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Sahara Star Hotel , Vile Parle
ASHRAE, founded in 1894, is a global society advancing human (Near Domestic Airport), Mumbai
well-being through sustainable technology for the built
environment. The Society and its members focus on building DATE & TIME
systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, refrigeration and 14 Dec. 2018, 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
sustainability within the industry. Through research, standards
writing, publishing and continuing education, ASHRAE shapes DELEGATION FEE
tomorrow’s built environment today.
Rs.1500/- per person
ASHRAE advances the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, Inclusive of GST
air conditioning and refrigeration to serve humanity and
promote a sustainable world. With more than 53,000 members
from over 132 nations, ASHRAE is a diverse organization
representing building system design and industrial processes The IESNA is a joint sponsor of this standard.
professionals around the world.
! Standard 135 – BACnet - A Data Communication Protocol
The ASHRAE Handbook is a four-volume resource for HVAC&R for Building Automation and Control Networks
technology and is available in both print and electronic versions.
! Standard 189.1 – Standard for the Design of High
The volumes are Fundamentals, HVAC Applications, HVAC Per formance, Green Buildings Except Low-Rise
Systems and Equipment, and Refrigeration. One of the four Residential Buildings These, and many other ASHRAE
volumes is updated each year. Standards, are periodically reviewed, revised and
The ASHRAE Journal is a monthly magazine published by published, so the year of publication of a particular
ASHRAE. It includes peer-reviewed articles on the practical standard is important for code compliance.
application of HVAC&R technology, information on upcoming ASHRAE Journal is a monthly magazine published by ASHRAE.
meetings and product shows, classi ed and display advertising, Members of ASHRAE receive the magazine and the current year’s
and editorials. Members of ASHRAE receive the magazine volume of ASHRAE Handbook as membership bene t. ASHRAE
ASHRAE Standards : ASHRAE also publishes a well-recognized also publishes many books, ASHRAE Transactions, and the
series of standards and guidelines relating to HVAC systems and International Journal of HVAC&R Research.
issues. These standards are often referenced in building codes, Membership in ASHRAE is open to any person associated with
and are considered useful standards for use by consulting building systems, particularly HVAC&R; energy efficiency; indoor
engineers, mechanical contractors, architects, and government air quality; and sustainability within the building industry.
agencies. These are legally unenforceable, except when
referenced as mandatory provisions in building codes, but are If you want to connect with like-minded people across the globe
commonly accepted standards for architects and engineers. who are as passionate as you are about shaping the future, you
should join ASHRAE. When you join ASHRAE, you are making an
Examples of some ASHRAE Standards are: investment in yourself. When you become active in the Society
! Standard 34 – Designation and Safety Classi cation of by giving your time and sharing your knowledge, you get even
Refrigerants more out of that investment.

! Standard 55 – Thermal Environmental Conditions for A wide range of HVAC&R professionals will nd a host of
Human Occupancy bene ts in ASHRAE membership:

! Standard 62.1 – Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Consulting Engineers, Design Engineers, Architects,
Quality (versions: 2001 and earlier as “62”, 2004 and Co n t r a c to r s, Co d e O ffi c i a l s a n d o t h e r G ove r n m e n t
beyond as “62.1”) representatives, Facility
Engineers / Managers, Project / Application Engineers,
! Standard 62.2 – Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air
Technicians, Industrial / Manufac turing Engineers /
Quality in Low-Rise Residential Buildings
Management, Public Utility
! Standard 90.1 – Energy Standard for Buildings Except
Engineers, Students, Professors / Instructors / Researchers, Sales
Low-Rise Residential Buildings –
Engineers / Manufacture

TOPICS COVERED Sahara Star Hotel , Vile Parle
(Near Domestic Airport), Mumbai
ASHRAE Standard 62.1 : a) Ventilation , Indoor Air
Quality & Energy Issues in Hot, Humid Climates – Past DATE & TIME
, Present & Future . b) Effectiveness for Improved IAQ 14 Dec. 2018, 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
& greater energy efficiency
Revised operations and maintenance requirements to
Rs.1500/- per person
better align Standard 62.1 with the requirements in Inclusive of GST
ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180-2012
New requirements to the Indoor Air Quality Procedure for
determining minimum ventilation rates by considering construction of new buildings and their systems, new
the combined effects of multiple contaminants of portions of buildings and their systems, and new systems
concern on individual organ systems and equipment in existing buildings, as well as criteria for
Standard de nes the roles of and minimum requirements for determining compliance with these requirements. It is an
mechanical and natural ventilation systems and the building indispensable reference for engineers and other
envelope intended to provide acceptable indoor air quality professionals involved in design of buildings and building
in residential buildings . The three primary sets involve systems.
whole-building ventilation, local demand-controlled The standard provides detailed instruction for design of
exhaust, and source control. The secondary requirements focus commercial and high-rise residential buildings to ensure
on properties of speci c items needed to achieve the main compliance with ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-2016.
objectives of the standard. It includes measurements and calculations in both I-P
ASHRAE Standard 90.1 : a) ASHRAE Standard 90.1 Past , and SI units, sample calculations, application examples,
Present and Future b) Why Buildings matter and the forms to demonstrate compliance, and references to
role of ASHRAE 90.1 helpful resources and websites.

The standard is used globally as a benchmark to set NBC Code :Discussions on Various Clauses of NBC (
MEPS (minimum energy performance standards) and National Building Code ) by eminent Professionals
energy codes. It provides the minimum requirements for from the Industry. ECBC & GRIHA : Discussions and
energy-efficient design of most buildings, except low- Learning on ECBC and GRIHA requirements related
rise residential buildings. This standard offers detailed to HVAC by distinguished professionals from the
minimum energy efficiency requirements for design and industry.


• Consultants/ Designers • Design / Planning Engineers • Project Managers /Engineers
• Architects / Interior Designers• System Providers / Procurement Personnel • Facility Managers • Developers / Builders

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