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11/14/2018 The AFC and the LGE results: Human are fated to destroy themselves – Kaieteur News

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NEWS 14th, 2018 12:58

LATEST rs turnout in G/town …PPP wins Buxton Integrity Commission to take MPs, state officials to court over undeclared assets

The AFC and the LGE results: Human are fated to

destroy themselves
 Nov 14, 2018  Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon 1 Comment

I walk my dog twice daily. In the evenings I would take her next door to the AFC head office. The
occupants of the house are my close friends. There is a snackette outside the house where every
night, friends meet to hang out. My dog is an attraction to the limers.
Team Trinidad makes it three in three
The AFC people flooded the snackette during the 2015 general elections, the 2016 LGE and the
2018 LGE. Last week, as Khemraj Ramjattan passed my dog to walk into the AFC building, I said
at CMRC – King and...
 Nov 14, 2018
hello to him. He asked my dog’s name and how I was doing. I told him I am exactly the same person
The 2018 Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor
he knew 30 years ago.
Racing Championships (CMRC) came to a close
He responded; “I know, I know but you think I have changed though.”
officially Monday evening when the awards
I replied; “Yes, you have, that is what power does to people.”
ceremony concluded at Guyana’s Ramada Princess
When AFC personnel come to the snackette, they talk among themselves about the elections. It was
Hotel at Providence,...
the same with the just concluded LGE. Last week, some committed AFC personnel of high standing,
while munching on their snacks said the most boastful things about the AFC electoral power that I Read More
was so disgusted that I restrained my anger after what I did right at that very spot two weeks ago.
At that time, Minister David Patterson and AGC’s General-Secretary, Marlon Williams and LGE Canadian based Dias
candidate Arnold Suhkraj (who did not win his Kitty constituency) were munching on their snacks, gives back to ‘old’ club...
when one of the youth cadres began heaping derogations on Ivan Bentham from the AFC who  Nov 14, 2018
switched to the PNC during the just concluded LGE. I was livid. I knew Bentham as one of the
hardest working youth members of the AFC in all the elections the AFC participated.
I defended Bentham’s decision vigorously (and you know how my decibels can go up) so that
Patterson and Williams could have heard. The essential point of mine was that when the AFC got New GVF President Levi
Nedd attends FIVB...
into power, it showed class contempt for people like Bentham and so many others from his class
 Nov 14, 2018
types. They did the same thing to Dr. Ramaya who helped them to win Berbice. Ramaya was not
part of their urban/urbane elite social club.
When Ramaya asked for a job, I saw emails between Ramaya and the AFC leadership in which he
was offered $90,000 a month and a car. He refused it. I saw emails where AFC leaders were Turbo knockout
discussing among themselves President Granger’s advice to the AFC to offer Ramaya something tournament…
substantial. Pouderoyen and...
If the AFC denies this, I will cite three persons who showed me the emails after I get their  Nov 14, 2018
This very party that could not advance a nice job offer to Ramaya who was an electoral asset was
happy to call a person with a doctorate to offer him/her the post of Minister of the Environment days EBFA Senior KO….
after the 2015 election results. This so angered many in the second-tier leadership, that up to this Soesdyke needle
day, those folks are not in mental connection with the AFC.
 Nov 14, 2018
What were these people boasting about last week at the snackette? I heard with my own ears they
were saying that the AFC looks likely to pick up seventy percent of the votes in the LGE. Some of us
turned to each other and looked with total bewilderment. You mean – 7 percent not 70? The Gold for Money capture
elections results are out and the AFC has been devastated. They didn’t make even seven percent. Sunday in the Country...
The losses were extensive and humiliating.  Nov 14, 2018
The AFC’s disastrous showing at the 2018 LGE will definitely be the talk in the rum-shops, clubs,
restaurants, over the dinner table and in the countless places citizens lime and hangout throughout
this week. It is most absorbing to hear how the “professors” at the street corners chat about politics
in Guyana. Don’t underestimate their knowledge of their country’s politics.
The AFC crash will be talked about in Guyana even beyond this week. It is like what is going on in
the US. Up to now the US media are still carrying news and analyses about the midterm elections
results. There is absolutely nothing more I can say about the post 2015 ontology of the AFC that I The AFC and the LGE results:
have not written on before.
I haven’t check but I think prior to this column, I may have done about fifteen.
Human are fated to destroy
Humans just do not learn from the mistakes of the past. Humans are flawed creatures. They will themselves
never learn from history’s terrible errors. Human society is about history moving on with the

https://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2018/11/14/the-afc-and-the-lge-results-human-are-fated-to-destroy-themselves/ 1/3
11/14/2018 The AFC and the LGE results: Human are fated to destroy themselves – Kaieteur News
highways and roadways littered with misery, sadness and tragedies that could have been avoided. I I walk my dog twice daily. In the
 that isNEWS
what life is made of.
evenings I would take her next door to  FOLLO
the AFC head office. The occupants of
the house... more

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He had come to the United States on

a visitor’s visa. But he could never
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https://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2018/11/14/the-afc-and-the-lge-results-human-are-fated-to-destroy-themselves/ 2/3
11/14/2018 The AFC and the LGE results: Human are fated to destroy themselves – Kaieteur News

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They were out foxed by Trotman plus their insatiable desire for power habouring the
'delusional promise' purported to be made by Jagan to accede to the 'throne' at his > Berbice Bridge […]
passing contributed to the seemingly demise of the AFC.
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