levels so that the new can grow)
14 Temperance (awaiting the new to grow and change)
15 The Devil (does the creation bind you to the ISP?)
16 The Tower (the fall of the old creations)
17 The Star (the new creation can unfold)
18 The Moon (the polarity of the creation has to be dealt with)
19 The Sun (completing the creation in fullness)
20 Judgment (the rise of the powers that follows the creation)
21 The World (the mastery)

The cards are to be worked with as three sets of energy periods

From 1-9: the basic creational level where the foundation is laid
From 10-18: the effects of the creational level
From 19-21: the result of the creational level

The cards are read as day, month and year, e.g. January 1st 2017 is a
1-1-20-17 sequence; all in all 4 cards.

The Rules of the ISP

As the reversed program unfolded, the original rules of it were

reversed too into an almost impossible set up. The original rules were
put there to assist the progression of the humanoid souls, helping
them to complete the program by knowing how to play with the
program, whereas the reversed rules, based upon the same rules but
having another meaning, to prolong the period inside the program
until the soul genetics wore out and the stellar personality turned
into an astral shell.

The Rules of the ISP

1. You are to work with the soul capacity you have to be able to
progress this into new levels.
In the reversed program this rule is changed into “You are
tested on the soul capacity you have, whether you remember
it or not.” This means that you literally have no idea of what
is coming your way, when you begin to work with the ISP and
its progression pyramid.

2. You develop amongst souls with the same capacity and skills
as you have, including other dimensional level.
In the reversed program this rule is changed into “You
wrestle with souls of the same capacity on the same levels as
you have skills for, including other dimensional level.”

3. You will only face challenges that match your progression rate
and possibilities.

4. You will be met with challenges which will strengthen your
weaknesses on the in-program human levels, stellar genetic
levels and soul levels.

5. You will participate in the overall purpose for this reality field
and support the greater good until you are ready to break off
and create your own reality
In the reversed program the greater good means to work
under the Technocrats and their agenda.

This means that a Higher Awareness Lifestyle should be played out

with a coherence between the genetic composition, stellar lineage
and soul age.
Regarding the in-program human vessel: The chosen lifestyle
must honor the genetic composition which means that the overlay
genetics should be known and from that understanding adapt the
lifestyle from the physical to the emotional and mental level
according to the genetic composition to outlive the potentials of the
Regarding the in-program societal position: The chosen lifestyle
must honor the stellar lineage, as in position inside the base program
and the lifestyle this clan was instated to when they entered the
Regarding the in-program energy work: The chosen lifestyle must
honor the soul age and the chosen level of energetic transforming or
transmutation, the soul can perform.


The Origin of Human Life

The solar system we are part of is one of many minor cradles of life,
which were created eons ago by higher developed races. These races
had already passed through the many different types of energies,
developing energies from a previous scheme, using the consciousness
of our evolutionary scheme (the multiverses and universes) and from
that had developed a manifold of triadic, dyadic and monadic units,
all pulling in consciousness units from the first schematic unified field
of consciousness aka the origin of all consciousness in our current
evolutionary scheme.
As they completed the transformation and development of the first
unified field of consciousness in our scheme, they left us with a
transformed unified field of consciousness of “coded”, developed as
well as pure consciousness units for us to work with in the many
seeded reality fields (universes), they left behind for us to develop.
The idea was for all humans in the cradles of life to pull in, work
with and develop from the principles the first races had installed into
the transformed unified field of consciousness as well as using the
monadic, triadic and dyadic energetic levels of our scheme to develop
new lifeforms holding a vast range of consciousness and energy on a
monadic, dyadic and triadic level. These races have been called many
names; I refer to them as the Ancient Ones.
However, since they have now moved on into a new evolutionary
scheme, developing further what they achieved in our evolutionary
scheme, we are now left with the principles of evolution and the
consciousness and energetic structures on the triadic, dyadic and
monadic levels, we are to unfold in the cradles of life placed all over
our evolutionary scheme or multiverse.

Our System or Cradle of Life

The solar system we are part of is not a solar but a stellar system. All
humans in our system are thus stellar humans and not “planetary” as
we have been told. There is no such thing as a planetary human, living
on a round planet in a solar system.
The typical stellar system in our universe, the main cradle of life we
are a part of, holds two suns or stars from which the reality field gets
its influx of energy. Each of the stars hold a range of dimensions or
different oscillation levels of energy coded with the principles of the
range of consciousness each of the stars can develop in that reality
field, aka a stellar system.
In our stellar system, we have planets representing dimensions or
types of energy. Jupiter represent the star (stellar system) developing
the energies and consciousness units from the 6th dimension. Uranus
is the 7th, Pluto the 8th, Neptune the 9th, Ceres the 10th, Eris the 11th
and the 12th dimension is not represented by a “planet” in our stellar
system but is an opening into other similar 12th dimensional systems
being part of the next evolutionary scheme.
Our sun, close to our “planet” Earth, holds the range of energies
and consciousness corresponding to the 1st to 6th dimension.
The 1st to 2nd dimension are levels of our system we could refer to
as the darkest, most drained and underdeveloped areas of our planet
more commonly known as “the underworld” holding energy in a state
of evaporation. The 3rd and 4th are the middle worlds or the outer rim
developing the consciousness units via the triadic structures and the
5th to the 6th are the inner worlds of our system, developing the
dyadic consciousness structures. These three worlds are being fueled
by the star, we call our Sun.

The system around the 1st to 6th dimensional star consists of Moon,
Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Earth.
The Moon, in conjunction with Mercury and Saturn, is holding the
1 dimensional energies, affecting our scheme with these energies on
a mineral level. The Moon is not natural to our system and was pulled
in during the Orion-Draconian wars. It’s a shell of evaporating energy
kept in form by old types of technologies.
The 1st dimension is typically not represented by a form but is mere
dust found in all systems. The original set up was of the 1st dimension
was the Sun, Mercury and Saturn.
Mercury is representing the 2nd dimensional energies in conjunction
with Saturn and Venus, affecting our scheme on the quantum levels.
Saturn is representing the 3rd dimensional energies in conjunction
with Earth and Venus, affecting our scheme on the electromagnetic
Mars is representing the 4th dimensional energies in conjunction
with Earth and Venus, affecting our scheme on the subtle energetic
levels, we are yet to learn as the 4th dimension.
Venus is representing the 5th dimensional energies in conjunction
with Earth and Mars, affecting our scheme on the subtle energetic
levels, we are yet to learn as the 5th dimension.
Earth is representing the 6th dimensional energies in conjunction
with Venus and Jupiter, affecting our scheme on the subtle energetic
levels, we are yet to learn as the 6th dimension.
As for now, the original set up of our scheme is in a total mess and
our Earth has for many eons been developing and transforming all 6
levels of energy using the Interactive Simulation Program (the ISP).33
As we go into the future and the ISP ceases to exist, the natural
order of things will return to our system and in that it will regain its
natural composition of energy and consciousness.

33 Learn more here; http://toveje.dk/the%20setah%20initiative/isp.html

Our Outer and Inner Structure

The outer triadic structure, we are upholding for now, is not in its
natural state either. For now, it is composed of a Lunar, Mercurian
and Saturnian energy set up. It should be composed by Solar,
Mercurian and the Saturnian energies in a state of transmutation.
Thus, the lowest point of our triadic structure is stuck in
evaporation energies, being pulled down by the Lunar 1st dimensional
energies of the Moon. The energies in our reality field are being
controlled by Orion-Draconian-Sirian B technology and inserted grids
into the core of our reality field. This keeps the human DNA-template
and the physical DNA stuck in the unnatural 1st to 3rd dimension
disabling it from recreating its original 4th to 6th dimensional template.
The DNA-template is the basis of the triadic form of our system.
The inner dyadic structure is not in a better state either. The energy
system, fueling the consciousness units of the monadic level in us and
grounding it into the triadic form, has been dismantled and re-
engineered into energy systems foreign to our system.
The natural dyadic structure holds one main center and that is the
one in the heart, bridging the monadic plane into the triadic form and
in this, linking our triadic personality (upper triangle or stellar mind)
directly up to the unified field of consciousness of our scheme as well
as to the core of our reality field, using the triadic personality and
outer form to unfold the inner dyadic and monadic set up.
The dyadic level in us is the column of light aka the core-essence
light body from which we process energies and consciousness from
the core of the reality field and energies and consciousness from the
systemic monadic level, using the heart and its field to produce the
flows of energy that keep up our reality.

The brain and its main center is the level into which the knowledge
of all dimensions can be developed, using the dyadic structure as an
intermediary field. All 12 dimensions are thus a natural part of our
triadic structure holding a 4th to 6th dimensional DNA-template with
the ability to link up, via the inner dyadic energy system, to the 7th to
the 12th dimensions of consciousness and energy. The dyadic system
can in this be viewed and worked with as the three main vortexes of
the head, heart and root, where the root vortex link up to the DNA-
template, the heart to the dyadic structure and the main center, with
its upper triangle, to the dimensions expressed as energy and
consciousness in our systemic monadic level.

The Level One Energy System (The LOES)

Main Center
Upper triangle
Ajna Vortex
Alta Major Vortex
Throat Vortex

Heart Vortex

Root Vortex

Pituitary gland Pineal gland

Different Levels of Evolution

The cradles of life in our scheme, the multiverses and universes, have
their own systemic monadic level, holding their own sets of principles
to be developed through the dyadic structure and triadic form.
The idea of one main Source is thus incorrect.
There is the network of systemic monadic levels and this network is
the foundation of the multiverses and universes.
Thus, in understanding this, it becomes clear why there are multiple
expressions of human races and their consciousness structures as
well as their perception of what their systemic monadic level holds of
principles. Each has their own “Source”. Again, the many different
systemic monadic levels or unified fields of consciousness, were
created by the Ancient Ones or the engineers of the multiverses and
universes. And again, when we have completed our evolution in one
system, using that type of triadic form, we continue our journey to
another system using our dyadic structure as the travelling “devise”.
In the new system, we link our dyadic structure up to the systemic
monadic level we have entered, travelling by the rules of affinity of
consciousness and energy, and from that we recreate a triadic form
using the gridwork of the reality field, we have entered.
We do not return to “Source” unless we want to, dissolving our
dyadic structure. We travel from system to system, developing our
dyadic structure using the different systemic monadic levels and their
triadic forms until we have sojourned all possible systemic monadic
levels and their triadic systems, and from that we are ready to join
the next stage of evolution in the higher systems of the Ancient Ones;
i.e. their current evolutionary scheme developing consciousness and
energy as only prime dyadic structures.

Overview of “Races”

Monadic: Consciousness Units

Dyadic: Consciousness Units and Energy
Triadic: Consciousness Units, Energy and Form

Moon, Mercury, Saturn Triangle (the MMS Triangle)

Mercury is not a reality as such but a transformation field called the
quantum field consisting of packages of light (photons). When linked
up to the Sun, as it was supposed to, it would bridge the energies of
the Sun into our DNA-template and the core of our system fueling all
lifeforms with the energies from the Sun.
Mercury is today part of the MMS Triangle and it is fueling our
reality field and DNA-template with the energy units of the previous
evolutionary cycle. Saturn was the original system holding the 3rd
dimensional energies of the previous cycle in the old set up of our
system, before the takeover.
Thus, the MMS Triangle consists of old races from the previous
evolutionary cycle, holding animalistic energy and consciousness units
(insectoid, avian, reptiod and mammal) parasitizing on the current
humanity in our system, using technology from e.g. Orion to attach
themselves, as sacks of consciousness, to our triadic structure in the
areas between the 3rd and 4th dimension.
The technology and the sacks of consciousness units, holding the
remnant consciousness and personalities of these ancient dying out
races (dark ones, reptilians, avians, mammals, insectoids etc) are very
tangible and not etheric at all. Thus, they can be removed with the
regaining of the 4th dimensional consciousness and ability to work in
the 4D.

The Etheric, Astral and Mental Planes
The etheric, astral and mental planes are part of the ISP and are
distortion fields within the ISP itself. They are not “real” but are
programmed inner perception fields detected by the brain being
linked up and controlled by the hijacked ISP via the etheric, astral and
mental planes – reality levels created by the old races, the parasites,
to have a place to unfold their existence inside the program. They are
thus nothing but mere ghosts of the ISP, existing and thriving there by
the energies humans of today produce in their etheric, astral and
mental fields. Therefore, the current human form (the triadic form) is
controlled by an etheric entity linking the current DNA-template up to
the MMS levels of our reality field. This inserted entity or etheric field
enables the old races to attach genetically to our original solar
infused DNA-template, lowering it to its current lunar version.
The human emotions are controlled by the astral field, which is
part of the distortion fields of the ISP and, again, is a plane of
existence created by the parasitic races to be able to get energy to
sustain their astral forms. The human mind and thought forms are
controlled by the mental field, which is part of the distortion fields of
the ISP and, again, is a plane of existence created by the parasitic
races to be able to generate a personality within their astral forms
and ISP realities.

Mars, Venus, Earth Triangle (the MVE Triangle)

The MVE Triangle is the human evolution in our scheme, where the
4D-6D consciousness units and energies unfold as triadic lifeforms.
The humans of original 6D Earth were descendants of Sirian A-Lyran
races unfolding in a setting, called Lemuria. The humans of original
4D-5D Mars-Venus were the descendants of Sirian B-Orion-Pleiadean
races unfolding in a setting called Atlantis. Atlantis was merged into
6D Earth when Atlantis fell in the Great Wars.