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Volleyball Rubric

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In volleyball, you must demonstrate these 5 sections to pass the course:

 If all of the boxes are complete, then you pass with a rating scale of a 5.
 If the students are missing 1 box, then it will be marked as a 4.
 If the student is missing 2 boxes, then they will have a rating score of 3.
 If the students are missing 3 boxes, then they will get a rating score of a 2.
 If the student misses 4 boxes then they will get a rating scale of a 1.
The only exception is hitting:
 If both boxes are checked, then the student will get a rating score of 5.
 If the student will miss one box for hitting, then they will get a rating score of 3.
 If the student missed both boxes for hitting, then you get a rating score of 1.
Getting a 3 or higher for each section is passing.
Rating Scale 5 is the
Check off if action was done
• Wrapped fist or cupped palm
• Ball hits chunky part of arm
Passing 1 2 3 4 5 • Athletic stance
• Lock elbows
• Eye on ball
• Face the target
• Athletic stands
• Look at ball through the opening of hands
Setting 1 2 3 4 5
• Bend elbows and knees
• Bath hand contact ball at same time
• Finger pads
• Underhand serve:
• Toss up with one hand and bring the other hand forward to make contact
• Make contact with the heel of your hand
• Never take your eyes off the ball
Serving 1 2 3 4 5 • Overhand serve:
• Toss the ball over your head
• Arch back slightly
• Bend arms at the elbow
• Dominate arm comes behind your head and is brought forward to strike the ball
• Stay close to net
• Leap up
• Stand with your hands and fingers fully extend above the shoulders
Blocking 1 2 3 4 5
• Focus on the hitter in front of you
• Knees must be bent before takeoff
• Arms and hands fully extended

• Spike is used to either put the ball down in portion of the court
Hitting 1 3 5
• Spike is hit hard so they are unable to deal with it effectively

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