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Brussels, Belgium - + 32 (0)470 20 46 92; andrepaulasantos@outlook.com 4th of March 1985, Lisbon, Portugal; Portuguese 1. P RO F E S S IO N A L E XP E R IE N C E Junior Consultant: Interel European Affairs; Brussels Belgium; Consultant in the area of EU Affairs; dealing with multiple topics under discussion in the EU institutions. - Areas of expertise: Energy & Environment; Biofuels; Transport; REACH/Chemicals; Endocrine Disruptors; Ecodesign; Energy Efficiency; Data Protection; Procurement. July 2012 Sep. 2012 Policy & Legal Adviser: European Shippers Council; Brussels Belgium; Advising on advocacy strategies and policy options; legal advising on EU Law; identify and prepare analytical and statistical data and supporting material for advocacy; collect and read reports and official documents of the European institutions; preparing and revising content for the website; shape position papers and other policy documents; participating in meetings with EU Institutions; attending public hearings. - Areas of expertise: EU Affairs; Lobbying; Transport, Maritime & Ports Policy; Shipping. Dec. 2011 June 2012 (6 months) EU Affairs Trainee: EUROPIA European Petroleum Industry Association; Brussels Belgium; Identify and prepare analytical data and supporting material for advocacy work of the Executive Officers by reading and gathering the official reports and documents issued by the European Institutions; preparing synthesis and advocacy plans; attending meetings with stakeholders; attending public hearings of the EP; participating in meetings and internal discussions of different work-groups and Task Forces. - Areas of expertise: Oil & Energy; EU Affairs; Stakeholder Engagement; Policy Analysis; Legislation monitoring; Trade Law; Comitology. Aug. 2011 Oct. 2011 (3 months) Liaison Committee Member: European Commission, DG EAC, Traineeships Office; Brussels Belgium; Preparation of the welcome days for the 2011/2012 European Commission Winter Traineeship. - Areas of expertise: Public Affairs; Sponsorship Management; Events Organization; Networking. Feb. 2011 July 2011 (5 months) Bluebook Stagiaire: European Commission, DG Budget, Central Financial Service Unit D2: Procurement, Contracts and Grants; Brussels Belgium; Contributed to the work of the unit, participated in meetings at different levels and collaborated in organisational and administrative tasks. Public Relations Coordinator for the Traineeship Committee of the 2011 European Commission Summer Stage: organized and publicized events (cultural events, parties and trips), as well as sponsorship management; - Areas of expertise: European Public Procurement; Contracts & Grants; E-Procurement; Concessions; European Court of Justice; Financial Services; EU Budget. Jan. 2010 Feb. 2011 (14 months) Trainee / Legal traineeship: BAS Law Firm, RL.; Lisbon Portugal; Full scope legal traineeship, including legal advising several Portuguese public contracting authorities in relation to public procurement procedures (preparation of the procedures, etc.), as well as other private clients on several legal issues; formal traineeship conclusion on the 17th of May 2012. - Areas of expertise: Public Procurement; Administrative Law; Administrative & Civil Litigation (using online mechanisms); Civil Procedure; Health Law; Tourism Law; Intellectual Property Law; Criminal Law; Litigation experience. Sep. 2008 Dec. 2009 (16 months) Trainee / Legal traineeship: Barrocas Sarmento Neves, Law Firm, Rl.; Lisbon Portugal; Full scope legal traineeship, covering several areas of law; legal adviser at the Instituto do Turismo de Portugal, I.P. (Portugals Tourism Institute). - Areas of expertise: Administrative Law; Public Procurement (acquisition of goods and services, public works, etc.); Consumer Law; Tourism Law; Tort Law; Civil Law. Mar. 2008 Sep. 2008 (6 months) Legal adviser: Barrocas Sarmento Neves, Law Firm, Rl.; Lisbon Portugal; Legal adviser in a public institute under the Health Ministry tutelage ACSS, Administrao Central do Sistema de Sade, I.P. (Central Administration of the Health System, public institute). - Areas of expertise: Public & Administrative Law; Public Procurement and related matters.


Oct. 2012 (Current job)

(3 months)


E D U C AT IO N Master in Administrative Law and Public Procurement (M.A.) (grade: 16/20 summa cum laude); Portuguese Catholic University Law Faculty School of Lisbon Dissertation: "Some notes on the procedural nullity in Public Procurement: A Critical Review of Decision of the Supreme Administrative Court of 06/03/2008, relating to Case no. 050/08."

Sep. 2007 July. 2009

Feb. 2006 Aug. 2006

Erasmus programme; Catholic University of Leuven Belgium Frequency of various disciplines among which: Armed Conflicts and the International Law, Economic Analysis of the Law and International and European Labour Law.

Sep. 2003 Sep. 2007

Degree in Law (B.A.) (grade: 13/20); Portuguese Catholic University Law Faculty School of Lisbon



- Workshop "Grants basics" (June 15th and 16th, 2011), organized by the European Commission DG Budget, Central Financial Service, Units D2 and D4. - Workshop "eProcurement in the time of the economic crisis" (May 25th 2011); organized by European Dynamics, S.A., www.epractice.eu group; - Workshop Procurement in Practice (April 2011); organized by the European Commission DG Budget, Central Financial Service, Units D2 and D4. - "Introduction to Sports Law Course" (1st to 10th of March 2010), organized by ELSA Portuguese Catholic University Law Faculty School of Lisbon; - Several seminars at Portuguese Catholic University Law Faculty School of Lisbon, including: "Law and Film", "Internal Market of Electricity and Gas", "Comparative USA - European Constitutional Law" and "Introduction to American Legal System". 4. L A N G U A GE S Portuguese: Mother tongue 5. O T HE R

English: Proficient

French: Intermediate

Spanish: Intermediate

( S E L E C T IO N )

- Qualified lawyer, admitted to the Portuguese Bar Association on the 17th of May 2012; - Public Relations Coordinator, member of the Traineeship Committee for the 2011 Summer Traineeship at the European Commission; - Member of the Court of Auditors of the Modern Pentathlon Portuguese Judges and Referees Association, (2007/08); - Several positions in academic associations at the Portuguese Catholic University Law Faculty School of Lisbon, such as Chairman of the Council of Representatives of Law Students (04/05) and Marketing Vice-President of the European Law Students Association (ELSA) delegation (2004/05). 6. R E F E RE N C E S

Upon request.