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Agawan Base

Agawan Base is a form of tag similar to capture the flag but without flag.

1. What are the equipment needed?

For Agawan Base, you’ll be needing two base markers like slippers, chairs or trees.

2. What are the elements of health-related and skill-related fitness required for this game?

The elements of health-related and skill-related fitness required for this game is speed and agility.

3. How do you play this game?

How to play Agawan Base:

There will be 2 bases. Each base has equal members.

Mark your base with the base markers

Assign a member to guard your base. Other members may run outside their base to capture the
opponents or to steal the opponent’s base.

To capture the opponents, you must tag them.

The captured opponent will be the other team’s prisoner. He or she must stand in the captor’s base until
his or her teammates tagged him or her to be saved.

To steal the base of the opponent and win, you must touch their base.

4. What is the purpose or the goal of this game?

The first goal of this game is to steal the opponents’ base and the second goal is to capture the
opponent’s base. This is to test your speed, agility and strategy.

5. What are the tips you can give to win this game?

A tip I could give is to have a strategy for your team. For example, capture the weakest links or slow
runners of the opponent team. You should run fast. also, you should watch the opponents’ every move.