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Name: Kangad Devang

Roll No: ME16BTECH11015

Drummer toy with winding key.


Toy is drummer which plays drum upon winding the key.

It has two types of motion.
1) Angular periodic motion of two hands which plays drum it is about the horizontal
2) Angular periodic motion of legs which are joined it is about the vertical axis.
This two motion is shown in video.
Input energy is given by winding key which is stored in Torsion spring as potential energy.
Upon releasing the key this energy is used for above two motion. The energy loss happen
only in friction.

Transmission path.
In this we will look into the mechanisms that transmits power from the spring to the arms
and legs.
Here there are four gears which is indicated as 1,2,3,4 gear 1 is attached to the coil spring
and gear 4 is behind gear 3 which is connected to crank shaft and gear 2 is also connected
to crank shaft which is then connected to slider which forms slider crank but here end of
slider does not move in linear motion because it is not fixed so it moves in angular periodic
motion which is responsible for movement of legs.
Now the mechanism responsible for motion of arm is slotted arm quick return mechanism.
which is shown below.

Transmission Elements.
So from the transmission part the transmission elements are 4 spur gears,2 crank
shaft one for leg and one for arms, slotted arm and one slider.

Failures in transmission
Most common failure in this toy is failure of spring if we wind the spring too much
then it cannot store that much energy so it will break. Failure in other transmission element
is commonly misalignment due to high forces and vibration or due to impact of toy. Failure
due to wear is very rare because most of transmission element are made out of plastic and
the surfaces are smooth and forces are very less.
Material used
The torsion spring is made out of carbon steel. Gears and other crank shaft are made
out of Nylon resin and the housing of all elements outer body arm slot all that are made out
of plastic like polythene or polypropene.

Design variable and data required for calculation

Now in designing this type of toy first you need is dimension and size of toy. After
that you need to know the motions of part like at what speed it is going to move now
according to the motion spring is chosen but if the size of spring is big then the gear box is
designed according to the desired speed.
To do the calculation we need the spring constant of the torsion spring, gear ratio
motion analysis of slider crank and slotted arm mechanism.