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11/17/2018 Casino robbery trial… One walks free, two to lead defence – Kaieteur News

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LATEST ver confesses, leads cops to spot Casino robbery trial… One walks free, two to lead defence Crash-landed Fly Jamaic


Casino robbery trial… One walks free, two to lead

 Nov 17, 2018  News 1 Comment

Two of the three men charged with a

multimillion-dollar robbery at the Princess
Casino on April 29, 2016, were yesterday told
Farfan & Mendes Junior Skill Level
by a City Magistrate that sufficient evidence
was led against them and they will be called
Squash Tournament…....
 Nov 17, 2018
upon to lead their defence in the matter.
The Farfan & Mendes Junior Skill Level Squash
Wayne Griffith, 29, of Bagotville, West Bank
Tournament continued on Thursday night at the
Demerara and Andre Blackman, 35, of Middle
Georgetown Club with matches in eight of the nine
Street, McDoom, East Bank Demerara were
categories being contested. In Category A
informed by Principal Magistrate Judy From left: Andre Blackman, Junior Stuart (freed)
Latchman that they will have to lead defence and Wayne Griffith
in the matter on November 19. She is also Read More
expected to rule in the matter the same day.
However the number three defendant, Junior Stuart, 30, of Thomas Street, Kitty, Georgetown, First Massy Technologies
walked out the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts a free man after the Magistrate ruled that insufficient Microsoft Invitational...
evidence was led against him by the Prosecution team.  Nov 17, 2018
The men are accused of robbing Daniel Roberts and Alfea Gajadhar of $8,951,000 – property of the
Princess Casino.
Magistrate Latchman in her ruling yesterday told the court that she found no evidence against Stuart
for him to lead a defence in the matter; hence he was free to leave. GABA Leagues…
Pacesetters earn double
However she ruled that sufficient evidence was lead by the Prosecution team in relation to Griffith
and Blackman, and she found that a prima facie case was established against the two.  Nov 17, 2018
This ruling by the Magistrate comes days after Police Prosecutor Shellon Daniels made final
submissions, stating that she was of the opinion that a prima facie case had been made out against
all three men for the offence. GFSCA softball
The Prosecution throughout the trial had called a total of 56 witnesses to testify on behalf of the continues tomorrow
state.  Nov 17, 2018
According to police, four men arrived at the Ramada Princess Hotel in a white motorcar bearing a
fake number plate.
They were armed with guns and entered the Princess Casino, discharging several rounds in the
process. GFSCA honours
They relieved a security guard of his shotgun and ordered patrons and staffers to lie on the ground. It stalwarts Mark Bobb and
was reported that the gunmen held a cashier at gunpoint and made off with local and foreign
 Nov 17, 2018
Three of the bandits reportedly escaped on foot, while police were able to apprehend one of them
who was reportedly trapped in the Casino. One of the men was reportedly arrested in a house a few Mae’s Secondary take
days after the robbery with a large quantity of wet money and other valuables. lead at NSC Windball
Another defendant, who was a former security guard at the Casino, allegedly provided the gunmen  Nov 17, 2018
with vital information about the gambling spot’s operations.
During the ordeal, Police Lance Corporal Andrew Richardson and four hotel staffers sustained
gunshot wounds.


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https://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2018/11/17/casino-robbery-trial-one-walks-free-two-to-lead-defence/ 1/3
11/17/2018 Casino robbery trial… One walks free, two to lead defence – Kaieteur News
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11/17/2018 Casino robbery trial… One walks free, two to lead defence – Kaieteur News
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Cotton_Candy • 21 hours ago

Bridge Watch
I cannot believe that they set of of these criminals free and all evidence they have
against them and still saying that they did not have enough. My sister-in-law niece
works there and she was duty when this crime occurred. Demerara Harbour Bridge
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