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11/17/2018 Govt.

postpones House sitting at last minute without informing Opposition – Kaieteur News

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NEWS 17th, 2018 12:59

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Govt. postpones House sitting at last minute

without informing Opposition
 Nov 17, 2018  Peeping Tom 0 Comments

By Abena
The usual money spent to cater for a sitting of
Farfan & Mendes Junior Skill Level
the National Assembly was already utilized
yesterday when the government cancelled the
Squash Tournament…....
 Nov 17, 2018
99th sitting without even informing the
The Farfan & Mendes Junior Skill Level Squash
Opposition People’s Progressive Party/Civic
Tournament continued on Thursday night at the
Georgetown Club with matches in eight of the nine
PPP/C’s Members of Parliament (MP) were
categories being contested. In Category A
seated, but no government parliament
showed. A few minutes before the sitting was PPP/C’s MP’s were seated, but no government
to commence, Deputy Clerk of the National parliamentarians showed Read More
Assembly, Hermina Gilgeous, told the
opposition that it had been postponed. First Massy Technologies
Then, late yesterday afternoon, the coalition government released a press statement that read, “The Microsoft Invitational...
Government of Guyana requested a postponement of the scheduled sitting of the National Assembly  Nov 17, 2018
from today, Friday, November 16th to Monday November 19th.
The Clerk of the National Assembly has confirmed that the sitting will be held next Monday and all
Members of Parliament have been formally notified.
Given the submission of a Motion of No Confidence yesterday, the Government felt it necessary and GABA Leagues…
Pacesetters earn double
urgent to convene a meeting to apprise and brief all Members of Parliament.
There is precedent, going back to 2011 and 2012 for the request for postponement. Under the PPP  Nov 17, 2018
government, four requests were made for postponement without explanation.
Given its majority in Parliament the Coalition Government of Guyana is confident that the motion of
no confidence will be solidly defeated.” GFSCA softball
This newspaper spoke to the Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira, who said that the disrespect continues tomorrow
meted out the elected Opposition was loud.  Nov 17, 2018
She told Kaieteur News, “We really do not know…no one has had the decency to explain anything to
us. We got there and at 10 minutes to two, the Deputy Clerk just stood up and announced that the
sitting has been postponed.”
The Chief Whip continued, “We haven’t seen the Speaker or the Clerk. No one spoke to me or the GFSCA honours
Leader of the Opposition as to any reason for the postponement.” stalwarts Mark Bobb and
“In addition to that, the way in which the postponement was done is totally not allowed. I remember
 Nov 17, 2018
when Mr. Granger was Leader of the Opposition, they protested when we tried to postpone the
sitting, and demanded that the way to do it was that you have to come to the sitting and ask for
postponement and get the approval of the House… and we were forced to do this in the last Mae’s Secondary take
Parliament on more than one occasion.” lead at NSC Windball
Teixeira lamented that that procedure was not followed this time. She said, in this case, “the Deputy  Nov 17, 2018
Clerk just stands up, not even in a formal way, it is not on record.”
The Chief Whip said that they heard that another sitting is to be convened on Monday but nothing
formal was relayed “we do not know for sure.”
“The next sitting was set for November 26, Budget day. I assume we have to have a sitting before
that, because we have to deal with the constitutional bodies, which was supposed to be done today.”
“At the last sitting, we had a discussion on the constitutional bodies and how they were to be treated.
It was very controversial.” President Trump is right about
Teixeira said that the Speaker, Dr. Barton Scotland, had agreed to a sitting before yesterday for the
consideration of the Constitutional Bodies.
mainstream American media
“He invited us to a meeting at one o’clock yesterday. We went, there were no government people, we
The biased American media has been enjoying the
waited and then they put it to this (yesterday) morning.”
embrace of a substantial part of their country’s
She continued, “Our people went back to the meeting, no government person came. Mr. Greenidge

https://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2018/11/17/govt-postpones-house-sitting-at-last-minute-without-informing-opposition/ 1/3
11/17/2018 Govt. postpones House sitting at last minute without informing Opposition – Kaieteur News
turned up and then he realized that maybe he was in the wrong place and turned back, and then the population, because a... more
Speaker not to accommodate the meeting despite the fact that there was a quorum. There
were three members of the opposition and it takes three to do a quorum, but he refused to go ahead
Govt. postpones House
with the meeting because the government was not present.”
Teixeira said that the Speaker does not have any right to cancel the Business Committee just sitting at last minute without
because the government was not there.
informing Opposition
She said, “The rules are clear, a quorum is three for any committee meeting. We understand that he
would like to have the government there, but the rules are clear.” PPP/C’s MP’s were seated, but no
government parliamentarians showed
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https://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2018/11/17/govt-postpones-house-sitting-at-last-minute-without-informing-opposition/ 2/3
11/17/2018 Govt. postpones House sitting at last minute without informing Opposition – Kaieteur News

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