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Date Subject Number of students Grade

12-11-2018 English 24 KG 2

PDP -Personal Aims (What do YOU need to work on in order grow professionally?)

I want to improve my reading of the stories and try to change my voice.

Learning Outcomes: Resources/Materials

(Link to the EYFS curriculum)
- Students will be able to maintain attention, Introduction:
concentrates and sits quietly during - YouTube videos
appropriate activity. - Story book
LC1: worksheets – pens
- Students will be able to shows care and LC2: work sheets – glue – scissors
concern for living things and the LC3: caterpillar body – fruit clips
environment. LC4: play dough
- Students will be able to talk about some of
the things they have observed such as
plants, animals, natural and found objects.
Lesson Introduction
Whole group activity: Time 15 minutes
Links to real life: (Bullet points)
Opening/Introduction (warm up): (Bullet points)
- Asked them if they saw a butterfly before and
 Display ( Move – freeze ) song and do some where we can find it?
movements with them .

Active Engagement: (Bullet points)

 I will introduce for them the lesson by showing
them a butterfly's cycle life then asked them
what they think the story will be about.
 Reading the story
Guided experience ( whole group activity ) language instructions
First of all, I will link their previous knowledge to the lesson and ask them if they saw a butterfly before? Where
they saw it? Then I will display a butterfly's cycle life to make them guess what the story will be about,
(Give them a summary about the video and tell them the four stages of the butterfly).
Show them the story and ask them:
- What do you see in the cover page? ( Title – picture – author name )
- What the meaning of the "author"? ( person who wrote the story )
- What do you see in the picture? ( a caterpillar )
Start reading the story with showing the an animation video (without voice ). During I'm reading the
story I will ask them to count with me and says what the caterpillar ate.
And finally, ask them if they liked the story? Who will remind us of the butterfly's cycle life?
Start explaining for them corners activities and ask them to choose a table.
Individual experience - Small Group Learning Centers: 15 min

Learning Center 1: Worksheets Learning Center 2 : Worksheet 2

In this table students have trace with the caterpillar, In this table the students have to cut the pictures of
(matching the caterpillar to the food) this activity will the butterfly life cycle and order it.
develop their fine motor skills ( Holding the pen ) this activity will develop their fine motor skills ( Cutting,
and holding the scissors )

Learning Center 3 : caterpillar & Fruits Learning Center 4 : play dough

In this table students have to order the food according the The students will try to make the butterfly life cycle.
story on the caterpillar body.

Closing activity: Time: 5-7 minutes

- Ask them if they liked the story and what the learned from it

Assessment for Learning:

Make a check list and ask the students individually about the butterfly life cycle.