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What are project topics in Environmental Engineering?

1. Waste Water treatment of oil/cloth/dye/dairy etc industry.

2. Treatment of Bio-medical waste(liquid/solid) from a hospital
3. Segregation of your organisation’s waste and it’s biological treatment.
4. Green Building assessment.
5. Ways to make a particular building Green and energy efficient.
6. Efficiency of a plant. It can be any kind of plant. WWTP/STP/ETP or even
incineration plant.
7. Air emissions at a construction site.
8. Air emission from WTP/STP
9. Water quality assessment of a river/water body.

Taken From somewhere else :

1. garbage collection treatment and disposal in bangalore city

2. Survey and documentation of methods disposal of hospital waste in mysore city

3. Biological treatment as a sustainable option for urban domestic waste water


4. Collection and treatment of leachate from solid waste dumps

5. Monitoring and attenuation of noise in sensitive urban landuse

6. Experimental studies on treatment of systhetic and industrial organic waste

electrochemical techique

7. Removal of orthodresol by adsorption on flysh and activated carbon

8. Feasability study of colur removal by absorption on richusk carbon

9. Vermicomposting of devaraja market waste

10. Effect of sewage farming on ground water and soil quality - a case study

11. Characterisation and solidification of electroplating sludge construction materials

12. Feasibility study on reuse of electroplating effluent in construction materials

13. Removal of o-cresol by adsorption on impregnated bagasse flyash

14. Decontamination of pesticides using supercritical carbon dioxide

15. Studies on the kinetics of microbial degradation of endosulfan

16. Studies on environmental problems of septic tank systems in rural areas and
mitigative measures

17. Decentralized solid waste management system involving active public and ngo

18. Supercritical carbondioxide extraction of neem kernels(azadirachta indica) for

production of biocides

19. Studies on the leachate characteristics of nitrates and endosulfan from agricultural

20. Defluoridation of drinking water using laterite and reuse

21. Rain water harvesting a.i.t. campus

22. Feasibility study on banana plant extract as a coagulant

23. Adsorption of hexavalent chromium using chitosan

24. Production of biocide from the flowers of chrysanthemum

25. Biodegradation of 2-chlorophenol by free and immobilized cell system using

psudomonas putidastrain

26. Performance study of a sequential uasb reactor for treatment of distillery


27. Status of respirable suspended particulate matter (rspm) in mysore city

28. Performance evaluation of dewats for community based sanitation

29. Infrastructure facilities for management of msw of cmc mahadevapura and


30. Characterization of secondary coffee effluent and its subsequent treatment using
fountain aerator (iisc model)

31. Evaluation of geo-technical properties of tank clay-bentonite mixture as a liner


32. Treatability studies of animal and cage wash water for recycle and reuse-a case
study in sri chamarajendra zoological garden,mysore

33. Status of existing solid waste disposal in nanjangud,t.narsipura and kollegala towns
and its impact on groundwater quality
34. Status of existing solid waste management of k.r.nagar and hunsur towns and its
impact on groundwater quality

35. Reduction of strength of domestic sewage using agave sisalana as a filter media

36. Leaching studies of pollutants in agricultural sub-soil environment

37. Removal of nitrate from ground water

38. Performance study of sequential upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor for
treatment of municipal waste water

39. Proposed biogas generation from food waste of a.i.t. campus

40. Reduction of pollution and improvement in the fuel efficiency using

magnethohydrodynamic technology

41. Treatment of bagasse recycled yard effluent by using upflow anaerobic sludge
blanket reactor

42. Proposed design of wastewater treatment plant for chikmagalur city

43. Degradation of quinalphos pesticide in soil and water

44. Bio-medical waste management systems in chickmagalur city

45. Electrochemical coagulation(ecc) technology for treatment of hospital wastewater

46. Water clarification using moringa oleifera (drumstick seeds)

47. Comparative study of colour removal and treatment of coffee effluent using bagasse
fly ash and laterite as a filtering media

48. Effect of domestic wastewater on soil properties around treatment plant