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​Collingwood School Public Speaking Day

Times: Minimum 4 minutes; Maximum 6 minutes

Circle round: Round #1 Round #2 Round #3

Grade: __________

Name of Speaker (please print): _________________________________________


Name of Judge (please print): _________________________________________

Scoring Guidelines

70-75 76-80 81-85 86-90 91-95

Developing Good Very Good Excellent Outstanding

Criteria Weight Score

Delivery 20

Narrative Skills 20

Content and Ideas 20

Visual Aids 20

Overall 20

Total Points: 100

​Note: If the sum of the categories does not equal the total score, we will assume that we should use the overall total in the box

Time: __________________ ​ ​Official Total :

Ted Tales Description

At a glance:

Ted tales are a simplified version of a ted talk (approx 3-4 minutes long) with a clear ​narrative
component.​ Your TED tale will be a presentation that includes a story AND that has a message for the
audience about something that you are passionate about. It will include images that highlight key ideas
or topics in your ​TED TALE​​.

Your story ​could​​ be:

● a ​true story​ from your life or someone you know
● a​ current event​ from the news - you must state your source in your presentation
● a ​fictional story​ which highlights a point you are trying to make

Your story ​should​​ be:

● related to a topic you are passionate about
● told in the first person (I) or third person (he or she)
● clear and easy to understand
● interesting and entertaining
● relevant to your topic and message

Your message​ should​​ be:

● simple but convincing
● related to the story you tell
● fresh - you want your audience to look at your topic in a new light

A. Introduction - introduce your big idea (message)
B. Story with a message - related to your big idea; this could be a parable or an example from the
real world
C. Inclusion of a clear message or theme. This may be a “​call-to-action​”
To make your message memorable, you are encouraged to stress your points with pictures,
expressions and repetition. You should repeat your message three times throughout the
presentation for emphasis.
D. Visual Component - you must use 8-12 slides set at 20 second intervals to accompany
your TED tale. You images must comply with creative commons only.
E. Timing - Your TED Tale should be 3-4 minutes long (your TED Tale may go over or under
by 30 seconds on either side).

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