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Legalizing Marijuana
Quality Legal
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L ast week, voters in Grenada

and Antigua and Barbuda
also went to the polls and stunned
governments in their homelands ash@ppid.com • www.ppid.com
and across the country with a de- www.thecasehandler.com
feat of a referendum to make the
Caribbean Court of Justice the
highest court of appeal, choosing
instead to remain with the British
Privy Council.
Meanwhile, on Tuesday in
Michigan, voters approved a bal-
lot measure to legalize recre-
ational use of marijuana while in
Missouri and Utah, voters there
approved medical marijuana le-
galization. THINKING OF
Which begs the question that
if a referendum on legalizing
marijuana for medical use is held NEW BEGINNING
tomorrow, would it pass not only BEAUTY SALON
in Grenada but other Caribbean 501 South 8th Ave, Mt. Vernon
nations still lagging on changing 718-678-8118
the laws? bxtopstylist@gmail.com
So far in the Caribbean, Ja-
maica and Puerto, have both le-
galized medical marijuana.
Jamaica has created a new licens-
ing system governed by the
Cannabis Licensing Authority to
allow farmers to legally grow
cannabis for medical, scientific or
therapeutic purposes.
Marijuana or Ganja plants
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MTA to hike
Richard Thomas Go to
fare by March
writes about pages 8-9
Memorial Field! Page 5

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Queens businesses received nearly $162
million in federal small business loans
EDITORIAL this year
Nearly 400 businesses in the “World’s

Give thanks with a grateful heart Borough” raked in tens of millions of

dollars in federally-guaranteed small
business loans, the New York District Of-
fice of the U.S. Small Business Adminis-
A mericans celebrate November 22 as
Thanksgiving day. People are getting
their homes together for the festivities of
is, If we did not get the chance to give
thanks on Thanksgiving day, not to worry,
because we do get another chance to do so
tration (SBA) announced on Nov. 14.
The U.S. SBA closed out this fiscal year
the season. on Christmas day. by guaranteeing 3,043 loans worth
However, this is the event that Ameri- Of course, we should be grateful all the $964,681,900 to small businesses
cans commonly call the "First Thanksgiv- time and all year round but to be honest, throughout the five boroughs, Long Is-
ing" as celebrated by the pilgrims after their many of us are too busy even to whisper land and the Lower Hudson Valley. Ap-
first harvest in the New World in October thanks unless we are put into a position to proximately $161,956,200 loans were
1621. do so. issued to 399 businesses; the amount rep-
The celebration, of the traditional Eng- How many times some-one have done resents 29.6% of the $546.5 million in
lish harvest festival which lasting three something nice to us, it could be a parent, federal loans borrowed by New York
days unite the Pilgrims and natives. friend or a stranger and we forget to say City businesses during the fiscal year.
However, today, for many of us, thanks. I know with living in busy New SBA New York District Director Beth
Thanksgiving is a season of feasting, hang- York City, if we should even consider to Goldberg will focus on increasing the
ing out with family and friends and a week- stop and say thanks to someone we might number of SBA lenders in rural areas and
end of watching football. Inherently, miss the train, so we leave without doing so historically underutilized business zones
nothing is wrong with spending Thanksgiv- By Solemn_Vow hoping that the person would understand. and it will educate the public on its 504-
ing Day in that way; nevertheless, I would Therefore, Thank goodness for holidays loan. It’s a program that allows small
editor@streethype.net business owners to purchase their own
reintegrate that the Thanksgiving season is that forces us to stop and celebrate those
more just that. One answer that stood out to me is that around us and what we have. property for as little as 10 percent down,
I took the time to interview a few peo- Christmas and Thanksgiving are more like Giving thanks is such a powerful tool according to the SBA.
ple to hear what their definition of thanks- the same regarding feasting and spending that we do not often use. The pilgrims knew The 2018 fiscal year ended officially on
giving is and what makes it different from quality time with family and friends but it, and that is why they offered their gifts Sept. 30. Through that period, according
the Christmas season. The most common what both seasons offer us is the opportu- and praises on this day. The art of gratitude to Goldberg, SBA guaranteed $146.8
response I received was that Thanksgiving nity to be appreciative more than once. allows us to pay attention to what we have million 504 loans to small businesses in
day seems to be more centered on family Isn’t that interesting? What if the and appreciation will enable us to receive the New York District. Instead of renting
time and food while Christmas is more of a Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons give more. This Thanksgiving let us cultivate an their property, entrepreneurs will have
religious holiday. us the opportunity to give thanks more than attitude of gratitude for all that is given to equity in the real estate of their busi-
once for what we have? What this is saying us. nesses.
“We are really focused on delivering our
The opinions expressed in this newspaper, except for the above, do not necessarily reflect the views of Street Hype Newspaper and its publishers. Please send
your comments and or suggestions to editor@streethypenewspaper.com. Responses should be no longer than 400 words. Not all articles will be published.
loan guarantees to Historically Underuti-
lized Business Zones (HUBZones) in the
coming Fiscal Year,” Goldberg said. “In-
People Are Talking...! creasing the number of SBA lenders in
these areas and getting more lenders con-
nected to SBA’s Lender Match tool will

Stop interfere with my efforts facilitate these connections for both the
small business owner and the small busi-
ness lender.”

to clean up Memorial Field! The goal of the initiative is to ensure that

small businesses remain viable in New
York City and the surrounding area, ac-
cording to the New York District U.S.
By Richard Thomas
SBA spokesman Bailey Wolff.
Mount Vernon Vernon
“Small businesses throughout New York
In aletter to the Editor City, Long Island and the Lower Hudson
Valley leveraged almost $1 billion in cap-

R eflecting on the Memorial Field situa-

tion, it’s now clear that the Westchester
Courts served as a #TrojanHorse for politi-
ital that they would not have been able to
access without SBA’s loan guarantee pro-

cal interests. I am concerned as to whether

myself or the people of Mount Vernon can
get fair treatment in this forum.
When I was a Councilman, I attempted
to stop the illegal dumping at our beloved
park. The Westchester Court decided that I
could not stay it. KADIA-LOY KNIGHT
Now, as Mayor, I have aggressively Editor
moved to comply with the DEC order to
clean up Ernie’s mess. In response, the Consulting Editors:
Westchester Court allowed a restraining GLORIA BENT; PAULETTE GRANT;
order brought by the Council to halt all
Mayor Richard Thomas at Memorial Field ANTHONY TURNER;
work. Why the double standard? It’s wrong.
The Court should dismiss this political case passed the necessary legislation. And those the case on the law. Under the City Charter,
and let me get the job done. that obstructed are still obstructing, wasting the Mayor is the only executive. Not the
Business office:
While former Comptroller Maureen time and tax dollars. City Council, not the Comptroller, and not
Street Hype Newspaper
Walker allowed millions to be spent on #TimesUp! #FixIt! #Now! the Court. 329 Miller Place,
nothing, I have not been allowed to pay The Westchester Court is now ordering The City Council needs the fund to Mount Vernon, NY 10550
$13,000 on environmental compliance re- the City to comply with the DEC, pay the cover expenses, and the Comptroller needs
• Tel: 914-663-4972-3
ports to start fixing the mess. bills, and move forward on Memorial to process the checks. Not to interfere with • Fax: 914-663-4972
After Westchester County went to Me- Field—something I have been attempting my efforts to clean up Memorial Field. The
morial Field and remeasured the field, they to do since my first day in office. That’s Court should state those simple rules, and editor@streethypenewspaper.com
agreed with my vision that the 8 lanes run- good. dismiss this political case. We can then
ning track were the way to go. Good! Let’s However, the Court needs to steer clear move forward with the apparent plan to re-
Published by:
go. But two months later they still haven’t of politics, not exceed its power, and decide turn Memorial Field to the people.

Immigrants held for
months without a hearing
T he federal government has been holding
immigrant detainees in the New York area
for months without a court hearing, a lawsuit
immigrant to have a hearing at Varick Street
was 11 days. By July 2018, it was 80 days. This
is a stark difference to criminal court, where
filed on Thursday alleges. federal law says that inmates must receive a
Almost 75 percent of detained immigrants hearing before a judge within 48 hours of their
whose cases were heard at the Varick Street im- arrest.
migration court have had to wait over two The median wait time incrementally rose
months before their first appearance, according between 2014 and March 2018, when it spiked
to Justice Department data that was analyzed from 44 days to 80 days in July. The plaintiffs
by the New York Civil Liberties Union, one of in the suit say the problem stems from a grow-
the groups that filed the suit. About 33 percent ing number of ICE detentions, fewer releases
of the detainees were detained for over three by ICE prior to the first court date, and inade-
months before they get to see a judge. quate court resources. Enforcement in the city
“Waiting in detention will cost people has gone up dramatically since Trump’s elec-
their jobs. It will cost people their housing,” tion. Arrests in the New York area spiked in fis- GATE OF EDGEHILL PROJECT:
said Paige Austin, a staff attorney at the cal year 2017 to 2,579 from 1,037 in 2016 and Deputy Consul General at the Jamaican Consulate General-New York office, Lisa
NYCLU who focuses on immigration issues. the backlog in immigration court in New York Bryan Smart (3rd l) poses with entrepreneur Marlon Grant (1st l) and Shawn Keeper,
“There’s simply no reason to let cases run for City has reached over 100,000 cases, according CEO, Dunsire Development and project manager of The Gate of Edgehill project, St
months and months before a person sees a to the Transactional Records Access Clearing-
Mary, Jamaica WI during a marketing session held on Wednesday in Queens. Over 80
judge.” house (TRAC) at Syracuse University. TRAC
members of the Jamaican diaspora community were updated on the 250-housing unit
Following an arrest by Immigration and recently reported that the national backlog has
project being constructed in the island.
Customs Enforcement, immigrants in New surpassed 1 million cases.
York are shuttled to county jails and detention The legal teams that filed the case – Car-
centers in New Jersey counties like Hudson and
Bergen or counties in upstate New York like
dozo Law Immigration Justice Clinic, NYCLU,
and The Bronx Defenders – argue that this wait
City seeks to Save Small Businesses
s skyrocketing rents show no sign of “Our intention is to establish fair and due
Orange or Genesee. There, they wait for a hear-
ing with a judge to see if they will remain in
time violates due process, the detainee’s 4th
amendment rights, and the Administrative Pro- A slowing, members of the New York City
Council have introduced a bill aimed protect-
processes in the negotiation of rental agree-
ments in order to end the crisis that is caus-
detention or get granted bond. cedure Act.
The lawyers allege that these wait-times “People arrested by ICE and detained in ing small businesses from those ever-inflating ing small business, many of them
have ballooned under the Trump administra- criminal jails in New York and New Jersey are costs. immigrant-owned, to close their doors,” said
tion. They analyzed data from the Executive detained for months, simply waiting for a first The Small Business Jobs Survival Act Council member Ydanis Rodríguez, who an-
Office of Immigration Review (EOIR), an of- hearing before a judge who can determine would scrap month-to-month leases for 10- nounced the bill.
fice of the Justice Department that oversees the whether or not they should even be locked up,” year-long agreements, as well as implement Jessica Walker, president of the Man-
country’s immigration courts. They found that said Jessica Kulig from the Kathryn O. Green- other specific guidelines to keep rents stable. hattan Chamber of Commerce opposed the
in 2014, the median wait time for a detained berg Immigration Justice Clinic. More than 50 percent of all small business in legislation, saying that it could have “unin-
New York City are owned by immigrants. tended consequences.”

Natural &Organic
& Caribbean
Meals, Grocery
Juice Bar & Catering

Open Monday - Saturday

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
3565C Boston Road
Bronx, N.Y. 10469
Fax 718-653-5499

Caribbean pushes for MTA to hike
legalizing marijuana T
fare by March
he base fare of a bus or subway ride
could go up to $3 next March, as com-
crease the bonus for riders putting $6 or
more on a MetroCard.
Continued from page 1 found that 61 percent of the population muters get set to pay more for public trans- Under both proposals, the 7-day un-
In Puerto Rico, the number of patients want to remove prohibition while in St. portation for the sixth time in a decade. limited MetroCard would go up $1 to $33.
registered as medical marijuana patients Vincent and the Grenadines support for par- The MTA on Thursday unveiled a pair The proposed increases come as the
has surpassed 20,000. tial legalization was at 35 percent even as of proposals for its next set of fare and toll MTA struggles with declining ridership
In the Cayman Islands, cannabis oil legislation is pending in the country’s par- increases, which have been coming in an and projected tax revenues.
can be imported and sold for medicinal pur- liament to consider legalizing medical mar- every-other-year pattern since 2009. "Without additional recurring rev-
poses while in Belize and Antigua and Bar- ijuana. One proposal would keep the fare at enues in the near term, our options will be
buda, marijuana has been decriminalized So far, 33 US states have legalized $2.75 while raising the price of the 30-day either service reductions, reductions in
for use in small amounts of marijuana of up marijuana to some degree, and recreational unlimited MetroCards to $127, and elimi- force, and/or additional fare and toll in-
to 10 grams of marijuana as long as it’s pot use is now legal in 10 states, along with nating the bonus riders get when they put creases,” said MTA Chief Financial Offi-
used on their own premises or somebody Washington, D.C. while Canada has legal- $5.50 or more on their card. cer Robert Foran.
else’s private premises, once the owner ized the drug for medicinal and recreational A second proposal would increase the The MTA board will vote on which
gives permission. use. fare to $3, and raise the price of 30-day un- plan it favors in January, with the increases
Meanwhile, according to the CARI- This as expert predicts predict the mar- limited MetroCards to $126.25, and in- set to take effect in March.
COM Marijuana Commission report, sur- ket could be one day worth $500 billion.
veys done in five CARICOM countries by Perhaps it is time to give Caribbean
the Caribbean Development Research people a voice by referendum, much like Bronx Grand Jury Indicts Man
Services Inc. (CADRES), revealed consid- US states have done, to determine on
erable shifting in public attitudes toward whether they want to legalize weed for me- Who Dumped Body of Reality Star
some form of legal reform and away from dicinal purposes or not in each island where
Bronx Grand Jury indicts the the Major Deegan Expressway on Au-
In Barbados, it was found that over 63
percent were in favor of reform while 57
the rules still lag behind Jamaica and Puerto
Such a move would not only boost the
A man accused of helping dump the
body of a former reality star.
gust 14th.
Police say she overdosed on a mix
percent of Dominicans wanted to see the economies in varied sectors, such as Alexis Mejia-Ramirez pleads not of cocaine, alcohol and heroin earlier
law changed to remove sanctions. In An- tourism, but also help these nations rise guilty Friday to two charges: conceal- that night.
tigua and Barbuda, a poll conducted in Au- above the heavy debt burden most are cur- ment of a human corpse and tamper- McHenry was a Stanford Univer-
gust 2016, showed that 62 of residents rently saddled with. ing with physical evidence. sity graduate. She also produced and
supported legalization while in Saint Lucia, He is accused of leaving the body appeared on the E! reality show
51 were found in favor of reform. In of Lyric McHenry on a sidewalk near "EJNYC."
Grenada in January 2018, the pollsters

New York’s
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Caribbean Voice!
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What to do if you're stopped by Police
Your Rights Don't discuss your immigration status

Y ou have the right to remain silent. If you

wish to exercise that right, say so out
loud. You have the right to refuse to consent
with anyone but your lawyer.
While you are in jail, an immigration
agent may visit you. Do not answer questions
to a search of yourself, your car or your home. or sign anything before talking to a lawyer.
If you are not under arrest, you have the right Read all papers fully. If you do not un-
to calmly leave. derstand or cannot read the papers, tell the of-
You have the right to a lawyer if you are ficer you need an interpreter.
arrested. Ask for one immediately.
Regardless of your immigration or citi- If You Are Taken into Immigration
zenship status, you have constitutional rights. (or "ICE") Custody
You have the right to a lawyer, but the govern-
If You Are Stopped for Questioning ment does not have to provide one for you. If
Stay calm. Don't run. Don't argue, resist or ob- you do not have a lawyer, ask for a list of free
struct the police, even if you are innocent or or low-cost legal services.
police are violating your rights. Keep your You have the right to contact your con-
hands where police can see them. sulate or have an officer inform the consulate
Ask if you are free to leave. If the officer of your arrest.
says yes, calmly and silently walk away. If Tell the ICE agent you wish to remain
you are under arrest, you have a right to know silent. Do not discuss your immigration status
items listed. An arrest warrant allows police
why. with anyone but your lawyer.
If You Are Questioned about to enter the home of the person listed on the
You have the right to remain silent and Do not sign anything, such as a voluntary
Your Immigration Status warrant if they believe the person is inside. A
cannot be punished for refusing to answer departure or stipulated removal, without talk-
You have the right to remain silent and do not warrant of removal/deportation (ICE warrant)
questions. If you wish to remain silent, tell the ing to a lawyer. If you sign, you may be giving
have to discuss your immigration or citizen- does not allow officers to enter a home with-
officer out loud. In some states, you must give up your opportunity to try to stay in the U.S.
ship status with police, immigration agents or out consent.
your name if asked to identify yourself. Remember your immigration number
any other officials. You do not have to answer Even if officers have a warrant, you have
You do not have to consent to a search of ("A" number) and give it to your family. It will
questions about where you were born, whether the right to remain silent. If you choose to
yourself or your belongings, but police may help family members locate you.
you are a U.S. citizen, or how you entered the speak to the officers, step outside and close the
"pat down" your clothing if they suspect a Keep a copy of your immigration docu-
country. (Separate rules apply at international door.
weapon. You should not physically resist, but ments with someone you trust.
borders and airports, and for individuals on
you have the right to refuse consent for any
certain nonimmigrant visas, including tourists If You Are Arrested
further search. If you do consent, it can affect If You Feel Your Rights
and business travelers.) Do not resist arrest, even if you believe the ar-
you later in court. Have Been Violated
If you are not a U.S. citizen and an im- rest is unfair.
Remember: police misconduct cannot be
migration agent requests your immigration pa- Say you wish to remain silent and ask for
If You Are Stopped in Your Car challenged on the street. Don't physically re-
pers, you must show them if you have them a lawyer immediately. Don't give any expla-
Stop the car in a safe place as quickly as pos- sist officers or threaten to file a complaint.
with you. If you are over 18, carry your immi- nations or excuses. If you can't pay for a
sible. Turn off the car, turn on the internal Write down everything you remember,
gration documents with you at all times. If you lawyer, you have the right to a free one. Don't
light, open the window part way and place including officers' badge and patrol car num-
do not have immigration papers, say you want say anything, sign anything or make any de-
your hands on the wheel. bers, which agency the officers were from,
to remain silent. cisions without a lawyer.
Upon request, show police your driver's and any other details. Get contact information
You have the right to make a local phone
license, registration and proof of insurance. for witnesses. If you are injured, take photo-
Do not lie about your citizenship call. The police cannot listen if you call a
If an officer or immigration agent asks to graphs of your injuries (but seek medical at-
status or provide fake documents. lawyer.
look inside your car, you can refuse to consent tention first).
If the Police or Immigration Agents come to Prepare yourself and your family in case
to the search. But if police believe your car File a written complaint with the agency's
Your Home you are arrested. Memorize the phone num-
contains evidence of a crime, your car can be internal affairs division or civilian complaint
If the police or immigration agents come bers of your family and your lawyer. Make
searched without your consent. board. In most cases, you can file a complaint
to your home, you do not have to let them in emergency plans if you have children or take
Both drivers and passengers have the anonymously if you wish.
unless they have certain kinds of warrants. medication.
right to remain silent. If you are a passenger, Call your local ACLU or visit
Ask the officer to slip the warrant under
you can ask if you are free to leave. If the of- www.aclu.org/profiling.
the door or hold it up to the window so you Special considerations for non-citizens:
ficer says yes, sit silently or calmly leave.
can inspect it. A search warrant allows police Ask your lawyer about the effect of a
Even if the officer says no, you have the right
to enter the address listed on the warrant, but criminal conviction or plea on your immigra-
to remain silent.
officers can only search the areas and for the tion status.

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• 203-751-9070 • 646-761-2770 Jamaica, NY 11432
streethypenewspaper.com 516-837-3758 • 347-346-0749 718-206-2411

Jimmy Cliff nominated for
Songwriters Hall of Fame
R eggae icon Jimmy Cliff has
been nominated for the 2019
Songwriters Hall of Fame.
per, songwriter and producer who
has crafted songs for Beyoncé and
Whitney Houston.
Cliff is known for hit singles If selected for the prestigious
The Harder They Come, You Can prize, she would become the third
Get It If You Really Want, I Can rapper to enter the organisation fol- FLORIDA HOMES
See Clearly Now and many others. lowing recent inductees Jay-Z and & CONDO’S
He joins Missy Elliott who is Jermaine Dupri.
Call About Our Fly & Buy Program
the first female rapper to be nomi- One of R&B's greatest voices
• No Credit, Bad Credit, No Problem
nated. Mariah Carey has also been nomi-
Elliot is an award winning rap- nated. Jimmy Cliff Starting Price:

Tarrus Riley's ‘Guess Who’ Florida AAA Action Realty Inc.

a remake of Black Uhuru hit 516-775-8700

T arrus Riley is back with new music
Guess Who, featuring Mykal Rose of
the reggae group Black Uhuru.
1979 titled after the famous 1967 movie
with Sidney Pottier.
The re-imagined version by Tarrus
The single is produced by Sly Dunbar,
Robbie Shakespeare, Shane Brown and
Dean Fraser, and shows the link between Appleton
Black Uhuru originally released their Riley brings a fresh modern twist to the traditional conscious roots music with a
hit, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, in classic song. bouncy dancehall riddim. Estate produces
reggae album
A ppleton Estate Jamaica Rum has pro-
duced its first reggae album called
The Heart of Jamaica.
The compilation spearheaded by
Mikey Bennett, features seasoned and ris-
ing talents on 13 tracks.
Glory To God singer Wayne Mar-
shall, joins Natel, Duane Stephenson,
Jesse Royal, Bugle, Freddie McGregor,
Chevaughn, Tessanne Chin, Jodi-Ann
Pantry, Chris Martin, Sevana, Dean Fraser
and Ikaya as some of the contributors on
the album.
The songs on the album cover major
holidays and other significant happenings
in Jamaica.
There is a birthday song with Ding
Dong, a song relevant to Valentine's Day,
a New Year's Eve song, songs to empower
Call us for advertising women and men, a graduation song, a
rum song, Mother's Day and a Father's
914-663-4973 Day song.

About Thanksgiving Day

T hanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated on various
dates in Canada, the United States, some of the Caribbean is-
lands, and Liberia. It began as a day of giving thanks for the bless-
ing of the harvest and of the preceding year. Similarly named
festival holidays occur in Germany and Japan. Thanksgiving is cel-
ebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the
fourth Thursday of November in the United States, and around the
same part of the year in other places. Although Thanksgiving has
historical roots in religious and cultural traditions, it has long been
celebrated as a secular holiday as well.

Bronx children get winter gears:

Following an evening of snowy weather, many people were caught off guard, particularly children coming
home from school without proper winter gear. NYC Council Member Andy King and Bronx restaurant owner
Paul Brown kicked off the season of “Sharing is Caring” by providing a hot lunch and distributing brand-new
winter coats to more than 50 children in the North Bronx community last Friday.

A holiday gathering guide for hosts

Remove from heat and slowly add vine- Heat oven to 350 F. Remove turkey from
gar. Return to heat and stir until combined. vacuum-sealed bag. Place turkey in bag pro-
Add cornstarch and water mixture; bring to vided; secure bag with twist tie. Place bag in
boil. Remove from heat. deep roasting pan. Using fork, puncture 6-8
Pour Gastrique mixture over Roasted holes in top of bag. For extra browning or
Grapes and reserve. crispness, slit top of bag for final 20-30 min-
To prepare turkey: Thaw completely in utes of roasting.
refrigerator 3-4 days or, keeping turkey in Roast turkey 2 hours, 45 minutes-3
vacuum-sealed packaging, place in sink full hours. Turkey is done when internal temper-
of cold water 5-7 hours, changing water ap- ature measured with kitchen thermometer
proximately every 30 minutes. reaches 165 F. Pour Roasted Grape Gastrique
over turkey and serve.

(Family Features) iday less stressful for hosts. From whipping Awesome Oranges!
G earing up for a crowd at your holiday
festivities can provide moments of ex-
citement, stress, fun and plenty of other emo-
up simple appetizers like dips to giving the
house a thorough cleaning, there’s plenty of
pressure that can be taken off your shoulders Petite Navel
tions as the big dinner draws near. This year, 24 hours in advance.
avoid any nagging feelings of doubt with this Find more holiday hosting tips and meal Tangerines

step-by-step guide to prepare for large gath- solutions at omahasteaks.com. Petite Red
Plan in advance. Even if you’re typi- Whole Basted Turkey with Navel
cally the last-minute type, the hectic holiday Roasted Grape Gastrique
season is no time to wait until a few days Roasted Grapes:
ahead of the celebration to throw meals and 4 cups assorted grapes (picked, washed and
more together. Instead, be sure to put together dried)
a guest list and send invites at least a few 1 tablespoon olive oil
Special limited
weeks out. Take inventory of supplies like sil- 3/4 teaspoon salt time offer!
verware, plates, serving dishes and any acces- 1/4 teaspoon pepper 4 favorite varieties
sories you’d like to feature at the table. Make 1 cinnamon stick delicious oranges
20 fresh from the Grove SAVE $18!
Reg. Price $37.99
an outline of the food each guest is bringing, nonstick cooking spray
or, if you’ll supply all the food, ensure there Gastrique:
will be plenty for everyone. 2 tablespoons water
Make a list. Planning only takes you so
far if you don’t write everything down. Once
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar WOW! Handpicked fresh from the grove!
4 unique varieties. 20 delicious oranges!
the menu is determined, list out what you’ll 1 tablespoon cornstarch mixed with 4 table-
need to make the magic happen. Don’t forget spoons water Handpicked and hand packed, our fresh, juicy oranges are delivered to your door fresh
off the tree! Twenty plump, delicious oranges in 4 favorite varieties.
to jot down easily overlooked items that can 1 Omaha Steaks Whole Basted Turkey
• 5 Navel Oranges Juicy, sweet and seedless, they’re everyone’s favorite!
be picked up the day of, such as ice. (10 pounds) • 5 Petite Red Navels Spicy sweet flavor with a bright red flesh.
Remember to thaw. One surefire way To make Roasted Grapes: • 5 Tangerines Rich Honey-Sweet flavor with easy-to-peel skin.
to make the big day a big disaster is to forget Heat oven to 350 F. • 5 Petite Navel Oranges Snack-sized sweet treat.
to thaw your main course. If you’re planning In bowl, combine grapes, olive oil, salt, pep-
to roast a turkey – perhaps the most common per and cinnamon stick. Call 1-888-989-1238 to order item 494X
centerpiece – remember it takes around a day Lightly spray baking sheet with nonstick
or Visit HaleGroves.com/N19376
Order Item #494X, mention Code H9VH-N170 for your $18 savings.
to thaw for every two pounds of meat. So, for cooking spray. Pour grape mixture onto bak- Only $19.99* (reg. $37.99), plus $5.99 shipping & handling. Satisfaction completely guaranteed. This gift ships in
example, it could take close to a week for a ing sheet. Bake 15 minutes. Remove from December at the peak of freshness. Order by Dec. 17, 2018 for GUARANTEED Christmas delivery.

14-pound turkey to fully thaw prior to cook- oven and pour into bowl.
ing. To make Gastrique: In small saucepan, Since 1947. Call now and
SAVE 47%!
Hale Groves, Vero Beach,
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Prep the day before. There are many combine water and sugar. Bring to boil over
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the day before guests arrive, making the hol- starts to brown.

What they said about Thanksgiving

Shanese ‘ Kay ‘ Powell, Transfor-
mational Coach- Thanksgiving to
me is when we spend time with our
family and where all we are required
to bring is our presence and maybe a
plate, to spend time with the ones we
don’t see every day.
Lendsy Lynn, Producer,
BronxNet Television Network-
Thanksgiving is another day for fam-
ily and friends to come together, and
it is also a day to reflect on the bless-
ings we have in life. It is also a time
for us to give back to those who have Shanese ‘ Kay ‘ Powel Lendsy Lynn Nicholas Lewis Lydia Ramracha
been giving to us and even to those Nicholas Lewis, Student at ments when it is possible to do so. It Lydia Ramracha, Makeup In- year. We do not have to celebrate it
who are in need. Giving back could CUNY York College- People relish may just be them appreciating the stagram Influencer- I am telling on the day that native Indians were
take the form of giving to family or in moments when they get to spend opportunity to do more than for oth- you from the history of what I know. killed. It is a slap in the face that peo-
to those who are in shelters and to quality time with their family. ers and taking advantage of the joy I feel like people could be thankful ple are celebrating while it is a day
those who are homeless to remind Thanksgiving is one of those mo- that comes with the season. for what they have any day of the of sadness for them.
them that they are people who care.

EDGEHILL HOMES - A vibrant and gated community in Jamaica

E dgehill Homes is ready to welcome home
owners to The Gates of Edgehill, a vi-
brant, gated community coming soon to Ja-
ing a retirement property, an investment op-
portunity, a vacation home, or Jamaican na-
tionals returning home and others. Regardless
communities and culture are vibrant. Events
will follow a similar format and flow but will
include some localized content and influ-
For more information about the homes,
visit: https://edgehillhomes.com/
maica's North Coast. of who they are, it is safe to say they have one encers.
Over 58 acres of scenic vistas situated thing in common: they love Jamaica.
atop the rolling hills in the Parish of St. Mary, As such, we want the International Tour
just minutes from Ocho Rios and Boscobel. to showcase the best that Jamaica has to offer.
The Gates of Edgehill offers brand-new stun- That means inclusion of Jamaica and Ja-
ning, spacious and tropical-inspired 3-bed- maicans’ favourite foods, drinks, and most
room homes, surrounded by lush forests and authentic brands.
peeking ocean views. These events are an opportunity for po-
In the fall of 2018, Edgehill Homes will tential partners to be aligned with consumers
host 200-250 qualified prospective buyers at who value a premium product, and for con-
a live sales event on the International Tour sumers to associate select brands with ”living
with stops in Toronto, New York, and Lon- on top” in Jamaica.
don. The 2018 fall tour will stop in three
Target demographics include those seek- cities where the Jamaican and Caribbean

Assana Nana B
Hair Braiding
Deputy Consul General at the Jamaican Consulate General-New York office, Lisa
We specialize in : Bryan Smart (2nd l) and other members of the Jamaican diaspora community inspect
a map of The Gate of Edgehill project, during a marketing session held on Wednesday
in Queens. The 250-housing unit project is being constructed in St Mary, Jamaica WI.
• Box Braids • Flat Twist
• Crochet • Corn Rows
• Weaves • Dreadlocks

3927 White Pains Road, Bronx, NY 10466 D&C CLEANING SOLUTION

929-392-7613 We clean houses, apartments and offices at a low rate.

We are open 7 days a week from 9:30 am to 8:00 pm Call me now: 347-543-7957

Windies women Millrose Games’
inch closer to semis 800m set for Feb 9
at ICC World T20 T he men’s 800 meter event in the 112th
NYRR Millrose Games will include the
top middle distance runners in the world in-

T he West Indies women are now just one

win away from a spot in the semi-final
of the ICC World Twenty20 Championship
cluding the Olympic bronze medalist, the
two fastest runners in NCAA history, and
the reigning NCAA champion, The Armory
after racking-up win number two in Group Foundation announced recently.
'A' in St Lucia on Wednesday evening. The Headlining the 800m for the February
Windies turned in another good bowling per- 9th NYRR Millrose Games will be 2016
formance to beat South Africa by 31 runs Olympic bronze medalist Clayton Murphy.
and go top of the group with 4 points. While Murphy struggled with injuries fol-
The batting department once again lowing his breakthrough medal perform-
failed to spark for the Windies as they posted ance in Rio, he announced his return to form
just 107-7 from their 20 overs batting first. this past summer in London with a time of
Kycia Knight 32 and Jamaica’s Natasha 1:43.12, his second fastest ever. Now fully
McLean 28, led the way with Deandra Dot- healthy, the American looks to be consid-
tin 12, being the only other batter to reach ered the favorite for this race.
double figures. Shabnim Ismail claimed 3- Murphy will have plenty of competi-
12 for the South Africans. tion, including from Michael Saruni, the
In reply, South Africa after being 48-2, former standout at UTEP. Saruni ran an
lost their remaining 8 wickets for just 28 NCAA record of 1:43.25 in April, following
runs to be bowled out for 76. Captain his victory at the NCAA Indoor Champi-
Stafanie Taylor had career-best figures of 4- onships. Now in his first season as a profes-
12. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka 97-7, defeated sional runner, the Kenyan athlete hopes to
Bangladesh 72 all out, by 25 runs in the take the next leap forward to become one of
group's other match. the best in the world, and he will have the
———————— chance to do just that at Millrose.
Former young Three top Americans will look to chal-
lenge including Donavan Brazier, the for-
Reggae Boy retained mer NCAA record holder. He ran a 1:43.55
as a freshman at Texas A&M in 2016, shat-
by USL outfit tering Jim Ryun’s mark that stood for 50
years. Brazier has flashed his potential on
J amaican footballer Neco Brett, 26 has
been retained by the Pittsburgh River-
hounds for the 2019 season of the United
numerous occasions, including when he fin-
ished second at Millrose in 2018.
Soccer League (USL) The former Harbour
View FC player was retained after notching Jamaica qualify for
15 goals in 33 appearances in 2018.
Kenardo Forbes is the only other Ja-
Rugby World Cup
maican footballer who was retained by this
franchise. Dennis Chin and Romeo Parkes
were released. The 2019 season of the USL
Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas poses with NBA Legend
Earvin "Magic" Johnson who said, "Together we're going to do big
J amaica has qualified for the Rugby
League World Cup for the first time
ever after defeating the United States 16-
will begin in March. things in this city.” Johnson was on a recent visit to his hometown 10 in the Americas Championship at the
Mount Vernon. Hodges Stadium in Florida on Saturday.
This was also the first time Jamaica de-
feated the United States in the history of
rugby league.
The World Cup will be held in Eng-
land in 2021. The Reggae Warriors will
find out their opponents in the world cup
when the draw is conducted in 2019.
Atkinson captures
fifth gold medal
of FINA World
Cup Series
O lympian Alia Atkinson has picked up
her fifth gold medal of the 2018
FINA World Cup Series as she captured
the 100m breaststroke title in 1 minute,
03.09 seconds on Saturday in Tokyo,
Atkinson finished ahead of Russian
Yulia Efimova who came second in 1
minute, 03.42 seconds and Great Britains
Siobhan O'Connor who was third in 1
minute, 05.07 seconds.
The reigning Jamaican Sportswoman
of the Year will be back in the pool on
Sunday as she will be looking to defend
her 50m breaststroke title.


Ways to have a healthier thanksgiving
Courtesy of Instead of sampling each and every ap-
Tina Haupert/www.health.com petizer before dinner, I walk around and
Avoid holiday weight gain
If you're trying to reach your feel great
catch up with family and friends. NUTRICARE
weight, Thanksgiving can be a very stress- Plan a workout date the next morning By GLORIA BENT, MS, RD, CDN
ful holiday. With so much delicious food Instead of feeling bloated and lethargic the
tempting you, it's difficult to keep your Nutritionist
day after Thanksgiving, schedule a fitness
healthy habits in check. Who doesn't pile date with a friend for that morning—then Questions & Comments:
their plate high at Thanksgiving dinner? you have to show up! Gloria.Bent@gmail.com
If you're anything like me, however, Knowing you've committed to burning
too much splurging on Thanksgiving often
Volunteer to help clean up
sets off a domino effect for the rest of the
Instead of picking at the leftovers or help-
holiday season. Instead of embarking on a
ing yourself to a second (or third) dessert,
six-week food fest, take control of the day
offer to help the host clean up. They will
and jump-start your motivation for a
appreciate the gesture, and physically re-
healthy and active holiday season—one
moving yourself from the table will help
where you lose weight, not gain!
take your attention away from the food.
Cleaning up will also help you burn some
Plan a post-meal walk
As soon as you arrive at your Thanksgiving
Stop eating when you're full
celebration, announce that you plan to take
OK, this tip probably seems pretty obvious,
a walk after the meal. Most likely, some of
but Thanksgiving is one of those holidays
your family and friends will want to join
when people plan to eat until they are
you. Once you get a few people on board,
stuffed to the brim.
it'll be tough to bail out.
Instead of seeing how much you can
eat, serve yourself a small, golf-ball-size
A brisk walk will help you burn some calo-
serving of everything you want—no restric-
ries and likely put you in the right mindset
tions—but have only enough to satisfy your
to turn down a second piece of pumpkin
stomach without overdoing it.
Remember, Thanksgiving is one day.
Done right, you won’t set yourself back too
Walk around and talk to people off those extra calories from Thanksgiving far!
Rather than obsess over the food at Thanks- allows you to splurge without feeling
giving, I focus my attention on the entire guilty. Plus, the thought of an early-morn-
celebration, including the once-a-year ing workout might keep you from having
sights, sounds, and people at the event. too many glasses of wine during dinner!
“Converting Transactions into Relationships”

Selling, Buying or Renting Real Estate

Short Sale or Foreclosure
Ann Lue Chin Dumay

Jamaican Rhythms
Fish Market
“We serve the best’
3963 Bronxwood Avenue
Bronx, NY 10466


Eligible Jamaicans should
move to US Citizenship
By Derrick Scott sion’s 8th annual fundraiser black tie

E ligible Jamaicans residing in the

United States should take the
necessary steps to become U.S. citi-
gala at Hanover Manor, in East
Hanover, New Jersey, on November
zens, Jamaica’s Ambassador, Audrey The Jamaican Ambassador ex-
Marks, is urging. plained that she had held several
“Tonight, I want to use this op- meetings with the U.S. Congress as
portunity to appeal to those of you it relates to immigration.
who are residents in the U.S. and are Prior to these meetings, she had
not citizens of the United States – visited a number of persons held in
please go out and become one. You detention and slated to be deported.
will have all the benefits and no dis- “At one center, there were 64 healthy
advantages, as Jamaica and the young Jamaican men, many of whom
United States offer dual citizenship,” have been in the U.S. since they were
she explained. kids and did not get around becoming
Ambassador Marks pointed out citizens; and they have no one in Ja-
that becoming a citizen of the United maica and are slated to be deported.”
States would be one of the ways of Over the past nine months a
stemming the high deporting num- total of 650 Jamaicans were deported Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, Audrey Marks (c) accepts the HELP Jamaica Medical
bers from the Unites States to Ja- to the island, 75 of them were young Mission’s distinguished Presidential award from President Dr. Robert Clarke. Sharing in the occa-
maica. She was delivering the males, she said, noting that there has sion is Chairman of the Mission, Dr. Richard Constable. The presentation was made at the Medical
keynote address at the New Jersey- been a dramatic increase in deporta- Mission’s 8th annual fundraiser Black Tie Gala, at Hanover Manor, East Hanover, New Jersey, on
based HELP Jamaica Medical Mis- tions from the United States. November 10. (Photo credit: Derrick Scott)

New Jersey
Board wants
ICE Agent
T he Essex County Freeholder Board has
been calling for the firing of Immigra-
tion and Custom Enforcement spokesper-
son Emilio Karim Dabul, who has been
linked to groups labeled by the Southern
Poverty Law Center as Islamophobic. The
board, however, still maintains its contract
with the agency to house immigrant de-
The contract was renewed in 2016, rais-
ing the daily rate for each bed in the county
correctional facility in Newark from $108
per day to $117. Board President Brendan
Gill said he was considering holding a
public hearing on the subject, but no offi-
cial date has been set yet. TAPinto.net

Advertising & Editorial

Contributing Editor
Regional Marketing/
Advertising Director

How to Be Single During the Holidays and Love It

By Katie Sweeney 15. You can watch Love Actually, Die Hard,

B eing single during the holidays can be

hard but here are some ways in which
you have can the best time enjoying your
The Holiday, Little Women, and any other
favorite Christmas flick whenever you
freedom. 16. You don’t have to waste time and
1. You don’t have to split time between money on sending a cheesy couple’s Christ-
someone else’s family and yours. You can mas card.
do whatever you want from Thanksgiving 17. You can host a spectacular holiday
through New Year’s. soirée, invite whoever you want, drink and
2. You don’t have to worry about impress- eat whatever you want, and listen to what-
ing a significant other’s family. That second ever you want.
piece of pumpkin pie? Unbutton your pants 18. You can forget the whole idea of a New
and eat it! Year’s kiss by making all your friends eat
3. You won’t have to meet anyone’s parents. grapes as the clock strikes midnight like
Or siblings. Or cousins. Or great-grand- they do in Spain. Trust me—it will be fun.
mothers. 19. You can create your own traditions.
4. You can plan a solo trip. Feel like going Take yourself to see The Nutcracker and
to the beach in Uruguay instead of celebrat- then go for oysters and champagne after-
ing the holidays at home? You can do it! ward.
5. There’s no stressing over what to get 20. You won’t have to split time between
your better half (and their mom) as a gift. your household and theirs.
You can use the money that you saved from 21. You can listen to the same holiday
not having to buy them a gift to do some- music on repeat as many times as you want
thing fabulous for yourself. without appeasing someone else’s music
6. You can sleep in and do whatever you preferences.
want while staying in the comfort of your 22. You can swipe right and left as much as
other singles at the holiday parties you’ll be 12. If you happen to get stuck under the
own home. your index finger allows.
attending! mistletoe with someone, you can go in for
7. You can make out with whoever you 23. You can go back to your hometown and
10. You can drink too much eggnog, sing a kiss.
want at the holiday party (within reason). simply enjoy it rather having to play host.
Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas 13. You can go on as many holiday-themed
8. You can decorate your house however 24. You don’t have to worry about meeting
Is You” at the top of your lungs, and pass Tinder dates as you want. December is a
you want—wreaths, garlands, disco balls, anyone else’s expectations.
out in your party dress. The next morning, great month for dating!
and all (or none). 25. The only person who you have to make
there will be no one giving you dirty looks 14. You don’t have to worry about introduc-
9. Lots of single people are out and ready happy is yourself!
for your drunken holiday extravaganza. ing your weird family members to a new
to mingle, so why not take advantage of the
11. You get to catch up with your siblings significant other.
celebratory mood in the air? Mingle with
and favorite cousins.

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