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Educational neglect is a crime that

PART 1 lands parents in court, possibly jail
by Gale Horton Gay
Shunnette Hunter and Tiffini
Green have something in common.
Unexcused school absences racked
up by their children resulted in both
mothers ending up in a DeKalb
County courtroom facing charges of
educational neglect.
Green’s daughter Kya Lovett,
now 13, missed a year of school
last year. Green said she moved five
times and didn’t have a permanent
address, nor did the child’s father.
Hunter and her six children used
to live in Clarkston, but she wanted
something better for her brood and
it took three months to find a new
home in Lithonia. In the meantime,
the children were split among differ-
ent households and, consequently,
missed 15 days of school.
Hunter, who said her children
didn’t begin attending school until
Sept. 1 despite Aug. 10 being the
first day for school that year, faced
96 criminal counts of educational
Hunter and Green are just two
of several hundred parents who find
themselves dealing with legal rami-
fications of educational neglect. And
they are just the tip of the iceberg— Shunnette Hunter, pictured with her son, faced 96 counts of educational neglect after she did not enroll her six children in
some 10,000 students accrued 15 school until Sept. 1. Photo by Gale Horton Gay
days or more of unexcused absences
in DeKalb County in 2008. That absences rate down by 25 percent General Robert James, Georgia law by school social workers may end up
means that for more than two weeks since [Solicitor-General] Robert is very specific—children 6 to 16 are in Juvenile Court.
these young people did not receive James came on four years ago. Still required to attend school. Parents or And students who are 15-17
instruction and guidance and pos- there’s a lot to be done, mainly in the legal guardians who fail to ensure years old and have “excessive: un-
sibly did not complete assignments area of high school [students],” said that the children are at school—ex- excused absences could face suspen-
and tests. Riley. cept for legal reasons for arriving sion of their driving privileges under
In the words of one school offi- Parents offer a number of ex- late, skipping a class, missing days— the Teenage and Adult Driver Re-
cial: “It’s difficult to educate students cuses about why their children aren’t faces criminal prosecution. sponsibility Act.
when they’re not in school sitting in in school, and Riley said she’s heard Last fall, the Solicitor-General’s According to Juvenile Court
class. Sitting at home they are learn- them all. office in collaboration with the DeKalb Associate Judge Linda Haynes, ju-
ing something but not reading, writ- Green’s explanation that “With- County Police Department and the venile court attempts to discover the
ing and arithmetic.” out a light bill, you cannot enroll our Office of the DeKalb County Sheriff problem and find solutions.
However, the DeKalb County child,” is one of the excuses Riley rounded up parents whose children “I really believe that kids really
Solicitor’s Office is proud of the often hears. It’s simply not true, she had 15 or more days of unexcused want an education,” said Haynes,
inroads it has made by way of an said. absences or who hadn’t responded expounding that juvenile court has
aggressive program to address chil- Riley explained that according to to notices to appear in court. These jurisdiction over truancy and has put
dren not being in school when they Georgia law children who are home- parents were given the opportunity to resources and programs in place to
should. less must be provided with trans- participate in a truancy intervention turn young lives around.
Angel Wheeler Riley, deputy portation from where they live to a program. Participation isn’t mandatory And she adds that the figure of
chief assistant solicitor-general, over- school in their district. and those who choose not to will have some 10,000 students missing 15
sees the Attendance Review Team This office works with social their day in court to contest the allega- days of school or more is not out of
(ART) program, in which parents are workers who often make home visits tions. Parents are “jailed when they line for a school system the size of
given the opportunity to sign a con- to determine what’s taking place at are non-compliant with any consent DeKalb’s.
tract stating that their children will home. It is not uncommon for some or plea agreement or fail to appear for
be in school and the parents will at- illicit activity such as prostitution hearings or court dates,” explained
tend PTSA and counseling meetings. or drugs to be a factor or financial Riley in an email. Part II of Hooky is Not Child’s Play
“As long as they do these things or emotional issues to be involved. And parents aren’t the only ones continues next week with
we don’t charge them,” said Riley, Addressing these problems is some- who may end up in court. Students
who describes the program as a suc- times the first step in resolving the who receive truancy citations from Changing Attitudes and Closing
cess. attendance problem. police officers when they are caught Loopholes may Help Keep Kids in
“We have gotten the unexcused According to DeKalb Solicitor- skipping school or who are referred School

DeKalb County Commissioner Con-

nie Stokes, right, congratulates artist
Tracie Hawkins on the opening of her
new gallery. Behind them are pieces
of fabric art created by Hawkins. At
left are other pieces of art in the gal-
lery. Photos by Kathy Mitchell

Downtown Stone Mountain reborn as an artists’ colony

by Kathy Mitchell
kathy@dekalbchamp.com and granite salvaged from lery space for artists through were able to tour her gallery
the Stone Mountain quarry. the SMart Inc. program. The and see her oil paintings,
The ribbon was to be cut Thigpen’s proposal was cho- artists will work and operate fabric art and other pieces.
Oct. 8 for the opening of the sen from among those sub- their studio and gallery spac- She said she is especially
new streetscape project on mitted to a panel made up of es from Wednesday through proud of her quilts, created
Main Street Stone Mountain city officials, art experts and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 to be displayed on walls not
on the count of “one, two, community members. p.m. daily. on beds.
th….”—and the broad white Initially, three downtown Tracie Hawkins said “My fabric art commemo-
ribbon was sliced in two Stone Mountain Main Street she was thrilled to have rates events and people,”
prematurely. storefronts are being convert- been chosen for the project.
But who could blame ed to house studio and gal- Visitors to the ribbon cutting See Gallery on Page 3A
city officials for being a
bit eager. The project had
been three years in the mak-
ing and after a number of
unanticipated construction
problems—including the
How to catcH local customers:
discovery of a more than Lesson 1
70-year-old underground
fuel line that still had fuel in
it—was finally ready for a
public celebration.
By the dawn of the 21st
TARGET SHOPPER: The Impulse Buyer
century, downtown Stone
Mountain, like many down- Loves a good bargain. She browses newspapers
town areas-had become run for sales and coupons. She has disposable income
down with rows of empty
retail stores. The city is and she’s known to travel in packs.
seeking a solution through
the Stone Mountain Arts In-
cubator and Microenterprise HOW TO CATCH HER:
Program, a project to beau-
tify the area and provide Advertise your bargains in The Champion.
space for selected artists to
set up shop in Main Street
spaces subsidized for a time
by a grant to the city of
Stone Mountain, ART Sta-
tion and DeKalb County.
In addition to Stone
Mountain city officials, of-
ficials from other levels
of government, including
DeKalb County Commis-
sioner Connie Stokes and
Congressman Hank John-
son, were on hand for the
event, which included the
opening of the public art
project in the median in the
center of Main Street.
At the heart of the proj-
ect is a sculpture, “Granite To place a display ad,
Workers,” by John Thig- Call (404) 373 - 7779 ext: 110
pen. His piece, which cel- www.championnewspaper.com
ebrates the men who once
worked the area’s granite
quarries, is made of steel

Dunwoody considering
police department expansion
by Matt Amato officers they are supervis-
Dunwoody City Council Reasons given for the
is set to decide whether to creation of a traffic unit,
approve a 10 percent expan- which would consist of three
sion of its police department. officers, are to increase the
A designated traffic unit efficiency of dealing with
and two new sergeants are accidents and traffic-related
among Dunwoody City incidents by taking these du-
Manager Warren Hutm- ties from other officers.
acher’s recommendations in According to figures pro-
the city’s 2011 budget pro- vided by the city, Dunwoody
posal, which was discussed responded to nearly 34,000
at an Oct. 4 council meeting. service calls between 2009
Prior to the meeting, and 2010, of which nearly
one council member and 2,000 were considered cate-
Police Chief Billy Grogan gory I crimes–rape, burglary,
declined to comment, saying assault, larceny and vehicle
would be inappropriate to do theft.
so before public discussion. “These statistics virtually
Grogan did say, however, mirror that of both Smyrna
that “a traffic unit would and Alpharetta. However,

An apple a
offer many benefits to the both of those other cities
community.” have more than double the
Still, some council mem- number of sworn officers,”
bers may not agree. “I am Hutmacher said in the pro-

day won’t keep

convinced that we do need posal.
an additional sergeant, and “Our 1.17 sworn officers
I’ll certainly support that ad- per one thousand citizens
dition to the police force,” are dwarfed by Acworth,
said Councilman Robert Alpharetta, Decatur, Ken-
Wittenstein. “I am less con- nesaw, Peachtree City and
vinced that we need a new
traffic unit.”
Should Grogan receive
Smyrna who range from
1.72 in Peachtree City to
2.30 in Alpharetta. The na-
the flu away.
the $6, 243, 587 recom- tional average is 1.8 officers. Get your flu shot at the Publix Pharmacy!
mended in the budget To effectively prevent crime,
proposal, it would be a 23 and not just respond to calls,
percent increase from last the city must meet this chal-

$25 each shot*

year’s allocation of $5,049, lenge.”
654. In his monthly newslet-
Dunwoody allocates ter to residents, Wittenstein
31 percent of its budget on offered another function of
public safety. However, Hut- the traffic unit: “This plan
macher believes the police would ratchet-up the number Find a location near you by visiting
department is still under- officers enforcing our traffic
funded. laws and issuing citations.” publix.com/flu or calling 1-877-FLU-8100.
“Our police department The budget also includes
was established with a very $274,275 for “equipment
lean hierarchy,” he said in enhancements for all police *Medicare Part B accepted without co-pay.
the proposal. “There is a staff.” Age restrictions may apply. Speak to your
critical need for two more Three council members
sergeants. Both sergeants and Mayor Ken Wright did Publix pharmacist for details.
will actively patrol the not respond to comment re-
streets alongside the same quests.

Gallery it will look like.

Continued From Page 2A Hawkins said that she
initially pursued art in New
Hawkins explained, point- York, but left it for a while to
ing out a quilt she created work in the corporate world.
to observe the election of “But art is what I love; it’s
President Barack Obama. what I’ve always loved. I had
Another celebrates America’s to get back to it,” she said,
Black military veterans. adding that opening a gallery
A native of Brooklyn, with the rent paid through a
N.Y., who has lived in Stone grant is a wonderful oppor-
Mountain more than 15 tunity.
years, Hawkins anticipates Like the other artists,
creating custom quilts to Hawkins will work rent-free
celebrate weddings, family in her space for a year. She
reunions and other special can then apply for a second
events. “Customers can tell year subsidy after which she
me what they have in mind must pay to remain in the
and together we decide what studio.

The Newslady
eduKalb announces its endorsements among school board candidates
Two of the eduKalb-endorsed community. Obviously less combat- very turbulent times for the DeKalb
candidates are incumbents. They ive, at one forum in particular she School System, the third largest in
are Jim Redovian of District 1 and resisted the urge to be drawn into a the state with some 98,000 students.
Dr. Eugene Walker of District 9. verbal sparring match with candi- The eduKalb endorsed candi-
In District 1, economist Nancy date Donna Edler about Roberts’ dates, though perhaps not a perfect
Jester was a standout. She attended well-publicized threats against a slate, represent the best guestimate
each of the forums and was fully local TV reporter. Candidate Wil- of a cross section of the community
engaged in the process. She, in the lie Mosley cautioned frequently as to who is best suited, if elected,
opinion of the writer, shows a full that we could ill afford to become to take the system through the
grasp of the issues facing the sys- a Clayton County. Only Edler and process of hiring the next superin-
EduKalb, an organization of tem, is extremely thoughtful and candidate Richard Gathany of- tendent and making him or her ac-
business and civic leaders and con- possesses the kind of insight and vi- fered any fresh ideas. When the dust countable to policies and procedures
cerned DeKalb residents led by sion sorely needed on the board. settled in District 7, eduKalb chose that will have the ultimate effect of
businessman Gregory Levett and That said, eduKalb chose the CPA Edler, an impressive candidate giving our children and grandchil-
attorney Chris Marquardt, has more experienced Redovian as its who not only has children in the dren the best education possible.
endorsed an impressive slate of can- preferred candidate in District 1. system but the professional back- A quality education is the life-
didates for the school board. Businessman Redovian has been ground suited to help take the board blood of any community and right
The candidates for Districts 1, a DeKalb resident since 1977 and to the next level. now we’re in intensive care. Our
3, 5 7 and 9, including the incum- had six children graduate from the Finally in District 9, Dr. Eu- community would do well to heed
bents are, a mixed bag of age, gen- school system. He now has grand- gene Walker’s patrician demeanor, these eduKalb recommendations,
der, race, educational background children in the system. impressive educational background which were made with great care,
and notable experience. Many are In District 3, candidate Robert and vast political experience deliberation, diligence and fairness.
products of DeKalb County schools Holt was a no-show and showed no dwarfed candidate Ella Smith Voting is already under way until
and parents with children and even interest in the process. Incumbent who has the zeal, commitment and the general election Nov. 2. Another
grandchildren currently in the sys- Sarah Copelin-Wood attended classroom experience, but the com- note: Please take care to vote the
tem. If elected, the endorsed candi- none of the forums but participated bination is not enough to unseat the entire ballot down to the non-parti-
dates show great promise in putting via telephone in the interviews with steady demonstrated leadership of san school board races. Every vote
our failing system back on track the panelists. Corey Wilson got Dr. Walker. An easy choice, Edu- counts and every vote is important.
and turning it around. the nod in District 3. A product of Kalb went with Dr. Walker, the in- Our children need you.
The endorsements were made DeKalb schools with children in cumbent in District 9.
based on personal interviews with the system, Wilson is an operations All 15 of the candidates includ- Steen Miles, The Newslady, is a
panels made up of a cross-section manager for Carmax and extremely ing the incumbents are to be com- retired journalist and former Geor-
of the community, including par- active in the system, having served mended for offering themselves for gia state senator. Contact Steen Mi-
ents, PTA members and individuals on the Parent Advisory Committee election and re-election. These are lies at Steen@dekalbchamp.com.
from the business sector and social and developed a father’s project in
and civic organizations. Candi- the system.
dates were also evaluated based on District 5 incumbent Jay
Cunningham enthusiastically

lengthy questionnaires and forums
held across the county. participated in the process and
Three forums were held. One confidently held his own against
in south DeKalb at the Community 23-year-old Jacques Hall, a gradu-
Achievement Center co-sponsored ate of Lakeside High School. De-
with eduKalb by the Decatur chap- spite his youth, Hall was extremely
ters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority knowledgeable and brought fresh
Inc. and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, ideas and vigor to the table. But Let Us Know What You Think!
Inc. Dunwoody City Hall was the the EduKalb endorsement went to THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS encourages opinions from its readers.
site of the second forum. The third Dr. Kirk Nooks, a standout among Please write to us and express your views. Letters should be brief, type-
was held at the DeKalb Medical all 15 candidates. Dr. Nooks is a written and contain the writer’s name, address and telephone number for
Center, co-sponsored by the League graduate of Stone Mountain High verification. All letters will be considered for publication.
of Women Voters and Leadership School, has a child in the system Send Letters To Editor, The Champion Free Press, P. O. Box 1347,
DeKalb. and is himself an educator who Decatur, GA 30031-1347; Send E-Mail to Kathy@dekalbchamp.com
FAX To: (404) 370-3903 Phone: (404) 373-7779
EduKalb went through great brings a wealth of great ideas to Deadline for news releases and advertising: Thursday, one week prior to publication date.
pains to ensure citizens from every the table. EDITOR’S NOTE: The opinions written by columnists and contributing editors do not necessarily
part of the county had an opportu- In District 7, Incumbent Ze- reflect the opinions of the editor or publishers. The Publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel
nity to see, hear and question all 15 pora Roberts played well on her any advertisement at any time. The Publisher is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts.

candidates for the five districts. experience and dedication to the

PUBLISHER: Dr. Earl D. Glenn

Managing Editor: Gale Horton Gay Editor: Kathy Mitchell

The Champion Free Press is published each

Friday by ACE III Communications, Inc.,
114 New Street, Suite E, Decatur, GA. 30030
Phone (404) 373-7779.

DISPLAY ADVERTISING (404) 373-7779 x 110
www.ChampionNewspaper.com THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2010 •PAGE 5A

William C. Crane, 1974-1992 One Man’s Opinion C. William “Bill” Crane, 2009 - ?
The choice before you
Democratic Party—at least during his reform and water use/allocation— And for all of Deal’s comments
first two years in office. both of which matter greatly to the regarding fiscal conservatism and
But it is largely Barnes’ ego to voters of the 9th Congressional Dis- Washington needing to begin to live
complete his unfinished agenda that trict (his longtime home). Yet, as Deal within its means, Deal forgot that first
has brought him back into this race— entered the post-Labor Day home lesson of living by example.
and even if he is elected, he will stretch, his victory looked almost as- So if Congressman Deal is going
almost certainly face decidedly GOP sured by population demographics, to “get it right the first time,” please
majorities in the Georgia State House and the surge in GOP voters in former help me understand how he got it so
and Senate, as well as Georgia’s Con- Democratic strongholds like Atlanta, wrong in the business world? We may
gressional delegation. Columbus, Macon, Augusta and Sa- hear more about the Christian Right,
Congressman Nathan Deal has vannah. and holy rollers, but don’t forget a
“The salvation of America and of been in public office and public life Unfortunately Deal’s backing majority of GOP voters are small
the human race depends on the next since 1981, as a state senator and of a series of personal and business business folks and Chamber of Com-
election, if we believe the newspa- later congressman (1992-2010). He loans, and credit extensions for his merce types. If it’s unclear if you can
pers.” Ralph Waldo Emerson, Octo- switched parties, from Democratic to son-in-law’s sporting goods store in run your own business, will people
ber 1848 Republican in 1994, but his district Habersham County seem at best in- trust you to run theirs? For many
voters switched with him; he has credibly naive. Deal is on the hook Republican and Independent voters,
On paper, the Nov. 2, 2010, gu- always won by a healthy majority, for $2.3 million in failed loans, on top this is a real deal breaker.
bernatorial election should not even and often had no opponent. Those of another $2 million invested and A name you may know better
be close. Georgia is a decidedly more less-than-tough earlier battles may flushed following bankruptcy declara- come this time next week is John
Republican state than it was in 2002. be why he appears so ill-prepared for tion by his son-in-law and daughter, Monds, the Libertarian on the bal-
Gov. Roy Barnes lost by a wide this one. First came allegations of now to be re-opened by the courts. lot, currently polling between 5 and 7
margin to underdog Sonny Perdue using the influence of his congressio- And then came a second disclosure, percent. With Deal stuck just below
in that election, and the state has only nal office to save a statewide non-bid not declared as required on State Eth- 50 percent and Barnes in the high
moved further red since. contract for one of his several busi- ics Commission filings, of additional 30s, Monds may force the state’s first
Barnes is a smooth and expe- ness enterprises, Recovery Services. business loans totaling another $2.85 gubernatorial general election run-
rienced campaigner, legislator and That tempest died down though the million for his Gainesville-based auto off—which gives Barnes his first real
back-slapper. Every inch the folksy GOP primary allowed former Secre- salvage business. shot—and Deal’s demographic head
trial lawyer who can charm and skin tary of State Karen Handel to all but In a matter of as many weeks, start a real run for his money.
alive a witness on the stand at the tar Deal as an unethical Washington Deal’s publicly disclosed net worth,
same time. Barnes also has a long dinosaur. assets and liabilities more than Bill Crane is a DeKalb County
and strong history under the Gold Deal won a close but somewhat doubled. Unfortunately, most of us native and business owner, living in
Dome, first as a young turk reformer unexpected primary runoff over Han- voters only get one chance to file tax Scottdale, Georgia. He also serves as
in the state Senate, later as legislative del by nearly doubling his vote totals returns, apply for a business license, chief political analyst and commenta-
leader and Cobb Democratic mav- from the primary election. His leg- pay a tag or property tax bill, etc. We tor for 11Alive News and WSB Radio,
erick—and later still as an effective islative record has some bright spots, don’t get free “do-overs,” and “oops” News/Talk 750. Contact Bill Crane at
governor with the solid backing of the particularly related to immigration is not considered a sufficient excuse. Bill@dekalbchamp.com.

Poverty on the march care and most other social services. Even employer-sponsored care is
Only military expenditures have spi- now so expensive that many can
raled upward unimpeded. no longer afford it. And more and
Even the courts haven’t been more employers are hiring workers
spared. Spending on legal services as independent contractors so that
programs for the poor has been they not only avoid health costs,
slashed, making it easier for lenders, they avoid Social Security. Plus the
employers, hospitals, landlords and governor of my compassionate state,
other creditors to run roughshod over Connecticut, just vetoed a bill to re-
The standard of living in the their legal rights. There is a whole quire paid sick leave. Consequently
United States is unfortunately going new industry assisting employers in the poor will continue to have to
down. Not so much for top earners. legally challenging the validity of work sick and infect us all.
The harshest blows, as usual, unemployment claims by fired work- There was a time when our na-
fall farther down the ladder. Now ers. That helps the boss hold down tion enjoyed higher aspirations.
that the financial industry has finally his unemployment tax rate. Having survived the Depression and
re-grasped the levers of government One result of such conniving is World War II, and having gotten
power, most citizens are watching that countless families have been Europe back on its feet, we sought a
their income, assets and net worth forced to double up, much as they better life for ourselves. For a while
dribble down the drain of corporate did at this point in the last century. we got it. Now, however, we have
profit and economic mismanage- While this painful social condition lost political control to “the power
ment. supplies a wealth of delicious mate- elite,” as C. Wright Mills termed it
You’ll recall, for example, that rial for TV sitcoms, it’s a crummy many decades ago. Apparently, ram-
Congress has lately made it very way to live. But what else can you pant poverty is once again accept-
difficult for an average family to de- do when a beloved part of your clan able, if that is the price society must
clare bankruptcy and start life afresh. is foreclosed or evicted for inability pay to support Wall Street avarice
Now those folks are more likely in- to pay the rent? and eternal war. Even Social Secu-
stead to remain forever poor. At the very foot of the ladder, life rity and Medicare are under attack. If
Congress also has greased the is worse yet. Families simply break you aren’t poor yet, you’ll probably
skids for American jobs to skitter up. Junior and Sis are sent off to live get your chance soon enough.
overseas, and for employers here to with Grandma or Aunt Dolly, often
import both high- and low-skilled separately, while Mom bunks in with OtherWords columnist William A.
workers to siphon off jobs from do- more distant kin any place she can Collins is a former state representa-
mestic payrolls. In the name of thrift, find a job. For Dad, if there is a dad, tive and a former mayor of Norwalk,
it has chiseled as well on unemploy- jobs are often either unavailable or Connecticut. www.otherwords.org
ment, food stamps, housing, child unremunerative.
Health deteriorates, too. Quickly.

Hot fudge sundae diet

Republicans are promising to solve all
our problems without cost or pain
America.” It promises
If the Republican Party to create jobs, control
gets any nuttier, we’re by Donald Kaul
deficit spending and do
going to have to lock it in Columnist away with the “arrogant
the attic when company and out-of-touch govern-
visits. ment of self-appointed
It’s bad enough when elites” that has been run-
Glenn Beck and Sarah Where once it depend- ning things for these past
Palin are your Homecom- ed on William F. Buck- 20 months or so.
ing King and Queen, but ley and Russell Kirk for It’s long on generali-
in primary election after intellectual heft, it now ties and short on specifics.
looks to sleazy charlatans The following comments are pulled straight from our Web site and
election this year they’re It proposes extending the are not edited for content or grammar.
producing candidates like like Newt Gingrich and Bush tax cuts of 10 years
Christine O’Donnell, Dinesh D’Souza, the ago, for example, but
who believes that homo- conservative movement’s never gets around to ex-
sexuality is a bad habit, house thugs. plaining how to make up Court system budget cuts could be costly
masturbation a sin, evolu- The sad thing about for the resulting $3.7 tril-
tion a liberal myth, and this–oh, put away your lion in lost revenue over
rape no impediment to handkerchiefs; it’s not the next decade. Maybe if the judges would stop entertaining the huge
successful motherhood. that sad–is that it’s suck- Oh, they offer up a volume of frivilous cases and holding the attorneys who file
She’s running in Dela- ing once-moderate Re- few suggestions–cancel- them accountable, the caseload might be more manage-
ware for the U.S. Senate. publicans (Lindsey Gra- ing what’s left of Presi-
able. Too often, the judges want to be politically correct
ham, Olympia Snowe, which destroys court efficiency.
She isn’t the only lulu dent Obama’s stimulus
on the Republican ticket. Susan Collins) into the package, for example–
vortex of irrational ex- – Rhineman posted this on 10/8/10 at 2:11 p,m.
There’s Sharron Angle of but these moves really
Nevada who, if elected to tremism that is at the wouldn’t amount to much.
the Senate, will work to center of conservative They say that cut-
ideology. Expert: Long must try case in court, public
phase out Social Security, ting taxes would end the
probably in concert with This ideology is based unemployment problem,
Republican hopeful Joe largely on two ideas: but it wouldn’t. Business
• Taxes are a bad thing The man or woman of God is human just like anybody
Miller of Alaska, who people don’t hire work- else, God is not going to curse people for discussing what
thinks your Social Securi- and must be cut, drasti- ers because you cut their
cally. they believe. You all need to stop taking that scripture of
ty check is unconstitution- taxes. They hire when context to shield these people in minsitry that are abusing
al…you know, like un- • Budget deficits are a bad they have an increase in
thing and must be cut, their authority and using the Word of God deceitfully for
employment benefits. (As customers. their own gain.
nearly as I can figure, the drastically. Where are your cus-
only thing this new bunch Theoretically you can tomers going to come
do that by cutting the size – St Louis Man postedd this on 10/8/10 at 3:22 p.m.
of Republicans finds con- from when all of your
stitutional is guns.) of government, but just energy is going into firing
eliminating the traditional bishop eddie long is like any other person innocent until
Then there’s Dan government workers? proven guilty listen up people you better read your bible
Maes, who believes that “waste, fraud, and abuse” The pledge is an exam-
won’t get it done. closely because putting your mouth on the man or woman
a bicycle-sharing pro- ple of what political com- of GOD especially falsely until facts are known will cause
gram in his state would To do that you’d have mentator Mark Shields
to slash the Pentagon you great suffering from GOD ALMIGHTY
be a threat to personal calls “the Hot Fudge Sun-
freedom. He’s asking the budget along with Social dae Diet.” It promises to
Security and Medicare – joyce f posted this on 10/8/10 at 3:01 p.m.
people of Colorado to solve all of your problems
make him governor. payments, farm subsidies, without cost or pain.
It occurs to me that aid to the states, and the Isn’t that the attitude
what’s going on here is budgets of law enforce- that got us into the mess
not a political movement, ment agencies, medical we’re in? Charges dropped in strip club killing
it’s a mental disease– research institutes, and When tea partiers first
somewhat akin to mad financial regulatory com- said they were going to
cow–and it’s spreading missions, among other “take government back,” Yeah and all this time they were holding two innocent
to the rest of the Repub- things. I didn’t realize they meant men and the real killer going away. WOW! The Justice
lican Party. The party of There’s no political they were going to take it Sistem does not work.Why do police give the media the
Dwight D. Eisenhower will to do any of that, let back to the 12th century. name of innocent people without evidences? are they Inno-
and Nelson Rockefeller alone all of it. OtherWords columnist cent until proven guilty?. Can they wait to have evidences
has become the party of That was quite obvi- Donald Kaul lives in Ann to make an arrest? What kind of Police work is that?. They
Rand Paul and Michele ous when the Republicans Arbor, Michigan. www. ruined this two men lives. Celestin and Nichols will be able
Bachmann. issued their “Pledge to otherwords.org to keep their jobs or even find another one with that arrest
in their criminal records?. Is any body paying for psycho-
logical help for them and their family?, what about attorney
fees? Is there any apology from Dekalb County? ......... I

Printed on – lvargas posted this on 10/8/10 at 11:18 a.m.

100% post-consumer
recycled paper
www.ChampionNewspaper.com THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2010 A Section • Page 7A

Mark Brennan
Champion of the Week
Federal grant provides
Doraville with new officers
Macon to help secure by Matt Amato three years, said Mayor Ray Johnson’s office, said a
sponsorships for the Jenkins. spokesperson for Johnson.
event. Doraville will have two “We’re proud that “The COPS Hiring
“Marc Brennan is a new officers patrolling he chose to give us this Program goes to the very
very enthusiastic mem- its streets in the coming grant,” said Jenkins. “Our core of our mission in
ber of the Oakhurst weeks thanks to a federal department deserves this government–to provide
Business Commu- grant issued to its police and any help we can get we grants that create or preserve
nity. He is great at bring- department by the U.S. appreciate.” local law enforcement
ing the community to- Department of Justice. “Providing communities jobs that helps keep our
gether–he is indispens- The $385,000 like Doraville with the law community safe,” Johnson
able,” said Macon. Community Oriented enforcement resources it said in the press release.
Brennan said the Arts Policing Services grant, needs is one of the most Doraville Police Chief
and Music Festival is delivered by Congressman important things we can John King received the
“one of the hallmarks of Hank Johnson at last do,” said Johnson. check at the city council
Oakhurst each year and Monday’s city council The DeKalb County meeting. “This type of
Mark Brennan is no everyone looks forward
doubt a busy man but meeting, will take care of Police Department received funding is critical for our
to it.” all related expenses for the a similar grant last year department’s mission,” said
he still finds time to give In addition to the
back to his community. new officers over the next for 15 officers through King, in the press release.
Arts and Music Festival,
The Oakhurst resident, Brennan volunteers at
who is a partner in the Oakhurst Garden
Decatur-based restau- and the Solarium; he
rants Universal Joint is also active in the
and Steinbeck’s, also Oakhurst Elementary
volunteers his time and School PTA. According
talent to festivals and to Brennan, he tries to
businesses in Oakhurst help with just about any-
and Decatur. thing that helps promote
Brennan was nomi- the Oakhurst commu-
nated as a Champion nity.
of the Week by Angie Brennan has been
Macon with the Deca- a resident of DeKalb
tur Arts Alliance for his County for 12 years and
efforts in helping with active in the Decatur
the annual Oakhurst business community for
Arts and Music Festival. more than 10 years.
He worked alongside LEO BURNETT U.S.A.

Ad/I.D. No. XXX – Job No. 610-XXXXXXX0000 – Americans for the Arts – “NutCrackers” – Publication – ( T: 11.5" x 21") – 1C – 2008
Printed in the U.S.A.

If you would like to nominate

someone to be considered as a
future Champion of the Week,
please contact Kathy Mitchell at
kathy@dekalbchamp.com or at
404-373-7779, ext. 104.

Feed your kids the Arts. Studies have shown that involvement in the arts helps
kids increase test scores and promotes academic achievement. For 10 Simple
Ways to get more art into your child’s life, visit AmericansForTheArts.org.

DeKalb Democrats try to spur

voter turnout, Republicans
already fired-up
by Nigel Roberts tive month that Georgia’s
unemployment rate surpassed
Rep. Karla Drenner the national rate, according
(D – Avondale Estates) the Georgia Department of
sent an e-mail on Oct. 8 to Labor. And joblessness in
county Democrats asking DeKalb exceeded 10 percent
them to join her the next in August, according the de-
day on a canvassing effort partment’s figures.
that targeted neighborhoods “People are really hurt-
in Clarkston and Avondale ing,” Austin said. Referring
Estates. That was just one of to the economic meltdown
several ongoing efforts that that began under Republi-
county Democrats are us- can leadership in the White
ing to light a fire under party House and Congress, she
members in the hope that added: “We don’t want to go
they will turn out to vote in backwards. That’s why we’re
high numbers. working hard to get Demo-
DeKalb is a Democratic crats elected.”
stronghold. Even casual po- Auman said, “Republi-
litical observers expect the cans feel that we have to put
party to dominate local races. a stop to the federal govern-
But if the polls are correct, ment’s borrowing money
Democrats have much to to spend it.” He also cited
Caregiver at senior assisted living worry about at the state and
national levels.
President Barack Obama’s
health care reform as a policy

facility receives prison sentence A Rasmussen Report,

released on Oct. 7, found
that gubernatorial Demo-
that will drive Republicans
to the polls on Election Day.
He said county Republicans
cratic candidate Roy Barnes want to back the state’s effort
by Nigel Roberts workers that often do not go far enough, trails his GOP rival, Nathan to “opt-out” of the Demo-
according to many experts. In 2002, the Deal, by 9 percent among crats’ health care reform
DeKalb County Superior Court Judge NCEA commissioned a review of elderly likely voters. There is also a plan.
Robert Castellani sentenced Monique abuse prevention strategies that calls for nationwide enthusiasm gap Georgia is one of more
Windley on Oct. 1 to three years in prison additional screening of long-term facility between members of the two than a dozen states that chal-
for elder abuse. A jury found Windley, a health care workers that includes sub- parties. A new McClatchy- lenged the federal health care
certified nursing assistant, guilty of elder stance abuse and domestic violence his- Marist poll found that 51 reform act. These opponents
exploitation, theft by taking and identity tory. percent of Republicans are say the plan costs too much
fraud for victimizing two elderly patients The study also concluded that the work very enthusiastic about vot- and infringes on individual
under her care at a DeKalb assisted living conditions (such as inadequate staffing) ing in the midterm elections rights and state sovereignty.
facility. and low salaries at long term care facilities compared to 28 percent of Given the high level of
According to information from county often contribute to an environment that Democrats and 32 percent of intensity and focus on revers-
prosecutors, Windley stole more than entices some health care workers to take Independents. ing Obama’s economic and
$10,000 from one of her victims and paid advantage of the elder under their care. DeKalb Republican Party health care initiatives, county
her utility bills from the victim’s checking According to the Georgia Depart- Chairman Frank Auman Republicans are “looking
account. ment of Human Resources (DHR), which said there’s an “intense de- forward to a good result,”
DeKalb has one of the few district at- oversees the state’s Division of Aging sire” among county Repub- Auman said. In the weeks
torney’s offices in the state with a dedi- Services, there are several signs that could licans to go the polls. He is leading up to Election Day,
cated task force focused on prosecuting indicate financial exploitation of an elderly confident that Republicans the party’s leader said there
elder abusers. One of the unit’s notable family member. will turn out in high numbers are no public events planned
successes include winning a three-year Here are some of the signs: missing to support GOP candidates aimed at rallying the party’s
sentence against Patricia Ngando, who money or valuables, unknown credit card across the board. But the big- base.
pleaded guilty of taking $140,000 from charges, unusual bank account activity gest impact of this intensity, Democrats, on the other
her 90-year-old client. And Timothy or depleted funds, checks (or other docu- Auman said, will affect state hand, have formed a Unity
Ware was sentenced to five years in pris- ments) signed by an elderly person who and federal races. Cabinet composed of elected
on for tricking his 83-year-old godfather— cannot write, signatures on checks that Sandra Austin, the county Democrats that is
suffering from dementia—into unwittingly don’t resemble the victim’s signature, un- county’s Democratic Party working with the state party
signing over his $275,000 home to Ware. paid bills that someone is supposed to be chairwoman, expressed con- to rally the Democratic base.
Estimates reported by the National paying on the elderly person’s behalf, and cern about turnout among her They plan to continue their
Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) in Wash- the appearance of legal documents (such party’s voters. “Getting out canvassing efforts every Sat-
ington, D.C., state that only one out of 25 as a will or power of attorney) signed by the vote is our number one urday in the lead-up to Elec-
cases of financial exploitation of seniors is an elderly person suffering from dementia issue—not just in DeKalb tion Day. Austin said one of
reported. According to the NCEA report, or otherwise doesn’t understand what he but all over the country,” said their messages to Democratic
that suggests that at least 5 million seniors or she is signing. Austin. “We want to repeat voters is that they should
are financially exploited each year. DHR’s office of Regulatory Services 2008 turnout numbers.” vote for party candidates on
With Americans living longer, many is responsible for investigating reports of Both party leaders said the entire ticket and not just
adults find it necessary to place their aging elder abuse at long-term care facilities, that they are hearing from for high profile races.
parents in long-term care facilities such as which include nursing homes and personal their party members that the DeKalb County Commis-
assisted living homes. This creates a situa- care home (assisted living), as well as in- economy and unemploy- sioner Larry Johnson will
tion in which predators could have access residence care. Those who suspect elder ment are the top concerns. lead the next Democratic
to several vulnerable seniors at one time— abuse at such facilities should call (404) In August, statewide unem- canvassing caravan on Oct.
as was the case with Windley. 657-5728, (404) 657-5276 or the toll free ployment rose slightly to 10 16 from the South DeKalb
States require varying levels of crimi- number 800-878-6442. percent, from 9.9 percent in Mall office to Stonecrest
nal background checks of health care July. It was the 35th consecu- Mall.
www.ChampionNewspaper.com THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2010 A Section • Page 9A

School board candidates weigh in on how

they would get system back on track
by Kathy Mitchell

Several themes—leader-
ship, ethics, money—domi-
nated as candidates for the
DeKalb County School
Board spoke out at an Oct.
7 forum. Political analyst
and commentator Bill
Crane served as moderator.
The forum was one of
several opportunities the
15 men and women vying
for five seats on the school
board had to share their
views with potential voters
in the Nov. 2 general elec-
tion. Seats in Districts 1, 3,
5, 7, and 9 are on this year’s
Candidates expressed
strong views on leadership
within the school system
and especially on the selec- Candidates for District 7, from left, Willie Mosley Jr., Donna Edler, Richard Gathany and Zepora Roberts, were all present for the Oct. 7
tion of a person to fill the forum.
vacant superintendent’s
seat. Eugene Walker, who
is seeking reelection in
District 9, said the county’s
education system is “in cri-
sis” and the board must find
“a dynamic superintendent
who had insight on how to
spend money.”
Walker said that DeKalb
County should not measure
itself against other Georgia
school systems, but against
the best schools in the
world. “We should seek to
be the gold standard,” he
said. Ella Smith, left, and Gene Walker are the District 9 candidates. Photos Roughly 100 people showed up for the forum at DeKalb Medical
Because the most recent by Travis Hudgons on North Decatur Road.
superintendent resigned in
the wake of a corruption intendent with a proven re- the board must hold him or Gathany disagreed saying
scandal, it’s not surprising cord of academic improve- her accountable. “There’s that spending money for a
that many, like District 7 ment.” no leadership, it’s just not new administrative headquar-
candidate Donna Edler un- District 1 candidate there. Money is not being ters was “not appropriate”
derscored the need to find Bobbe Gillis, a Doraville spent properly.” when so many schools were
a superintendent of impec- business owner, also said Zapora Roberts, the
she wants to see the board incumbent in that district, See Forum on Page 19A
cable moral character. The
new superintendent should hire a superintendent with agreed that integrity is a
“be ready from day one to a proven record. “It must top requirement for a su- Come see what everyone is talking about!
rebuild the credibility of be a person who has been perintendent. However, she
the DeKalb County School an outstanding example of disagreed with many other Greenforest-McCalep Christian
System,” she said. ethics and who has taken a candidates on another issue: Early Learning Center
The board’s overall fo- failing school system and the construction of the new Ask about FREE ENROLLMENT and additional discounts
cus should be raising the turned it around.” administrative headquar- • Now Enrolling: • Small class size
level of achievement in the Willie Mosley Jr., also ters on Mountain Industrial 6 wks - 4 years • Safe environment
schools, said District 7 can- a candidate for District 7, Boulevard. She said that • Monday-Friday, • Convenient location
6:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
didate Richard Gathany, said the system needs “an the decision was a good one
a lawyer and longtime PTA outstanding person of the since it brought all the ad- Celebrating 20 years of proven excellence

member. “We need a super- highest standards,” then ministrators under one roof. Accredited with Quality by The Georgia Accrediting Commission, Inc. • Non-discriminatory admissions policy

3250 Rainbow Drive Decatur, GA 30034 • 404-486-6763 • www.greenforestacademy.org


County cleanup effort kicks

off on Flat Shoals Parkway
by Kathy Mitchell the problem, if it gets done, it will be much
kathy@dekalbchamp.com appreciated.”
State Rep. Rahn Mayo (District 91)
“I understand that we’re in a recession, stopped by the staging area Saturday
but not mowing the median grass on Flat morning to talk with volunteers and county
Shoals for five months is unacceptable,” employees. “I want to lend support and get
said community resident Rochelle involved however I need to.”
Callender. He said that it’s great that the state,
The county has received a lot the county and the community can come
of complaints about upkeep of Flat together to solve a problem. “I love it. I
Shoals Parkway, a major artery though just love it,” Mayo added. Pointing to the
unincorporated south DeKalb County. numerous office parks and retail strips
However, according to Nancy Funny along the parkway, he said that he would
Lawrence of DeKalb County Code like to see businesses in the area get
Enforcement, Flat Shoals Parkway, (State involved, too.
Road 155) is the Georgia Department of “I have a vision of what we can do
Transportation’s responsibility. “They used here on Flat Shoals—not just clean up, but
to maintain it quarterly, now they’ve cut beautify the area, put mulch around the
back to twice a year,” she said. trees and plants in the rights of way,” Mayo
No matter who’s technically responsible said.
for it, the county chose the stretch of Flat Area resident Larry Stevenson said
Shoals Parkway from I-285 to Snapfinger he hadn’t heard about the Great DeKalb
Road for the first of four projects in its Cleanup, but he when he saw the activity,
State Rep. Rahn Mayo says he has a vision of what can be done
Great DeKalb Cleanup campaign. In an he stopped to see what was going on. He on Flat Shoals Road. Photos by Kathy Mitchell
announcement of the effort, county officials said he was delighted to see the project
said the selected areas were “in dire need under way. “I was one of the main ones
of cleaning and maintenance.” calling code enforcement to complain,” he
On Oct. 9, county employees, including said.
Lawrence and Dwight Maxwell of Callendar said, “People need to take
Natural Resources Management, set up pride in their neighborhoods. They should
a staging area at the DeKalb Community be taught at home growing up to take
Achievement Center, where volunteers responsibility and stop littering, just stop
could sign-in and receive assignments, littering.”
trash pick-up sticks, bright lime-green vests The remaining Great DeKalb Cleanup
and bottled water. schedule is:
By midmorning, a squadron of county
employees, community service workers Saturday, Oct. 16 and Sunday, Oct. 17
and neighborhood volunteers were out Memorial Drive (GA Highway 10) from
trimming grass, removing weeds, picking Candler Road to Goldsmith Drive
up trash and removing illegal signs. Staging area: Bobby Burgess Building
Personal protective equipment, lawn 3630 Camp Circle. Decatur
maintenance equipment and tools were
provided by the sanitation and parks and Saturday, Oct. 23 and Sunday, Oct. 24
recreation departments, and sanitation Buford Highway (US 23/GA 13) from
department managers were on hand to North Druid Hills Roads to Dresden Drive
direct the work. Teams were out from 7 Staging area: the shopping center just north
a.m. until 4:30 p.m. on both Saturday and of Buford Highway and Clairmont Road
Sunday. The same schedule is set at other
locations for the remaining weekends in Saturday, Oct. 30 and Sunday, Oct. 31
October. Covington Highway (US 278/GA 12) from
Lawrence said that code enforcement South Hairston Road to Klondike Road
would be photographing political and Staging area: Covington Highway at South
business signs before removing them so Hairston Road
that those responsible could be cited.
“People have spoken out,” said For more information on the Great
Callender, a volunteer who’s also president DeKalb Cleanup, contact the Office
to the homeowners’ association for a of Neighborhood Empowerment
nearby subdivision. “They don’t care (ONEDeKalb) at (404) 371-2881 or visit Volunteer Rochelle Callender shows off the bright green vests
that workers are given to identify them as members of a cleanup
whether the county or the state addresses www.onedekalb.com. team.

The stretch of Flat Shoals Parkway from I-285 to Snapfinger Road was the
first project in the Great DeKalb Cleanup campaign.
www.ChampionNewspaper.com THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2010 A Section • Page 11A

Decatur resident Robby Astrove, second from left, who is HIV-positive, and his wife Danielle Arellano, left, will participate in the AIDS Walk Atlanta. Photo provided

Love is medicine at AIDS Walk Atlanta 2010

by Pureterrah Witcher “Since then, I’ve become If that meant I’d have to get ronmental educator, was re- Atlanta area that provide es-
a peer educator. Increasingly, educated, take more precau- cently laid off. sential programs and services
In celebration of the 20th I’ve felt the need to share my tions, or consider adopting “The economy has im- to men, women and children
annual AIDS Walk Atlanta story.” a child, I’d do that, because pacted our own family. We who are infected or affected
and 5K Run, Danielle Arel- And he has. In 2009 he he’s worth it.” know people are struggling by HIV/AIDS.
lano will walk beside her told his story to the AID At- Though, the couple and that giving may be chal- With an attendance of
husband, Robby Astrove, lanta Board of Directors, and doesn’t do it alone. lenging for some, but any 10,000 participants, the Walk
who is HIV positive. Arella- they were so inspired that “We have a great family. amount to support the ser- raised $850,000 during its
no will walk not as only co- they asked him to consider Our support system is invalu- vices provided by the orga- 2009 campaign – organizers
spokesperson of the event, being the spokesperson for able and is one of the greatest nization is appreciated,” said hope to reach similar num-
but also as Astrove’s wife of that year’s walk. factors in our success,” she Arellano. bers this year.
three years. But the inspiration didn’t said. “And if you don’t have The AIDS Walk Atlanta
The “serodiscordant” stop there. Arellano, his girl- And for the couple, the money, your presence as a and 5K Run, will take place
couple, which means one friend of more than six years, value of building a support- part of the community is Sunday, Oct. 17, in Piedmont
has AIDS/HIV and the other and now wife, put a new spin ive community to fight the more than enough.” Park. For more information
does not, served as spokes- on the offer when she sug- spread of the disease is even AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K go to www.aidswalkatalanta.
persons for last year’s walk, gested they make it a family greater in tough economic Run raises funds for organi- com or call (404) 876-9255
and since then have become affair. times, as Astrove, an envi- zations throughout the metro- (WALK).
more convinced that their “It’s funny because it was
personal story will inspire actually Danielle’s idea to do
others to get educated about it with me,” said Astrove.

start here
the disease. “She said, ‘Robby let’s
“Education is the key,” do it together. They’ve never
said Astrove, of Decatur, had a couple.’”

open doors
who contracted the disease So to demonstrate that
as an infant after receiv- it is completely possible to
ing three life-saving blood prevent the disease from
transfusions in 1978. “When being spread by using con-
I found out, the first thing I doms regularly and a having
asked the doctor was, ‘what healthy, supportive compan- Learn more about October 18 Dunwoody
are we going to do now?’” ion, the couple agreed. GPC by attending October 19 Decatur
For years, he miraculous- “Last year’s walk was one one of our Fall Open October 20 Clarkston
ly carried the disease that of the most rewarding things Houses. For more
October 21 Newton
violently attacks the immune I have ever done. It was October 26 Alpharetta
system, without any major wonderful to see my loved information visit October 14, 28 Online Webinar
complications. But in July of ones together walking with start.gpc.edu (RSVP required at www.gpc.edu/studentsignup)
1995, at the age of 15, he got me in solidarity. I couldn’t
a seemingly incurable blister have thought of a better out-
on his thumb that became a
full-blown staph infection,
which led to a lengthy hos-
come,” he said.
“And through it all, my
wife has been a vital part of
Fall Open Houses at GPC
pital stay, numerous blood my medicine.”
tests and finally a diagnosis In Arellano’s mind, he When you choose Georgia Perimeter College as your starting
of AIDS/HIV. does the same for her. point, you’re setting the stage for the journey of a lifetime.
“From day one I accepted “I decided to marry Rob- Afterall, with access to the most diverse, affordable and
it, and although I was just a by, someone who happens to accessible educational opportunities in metro-Atlanta, GPC is
kid, and it’s not something have contracted AIDS/HIV. the perfect place to start opening doors. So take that first step
you’d casually share with Not the other way around,” this October at any of our upcoming Fall Open Houses, where
friends, I knew I’d be OK,” said Arellano. you can participate in a financial aid workshop and receive free Two Years That Will Change Your Life
said Astrove, who will cel- “He is just as supportive immunizations offfered to students who apply on-site or have
ebrate his 32nd birthday this and vigilant about my health. already applied for Spring 2011 semester.
November. We take care of each other.

Waiting for Superman

in DeKalb school system
by Pureterrah Witcher He makes a point. From the vantage point
DeKalb County Schools of five students who all want
At a lone theater on the has been making headlines the same thing – to go to a
corner of Cheshire Bridge lately for a myriad of better school – Guggenheim
and Lavista roads, the new reasons – mostly dealing challenges the status quo of
documentary Waiting for with former school automatic teacher tenure,

Superman opened Friday, superintendent Crawford “drop-out factories,”
Oct. 8, to a large crowd. Lewis, who was indicted teachers union political
The film about the failure in May on six counts of contributions, and school
of the U.S. public education racketeering, theft by a board bureaucracy.
system struck a chord with government employee, And the film hits close

some DeKalb residents, in bribery and falsifying public to home, considering that
light of the recent challenges documents. in DeKalb seven of its 23
facing Dekalb County In addition, claims high schools made Adequate
Schools. of nepotism and school Yearly Progress in 2010
“It was great. I give administrators found under the federal No Child

it two thumbs up. Every profiting from selling Left Behind Act.
teacher and parent in Dekalb thousands of dollars worth Still, Waiting for
County should see it,” said of their own goods to the Superman makes the case
Dawn Davison of Decatur. schools threaten to put the for both the problems and
“Our schools have a lot system under investigation solutions.
of the same issues I saw by The Southern Association Guggenheim gives
in the movie – and more. of Colleges and Schools, the examples of successful
It was definitely an eye- state’s accrediting agency. school reform happening
opener.” According to recent around the country by
The film’s message of
education reform may fall
reports, in a week’s time
SACS will determine if
looking at the work of
Geoffrey Canada, president Has DeKalbTech
on deaf ears; it is only being
shown through Oct. 14 at
a full investigation into
whether DeKalb schools
and chief executive of
the Harlem Children’s been a part of
one cinema in the metro
Still, other moviegoers
meet national accreditation
standards is necessary.
But for now, Waiting
Zone, and Michelle Rhee,
Chancellor of Washington,
D.C. Public Schools.
your life?
like Milton Jones of for Superman keeps the In the film, they
Lithonia say with more education reform debate advocate for revolutionary We want to reconnect with you
exposure Waiting for raging. school reforms such as,
Superman could lend some In the film, Academy extended school days, through our newly launched
much-needed lessons to Award-winning director Saturday school,and teacher
local school officials. Davis Guggenheim performance pay. DTC Alumni Association website!
“The movie gives a lot explores how in spite of Ultimately, Guggenheim
of good ideas about how spending more per student leaves the audience
DeKalb County can improve
the schools,” said Jones, a
than ever before in U.S.
history, and making decades
wondering, who will make
the heroic Superman-like Register at
father of two middle school of reforms attempts, U.S. education reforms so needed
boys. “But how can we
focus on that with all the
public schools have not
improved markedly since
in America – and for that
matter, in DeKalb County?
stuff you hear on the news?” the 1970s. 404-297-9522 x1139
www.ChampionNewspaper.com THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2010 A Section • Page 13A

Tucker’s Main Street

facelift under way
Long-awaited improve- Commission (ARC) selected DeKalb Board of Commis-
ments along Tucker’s Main the community of Tucker as sioners approved an overlay
Street began recently with a Livable Centers Initiative district implementing these
the partial demolition of the (LCI) Area in 2005, and the initiatives in 2007.
retail strip building adjacent
to Cofer Brothers lumber.
The building, which once
housed the Cofer Brothers
General Store in the 1960s, Bart Lester of Oakhurst Realty Partners takes part in the demoli-
tion of a retail building to commemorate the beginning of the
is now owned by Oakhurst development of Tucker’s Main Street Project as he is cheered on
Realty Partners and has by, from left, Bank of North Georgia Vice President/Branch Man-
been rebranded as The ager Michele Weston; Tucker Business Association President
Diana Robinson; Co-manager Main Street Tucker Alliance co-
Shoppes on Main. manager Honey Van De Kreke; Tucker Civic Association Presi-
“Revitalization projects dent Paul Ellingson; and Oakhurst Realty Partners Partner Fisher
are important not only to at- Paty. Photo provided
tracting new residents and
new businesses to DeKalb,
but also to improving the
overall quality of life in our DeKalb County Wants to Hear From You
county,” said CEO Burrell Regarding the Proposed Franchise Agreement Renewal
Ellis. with Comcast Cable Communications
The million-dollar make-
over that began with the Send your comments and/or concerns regarding Comcast’s current performance under
demolition on Sept. 29 will the current franchise agreement and/or the future cable-related needs and interests of
make the property the first your community to cable@co.dekalb.ga.us.
private project to conform
to the planning standards The Champion Weather Oct. 14, 2010
outlined in Tucker’s over-
lay district, ratified by the Seven Day Forecast In-Depth Local Forecast Today's Regional Map Weather History
DeKalb Board of Commis- THURSDAY
Today we will see sunny skies with a high Oct. 14, 1984 - Dense fog
temperature of 72º, humidity of 45% and an contributed to a 118-vehicle
sioners in 2007. Sunny overnight low of 44º. The record high accident on I-94, just south of
The improvements will High: 72 Low: 44 temperature for today is 87º set in 1940.
Milwaukee. It was the seventh
70/43 Lilburn
have a major positive im- Friday, skies will remain sunny with a high Smyrna Doraville 71/44 day of an eight-day stretch of
pact on the look and feel of FRIDAY temperature of 74º. 71/44 71/44 dense fog. At the time of the
Sunny Snellville
Main Street, but the timing High: 74 Low: 47 *Last Week’s Almanac Decatur
accident, the visibility was
was purposefully chosen in Date Hi Lo Normals Precip
Atlanta 72/44 reportedly close to zero.
an effort to lessen the im- SATURDAY Tuesday 70 42 76/57 0.00"
Oct. 15, 1954 - Hurricane
pact to the existing tenants Sunny Wednesday 72 41 76/57 0.00" College Park 73/44
Hazel struck the Carolina
coastline. The hurricane
and their customers, said High: 75 Low: 46 Thursday 80 45 76/56 0.00" 73/44 Morrow
demolished every pier along
Fisher Paty, a partner at Friday 81 50 75/56 0.00"
Union City
a 170 mile stretch from
SUNDAY Saturday 84 51 75/55 0.00"
Oakhurst Realty Partners. Sunny Sunday 85 50 75/55 0.00" 73/44 Myrtle Beach, S.C. to Cedar
“We chose this time be- High: 77 Low: 48 Monday 86 54 74/54 0.00" Island, N.C. and obliterated
cause the county is about to Rainfall . . . . . . .0.00" Average temp . .63.6
entire lines of beach homes.
Hurricane Hazel also
begin significant roadway MONDAY Normal rainfall . .0.71" Average normal 65.5
destroyed 1,500 homes as it
improvements,” Paty said. Mostly Sunny Departure . . . . .-0.71" Departure . . . . .-1.9
moved inland.
*Data as reported from De Kalb-Peachtree Airport
“Getting all of these im- High: 78 Low: 50
provements done at once Local Sun/Moon Chart This Week Tonight's Planets
TUESDAY Day Sunrise Sunset Moonrise Moonset
will have the least impact on Sunny First Thursday 7:41 a.m. 7:05 p.m. 2:29 p.m. Next Day Last
Rise Set
the tenants and customers of High: 79 Low: 53 10/14 Friday 7:42 a.m. 7:04 p.m. 3:05 p.m. 12:55 a.m. 10/30
Mercury 7:33 a.m. 7:04 p.m.
Venus 9:37 a.m. 7:32 p.m.
The Shoppes on Main.” Saturday 7:43 a.m. 7:02 p.m. 3:38 p.m. 1:53 a.m.
Mars 10:04 a.m. 8:27 p.m.
District 1 Commissioner WEDNESDAY Sunday 7:43 a.m. 7:01 p.m. 4:07 p.m. 2:49 a.m.
Jupiter 5:56 p.m. 5:46 a.m.
Elaine Boyer heralds the Mostly Sunny Full Monday 7:44 a.m. 7:00 p.m. 4:34 p.m. 3:44 a.m. New Saturn 6:45 a.m. 6:40 p.m.
High: 78 Low: 54
project as a new beginning 10/22 Tuesday 7:45 a.m. 6:59 p.m. 5:01 p.m. 4:38 a.m. 11/5 Uranus 5:58 p.m. 5:57 a.m.
Wednesday 7:46 a.m. 6:58 p.m. 5:28 p.m. 5:33 a.m.
for downtown Tucker.
“There are some great Local UV Index National Weather Summary This Week Weather Trivia
things in store for Main
The Northeast will see mostly clear to partly cloudy skies with scattered showers What was the costliest
Street Tucker,” Boyer said. today through Saturday, with the highest temperature of 71º in Carbondale, Ill. The hailstorm in the United
0 - 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11+ Southeast will see mostly clear to partly cloudy skies with a few showers today States?
“The renovation and up- through Saturday, with the highest temperature of 88º in Jacksonville, Fla. The Northwest will see Answer: In July 1990, Denver
grades that begin today are UV Index
mostly clear to partly cloudy skies today through Sunday, with the highest temperature of 81º in had received damages totaling
just the start of the renais- 0-2: Low, 3-5: Moderate,
6-7: High, 8-10: Very High Cutbank, Mont. The Southwest will see mostly clear skies today through Sunday, with the highest $625 million.
sance.” 11+: Extreme Exposure temperature of 100º in Palm Springs, Calif. © 2010. Accessweather.com, Inc.
SD & C Inc. in Clarkston StarWatch By Gary Becker - Low Hanging Moon
was chosen by the DeKalb The moon is well past its new phase, heading towards first quarter on Thursday at 3:39 p.m., EDT. If you have been looking for the moon, you should have noticed that
County Board of Commis- it is very low and still not dominating the evening sky. During the several months surrounding the autumnal equinox, the moon is essentially a horizon hugger, hanging
sioners as the contractor for low in the sky throughout much of the first half of its phase cycle. Just the opposite is true at the time of the vernal equinox (spring), when the moon after its new phase
that project. The scope of shoots up into the evening sky like a rocket. Currently, the sun is headed deeper into the southern sky, towards its winter solstice position which will be occurring shortly
after darkness on December 21, EST. The moon orbits the Earth at a five degree tilt to the plane of Earth’s orbit, the ecliptic, which is also the path which the sun follows in its yearly
the project includes reduc- course around the heavens. That place, where the lowest sun will be located about two and a half months into the future, is the same area of the sky where the moon is currently found
ing the number of lanes when it is near first quarter. So the moon must naturally be positioned low in the evening sky around this time of the year. There is one other hitch to creating our exceptionally low moon
along Main Street and wid- which is currently happening at the new phase. That five degree tilt of the moon’s path to the orbital plane of the Earth, almost always places the moon either above or below the eclip-
ening of the sidewalks. tic. If the moon is well below the ecliptic at new phase, as it is now, and the ecliptic is near its shallowest angle to the horizon (shallowest angle occurs on the autumnal equinox), then
the daily orbital motion of the moon allows it to gain only a small amount of altitude, and it must remain very low in the sky. This same phenomenon is responsible for the harvest (full)
The Atlanta Regional moon rising at nearly the same time for several evenings centered on the fall equinox. Good low lunar observing this week… www.astronomy.org

Above, each meal has detailed labeling that tells the customer what’s inside the package.

At left, chef Lamar takes a vegetarian selection out of the oven. Center, trays of freshly grilled chicken breasts are stacked up to await packaging. At right, workers package
meals to exact specifications. Photos by Kathy Mitchell

Ready-to-eat meal company offers gourmet

selections for a healthy lifestyle
by Kathy Mitchell Its parent company, Own, a company started day to 2,100 calories a day. seven days a week,” he said.
kathy@dekalbchamp.com Open Hand, has provided by actor Paul Newman Customers also may choose For more
nutrition-controlled meals that donates 100 percent of to buy three meals a day for information, visit www.
Folks who take time for for more than 22 years for profits from its sale of food five or seven days a week, goodmeasuremeals.com.
an after-work session at people in the community items to charity. or a dinner-only option
a fitness center might be who can’t afford proper In fact, Good Measure that’s offered either as 400
tempted to then pick up fast nutrition and may be too ill Meals in its literature or 600 calories a meal.
food rather than shop for to prepare their own meals. compares itself with other Deliveries are made
and cook a from-scratch Then in 2004, Good pre-packaged weight twice a week so that the
dinner. Such a choice–with Measure Meals began management meal options chilled, but not frozen,
the high fat, high-calorie offering ready-to-eat meals and states that few offer foods remain fresh. “All the Celebrating more than 70 Years
selections often found at fast that meet the same dietary locally prepared fresh, customer has to do is warm of Service
food restaurants–could undo standards as those for Open complete meals with options it up,” according to Collins.
much of the good from the
Hands meals to paying
customers who want to
for a range of health needs.
There are no frozen or
Meals are available at
$19.99 to $24.99 a day
But customers at such control calories or meet dehydrated foods, and the on a three-meal-a-day October 14th – Special Breakfast Meeting
– The Honorable David Strickland - You're
fitness facilities as Decatur other nutrition goals such meals are complete; the plan. “Some customers invited to hear David Strickland the
Healing Arts in East Decatur as controlling diabetes or customer doesn’t have to have told me that they are National Highway Transportation Safety
Administration Administrator share with
Station have a convenient hypertension. Still, the add fruits and vegetables saving money over what various members of the DeKalb County
option for calorie- dietician-approved dinners to round out the meal, said they had been spending on community various federal initiatives
related to highway and transportation
controlled, high-nutrition sound like selections from Collins, who noted that groceries,” he said. safety and consumer protection. Cost -
meals. Decatur Healing Arts the menu of an upscale locally grown food is used The meals are prepared $10.00 members / $25.00 General
is one of more than 80 pick- restaurant: sirloin beef when possible. He added at the same mid town
locations for Good Measure strips en sauce Espagnole, that meals are created by a facilities where Open Hand October 14th – ½ Day Email Marketing
Mega Workshop – Presented by Constant
Meals, an Atlanta-based pecan-crusted tilapia filets, chef and a dietician working Meals are prepared and Contact. Free to attend. Visit
ready-to-eat gourmet meal backyard barbecued grilled together and adhering packaged. However, Open www.dekalbchamberofcommerce.org to
sign up.
company. Customers can steak or Greek-cooked to dietary guidelines set Hand uses volunteers for
also arrange to have meals– chicken breasts. by such organizations as some of its kitchen work; October 20th - Network DeKalb Leads
Group – Fourth Quarter . Take part in a
delivered in refrigerated Good Measure Meals is the American Diabetics Good Measure Meals are all pure Networking Program. Lunch Served.
vehicles–brought to their a for-profit company, but Association, the American handled only by staff. Location: Courtyard by Marriott. To
register, visit www.dekalbchamber.org.
homes or workplaces. all profits are rolled back Dietetic Association “It’s just the way you’d COST: $10.00- Members (advance) /
Good Measure Meals is into Open Hand. “We’re and the American Heart cook a meal at home–just on $15.00 (door) /$20.00 Non-members.

an organization put together the Paul Newman of the Association. a larger scale,” Collins said.
from a unique recipe, one meal business,” said Good Customers may choose That larger scale involves
that combines a charitable Measure Meals Marketing an all-vegetarian menu, a churning out some 10,000
and a commercial venture as Vice President Elston diabetic menu, a no-seafood meals a week.
well as dietitian-prescribed Collins, comparing the menu and from four calorie “The kitchen is in
For more information on DeKalb Chamber related
events or to receive email updates, call 404-378-
meals and gourmet flavors. organization with Newman’s levels–from 1,200 calories a operation around the clock, 8000 or visit www.dekalbchamber.org
www.ChampionNewspaper.com THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2010 A Section • PAGE 15A

Willie Hill: Dry cleaner by day/soul singer after dark

by Gale Horton Gay

By day Willie Hill is an affable,

soft-spoken merchant who runs a
dry cleaning business in Pine Lake.
He takes in soiled garments, over-
sees the process of getting them
cleaned and pressed, and returns
clothing and household goods to
their owners.
However when night falls, par-
ticularly on the weekends, Willie
Hill undergoes a transformation.
Standing in a spotlight with a mi-
crophone in his hand, Hill changes
into a dynamic R&B singer who
intimately knows how to work a
room. Affable gives way to charis-
matic. Gone are the blue jeans and
nondescript shirt; Hill may appear in
an electric blue suit with a dusting
of sequins and rhinestones on his
sleeves and shoulders.
And Hill, 64, belts out song af-
ter song in a powerful, sultry voice
backed by a four-piece band of guys
he’s been playing with for years.
One night while working the
small lounge at the Take 2 Interna-
tional Bistro on Rockbridge Road—
directly across the street from his
dry cleaning business—Hill worked
that room like it was a major ven-
ue—weaving his way up and down
the narrow aisle, getting face to face Photo by Gale Horton Gay
with one female patron here, croon-
ing to another over there. The audi-
ence loved it, demonstrated by their hopeful for music careers. Two piec-
applause, howls and shouts of “all es of advice he offers are:
Hill is a seasoned professional at • Be sure to take care of the legali-
all this. ties of the business first. It’s not
He got his start back when he just performing, it’s a business.
was a boy growing up in Albany.
His father, Homer Hill, was a gos- • Learn the business, read about it so
pel pianist and vocalist; and son you won’t go into it blind.
learned at his father’s knee. Singing
in church gave way to singing on A resident of Stone Mountain
the road with his dad. since 1987, Hill now lives in Decatur
“I just kinda picked it up natu- and got into the dry cleaning busi-
rally,” said Hill of his start. ness several years ago in an effort to
While in the military during the help out his niece.
‘60s he ventured into secular mu- Although Hill “retired” from the
sic–the blues, acid rock and R&B. many side jobs he’s held over the
Eventually he landed a three-year years in insurance and real estate,
tour of Europe with the Sounds of he hasn’t been able to turn away
Soul. Through the years, Hill has from music. The Willie Hill Band
performed with artists such as B.B. is made up of his younger brother
King, Bobby Blue Bland, Aretha guitarist Freddie Beyah, drummer
Franklin, Al Green, Janis Joplin, John Khalwefa and bass player
Jimi Hendrix and others. Record- Greg Pryor, who’s been with him
ing contracts followed with af- for 10 years, and keyboardist Royal
filiations with artists such as Isaac Joyner, who’s been with the band
Hayes, Steve Cropper, Booker T for three years.
& the MGs, and he proudly points Their upcoming performance
One of Hill’s CD covers. schedule includes venues in Tennes-
out that he co-founded and produced
K.C. and the Sunshine Band. With “Money came and went,” he toward current artists and their lucra- see, Texas, Florida and Mississippi.
singer Anthony Fontaine, Hill re- said, noting that in 1981 he was tive deals. In fact, he’s pleased to see Locally, they perform at Dugan’s on
leased three albums: Grooving on worth $2.6 million. He admits he hip hop artists and others building Memorial Drive and Take 2. Hill also
Sunday Afternoon, Selfish Lover and was ignorant and naïve in his earlier empires much more independently is considering a Caribbean tour and
In a Mellow Mood. And in recent days, signing contracts without law- and controlling their careers in a venturing into plays and other musi-
years he’s toured the South with yers and operating without accoun- way that wasn’t possible during his cal projects.
Millie Jackson, Candy Staton and tants. Then the IRS came calling for prime, he said. “I love it. I love doing it,” said
others. back-due taxes. Hill uses his rage-to-riches/ Hill of performing. “That’s my life.
However despite that success, “I made a lot of mistakes,” said riches-to-rags experience to counsel That’s what I do. I would rather do
Hill is now without the fortune he Hill. three of his four sons who are in that than anything else I can think
once amassed. However, he harbors no ill-will the music industry as well as youth of.”

CDC chief picks six ‘winnable battles’ in health

by Mike Stobbe efforts to prevent it and better diag- provements if available money and money.
nose and treat people who already manpower are focused. “We’re in the position of focus-
ATLANTA (AP) Where would are infected. “In each of these areas we know ing pretty much on what we can get
you start if you were charged with Hepatitis B and C already are what to do to make a difference and federal funds for,” said Will Hum-
keeping the nation healthy? Dr. “badly neglected” by the CDC, and we need to do it to a much greater ble, director of the Arizona Depart-
Thomas Frieden, director of the their omission from Frieden’s win- extent,” he said. ment of Health Services.
Centers for Disease Control and nable battles list is more bad news, Frieden, with a low-key demean- Humble and several other public
Prevention, has chosen six pri- said Bruce Burkett, past president or, has said relatively little about health leaders applaud Frieden’s
orities—winnable battles, he calls of the National Hepatitis C Advo- this to the public, though he seems priorities as an overdue attempt to
them. cacy Council. to be building support within the narrow the public health message
They are smoking, AIDS, obe- “I was very disappointed that public health community. and better market health improve-
sity/nutrition, teen pregnancy, auto it wasn’t on there. This is going There is some nervousness about ment to Americans.
injuries and health care infections. to affect millions by not being on how far Frieden’s going to take this. “You can’t market if your mes-
These are long-standing, major there,” he said. “I think everyone is going to be sage is too diffuse,” Humble said.
challenges that get a lot of attention Frieden, who took over CDC in cautious in how the focus on win- “If we’re all on the same page and
already. June last year, already had a reputa- nable battles is balanced against working in the same direction, we
But elevating a handful of prob- tion as something of a public health other areas” that are also deemed can get a lot more momentum.”
lems above dozens of others is a maverick. When he started his pre- important but may not be as easy This isn’t how many public
bold move for a public health offi- vious job as New York City’s health to dent, said Jeff Levi, who heads health officials traditionally oper-
cial. So far, it’s been received like a commissioner in 2002, he began by Trust for America’s Health, a re- ate, partly because they tend to
bucket of cold water—invigorating identifying the city’s most pressing search group. worry about alienating employees,
some, infuriating others. health issues. He led campaigns to Top CDC officials have been legislators and advocates, observed
Many advocates, legislators and ban smoking in the workplace, tax quick to say they have no intention Stanton Glantz, a University of
others in public health have devoted soda, cut salt in processed foods, of walking away from other public California-San Francisco expert on
their lives to problems that did not and ban artificial trans fats in res- health missions. They couldn’t even the health effects of smoking.
make Frieden’s short list. So there taurants. if they wanted to, because much Other top federal health officials
are complaints. It’s no surprise that he is boldly of the agency’s funding is directed have not been as specific. U.S. Sur-
A CDC employee blog is pep- painting targets at the CDC, said to certain causes by Congress. Ac- geon General Dr. Regina Benja-
pered with postings like, “I guess Dr. Jo Ivey Boufford, president of cording to one estimate, less than min, the government’s chief health
climate change is not a battle worth the New York Academy of Medi- one-tenth of 1 percent of CDC’s educator, has made the broader
winning,”’ and “Don’t we still owe cine. She’s a fan of Frieden’s who $6.6 billion budget is discretion- themes of prevention and wellness
the patients of tomorrow an invest- worked with him as a member of an ary money that can be channeled her focus.
ment in things that may not pay off advisory council to the city health into the winnable battles campaign. But Frieden clearly has the
immediately?” department. Indeed, the agency has been asking blessing of his Obama administra-
Some advocates wonder aloud Frieden’s CDC job, ironically, for more flexibility. tion bosses to set clear targets.
just how targeted federal public does not provide the same kind of But there’s power in perception, “Getting focused, and getting
health dollars are going to be. A power he had in New York City especially concerning CDC’s grant some quick wins under your belt,
particular point of concern is hepa- to engineer bans or tax increases. money to states. Nearly a quarter is terribly important,” said Victor
titis C, a long under-recognized But Frieden calls his new short of that is targeted at the six battle Strecher, a University of Michigan
liver-destroying virus that has in- list “winnable battles” because, he areas, which already were major health behavior expert.
fected more than 3 million Ameri- said, proven programs can save areas of interest. State health of- Progress in these areas has long
cans. Some experts consider the lives and reduce harm from each of ficers say they’re acutely aware of been measured by health statistics.
issue a ticking time bomb and have these health problems. He believes Frieden’s priorities and want him to What exactly will constitute a win?
called for the government to step up government can make dramatic im- know it when they apply for CDC Frieden hasn’t said yet.

“No mother should have to visit

her daughter in a cemetery.”

“Mothers who allow their daughters to tan are putting

them at a huge risk.

My daughter, Jaime, spent time in the sun and

frequently used tanning beds. I didn’t know how
dangerous they were.

One person an hour dies from melanoma.

Jaime’s hour was at 1:00 p.m., Friday, March 16, 2007.

I hope no one else has to mark his or her hour.”

-Donna Regen

Learn more about Jaime’s skin cancer story at www.aad.org/PSA

www.ChampionNewspaper.com THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2010 A Section • Page 17A

ATLANTA Georgia football game. Pizza, bratwurst, buffalo
wings, chips and salsa, popcorn, pretzels and
services and to provide support and counsel to
individuals diagnosed with breast cancer and
cake will be provided. The event also includes their families.
Callanwolde band starts 39th season
prizes and live entertainment from Judy For additional information contact Zenna
The Callanwolde Concert Band presents the Boehm. All guests who tour the facility will be Farley-Williams at zfarley2@msn.com or (404)
first concert in its 39th season Sunday, Oct. 17, entered into a drawing to win two free airline 226-5011.
at 2 p.m. With Raymond Handfield conducting, tickets to anywhere in the continental United
featured work on the program will be a suite States. The Regency House is located at 341
from Water Music by Georg Frideric Handel. Winn Way, Decatur. There is no cost to attend. Library to host book sale
Other works include the overture to I Vespri For more information, call The Regency House
Siciliani by Giuseppe Verdi, a medley from at (404) 296-1152. Friends of the Redan-Trotti Library are host-
the musical Evita and a selection of Woody ing a 2 Day Book Sale starting Friday, Oct. 15,
Herman favorites. The band, a community Electronics recycling announced from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the library which is lo-
organization for nearly 40 years, is regarded cated at 1569 Wellborn Road, Lithonia.
as DeKalb County’s premier symphonic wind
ensemble. Tickets are available only at the door. The fall Decatur Electronics Recycling Day
Callanwolde Fine Arts Center is located at 980 is set for Saturday, Oct. 30, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Briarcliff Road, NE, Atlanta. General admission Anyone can bring old electronics to the Decatur
is $10; admission for students/seniors, Atlanta High School parking lot at the corner of North
Artscard and Atlanta Planit members is $5.
PBA Advantage members receive two for one
McDonough Street and West Howard Avenue.
Styrofoam cannot be accepted this year, but STONE MOUNTAIN
admission. For more information, visit www. televisions can be recycled for $10 cash, exact
calcb.org. change. Those interested in volunteering at Stephenson parents, students to show off
the Electronics Recycling Day can contact culinary skills
Community yard sale set Sandy Johnson at (404) 377-5571. For more
information, visit www.decaturga.com. Stephenson High School PTSA and Ste-
Embry Hills United Methodist Church
is hosting its annual community yard sale phenson Middle School are sponsoring A Taste
Saturday, Nov. 13, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Ellison to speak at NAACP dinner of Stephenson, Saturday, Oct. 30, 11 a.m. - 4
An 8-foot table can be reserved for $20 p.m. at Stephenson High School. This family
before Oct. 30 and for $25 after that date. The The DeKalb County Branch of the National event, which also includes a health fair, a re-
sale will be held rain or shine inside the Family Association for the Advancement of Colored cycling drop, community outreach projects, en-
Life Center. Embry Hills UMC is located on People (NAACP) has announced that Marvin R. tertainment and more, is designed to promote
Henderson Mill Road, near the intersection with Ellison, executive vice president of U.S. stores community pride through green initiatives, re-
Chamblee Tucker. for The Home Depot will deliver the keynote cycling, “Keep DeKalb Clean” campaign, code
Clubs, churches, schools, youth groups and address at its 54th annual Freedom Fund enforcement and academic excellence. Plus,
individuals are invited to participate. Special Awards Dinner. The black tie event is scheduled
advertising will be included for crafters offering Stephenson parents and students will have
for Saturday, Oct. 23, at Holiday Inn Convention the opportunity to show off their culinary skills.
holiday gift and craft shopping. A community
organization will accept donations of unsold Plaza, Decatur. The reception and silent auction Participants in each food category will compete
items owners don’t wish to cart home. will start at 6 p.m. and the dinner is scheduled for the title Stephenson’s Iron Chef. Adult tick-
In addition to the yard sale, shoppers can to start at 7 p.m. With the theme “One Nation, ets are $5 and include five sampling tickets;
also browse additional items at the Thrifty Store One Dream,” the event will reflect on the additional sampling tickets are 50 cents each.
behind the church, open every Saturday until branch history in DeKalb County. The master Stephenson High School is located at 701 Ste-
noon. For more information, call (678) 451-5846. of ceremonies will be WSB-TV news reporter phenson Road, Stone Mountain. For more in-
Tom Jones. Individual tickets start at $75 and formation, e-mail: stephensonhighptsa@yahoo.
corporate sponsorships are still available. For com

more information, contact Marketa Killingsbeck
at (404) 241-8006.

AutumnFest scheduled
Avondale Estates AutumnFest takes place
Oct. 23-24, across from City Hall. The yearly
LITHONIA Candidate forum set
fall celebration will host more than 60 regional Breast cancer awareness event scheduled
artists and craftsmen selling original paintings, Tucker Civic Association, Smoke Rise
folk art, metal sculpture, ceramics, photography, As an effort to recognize October as Breast Community Association, Main Street Tucker
glass, jewelry and textiles. Also on site for visi- Cancer Awareness month, Breast Cancer Alliance and Tucker Business Association are
tors will be food and drinks, an art show, and Survivors- Sisters…By Choice Support Group co-sponsoring a candidate forum on Thursday,
recreational activities for children. 40 and Under and the Stone Mountain- Lithonia Oct. 21, beginning 7:30 p.m., at the First
(SMLAC) chapter of Delta Sigma Theta sorority Baptist Ministry Center, 2367 Main Street,
will host “A Just For You – Eternal Love & Tucker. The forum is open to candidates in

DECATUR Support Day” on Thursday, Oct. 28 at 7: p.m. at

Georgia Center for Total Cancer Care at DeKalb
contested races for state and local offices
representing the Smoke Rise and Tucker
Regency House to hold Oktoberfest party Hillandale, 2745 DeKalb Medical Parkway in area. DeKalb Superior Court Judge C. J.
Lithonia. Becker will serve as moderator. Questions can
The Regency House retirement community Sisters…By Choice, Inc. seeks to be a be submitted at the forum, or in advance by
invites the public to its Oktoberfest Tailgate leading provider of programs and efforts e-mailing vicepresident@tuckercivic.org. For
Party on Oct. 16 from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. The that increase Breast Cancer education and more information, contact TCA President Paul
Regency House will be showing the University of awareness, to deliver detection and treatment Ellingson at president@tuckercivic.org or (770)

GPC hosts science

fair academy for
middle schoolers
Georgia Perimeter Col- pants in the Science Fair
lege is helping DeKalb Academy. Previous science
County sixth graders ace fair winners will attend the
their next science competi- academy to help students
tion. Using a Science Tech- develop high-quality sci-
nology, Engineering and ence fair projects.
Mathematics project grant, The goal of the academy
the college has joined with is to get students more in-
DeKalb County School terested in science, Leggett-
System to form a Science Robinson said. “Studies
Fair Academy. show that most students
Approximately 20 mid- who perform well in sci-
dle school students from ence fair competitions usu-
five DeKalb County Title 1 ally go on to major in sci-
schools are enrolled in the ence,” she said.
new Science Fair Academy. Working together and
GPC science professor Joann Lee Joyner helps a sixth grader work on a project at the Georgia Pe-
The academy will meet at sharing best practices, the rimeter College Science Fair Academy. Photo provided
GPC Clarkston Campus college and middle school
once a month through Janu- faculty hope to offer op-
ary. The next meeting is portunities, resources and
Oct. 23. mentoring that students
Students participate in often don’t receive during
hands-on activities led by the science fair process.
GPC faculty, middle school The team hopes that the ap-
teachers and Georgia Pe- proach will result in well
rimeter student volunteers. done and creative science Office of School Improvement
“We hope to engage fair projects, Leggett-Rob-
students and expose them inson said. Presents

Blazing New Trails

to new ideas,” said Pamela Organizers hope to ex-
Leggett-Robinson, chair pand the academy in the
of the science department future to accept more stu-
at GPC Dunwoody Cam- dents. Educators plan to
pus. “We help them prepare continue working with cur-
projects that can really rent participants next year Together We Will Make a Difference
compete in a science fair. when these students are in
They often don’t get the the seventh grade, and then
assistance or mentoring, or bring in another set of sixth
don’t have the resources to graders, Leggett-Robinson A free half-day Title I Annual Meeting
offer creative science proj- said. Parental Involvement Conference
ects.” “We want to open up a
In addition, business whole new world to these Saturday, October 16, 2010
leaders from major cor- students so they can discov-
porations, including Coca er that science is fun and 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Cola, Inc., Cisco Systems creative,” she said.
and EMC, mentor partici- Stone Mountain Middle School, 4301 Sarr Parkway, Stone Mountain, GA 30083
Light refreshments will be served at 8:00 a.m.

Georgia Perimeter College hosts Mr. Joseph B. Washington, author of “Breaking the Spirit of Average” will be the
South’s largest Asian film festival keynote speaker. He is a dynamic motivator with the gift of empowering people who
are addressing life’s daily challenges. Mr. Washington will also present two work-
shops on parenting. In addition, a variety of other workshops will be offered to assist
A Japanese woman Film Festival, which con- parents with the educational career of their children.
mistakenly takes a foreign tinues through Oct. 23.
ministry assignment in “This is the largest Asian New this year, there will be an expanded selection of workshops for parents of special
Haiti, thinking she’s going film festival in the South,” education students.
to Tahiti. Members of an said Eric Kendrick, GPC
Americanized Vietnamese assistant professor of Eng- The workshops include: Mathematics and Reading for all grade levels, Special
family clashes with their lish as a Second Language. Education, and Early Childhood Workshops.
“old school” dad; and a Ko- Kendrick has helped co-
rean single mom fights to ordinate the film festival Special activities and guest speakers are planned for Middle and High School Stu-
release her jailed son. These for five years. GPC joins dents.
are just some of the themes Emory University, Georgia
represented in nine films State University and the Language translators will be available for some workshops and childcare for school
being shown during three University of West Georgia age children will be provided. We will also have exhibits featuring the DeKalb County
weekends at Georgia Pe- in hosting the three-week School System, various community agencies, and educational companies.
rimeter College Dunwoody event.
Campus. They are all part “This film festival is
of the sixth annual Asian committed to showing films Door prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the conference!
For more information, call Jackie Marshall at 678-676-0376.
See GPC on Page 19A
www.ChampionNewspaper.com THE CHAMPION FREE PRESS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2010 A Section • Page 19A
Continued From Page 18A
School system close to choosing search firm
from all over Asia,” Kend- by Robert Naddra based in Cedar Rapids, assisted in 16 superintendent said.
rick said. Countries repre- robert@dekalbchamp.com Iowa, has done school searches in the state since Five of the nine school
sented in this year’s films executive searches since May 2009, including the board seats will be contested
include the Philippines, The search for a new 1975, according to the Fayette County and Newton in next month’s election.
Japan, Korea, Indonesia, DeKalb County Schools agency’s Web site. The County systems. The GSBA Lewis was fired in April
China, Taiwan and Viet- superintendent advanced last firm has been “extremely presently is assisting in two in the face of corruption
nam. Highlights of the fes- week as the school board successful in recruiting searches. charges involving the school
tival include a special ap- narrowed the list of search women, minorities and non- Board member H. Paul system’s building and
pearance of the Vietnamese firms to two. traditional candidates for Womack said he expects construction department. He
actor Chi Pham, the lead The board will choose school districts,” according the search to continue into was indicted on racketeering
character in the film All either Ray & Associates or to the site. All of the firm’s 2011. and bribery charges, among
About Dad, and a special the Georgia School Boards consultants have at least “There are some on the others.
introduction to the Japanese Association to help it select 15 years experience in the board who think we can find Ramona Tyson has
movie Miracle Banana, by a replacement for former school executive search [a superintendent] in the been serving as the
Japanese Consul General superintendent Crawford field. next couple of months but I school system’s interim
Takuji Hanatani. Lewis. The Georgia School think it’s going to be a job superintendent since the
“GPC Dunwoody has Ray & Associates, Boards Association has for the new board,” Womack dismissal of Lewis.
a large Asian-American
student population, and
School board to
we have also had a lot of
faculty involved in various Continued From Page 9A
Asian initiatives over the
years, both within the col-
lege and the university sys-
tem,” Kendrick said. “This
decide on how to use in need of repair and renovation.
In a school system troubled by criminal charges
against the superintendent and other high ranking of-
annual festival is always a
great opportunity for our stimulus money ficials as well as accusations of unethical behavior by
administrators and board members, challengers touted
students and the community the need for new blood on the board while veterans like
to be exposed to different by Robert Naddra board by Turk. Roberts insisted that experience is needed to set matters
cultures.” robert@dekalbchamp.com “Our employees need right.
All films have English some relief right now while Jaques Hall Jr., who graduated from Lakeside High
subtitles and will be shown The DeKalb County we have money to do that School five years ago, is taking on District 5 incumbent
at GPC Dunwoody, Build- School System has $18.3 because they have sup- Jay Cunningham. He acknowledged that he has had
ing C Auditorium, 2101 million in federal stimulus ported this system without no experience in office, but said that his approach, stay-
Womack Road, Dunwoody, money it can use to offset their earned step increases,” ing in close touch with people in the community, would
except when otherwise a projected $50 million in board member Sarah Cope- make a difference. “We are at a crossroads. We need to
noted. The following is a next year’s budget. lin-Wood said. come together.”
list of the films, country, The shortfall was cre- A step increase would Cunningham, however, said that the ability to bring
and show times. GPC fac- ated because of a $2 billion only create more problems together board members with divergent points of view
ulty, staff and students can shortfall to next year’s bud- in the future, Womack said. has been one of his strengths. He said the board is mov-
attend all screenings on get on the state level. “If teachers get a 3 per- ing in the right direction although there is still a lot
the Dunwoody Campus for But how to use that mon- cent increase now and then more work to be done. He said that he feels the system
free. Individual show tick- ey is the source of debate they lose their job next has nothing to fear from an investigation by The South-
ets are $8 for adults, $5 for among school board mem- year, then this increase isn’t ern Association of Colleges and Schools, the state’s ac-
children. A $20 all-access bers. Chief financial officer worth anything,” Womack crediting agency.
film pass is also available. Marcus Turk presented the said. “I want to keep teach- Ella Smith, a former teacher in Fulton, Gwinnett
board with several options ers in the classroom.” and DeKalb counties and a District 9 candidate, said
The remaining schedule is for the funds at a meeting The board also is debat- that her career experience especially qualified her to
as follows: last week. ing what to do with a more oversee the school system. “I have been an educator for
The board voted this year than $30 million surplus in 33 years,” she said. “Education has been my whole life.
Saturday, Oct. 16 to cut retirement funding Special Local Option Sales Things have changed and the DeKalb County School
2 p.m. Red and White (In- and create seven furlough Tax funds. The board re- System hasn’t changed. We need to look at current
donesia) days. Giving employees a cently was presented with trends.”
4 p.m. Mother (Korea) raise now will create the a list of $80 million in con- Elder said her background as a certified public ac-
need for bigger cuts next struction projects through- countant, real estate appraiser and contract investiga-
Sunday, Oct. 17 year. out the system. There are tor would bring to the board skills that are particularly
2 p.m. Lost Harmony (Ja- H. Paul Womack, chair- 146 schools and centers in needed right now. Faced with multimillion-dollar
pan) Free. man of the board’s budget the county system. spending decisions, she said, the board needs her type
committee, is in favor of Among the top priorities of expertise.
Saturday, Oct. 23 (Build- putting money back into a is reconstruction of Cham- District 1 candidate Nancy Jester, a former actuarial
ing A, Room 2200) tax-sheltered annuity for blee High School, similar consultant, also cited her financial background as an
2 p.m. Artemisia (Taiwan) teachers and administrators. to the project at Tucker asset needed to address the system’s problems. “To re-
4 p.m. Cow (China) “If we have $18.3 mil- High that is scheduled for form the school system, we have to reform the budget,”
lion in stimulus funds, I’d completion this school year. she said.
In addition to the show- rather it have a one-time, Womack said he is in favor Corey Wilson, a business manager, was the only
ings at GPC, the films will no repeat consequence to of giving $10 million to the District 3 candidate at the forum since incumbent Sar-
be shown at Emory Uni- the budget,” Womack said. Coralwood Diagnostic Cen- ah Copelin-Wood was not present. He said the school
versity, Georgia State Uni- “If we give a step increase, ter. The school, for students system needs courageous leadership—“people who are
versity and the University it will only exacerbate the ages 3 to 6, mixes students willing to do what is unpopular if it’s the right thing.”
of West Georgia. For more problem.” with disabilities with typi- He said that current ethics guidelines probably don’t go
information and for addi- Some board members fa- cally developing students. far enough. “We need to be very transparent in all our
tional locations and times, vor a 3 percent step increase The surplus was cre- dealings,” he said.
go to www.atlaff.org. putting money into the ated because of decreased
retirement fund. Restoring construction costs and bet-
furlough days and a cost of ter planning on how to use
living increase were other to system’s $513 million
options presented to the SPLOST fund.

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familial status.

Athletics architect
Morrow, 88, remembered for building foundation in DeKalb
by Mark Brock well known for his you did something wrong in DeKalb state of Georgia,” Sebree said. “We
hard work all across County you would have a price to still work to meet his standards of
DeKalb County not only Georgia, but pay.” treating all the schools, coaches and
Schools lost one of its the country.” Henderson continued, “His athletes fairly while expecting them
all-time athletic greats Armstead grew legacy of the structure of DeKalb to do the right thing on and off the
with the passing Oct. 2 up playing basket- County athletics is something we field.”
of Elmer Morrow. He ball at Clarkston and still live by today and no one will Morrow taught and coached five
was 88. became friends with forget what he did, being fair while sports at Druid Hills High School
The Greenville, Morrow while playing hiring the best and brightest to work from 1949 to 1961, winning three
S.C., native took over in all-star games he in the school system.” boys’ basketball state champion-
the duties of athletic coached. “We became Former DeKalb County athletic ships [1953-54, 1957] and also lead-
director and head of great friends as did our director (1986-1991) and Lakeside ing Druid Hills to its only state play-
the DeKalb County wives. We travelled to High School principal (1970-83), off appearance in football in 1956.
Schools’ physical the Kentucky Derby John Kicklighter, worked with Morrow was 191-74 as a basket-
education department together and even an Morrow as a principal dealing with ball coach including a 27-0 record
in 1958. Morrow re- Morrow Orange Bowl.” the everyday problems of athletics on the way to the 1953 Class A state
mained as head of both Former DeKalb in his school. title. With more titles in 1954 and
until 1979 when Billy Armstead County Schools Athletic Director “Elmer was dedicated to his job 1957, Druid Hills became the first
took over the athletic director posi- Charlie Henderson [2002-07], in- and any time you called he would DeKalb County school to win back-
tion. Morrow continued heading up terviewed for the Druid Hills boys’ discuss things with you,” Kicklight- to-back titles and the first school to
the physical education department basketball coaching position in 1978 er said. “He was quick with an an- win three state titles.
until his retirement in 1983. and credits Morrow with developing swer because he was always on top His 1956 football team went
“I never hesitated to call on El- the structure the DeKalb athletic de- of things and did a great job build- 11-1-1 to reach the Class AA state
mer because he was always there partment lives by today. ing the athletic department.” playoffs, which remains Druid Hills’
to help,” said Armstead. “I didn’t “I had to sit down with him face- Current DeKalb County Athletic only state playoff appearance. The
have to change anything when I to-face to get approval to become Director Ron Sebree knows about Red Devils defeated Rockmart
took over. He had a good staff in the head boys’ basketball coach at the foundation Morrow laid and in the first round before falling to
place and I really can’t take credit Druid Hills,” said Henderson. “Any- his commitment that built DeKalb eventual state champion Valdosta in
for anything in athletics in DeKalb. one who was hired had to sit down County Athletics. the second round.
He ran it tight. He was even named with him and face him eye-to-eye “Coach Morrow did so much A memorial service for Morrow
athletic director of the year on a before being approved. He was a to get athletics in DeKalb County was held Oct. 8 at A. S. Turner and
national level once [1980]. He was no-nonsense person and you knew if recognized as one of the tops in the Sons in Decatur.

Bullish Chamblee eyes historic playoff run

by Matt Amato work and an effort to build rap- sweeping the Bulldogs to take first determinant of the fairy tale’s con-
Chamblee softball coach Adri- port,” said the coach. “They prac- place in the region, putting one tinuation.
enne Keathley gave her players a tice hard and have a lot of heart. over on the two-time defending “She’s amazing – so well disci-
well-deserved rest last weekend. During the regular season in the AAAA state champions remains plined and composed,” said Keath-
The Lady Bulldogs had just played games we lost, they were tight, the year’s high point. ley. “She’s been doing it since she
five straight days, finished runner- and the girls overcame that adver- “There were tears of emotion was young. Even in losses, she had
up in the Region 6-AAAA tour- sity to win [the next game].” coming from parents,” said Keath- eight, nine and 10 strikeouts.”
nament and clinched home field And there are plenty of recent ley. “It was special.” Bell received support from a
advantage for the first round of the examples to suggest a deep play- During the regular season, pair of underclassmen on offense.
state playoffs.
The break, though, came with

‘We want to establish a

one promise. Monday’s practice
would be grueling in anticipation
of Wednesday’s knockout matchup
against Habersham Central in
the first round of the state AAAA
Chamblee is making its first
state playoff appearance in five
years and a win would put the
program to look out for.’
Bulldogs in the second round for
the first time in 15 years. The
team’s 13-5 record is the most off run isn’t beyond Chamblee. Chamblee notched six straight Aijah Crockett batted .606 and
wins since 2005. Keathley points to wins in the wins to post a 13-5 record. Pitcher Jessie Bragg hit .564 for the Bull-
“Five games in five days is 6-AAAA tournament over Dun- Erin Bell has been the most con- dogs, and drove in 16 runs each.
rough,” said Keathley, in her first woody and Marist as a measure of sistent top performer throughout, Regardless of the result in the
season at Chamblee. “But we’ll be her team’s resolve. recording 111 strikeouts during first round against Habersham, Ke-
picking up the intensity.” Losing to both in the regular the regular season. She posted a athley said she believes the foun-
However, a little hard work season, Chamblee took revenge 10-3 record with a 0.50 earned run dation for a respectable program
shouldn’t be a stretch for a team over Dunwoody a week later, and average. has been laid this season.
that prides an unlikely playoff ap- stunned powerhouse Marist in a Bell also was one of the top “We’re going to try and make
pearance on its attitude in practice. come-from-behind victory teem- hitters in the county this season, history [against Habersham],” she
“It’s a combination of hard ing with emotion. with a .737 batting average and said. “We want to establish a pro-
While Marist had the last say, 14 RBIs. Her productivity is a key gram to look out for.”

Stephenson 22, Newton 16: Willie
Davis, a South Florida commit, ran
for 125 yards and two touchdowns
while Mike Davis had 117 yards
rushing and scored on an 87-yard
kickoff return for the Jaguars (6-0,
3-0 Region 2-AAAAA). Defensive
end Jarountay Jones had three key
sacks and led the defense.

Marist 6, Lakeside 3 (OT): Austin

Hardin kicked a 27-yard field goal
in overtime to lift the War Eagles
(5-1, 5-1 Region 6-AAAA). It was
the third game for the War Eagles
this season to be decided in overtime
or in the final seconds of regulation.
Lakeside’s Alejandro Gonzalez
kicked a 27-yard field goal to tie
the game with 42 seconds remain-
ing in the fourth quarter. Marist
then blocked a Gonzalez attempt in
overtime before Hardin kicked the
game-winner. Jason Morris led
Marist with 116 yards on 14 carries.
Marist’s Miles Willis and Justin
Olderman each blocked a field goal
attempt. Keller Carlock led the
War Eagles’ defense with 12 tackles.
Danny Homrich had eight tackles
and Greg Taboada had seven.

Tucker 32, Mays 10: The Tigers

(6-0, 6-0 Region 6-AAAA) rolled
up 402 yards rushing and four touch-
downs against Mays (5-1, 5-1).
Stephenson running back Willie Davis (1) delivers a stiff arm to a would-be tackler. Photos by Travis Hudgons
N’Quan Maggett rushed for 71
yards and two touchdowns, quarter-
back Norman Hayes added 90 yards yards and another score. Deion Co-
and one touchdown and Rondell hen caught a touchdown pass. Ja-
Simons had 63 yards rushing and a vourice Grace led the defense with
score. Bashr Coles led the ground 19 tackles. Also, Keshawn Sibley,
attack with 169 yards rushing. Josi- Antonio Jackson and Kaleel
mar Olmos kicked field goals of 31 Hasan each had an interception for
and 26 yards. the Raiders.

M.L. King 26, Luella 0: Demarco Southwest DeKalb 28, Dunwoody

Robinson caught six passes, four for 6: Quarterback Andre Wilson com-
touchdowns, for 150 yards for the pleted 7 of 12 passes for 195 yards
Lions (4-2, 2-0 Region 2-AAAAA). and three touchdowns for the Pan-
Junior quarterback Jonquel Dawson thers (4-2, 4-2 Region 6-AAAA).
completed 14 of 29 passes for 250 William Goodwin, Moses Charles
and four touchdowns. He also threw and Desmond Douglas each caught
an interception. Defensively, the Li- touchdown passes. Kicker Obio
ons twice forced Luella to turn the Jones handled the punting duties
ball over on downs inside the M.L. for the first time and averaged 44.1
King 10-yard-line. Patrick Calla- yards on three punts. Defensively,
way led the Lions with 15 tackles. Anthony Allen was in on 14 tack-
Ahmed Mohammad added seven les and Toran Davis had nine tack-
tackles and Alan Carson had six les and returned an interception 27
tackles and an interception. yards for a touchdown.

Miller Grove 12, Douglass 0: Stone Mountain 45, Towers 0:

Brandon Jackson-Bell rushed for Quarterback Jhyree Harris threw
125 yards and a touchdown to lead three touchdown passes, Willie
the Wolverines (2-4, 2-4 Region Parker ran for two touchdowns
6-AAAA). The defense, which regis- and Mike Collins ran for one score
tered eight sacks and an interception, for the Pirates (4-3, 2-2 Region
was led by Cedric Fluker, Maso 5-AAA). Also, Tim Webster recov-
Moon and Edward Baety. ered a blocked punt in the end zone
for a touchdown. Officials stopped
Redan 30, Chamblee 8: The Raid- the game with less than seven min-
ers (4-2, 4-2 Region 6-AAAA) utes remaining in the game after a
scored three touchdowns in the Towers player was called for a per-
fourth quarter to break an 8-8 tie sonal foul and several Towers play-
with the Bulldogs (1-5, 1-5). Re- ers came onto the field, according
dan quarterback Akil Dan-Fodio to Pirates’ coach Dante Ferguson.
rushed for 110 yards and two No players were ejected on either Even with a little help from the referee Jared Boyd (33) has no trouble bringing down
a Newton ball carrier.
touchdowns, and passed for 115 team, Ferguson said.

Photo of the week SOFTBALL

Region 6-AAAA tourna-
ment: Marist rallied from
DeKalb County Race 1, Oct.
7 - Boys: Team standings: 1.
DeKalb County Race 2, Oct.
7 - Boys: Team standings:
an opening loss to win four Cross Keys 22, 2. Tucker 54, 1. Dunwoody 17, 2. Stone
straight games last week to Redan 115. Mountain 73, 3. Arabia Moun-
win the tournament. After a Top five individuals: 1. Leonel tain 147.
5-3 loss to Chamblee, the War Ayala, Cross Keys, 18:05.16 Top five individuals: 1. James
Eagles went through the losers (Arabia Mountain course re- Dwyer, Dunwoody, 18:27.32;
bracket and beat Southwest cord); 2. Christian Montalvo, 2. Jeremy Cohen, Dun-
DeKalb 12-3 and Dunwoody Cross Keys, 19:38.66; 3. Sean woody, 18:28.90; 3. Kyle Sex-
8-1 to earn a spot in the finals Purcell, Tucker, 19:41.60; 4. ton, Dunwoody, 18:54.64; 4.
against Chamblee. The War Luis De Jesus, Cross Keys, Kuaniyal Chol, Dunwoody,
Eagles beat Chamblee 8-3 and 20:15.30; 5. Ruben Harrison, 19:00.27; 5. Abel Abay, Stone
9-1 on Oct. 7 to win the region Towers, 20:28.15. Mountain, 19:02.72.
title. Pitcher Haley Adams Girls: Team standings: 1. Girls: Top five individuals: 1.
won four games in three days Tucker 36, 2. Cross Keys 59, Alex Cameron, Dunwoody,
and hit three home runs, in- 3. Redan 78 20:53.48; 2. Becky Lynn,
cluding two against Chamblee Top five individuals: 1. Chris- Dunwoody, 22:48.47; 3. Ken-
in the finals. Ashlyn Johns tian Pryor, Cedar Grove, zie Johnson, Dunwoody,
went 11-for-17 for the tour- 24:08.67; 2. Kayla Pryor, 22:56.78; 4. Erin Berger,
nament. Marist, Chamblee, Cedar Grove, 24:37.82; 3. Dunwoody, 23:01.99; 5. Kate
Dunwoody and Southwest all Marah Williams, Tucker, Martin, Dunwoody, 23:08.80.
qualify for the state tourna- 24:38.30; 4. Ashley Averette,
ment, which began Oct. 13. Redan, 25:57.33; 5. Jordan
Minter, Tucker, 26:17.38.

During the Oct. 8 football game the Stephenson Marching Band’s
drumline, nicknamed Suave House, matched percussion skills
against Newton’s drumline. Stephenson band members pulled
out a few acrobatic tricks. Photo by Travis Hudgons
.com Nobody covers DeKalb
high school sports

Each week The Champion spotlights former high

school players from the county who are succeeding in
athletics on the college level.

Fred Barnes, Georgia State (football):

The redshirt freshman defensive back
from M.L. King led the Panthers with
eight tackles, two for loss, a sack and a
forced fumble in a 55-21 win over Sa-
vannah State on Oct. 9.

Warren Norman, Vanderbilt, Cham-

blee (football): The sophomore running
back from Chamblee rushed for 75 yards
and two touchdowns on 14 carries in the
Commodores’ 52-6 win over Eastern
Michigan on Oct. 9. He also caught two
passes for 31 yards.

Da’Norris Searcy, North Carolina (foot-

ball): The senior defensive back from
Towers had six tackles, including one for
a loss, and returned three kickoffs for 91
yards in the Tar Heels’ 21-16 win over
Clemson on Oct. 9. championnewspaper.com

men’s and women’s tennis teams

both have qualified for the USTA/
ITA Small College National Cham-
pionship Tournament in Mobile, The Champion chooses a male and
Ala., Oct. 14-17. GPC won re- female high school Athlete of the
gional championships in Alexander Week each week throughout the
City, Ala., to earn berths in the school year. The choices are based
nationals. GPC sophomore Salif on performance and nominations
Kante won the men’s singles title, by coaches. Please e-mail nomina-
and Kante and Akeem Byron won tions to robert@dekalbchamp.com
the doubles title. In the women’s by Monday at noon.
tournament, Salma Dahbi won
singles while the Jaguars’ Sadia MALE ATHLETE OF THE
Mayou and Mary Slade won the WEEK
women’s doubles title. Leonel Ayala, Cross Keys (cross
country): The senior and defend-
DeKalb runners win their ing Class AA state champion set
an Arabia Mountain course record
division in Oglethorpe race with a time of 18:05.16 to win the
weekly DeKalb County race last
Stephenson Middle School celebrates its 2009-10 all-sports championship. Photo provided week.
Two runners with DeKalb
Stephenson wins middle county championships in football County ties won their division re-
and girls basketball, and finished cently in the 13.1 Marathon Atlanta FEMALE ATHLETE OF THE
school all-sports trophy second in boys basketball this past and Karhu 5K at Oglethorpe Uni- WEEK
school year. Chamblee won county versity. Mary Chind, a staff mem- Haley Adams, Marist (softball):
Stephenson Middle School was championships in boys basketball ber at Agnes Scott College, won the The senior pitcher won four games
recognized as having the best all- and girls track. Marathon Atlanta women’s division in three days to lead the War
around athletics program among the with a time of one hour, 26 minutes, Eagles to the Region 6-AAAA
20 middle schools in DeKalb Coun- 27 seconds. Chind outdistanced the championship and a berth in the
ty for the 2009-10 school year. Ste- GPC qualifies for small second-place finisher by three min- state tournament. She also had two
phenson totaled 94.5 points to win college nationals utes. Martin Brett of Decatur won home runs in two games in the re-
the all-sports award over second- the men’s division in the Karhu 5K gion finals against Chamblee.
place Chamblee. The Jaguars won Georgia Perimeter College’s with a time of 18:55.

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