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The 2nd Annual Converence of Engineering, ICT and

Implementation on Vocational Education

Digital Library
Universitas Negeri Medan
03 November 2018
The 2nd Annual Converence of Engineering, ICT and Impelemntation on Vocational Education

No Times Activities PIC/Moderator

1 08.00 - 09.00 Registration Committe
2 09.00 - 09.10 Opening Ceremony Khairun Nissa
3 09.10 - 09.15 National Anthem Riando Natalia Sihombing
4 09.15 - 09.20 Pray Selamat Riadi, M.T
5 09.20 - 09.30 Chairman Report Drs. Sriadhi, ST., M.Pd. M.Kom. Ph.D
6 09.30 - 09.45 Welcoming Speech by Prof. Dr. Harun Sitompul, M.Pd
Dean of FT Unimed
7 09.45 - 10.30 Welcoming Speech by Keynote Speaker I: Moderator :
Rector of Unimed
Prof. Dr. Syawal Gultom, M.Pd Sahala
And Presentation KS-I Siallagan,Ph.D
8 10.30 - 10.45 Souvenir Session Committe
9 10.45 - 11.00 Break
10 11.00 - 12.30 Presentation KS-2 Keynote Speaker 2: Moderator :
Dr. Nur Azlina Mohamed Sahala
Mokmin Siallagan,Ph.D
11 12.30 - 14.00 Break
12 14.00 - 16.30 Parallel Sessions Moderator Room
1. Engineering Janter P.Simanjuntak Ph.D I

2. Vocational Education Dr. Lisyanto, MS

Dr. M.Amin, M.Pd II

3. ICT and Education Dr. Janner Simarmata M.Kom

Dr. Sarwa, M.Pd
4. Teaching and Learning Dr. Zulkifli Matondang, M.Pd
Dr. Dina Ampera, M.Pd IV

13 16.30 - 17.00 Writing Clinics Drs. Sriadhi, ST.,M.Pd., M.Kom.,

14 17.00 – 17.10 Clossing Committe

I : Engineering Moderator : Janter P. Simanjuntak

Paper ID Title Author (s)

The Effect of Type F Admixture and Silica Fume
[ENG-01] Substitution to Cement on Early Strength Self Rahmi Karolina, Larry Djono
Compacting Concrete
Influence of Cooling Slope Technique on
[ENG-02] Mechanical Properties of Composites Reinforced T. Tugiman
SiC Particles
Study of peat gasification characteristics in a
[ENG-03] Janter P. Simanjuntak
simple stove: Effect of peat sizes and air-flow
Factors of Land Use Change, Case Study: In Kota
[ENG-04] Aris Munandar
Juang, Bireuen, Indonesia
Ernesto Silitonga, Meuthia
Effect of Organic matter on stabilization work of
[ENG-05] Fadila, Jintar Tampubolon,
problematic soil
Iskandar Tambunan
The Effect of Current on Shear Strength and Qomaruddin, R. Hengki
[ENG-06] Nugget Size in Resistance Spot Welding of Rahmanto, Wahyu Setiadi,
SCGA270D-45 sheet metal Kiswiru Yudha Ningsih
The Relationship of Project Work Learning And
Performance of Industrial Practice With Work
Eka Daryanto, Arief
[ENG-07] Readiness In The Field of Welding 12th Grade
Students Field of Engineering Skills In Binjai City
Analysis Of The Use Effectiveness Of Lighting Muhammad Amin and
Lamps Type For Household Needs Nelson Sinaga
The Effect Of The Use Of Fuel Types On Torsion,
Suherman, Khoiri, Andi
[ENG-09] Power And Emission Of Gas For K3ve Gasoline
Vehicles With Compression Ratio 11:1
Putri Lynna A. Luthan,
[ENG-10] Brick Cost Analysis Based On Dimensions Nathanael Sitanggang, Harun
Bottom Ash As Cement Substitution In Sub Base Indra jaya Pandia, Irwan S
Road Pavement Sembiring, Ika Puji Hastuty
Evaluation Of Compressive Strength Investigation
[ENG-12] Torang Sitorus
On Jobmix Test Object And Core Drill Test Object
Value Engineering Implementation On
[ENG-13] Construction Project Of Suzuya Plaza Tanjung Syahrizal
Life Cycle Cost Identification On Building
[ENG-14] Maintenance Of Badan Pengelola Keuangan Syahrizal
Daerah Pematangsiantar
Muhammad Agung Putra
Analysis Of Bamboo Mechanical Properties In Handana, Besman Surbakti,
The Medan With Finite Element Method Hadijah Utami, Rahmi
Ronald butar-butar, Parulian
Effect of Particle size distribution of added Purba, Parlaungan Hutagaol,
material on improving concrete strength Juanda Sianipar, Ernesto
Siman, Bisrul Hapis
[ENG-17] Pyrolysis of Plastic Waste into Fuel Oil Tambunan, Janter P.
Paper ID Title Author (s)
The Characteristics and Management Model of a
Rachmat Mulyana, Meuthia
[ENG-18] relocation residential for refugees affected
Fadila, Kemala Jeumpa
eruption of Mount Sinabung
Distinguish percentage variation of adhesive on Sahala Siallagan and Indra
waste burning promptness of durian skin biomass Koto
Relations of Atterberg Limits Against Grain Size
[ENG-20] Nahesson Panjaitan
of Kaolinite Clay
Single Tuned Passive Filter Analysis To Reduce Muhammad Dani Solihin,
Harmonic Flows On The Manufacturing Industry Surya Hardi, Syafruddin HS


II. Vocational Education Moderator : Dr. Lisyanto, M.S

Dr. Muhammad Amin M.Pd

Paper ID Title Author (s)

Analysis of the Difficulties of Vocational High
Robert Silaban, Janter
School Teachers in Mechanical Engineering
[VoE-01] Simanjuntak, Lixpen Saritua
Program in Implementing 2013 Curriculum in
Medan City
Effectiveness of Scientific Blended Learning –
Muhammad Amin and Asahan
[VoE-02] Product Oriented Against Student Competency
Engineering Student’s Perceptions with Self- Kinanti Wijaya, Harun
[VoE-03] Assessment System as an Evaluation of Student Sitompul, Syafiatun Siregar
Performance in Generating Product and Sutrisno
Zulkifli Matondang, Syafiatun
Analysis Of Needs To Based Competency For
[VoE-04] Siregar, Sempurna Perangin-
Building Construction Workers
angin, Harun Sitompul
Development Of Entrepreneurship Instructional
Husni Wardi Tanjung,
[VoE-05] Materials Using Productive Creative Instructional
Sumarno, Firdaus.
Welding Technology Development Modules For
[VoE-06] Khoiri, Keysar Panjaitan.
Analyzing The Power Weld Joints
Dina Ampera, Nurhayati,
Results Of Basic Learning Pattern’s Learned By
[VoE-07] Farihah, Armaini Rambe,
Memorization Learning Model
Conceptual Thinking in Fashion Deconstruction
[VoE-08] Nining Tristantie
(How to Being Creative)
Efforts To Improve Motivation And Learning
Outcomes of Students of Department Mechanical
Education, Faculty of Engineering, Medan State Selamat Triono, Lisyanto and
University Through Interactive E-Material Nur Basuki
Development for E-Learning-Based Technical
Drawing Course
The use of learning media about the bearing
[VoE-10] Suhairiani
capacity of the foundation
Identification of Level of Quality of
Lina Pangaribuan, Indah
Aromatherapy Message Oil from Purification
[VoE-11] Novitasari Tanjung, Ernesto
Process of Aromatic Lemongrass Oil on Students
at SMK Negeri 8 Medan.
The Development Of Student Ability In
Muhammad Kadri, Teguh
[VoE-12] Mechanics And Heat Subject In Blended
Febri Sudarma
Learning By Using Edmodo Program
Paper ID Title Author (s)
The Influence of Learning Strategies and
Learning Motivation towards Understanding of
[VoE-13] Suriwaty ,Naeklan , Mukhtar
Reading Texts for Students of Class X SMK PAB
12TH Saentis Year 2018/2019 Academic Year
The Influence of Transformational Leadership,
Intrinsic Motivation, and Job Satisfaction on Jusup Debataraja, Sukarman
Affective Commitments of State Vocational Purba, Wesly Hutabarat
Teachers in West Nias Regency


III. ICT and Education Moderator : Dr. Janner Simarmata M.Kom

Dr. Sarwa M.Pd

Paper ID Title Author (s)

A Study on International Cooperation Information Maya Oktora, Abil Mansyur,
System of Universitas Negeri Medan Winsyahputra Ritonga
[ICT-02] Mastarina Barus, Frida Dinar,
Macromedia Flash Media Development In
Adikahriani, Pertiwi Septiana
Continental Food Knowledge Learning
[ICT-03] Interactive Video Tutorial Development Based On
Curriculum Based On Indonesian National
Muslim, Selamat Riadi
Qualification Framework On Competency
Machining Basic Basis
[ICT-04] The Development of Instructional Video Media
Rohana Aritonang, Irmiah
for Character Make Up Based On Dick and Carey
Nurul Rangkuti, Lina
on Cosmetology Education Courses State
Pangaribuan, Dian Maya Sari
University Of Medan
[ICT-05] Development Of Physics Learning Based On Teguh Febri Sudarma, Ratna
Website With Problem Based Learning Tanjung
[ICT-06] Development of Traditional Dance Video
Indaria Anggita, Dina
Tutorials Internalized Character Education in Arts
and Culture Subjects
[ICT-07] The Effect Of Using Adobe Premiere-Based
Interactive Multimedia On Students’ Tata Hidang
Nikmat Akmal
Achievement Of Tata Boga Study Program Of
Engineering Faculty In Medan State University
[ICT-08] The Interactive Instructional Multimedia
Erma Yulia, Izwar lubis.
Development Of Material Testing
[ICT-09] Development Of Interactive Learning Media In
Merry Damanaik, Abdul
Indonesian Language Lessons In The First Class
Hasan Saragih, R. Mursid
Viii Of Junior High School
[ICT-10] Desy Afyanti Lubis , Marnala
Development Of E-Book Media As A Teaching Tobing , Dian Mayasari ,
Material In Eyees Anatomy Pysiology Lina Pangaribuan , Siti
[ICT-11] Learning Innovation Through Media E-Book On Sulistiawikarsih , Mastarina
College Food And Central Indonesian Food Barus , Siti Sutanti,
Processing Mawaddah Azizah
[ICT-12] The Development Of Booklet Media Construction
With Various Patterns - Various Collar Models Halida Hanim, Farihah,
For Fashion Design Study Students, Universitas Nurhayati
Negeri Medan
Paper ID Title Author (s)
[ICT-13] Model Of Feasibility Assessment And S Sriadhi, Uli Basa Sidabutar,
Effectiveness Of Multimedia Based Learning Amirhud Dalimunthe
Empowering Visionary Lecturers in the
Development of Industrial Engineering Learning
[MaE-01] Rosnelli, Fahmi Syahputra
Devices at the Fakulltas Teknik Universitas
Negeri Medan
The Influence Of Managerial Supervision Of
Principal To Organizational Climate, And Work Tirauyah, Paningkat Siburian,
Satisfaction On Performance Of Elementary Abdul Muin Sibuea
School Principal In Medan
Implementation of Permendikbud Policy Number
Bahgie Mahtonami, Darwin,
[MaE-03] 28 of 2016 concerning Quality Assurance of
Arif Rahman
Primary and Secondary Education in Medan City
The development of Production Management
Ahmad Imadi Batubara,
[MaE-04] Model of Based on Competence Expertise at SMK
Rosmala Dewi, Ibnu Hajar
Negeri 1 Panyabungan


IV. Teaching and Learning Moderator: Dr. Zulkifli Matondang,M.Pd.

Dr. Dina Ampera, M.Pd
Paper ID Title Author (s)
The Effect of Learning Model and Critical
Thinking Toward Learning Outcome in Hermidayani, Mukhtar
Economics of The Tenth Graders in Senior High Hamonangan Tambunan.
Hamonangan Tambunan,
Electrotechnicals’ blended learning in the various
[TEL-02] Marsangkap Silitonga, Nelson
types of learning style
Syafiatun Siregar, Harun
Effectiveness Of Using Job Sheets On Concrete
[TEL-03] Sitompul, Kinanti Wijaya,
Stone Work Practices
Ahmad Andi Solahiuddin
Competency and Capability Teaching Analysis
Nono Sebayang, Zulkifli
[TEL-04] FEP Student’s Education Building Study
Matondang, Kinanti Wijaya
Program Engineering Faculty Unimed
Analysis of Resistance Factors Implementation
Adi Sutopo, Dadang
[TEL-05] KKNI Oriented Curriculum with Six’s Task at
Mulyana, Mustamam
Electrical Engineering Department
Development Of A "Product Design" Guidelines
Book Based On Indonesia National Curriculum
Fatma Tresno Ingtyas,
[TEL-06] Framework (Kkni) To Develop Creative
Nuwairi Hilda, Dina Ampera
Industries Students Of Education Department Of
Family Welfare State University Of Medan
Lelly Fridiaty, Esi Emilia,
Yuspa Hanum, Erli Mutiara,
Development of The Experimental Food Book as
[TEL-07] Rasita Purba, Risti Rosmiati,
a Research Guide for Food and Nutrition Student
Yesica Marcelina Romauli
Esi Emilia, Rasita Purba, Ana
Research on the Development of Teaching
Rahmi, Yesica Marcelina
[TEL-08] Materials of Micronutrient Metabolism based on
Romauli Sinaga, Risti
KKNI Curriculum and Contextual Content
Development Of Product Design Teaching
[TEL-09] Sarwa
Materials For Construction Sectors
Paper ID Title Author (s)
Baharuddin, Juhriyansyah
The Effect Of Cooperative Learning And Dalle, Riswan Sianturi, Abdul
Learning Interest On Students’ Ict Achievement Hamid K, Muhammad Dani
Development Of Competency On The Module To
Hotmaria Tampubolon,
Draw Various Parts Of Clothing Fashion Layout
[TEL-11] Nurhayati, Ermidawati, Eka
Studies Program State University Of Medan
Rahma Dewi.

The Influence Of The Use Of Problem Based

Learning Model On The Results Of Food Life Frida Dinar, Mastarina Barus,
Practices Ana Rahmi, Siti Sutantie

Development Of Work Sheet Mathematical

Students Based On Guided Discovery Learning
Enny Keristiana Sinaga, Nono
[TEL-13] On Differential And Its Application Of Students
Sebayang, Suhairiani
Of Building Engineering Education

Management of Engineering Physics Learning in

the Electrical Engineering Education Study
[TEL-14] Program Fakultas Teknik Universitas Negeri Rosnelli, Dadang Mulyana

Improved learning outcomes of electric power

transmission courses through project-based Dadang Mulyana, Mustamam,
learning models Arif Rahman, Rosnelli

The Effect of Learning Model and Critical

Thinking Skill toward Learning Outcome in Marlina Uli Silaen,
[TEL-16] Culture-Art of the Eighth Graders of Junior High Muhammad Badiran, Dina
School Ampera

The Influence of Organizational Culture,

Principal’s Leadership And Achievement
Marthen MW Dandirwalu,
[TEL-17] Motivation On Teacher’s Performance In Primary
Sukarman Purba, Saut Purba
Schools In Patumbak Deli Serdang District

The Effect Of Learning Strategies And Creative

Thinking Toward Learning Outcomes Of Science Husnah Lubis, R. Mursyid,
Learning In Sdn 10 Sinabang Keysar Panjait