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Untuk Kegunaan Pemeriksa

Kod Pemeriksa:
No. Soalan Markah
1 - 20 20
21 (a),(b),(c) 6
22 8
23 8
24 8

Jumlah 50

(20 MARKS)

Circle the correct answer.

1. She sat ____________ the clinic and waited for the doctor.
(A) in (C) on
(B) to (D) across

2. _________________ is our national flower?

(A) Why (C) What
(B) Whose (D) How

3. Rosli and his brother ____________ the show twice last weekend.
(A) watch (C) watched
(B) watches (D) watching

4. Hazimah stayed at home by ___________ while ___________ parents were away.

(A) myself, I (C) herself, her
(B) himself, he (D) ourselves, us

5. Everyone __________ happy when they received a present.

(A) is (C) was
(B) are (D) were

Choose the most suitable proverb.

6. They learn from their mistakes because ______________
(A) don’t judge a book by its cover (C) blood is thicker than water
(B) experience is the best teacher (D) first come, first served

Choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows.
Syafiq likes gardening. He plants many types of flower in his garden. Last night, he bought
five flowerpots (1) ________________ the pasarmalam. He wants to plant a rose in each of (2)
________________ flowerpots. He plans to buy them next week. He wants to grow both white
(3) ________________ yellow roses. He wants to give the flowers to his mother for her
7. (A) in 8. (A) a 9. (A) so
(B) by (B) the (B) or
(C) at (C) some (C) but
(D) from (D) few (D) and

Choose the word that has the opposite meaning as the underlined word.
10. The handbag is too cheap. I will buy it.

(A) expensive (C) famous

(B) attractive (D) wonderful

Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation.

11. (A) “Run! Run save your life!” shouted Adham.

(B) “Run! Run save your life?” shouted Adham.

(C) “Run! Run save your life!” shouted adham.
(D) “Run, run save your life!” shouted Adham.

Choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows.

It was past midnight and Kevin still could not sleep. He looked out of his window and (1)
_________ thick, black smoke coming from a palm oil factory nearby. Immediately he
telephoned the fire brigade. Within minutes, two fire engines arrived (2)_______________the
scene of the fire.The firemen quickly set up (3) ___________equipment and soon several jets
of water (4) ___________ directed at the fire. After about twenty minutes, the firemen
managed to bring the fire under control.
12. (A) notice 14. (A) his
(B) notices (B) its
(C) noticed (C) them
(D) noticing (D) their

13. (A) at 15. (A) is

(B) in (B) are
(C) on (C) was
(D) beside (D) were

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.
Do you know how important water is? All living things will die without water. We use
water in our daily lives. Besides using water for drinking, we also use water for bathing,
washing and watering the plants. Plants need water to grow and produce food. The green
substance called chlorophyll also helps the plants to produce their own food.

Water also plays another important role in human lives. For ages, people have used it
as a means of transportation. People used rafts, boats, canoes and ferries to travel on water to
fulfil their needs. With modern technologies, big ships can now travel on water faster and
deliver goods all around the world.

Looking at the impact that water has on human life, we need to appreciate water more.
Steps should be taken to conserve our natural water resources so that we will not face any
problems related to water in the future.

16. Plants need water to grow and ____________________

(A) to supply water to its root. (C) to manufacture food

(B) to produce chlorophyll. (D) to get green leaves

17. What do plants need in order to produce food?

(A) Sunlight and water. (C) Sunlight and chlorophyll.

(B) Chlorophyll and water. (D) Sunlight, water and chlorophyll.

18. The word it in paragraph 2 refers to

(A) trees (C) leaves

(B) water (D) sunlight

19. Why should steps be taken to conserve water?

(A) Plants need water (C) To avoid water problems in the

(B) It is a mean of transportation. (D) To be able to conveniently travel
by sea.

20. The passage is about_________________

(A) the importance of water. (C) the importance of the nature.


(B) the importance of the forest. (D) the importance of modern


(30 MARKS)

Question 21
Based on the given pictures, give the correct answers in the full sentences. Write the answers in the
space provided.





(2 marks)





(2 marks)




(2 marks)


Read the note below and answer the questions that follow.

Question 22
Tick (√) the correct answer.

a. If Syafiq had an medical emergency, he would see _______

policeman (1 mark)

b. If Amal saw a robbery at his neighbour’s house, he will ...

Get advice from the doctor

Teach and educate the robber
Contact the policeman (1 mark)

c. Match the phrase in List A to the suitable phrase in List B.

Strong characters, discipline and patient, dedicated and
brave are knowledgeable person
A teacher is a the characteristics of a policeman
A patient should see formal dressing
Teacher must wear a doctor for a advice

Write your answer in the space provided.

d. Which occupation requires formal dressing? Why?


e. What is the phrase above mean?

(2 marks)


Read the poster and dialogue below. Answer the questions that follow.

Malik : Mum, did you see the flyer about the holiday activities?
Mum : Yes. Why? Are you interested in joining the camp?
Malik : Yes, mom. I do. They’re giving great discount. Shall we register this evening?
Mum : What activity do you want to do?
Malik : Well, I like outdoor activities. I think I want to join camping pack.
Mum : Oh, I almost forgot about it. Would your sister like to join to? She likes drawing.
Malik : Sure. She’ll be interested.
Mum : Ok. Let’s talk to her.

Question 23
Tick (√) the correct answer.
a. These outdoor activities would be perfect for Malik, except ___________________
diving (1 mark)

b. How much would Malik’s mother pay for the fee if both of them are going?
RM 200
RM 350
RM 500 (1 mark)

Write the answer in the space provided.

c. What do you have to bring if you choose Fishing Pack?

(2 marks)

d. Fatimah likes indoor activity. Which pack that she will choose?

(2 marks)

e. Why they have to give 10% discount of the fee to first 50 persons to register? State the

(2 marks)
Read the text carefully and then answer the questions.

The Story of the Coconut Tree

There was once an old man. He was very, very old. Some people said he was a
thousand years old! He was also very wise and he knew many things. Many people came to
visit him in his cave near the sea. They always asked him to help them.

One day, a young man came to see this wise old man.

“O wise father,” said the young man, “I want to be useful to people. I want to serve
them all my life. How can I do this?”

“That’s very good,” said the old man. ”Here is a magic box. Do not open until you
reach home. If you open it now, something will happen to you.”

“Thank you, wise father,” said the young man. He took the box and left. When he was
out of the cave, he stopped. “I wonder what is in the box?” he said to himself. “I’m going to
look.” He opened the box and at once he turned into a tall tree – a coconut tree!

That was his punishment for disobeying the old man, but he still had his wish because
the coconut tree is very useful to people.

Question 24
Tick (√) the correct answer.

a. The most suitable idiom for the story is ____________

all that glitters is not gold
curiosity killed the cat.
great minds think alike (1 mark)

b. The wise old man gave him _______________

a coconut
an advice
a box (1 mark)


Question 25
Write the answer in the space provided.
c. Why did the young man to the cave?

(2 marks)

d. What happened to the young man? Why?

(2 marks)

e. Do you think this story interesting? State the reason.

(2 marks)



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