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Anh Doan Instructor’s Page

/e/ versus /ey/ to prepare for his birthday party at

night. First, he went to his favorite
Story telling
barbershop to have a nice
Activity type: Story telling 5. Tell students that each group will

Level: Intermediate to advance receive a pack of word cards, each of

which has a word or a phrase. Each
Purpose: Students practice using
sound /e/ versus /ey/ in speaking and group member will withdraw a card
listening. They work together to make in turn and make at least one
a story.
sentence using the word given to
finish the story. The sentences must
start with “Then…”
Set-up: Small groups of 4-5
6. Tell them that group members
Time: 10 minutes to prepare/ 20 withdraw the word cards until they
minutes to do the activity
finish all the cards.
Materials Preparation: 7. To model the activity, have two
Make one copy of the Student’s Page
for each group and cut the flashcards. students volunteer to play Student A
and Student B. Give student A and B
sample cards that read “bakery” and
“pen”. Ask them to read the example
1. As a warm-up, ask students if they
dialog in the Student’s Page.
have ever prepared a birthday party,
8. Place the cards on each group’s
and what to buy for a party.
table. Instruct students to do the
2. Have students work in small groups
activity. Encourage students to make
of 4-5.
long sentences.
3. Tell students that they are going to
9. Give them fifteen minutes, then call
make a story in groups. The story is
about “Carter’s birthday.”
4. Give each group the first Student’s Follow-up
Page and read the opening sentences Ask groups to share their stories with the

of the story: “Yesterday was Carter’s class.

20th birthday. He woke up very early

Anh Doan Student’s Page

/e/ versus /ey/ | Student Story Telling

Carter’s birthday

Work in groups.

Each member withdraws a word card in turn, use the words given to make at least one sentence
to finish the story below. Each sentence must start with “Then…”

Carter’s birthday

Yesterday was Carter’s 20th birthday. He woke up very early to prepare for his birthday party at
night. First, he went to his favorite barbershop to have a nice haircut. …

A: Then he went to Five Star bakery to order a birthday cake. (word card: bakery)
B: Then he went to Students Stationary to buy 10 colorful pens and crayons; he wanted
to decorate his birthday banner. (word card: pen)

Anh Doan Student’s Page

Bakery Pen check steak get

(sample) (sample)

egg Make/ made shake strawberry bacon

Jelly Restaurant friends Expensive Weather

tasted Changed Late Neighbor belt

Lettuce celebrate bread invitation games