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11/19/2018 Buggery and thuggery: philistinism in Guyana continues – Kaieteur News

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NEWS 19th, 2018 12:56

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Buggery and thuggery: philistinism in Guyana

 Nov 19, 2018  Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon 0 Comments

You may feel inclined to accuse me of fictionalization in the next few lines. But the description is
factual. I would never spew a fiction and name my wife as an eyewitness. She doesn’t deserve that
from me.
Terrence Ali Nat Open Boxing
On Friday evening in our study, my wife was sitting in the Berbice chair looking at the local news.
I came into the study to go to the computer. Volda Lawrence was speaking at a press conference. I
C/Ships… Defending Champs GDF
honestly didn’t take any interest but I do know that there was vociferous applause after she made a make...
 Nov 18, 2018
point. I turned to my wife and told her that it was indeed strange for journalists to cheer at a press
By Sean Devers The Guyana Defence Force (GDF)
conference. That was all I said as I moved on.
has won the last 17 National Boxing Tournaments
I never knew that in fact the cheering at the press briefing came from APNU+AFC supporters who
since the inaugural one was held in 1966 at the
were there sitting next to the journalists. It was when I saw the Kaieteur News the next day then I
Police Training School, but on Friday Night the
knew what happened.
I immediately reminded my wife of my remark. So it was not journalists cheering on Lawrence but
hooligans, thugs and philistines who were brought to the press conference.
Read More
This is an incredibly backward land that time and civilization forgot to offer a seat on the bus heading
in the direction to civilization. President Jagdeo’s chief press liaison was caught on tape coercing an Smalta girls’ peewee
underage boy to have sex with him. When he did that, he was on the Rights of the Child football 2018… South...
Commission. The Minister did not remove him. No one from the Commission resigned.  Nov 18, 2018
But more importantly, the liaison officer was not removed from his job and continued to serve another
PPP President, Donald Ramotar after Jagdeo demitted office. The same high-level presidential press
officer beat up Mark Benschop the next year. and in what could only happen in a wasted county,
Benschop was charged for assaulting the man who assaulted him. Turbo Football tourney…
No other regime in the history of the West Indies has so institutionalized philistine behaviour in Northern Rangers...
 Nov 18, 2018
government as the presidencies of Jagdeo and Ramotar. Both presidents in their capacity as
president were seen ‘back-balling’ publicly during the Christmas season in different years. Jagdeo,
during the 2011 election campaign of Donald Ramotar in Lusignan openly ‘backballed’ with a
journalist from the Guyana Chronicle.
EBFA/Ralph Green U-11
In 2010, I was delivering an academic paper at a conference sponsored by the Historical and underway… Grove Hi...
Research Society, the place was the National Library. About seven persons barged in and disrupted  Nov 18, 2018
my talk. In the group were Charles Ramson Junior and Dr. Randy Persaud.
Amazingly, Persaud is a university lecturer in the US. Amazingly too, Charles Ramson says he wants
to run for the Guyana presidency.
The post 1999 PPP culture has been taken over by philistinism. Priya Manickchand’s conduct was Farfan and Mendes
unbecoming at the 2014 Fourth of July celebration at the home of US Ambassador. It was Junior Skill Level
unbelievable to know that at the time of her sordid performance, she was the Minister of Education.
 Nov 18, 2018
Her deputy boss, Dr. Roger Luncheon, justified her behaviour when at his weekly press conference
lauded Manickchand and fondly and smilingly referred to her uncouth emanations as a feral blast.
PPP parliamentarians disrupted an official session of Parliament when they assaulted the policemen
Boxing Day horserace
that were called in by the Speaker to remove an indisciplined Juan Edghill. Manickchand cried before meet set for KMTC
the cameras that police ranks assaulted her when no scientific evidence existed to prove her claim.  Nov 18, 2018
And both male and female PPP parliamentarians ran amok shouting that some of them were raped
by the policeman. Again, no evidence existed.
The institutionalized philistinism of the PPP is being practised by the ministers and leaders of the
PNC (not APNU) and the AFC. Ministers Lawrence, Harmon, Greenidge and Ally from the PNC and
Ministers Patterson and Ramjattan and the Prime Minister from AFC watched the depraved thuggery Features/Columnists
of their supporters in a brand new dimension of debauched governance – the violent semantic
attacks on journalists invited to cover a press conference hosted by the ruling party. Buggery and thuggery: philistinism in
The violent semantics including the following; “Stop asking bullshit question!”, “Wuh stupid question
is dat?” Guyana continues
One thug looked straight at the seven ministers and asked them, “You waan me deal with dese
reporters?” Here is the most sickening irony of this vulgarity. On the same day, Moses Nagamootoo

https://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2018/11/19/buggery-and-thuggery-philistinism-in-guyana-continues/ 1/3
11/19/2018 Buggery and thuggery: philistinism in Guyana continues – Kaieteur News
watched his supporters intimidate journalists, his sister was interviewed by the Stabroek News and You may feel inclined to accuse me of
sheaccused PPP supporters in Whim of thuggery during the LGE campaign. In fact, the three AFC fictionalization in the next few lines.  FOLLO
Cabinet members at the head table all complained of bullying tactics by PPP campaigners in Whim. But the description is factual. I would
Fortunately, no thug at the press conference told any journalist; “Haul yuh ass!” never... more

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https://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2018/11/19/buggery-and-thuggery-philistinism-in-guyana-continues/ 2/3
11/19/2018 Buggery and thuggery: philistinism in Guyana continues – Kaieteur News

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