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After You (from "The Gay Divorcee") Freely Verse) (G*) Cma™ (Am) a 70) Gis Dw” Gi Cole Porter m Dm” G* C% zs Though with joy 1 should be reel-ing —-»«Thatat_ ast you came my way, There'sao Dw’ Eb? oe (A) Dwi™™ Ges) at = + ———t — = —* “ jo a =a for - ther use con - ceal ~ ing hate fel eG en For the Du” G® Coma Ew” ae Dat = —= Ds = — —— js mre al = tore = out you Makesme all =the pin - er see, How In (Few? gts Ful Ew? At 7) : Du? Bo Cm, 7 Awl DP ° g ane, how vain, how emp = life with - out you would be A] (Casa? Gras Cana’ Gas (") &, Coma? en SSS ter you, who eonld sup TiN) 7 Dm G - 7 x gS SSE a 2S morta could 1 dove? AP + er (Cus? Glas Cua? Glas Cows Cras ma? Glaus ) Coma? ch Coma Gt Cms™ et you, take the time (Renewed. All Rushes! who For (Gua’ D’as Gta? has ) Aw! 0’ Gma? (o) —— Af = ter you who? ___ Hold my else could quil - i - fy Gm? c fy ce FS (Apes) ae feu y Fu?) sig = SS (Cur? Glas Cm’ Glas Em” a Fea FS) []Cma? oe) Coma? At Dm” Fi? ——— ee search years But who else could change my tears In - to Ew’ Aw’ _D"__G® C% (Dm™ GT ) oe fos oer your (fine hee Solo on ABC. After solos, DS. al Fine