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Film Review Rubric

CRITERIA Exemplary – 5 pts. Satisfactory – 4 pts. Needs Improvement- 2 pts.
Fabulous opening sentence that Adequate opening sentence Poor opening sentence- the
Lead attracts reader interest and that gives the reader some reader is left wondering how you
establishes the tone of the review. indication of your opinion. feel about the film.
Mentions key performers and roles Mentions key performers or Fails to mention significant actors
they play. their roles. or characters by name.
Provides a succinct plot synopsis Provides an overly detailed plot Provides so much information
without divulging too much about synopsis or a synopsis that about the plot that the film is
Plot Summary the film. does not quite give the reader ruined for the viewer, or gives
enough information almost no information about the
Provides relevant Provides some examples of Includes no examples of action or
Uses examples from the examples/illustrations from the film action/dialogue from the film dialogue from the film.
film. to back-up the reviewer’s opinion that supports the opinion.
about the film’s effectiveness.
Makes a provable case for the film’s Voices an opinion but does not Has virtually no opinion about the
merit and analyzes what worked explain in depth why things in film or has an opinion that is not
The opinion
and did not work in the film. the film worked or didn’t. backed up by any examples from
the film.
Makes virtually no Makes 2-3 Multiple writing errors.
Spelling/grammar spelling/grammar/punctuation spelling/grammar/punctuation
errors. errors.
Chooses interesting appropriate Uses appropriate word choice Inappropriate word choices,
Inspired word choice/
words and well-constructed but may have a few poorly poorly constructed sentences or
writing fluency
sentences and paragraphs. constructed sentences paragraphs.

Point total ________ / 35 + __________/15 (presentation- on time and typed)= ______/50

Case study assignment
Beginning Developing Accomplished Exemplary
2 pts 4 pts 6 pts 8 pts
Nursing Student's responses Student's responses Student's Student's responses
assessment demonstrate minimal demonstrate responses demonstrate understanding
20 % Provides understanding of the understanding of some of demonstrate of components of nursing
accurate nursing components of nursing the components of understanding of assessment for selected
assessment assessment for selected nursing assessment for most of the patient.
information patient. selected patient. components of
assessment for
selected patient.
Clinical Student's responses Student's responses Student's Student's responses
understanding demonstrate minimal or demonstrate only partial responses demonstrate thorough
20 % Demonstrates incorrect understanding of understanding of patient's demonstrate understanding of patient's
understanding of patient's diagnosis and diagnoses and potential adequate diagnosis and potential
diagnosis, potential complications. complications. understanding of complications.
treatment and patient's diagnosis
potential and potential
complications complications.
Plan of care Plan of care is incomplete, Plan of care is Student outlines Student outlines a complete
20 % Outlines with most componets incomplete, with several an effective care and effective plan of care
effective plan of missing or not relative to the components that are plan for selected for selected patient
care selected patient's condition. missing or not relative to patient, with one or
the selected patient's two missing
condition. components
Professional Student's responses Student's responses Student's Student's responses
roles demonstrate minimal or demonstrate only partial responses demonstrate thorough
20 incorrect understanding of understanding of the role demonstrate understanding of the role of
% Demonstrates the role of nurses and other of nurses and other adequate nurses and other
understanding of professionals in the care of professionals in the care understanding of professionals in the care of
roles of professional selected patient. of selected patient. the role of nurses selected patient.
team members and other
professionals in
the care of
selected patient.
Assignment Student follows very few Student does not follow Student follows Student follows all
instructions assignment instructions. all assignment most assignment asisgnment instructions
10 % Follows all Many questions related to instructions. Several instructions completely, including
instructions in the selected patient are unanswered questions completely. May comprehensive responses
assignment unanswered or have related to selected have one or two to all questions related to
minimal responses. patient. Answers are unanswered selected patient.
incomplete or do not questions or
answer question incomplete
sufficiently. answers related to
selected patient.

Grammar, Student's responses contain Student's responses Student's Student's responses

punctuation, and many grammatical, contain several responses demonstrate consistent
spelling punctuation, or spellling grammatical, spelling and demonstrate correct use of the rules of
10 % Conforms to errors. punctuation errors. correct consistent grammar usage,
rules of grammar, use of the rules of punctuation, and spelling.
punctuation, and grammar,
spelling punctuation, and
spelling, with a few
minor errors.