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My favourite hobbies
A. Listen and fill in the gaps. (6 x 1,5p = 9p)
Hi! I’m Peter Smith. I’m 1___________________ years old and I live in
California, in the 2____________________, with my parents and my
two sisters, Susan and Kate.
I am very dynamic. In my free time I like jogging and
____________________, but my favourite hobbies are
____________________ and surfing.
I love water sports.
After dinner, I like playing computer games and
____________________ mystery stories.
At the weekend I usually go to the beach or to the 6____________________.

B. Complete the sentences about Rachel. (4 x 1 = 4p)

1. Rachel is _______________________ years old.
2. Her friends say she is ______________________ and sincere.
3. Outdoors, she likes riding her bike and ______________________.
4. At the weekend she usually goes to the _______________________.

C. Listen to the text again and mark the sentences true (T) or false (F). Correct the false
ones. (5 x 0,5p = 2,5p + 3 x 1,5p = 4,5) Total = 7p
1. Rachel is British. ___________________________________________________________
2. She has got two brothers. ____________________________________________________
3. Playing the piano and singing are her favourite hobbies. ___________________________
4. She likes music very much. __________________________________________________
5. She likes listening to the radio and watching TV in the evening. _____________________


Read the text.

My name is Alicia Spencer. I’m twelve years old and I live in New York, the
city that never sleeps. My birthday is on 6th November. I go to St Mark’s
School and I love English and History. I have a lot of friends, but my best
friends are Ann and Eric. We are in Year 7.
When I have some free time, I like reading poetry, watching TV, going
to the cinema or listening to music. I just love hip-hop. I also like going
to the park, playing tennis and swimming. My favourite hobby,
however, is collecting postcards.
My favourite colours are pink and blue and my favourite food is
I live with my family in a big house. My father is a policeman and my
mother is a Maths teacher. My sister, Rachel, is only six years old. She’s very nice and I like playing
with her. We get along very well. My parents are nice too, but they are very strict about
homework. I can’t watch TV or surf the net before I finish my homework!
A. Complete the table about Alicia in note form. (6 x 2p = 12p)
Favourite subjects
Best friends
Favourite food
Parents’ jobs

B. Read and match. Insert the correct letter A – F in the column below : (6 x 1p = 6p)
1. Alicia is from A) in Year 7
2. Her best friends are B) collecting postcards.
3. She likes C) friendly, but severe.
4. Her favourite hobby is D) before watching TV.
5. Her parents are E) listening to music.
6. She must finish her homework F) New York.

C. Answer these questions about the text. (3 x 3p = 9p)

1. Where is Alicia from?
2. What’s her nationality?
3. When is her birthday?

D. Use words /expressions from the text to label the pictures. (8 x 1p = 8p)
1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7. 8.


Choose the best option to complete the following sentences. (30 x 1,5p = 45p)
1. This is Jacob. ___________ is ten years old.
a. I b. He c. She

2. Look at the cat in the car. ___________ is sleeping.

a. It b. You c. She

3. This ___________ our first day back to school.

a. am b. is c. are

4. We ___________ very happy to see our friends again.

a. am b. is c. are

5. It ___________ eight o’clock.

a. am b. is c. are

6. I ___________ late for school.

a. am not b. isn’t c. aren’t

7. My best friends ___________ in my class this year.

a. am not b. isn’t c. aren’t

8. What’s ___________ surname, Laurie?

a. her b. his c. your

9. The students haven’t got ___________ books.

a. our b. your c. their
10. There is a music lesson this afternoon. We need ___________ instruments.
a. our b. your c. their

11. Kate has got a new bike. ___________ bike is red.

a. My b. His c. Her

12. He lives in London. ___________ address is 26, Abbey Road.

a. My b. His c. Her

13. Hi, Joanna. I don’t have my English book. Can I use ___________?
a. mine b. yours c. his

14. You can’t have any chocolate. It’s all ___________.

a. mine b. yours c. his

15. ___________ are you?

a. When b. How old c. Why

16. ___________ are you from?

a. When b. Where c. Who

17. ___________ is your birthday?

a. How b. How old c. When

18. ___________ nationality are you?

a. What b. How c. Where

19. ___________ do you live?

a. What b. When c. Where

20. My computer is ___________ my desk.

a. in b. on c. at

21. My bed is ___________ the bedside table and the wardrobe.

a. above b. between c. under

22. We ___________ new teachers this year.

a. have got b. has got c. is

23. She ___________ her student card.

a. haven’t got b. hasn’t got c. isn’t

24. His grandparents ___________ a dog and a cat.

a. are b. have got c. has got
25. Now I ___________ my bed.
a. make b. don’t make c. am making

26. Your father ___________ his bike at the moment.

a. is riding b. are riding c. rides

27. Who ___________ the best football player in the world?

a. am b. is c. is being

28. There ___________ lots of people at the game.

a. are b. isn’t c. is

29. I ___________ at seven o’clock to go to school.

a. get in b. get up c. get down

30. It’s raining outside. ___________ your raincoat, please.

a. Put on b. Put away c. Put down

How did the test go?
 Excellent □  Well □  So-so □  Not well □ Good Work!