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1 Complete the phrases with the correct preposition. Then use them to write true sentences for
you. Use not if you want.

1 keen... shopping

2 good... dancing

3 fond... animals

4 interested ... classical music

5 crazy...Justin Bieber

6 terrible... singing

2. Complete the sentences with the words in the box below. Sometimes there is more than one
possible answer.

adore can’t stand don’t like don’t’ mind hate love

1 I... lying on a beach. It’s the most boring thing in the world!

2 I... washing up, but I don’t want to do it every day.

3 I... dancing. It’s my favorite activity.

4 I... Maths and Physics, but I love English.

5 I... playing the piano but my parents make me have lessons.

6 I... seeing my cousins-we all get on really well.

3 Find the odd word out. Say why it doesn’t belong.

1 tall brown short slim

2 blond wavy plump long

3 clever curly black grey

4 medium-height funny shy cheerful

5 glasses piercings freckles fair

4 Match the sentences and the adjectives.

1 l’m usually in a good mood. A. friendly

2 I find it hard to talk to strangers. B. cheerful

3 I don’t laugh a lot. C. clever

4 I know a lot of things. D. shy

5 l’m open and easy to talk to. E. serious


Put the words in order to make sentences.

1 the /I/ been / times /to/ USA/have /three

2 met/sister/has/my/Daniel Radcliffe

3 have/our/unit/we/7/of/English/finished/book

4 l/swum/the /have/in/Atlantic Ocean

5 mum/have/and/bought/new/my/dad/a/car

6 Write questions with ever and short answers.

1 you/hold a snake?

Have you ever held a snake? No, I haven't.

2 Carlos/visit New York?

3 James/meet the Queen?

4 your family/ nave a holiday in the mountains?

5 Rihanna/give a concert in your town?

6 Luisa/sleep in a tent?

7 Look at exercise 6 again and write full sentences. Use never when necessary.

1. I have never held a snake.

8 Complete the sentences with for or since.

1 My cousin has been married... three years.

2 l’ve lived in this town ... 2012.

3 Sophie has played tennis…she was three years old.

4 How long have you known Sheila? ... six months.

5 They’ve been away... two weeks.

6 We’ve had the same car... I was a baby!

9 Write dialogues with the present perfect or past simple form of the verbs.
1 You/go/theatre? Yes

What/see? War Horse

Have you ever been to the theatre?

Yes, I have.

What did you see?

I saw War Horse.

2 You/meet/famous person? Yes

Who/ meet? Kate Middleton

3 You/win/a prize? Yes

What/win? Gold medal for swimming

4 You/stay up all night? Yes

When/do that? Last year

10. Listen and write

Review unit


1 Read the definitions and write the jobs.

This person helps you when you are buying something.

2 This person looks after you in hospital.

3 This person flies a plane.

4 This person designs buildings. a

5 This person arrests criminals.

6 This person is like a doctor for animals.

2 Put the jobs in the correct column. Add the jobs from exercise 1 and any more jobs you know.

accountant builder bus driver doctor engineer firefighter lawyer plumber university professor

You need to study at university to do this job

You don’t need to study at university to do this job

3 Unscramble the words for household chores.

1 do the (iawngsh)up

2 (rceIa) the table

3 (keat) the dog for a walk

4 make the (deb)

5 (tware) the plants

6 (pewes) the floor

7 load the (rawshidesh)

4 Match the sentences and the requests.

1 l’ve just been to the supermarket. A. Can you take the rubbish out?

2 l’ve just done some washing. B. Can you lay the table?

3 l’ve just tidied the living room. C. Can you hang it out for me?

4 l’ve just emptied the bins. D. Can you do the vacuuming please?

5 I’ve just cooked the dinner E. Can you put away the groceries?


5 Complete the summer camp rules with must or mustn’t.

1 You ... keep your room tidy at all times.

2 You ... make any noise after 10:.30 pm.

3 You ... eat in the bedrooms.

4 You ... be polite and helpful at all times.

5 You... wear a helmet when climbing.

6 You... go walking alone in the forest.

6 Complete the sentences with can, can’t, have to or don’t have to.

1 I... get up early tomorrow. It’s Saturday!

2 There’s no uniform at my school. We... wear whatever we like.

3 l’m sorry you ... use your calculator in this Maths test.
4 We... be at school at 8.00 am tomorrow for the school trip.

5 …I bring my mobile phone into the library? No, you....

6 My mum is ill so my sister and I... cook the dinner tonight.

7 Write some advice for these problems using should or shouldn’t.

1 I haven’t got any money.

2 I keep arguing with my brother.

3 I don’t understand the Science homework.

4 My English is terrible.

5 I can’t get up in the mornings.

8 Put the words in order to make sentences and questions.

1 house/do/have/help/to/around/you/the/?

2 finish/l/ my/need/project/today/to/Science

3 phone/to/you/ school/allowed/take/your/are/to/?

4 night/you/homework/do/have/do/every/to/?

5 could/sister/you/help/up/washing/the/do/your


9 Listen and write.