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Fill don't have to, must not, doesn't have to into the right


'Don't have to' is used to express that something is not required.

'Mustn't' is used to express that something is prohibited.
Don't have to do - Not Required
The negative form of 'have to' expresses the idea that something is not
required. It is however, possible if so desired.
You don't have to arrive before 8.
They didn't have to work so hard.
We don't have to work overtime on Saturdays.
She didn't have to attend the presentation.
Mustn't do - Prohibition
The negative form of 'must' expresses the idea that something is
prohibited - this form is very different in meaning than the negative of
'have to'!
She mustn't use such horrible language.
Tom. You mustn't play with fire.
You mustn't drive more than 25 mph in this zone.
The children mustn't go into the street.

1. It is forbidden. You ______ do that.

2. You ______ ask my permission. You can do what you want.
3. You ______ speak to the driver when the bus is moving. It's
4. Help yourself to anything you want. You ______ ask.
5. You ______ park here. There is a double yellow line.
6. Pay me back when you can. You ______ do it immediately.
7. It's optional. We ______ to go if you don't want to.
8. I'll tell you a secret. You ______ tell anybody else. Promise?
9. Whatever you do, you ______ click with the right mouse
button or the program will crash.
10.Be on time. You ______ be late or we will leave without you.
11. He's a millionaire. He ______ work but he does because he
enjoys it.
12.I like Saturdays because I ______ go to work.
13.This is very important. You ______ forget what I said.
14.It's very informal here. You ______ wear a tie unless you
want to.
15.The train is direct. You ______ change trains.
16.In boxing, you ______ hit your opponent below the belt.
17.I ______ wear a suit at work on Fridays. It's 'dressing down
18.In athletics, you ______ start before the gun is fired.
19.In bridge, you ______ look at other people's cards.

20. You ______ be mad to work here but it helps.