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Your Faculty for this Course: ASL 752: Sign Language Practicum (3)

Raychelle Harris, Ph.D. Online sections 01, 02 and 03

raychelle.harris@gallaudet.edu Syllabus - Fall 2017
202.207.6978 (text) Aug 28 - Dec 11, 2017

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<—— including deadlines to drop/withdraw from this course)

This course is a required professional field experience in the Sign Language
Education program consisting of a minimum of forty-five (45) observation
and/or assisting hours. During this experience, the practicum student
observes (and when appropriate, assists) in a sign language education
classroom. A required seminar is conducted regularly to review theoretical
Curt Radford, Ed.D. and practical applications of teaching, lesson planning, activities and
435.374.9186 (text) assessment techniques. An important component of this course also
includes preparing for the upcoming student teaching internship.
Prerequisite: ASL 724, 741, 743, and 750 or equivalent courses; a B grade or above is required.


Graduates from the MA program in Sign Language Education will:

1) Demonstrate theoretical knowledge and display competence in
classroom settings regarding methodological and socio-political issues
involved in sign language teaching, curriculum development and assessment;

2) Produce graduate level Sign Language and English texts that demonstrate
knowledge of and critical inquiry into key concepts in the sign language
Questions? Check out the
Course Discussion Board/ teaching field;
Office hours are by
appointment 3) Recognize the importance of the Sign Language teacher as a system
change agent and apply this in practice utilizing effective leadership, advocacy,
Etiquette rules apply
(See #7 on the penultimate consultation, and collaboration to influence change on the individual, group,
page of this syllabus). and organizational and systemic levels; and

4) Demonstrate preparedness to seek and obtain employment as a teaching

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professional in the field of sign language education.
Sept 8: Last day to Drop
Sept 26: Last day to WD
Dec 11: Last day to WP/WF
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ASL 752: Sign Language Practicum 1 of 9
Methods ofSign Language Teachin
Program Outcomes
Course Student Learning 1 2 3 4
Outcomes Student Learning Assessment Method
After completing this course,
students will be able to…

Critically synthesize -Seminars Quiz Answer Key & X X X

theoretical and methodological -Quizzes Washback
properties of sign language -Assignments
teaching in each observed sign -Journals Rubrics & Discussion
language class.

Articulate application of -Seminars Quiz Answer Key & X X X X

theoretical and methodological -Quizzes Washback
issues in sign language -Assignments
teaching. -Unit Plan Rubrics & Discussion

Prepare for upcoming student -Seminars Quiz Answer Key & X X X X

teaching internship (or -Quizzes Washback
employment). -Assignments
-Unit Plan Rubrics & Discussion


Practicum student/Teacher’s assistant: Those of you enrolled in ASL 752 and undertaking an
unpaid practicum/teacher assistant role under the tutelage of an experienced, cooperating

Cooperating faculty: The teacher of the onsite course that the ASL 752 practicum student is
assigned to. Often contact between the University and the cooperating faculty is minimal and
only when/as needed.

Cooperating supervisor: This is usually the onsite department chair or program coordinator.
Often contact between the University and the cooperating supervisor is minimal and only when

University faculty/supervisor: Your ASL 752 course instructor at Gallaudet University. The
university faculty will be responsible for collecting materials and grading ASL 752 students for
academic credit and graduation.

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Methods ofSign Language Teachin

Letter GPA Definition Percent Range

Grade Value

A+ 4.0 97.6 - 100

A 4.0 93.6 - 97.5

A- 3.7 89.6 - 93.5

B+ 3.3 87.6 - 89.5

B 3.0 83.6 - 87.5

B- 2.7 Unsatisfactory. Only one B- allowed in program. 79.6 - 83.5

C+ 2.3 Failing 77.6 - 79.5

C 2.0 Failing 73.6 - 77.5

F 0.0 Failing, No Credit 73.5 or below

XF 0.0 Academic Integrity Policy Violation, No Credit

Note: The grade average you see in your course grading center at the end of the course will translate into the
letter grades above. No end-of-course requests or negotiations for grading alterations, rounding-off or extra
credit will be responded to. Strive to do your best on each assignment. One B- grade or below indicates you
have performed unsatisfactorily in the course, and this may put you on academic probation and possibly
academic probation. A C+ or below indicates automatic retake of the course, that is, if you are not dismissed
from the program.

The grading system for graduate students can be found in the graduate catalog here.

Incomplete Grade Disclaimer:

A grade of Incomplete [I] is given only when student performance in a course has been satisfactory, but
the student is unable to complete the requirements of the course. The decision to give a grade of I is
made by the instructor with approval from the coordinator, and only reserved for extraordinary
circumstances (hospitalization or death in family). A student must be passing the course and have no
more than 25% of the course requirements remaining before the possibility of an incomplete will be
considered. To be eligible for credit in a course which an I is recorded, students must complete the
requirements of the course by the end of the final day of classes of the following semester or a date
agreed up on in writing with the instructor; otherwise, the grade will automatically become an F. The
student and instructor must provide Registrar’s Office with written notification of the agreed upon
date before the time limit indicated above.

For all other questions, concerns, grievances or disputes that are not covered in this syllabus, please refer to
the current University Graduate Catalog.

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Methods ofSign Language Teachin

All of the books and materials required from the students of your assigned practicum site are required
books and materials for you.


McKee, D., Rosen, R. & McKee, R. (2014). Teaching and learning signed languages:
International perspectives and practices. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan.
ISBN-13: 978-1137312488 ISBN-10: 1137312483

Rosen, R. (2015). Learning American sign language in high school: Motivation, strategies, and
achievement. Washington, DC: Gallaudet Press.
ISBN 978-1-56368-642-9; E-Book ISBN 978-1-56368-643-6

*Instructor reserves the right to add new viewings and readings to course as the course progresses in
order to support spontaneous learning and direction of inquiry taken by the course participants.


ASL 752: Sign Language Practicum course is a non-traditional 3-credit bearing experience course, which
requires a minimum of 112.5 hours of course work.
Academic Activity Hours

Quizzes 15+

Seminars 15+

Assignments 15+

Journals 15+

Unit Plan 15+

Practicum Experience 45+

TOTAL 120+ hours

ASL 752: Sign Language Practicum 4 of 8

Methods ofSign Language Teachin

Assignment Languages Weight

Seminars ASL 20%

Quizzes English 20%

Assignments ASL and/or English 20%

Unit Plan English/ASL 20%

Journal English/ASL 20%

Total: 100%


Nov 27 - Dec 3
Sept 25 - Oct 1
Aug 28 - Sept 3

Oct 30 - Nov 5
Sept 11 - 17

Nov 20 - 26
Sept 18 - 24

Oct 16 - 22

Oct 23 - 29

Nov 13 - 19

Dec 4 - 10
Nov 6 - 12
Sept 4 - 10

Oct 9 - 15
Oct 2 - 8

Fall W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 W7 W8 W9 W10 W11 W12 W13 W14 W15


Quizzes X X X

Seminars X X X X

Assignments X X X X

Journals X X

Unit Plan X

Log X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X

*Due dates refer to midnight of the last date listed. For example, the first column covers Aug 28 - Sept 3, which
means means the assignment is due Sept 3 at 11:59 pm in your time zone.

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Methods ofSign Language Teachin


1. Contract: Students are required to complete the practicum contract fully (all five pages) and email
masled@gallaudet.edu as an attachment, cc’ing the onsite cooperating faculty and the university
faculty members.
2. Site Information: You are also required to complete the spreadsheet with your practicum site
3. Syllabus: Your course syllabus (when ready) is to be uploaded to Blackboard, preferably during your
first week of class or earlier.

Students are to complete online, open-book quizzes during the online portion of this course by the deadline
indicated on Blackboard. Quizzes will be based on assigned readings and class discussions. Quiz format varies,
some will be multiple choice, matching and/or short answer, and some are posed in ASL or in English or
require ASL or English responses.

Occasional seminars will be hosted on MarcoPolo. The faculty will pose questions and/or requirements, and all
students are to respond and engage in an academic discussion regarding their readings and/or practicum
experience. No onsite faculty or student names are to be used in order to adhere to FERPA regulations. Your
first comment will be graded. Subsequent comments are optional. See rubric for further instructions.

Occasional assignments will be posted on Blackboard - in either ASL or English - or both. Check Blackboard
for instructions, requirements and rubric.

Complete journals on a GoogleDrive link assigned by faculty. Journal will have two components - one focused
on the content during class, and the other focused on your reflection. This journal is confidential and kept
between the student and the faculty of the course. See rubric for expectations and requirements.


Revise your unit plan according to feedback received from your previous course or create a new one. You can
revise your unit plan with your original partners or revise the unit plan on your own and submit on your own
behalf. See rubric for required components and details.

LOG (required)
Using the assigned log sheet, document the day/time and time allotted for each of your practicum observation,
and have your onsite cooperating faculty sign off on the log at the end of the semester attesting to your 45
hours or more of observation and assistance. Scan/attach your thank you email, letter or card for the
cooperating faculty. Upload to Blackboard. Not completing this assignment results in an F for the course.

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Methods ofSign Language Teachin


1. Professionalism: As an practicum student, you are representing Gallaudet University, creating a

relationship between your site and Gallaudet. You are paving the way for other potential, future students. A
crucial component for a successful experience is punctuality and rigorous attendance for all classes. Other
equally important components of a successful experience include professional attire and collegiality, and most
importantly, dedication to teaching, the curriculum and your students.

2. Attendance Policy: If you are to be late to (or miss a class), you are to follow the policies at your
site, and to notify your cooperating faculty and your university faculty immediately. If you do not notify your
university faculty of your tardiness or absence(s), and your university faculty learns from your site supervisor,
you will receive an automatic “F” for the course (see academic integrity policy below for more details). If this
absence affects your required number of observation hours, please come up with alternative arrangements
immediately and communicate with your university faculty supervisor.

3. Student Responsibilities:  Students are expected to actively participate by participating online

discussions, attending class and completing assigned activities, participate in class discussions, serve in groups,
complete assignments on time, respect diverse perspectives and opinions, and support opinions and answers
with reasons, explanations and documentation from a variety of sources.

4. Academic ASL/English: Use academic ASL/English in your assignments throughout the semester.You
are required to submit edited assignments. Contact Tutorial & Instructional Program (TIP) for opportunities to
improve your work before submission. They require advance notice to give feedback on submissions, so plan
accordingly. Unedited work will also be graded accordingly. Professional academic discourse requires giving
credit to original authors for their ideas, so citations are required. The citation and reference format required
for assignments in English is American Psychological Association (APA) format. For more details, please see the
academic integrity policy listed below.

5. Assignment Submissions: Early submissions are welcome. Faculty will not “take a quick look”
before you submit your work. Once you submit your work, the work will be graded as is, so be sure to submit
the correct version- recheck your work after it has been uploaded to make sure the assignment is the correct
one. Assignments are due by the due dates. Assignments not submitted on time will receive a zero. Graded
work is final. No make-ups or extra credit.

6. Peer Network:  Each student is responsible for getting access to and understanding what is expected of
each assignment.  Please form a network with your peers.  If you need information about assignments or class
schedule, go to your course Blackboard and ask other classmates to learn about what you missed.

7. Communication: Emails, GoogleIMs/video calls, text/videos sent via iMessage, calls via FaceTime, Marco
Polo messages are welcome. Excessively colloquial register choices in either language will not be accepted.
This is your opportunity to practice ASL and English in academic settings, on a consistent basis. See #4 for
more details.

8. Text Submissions: Text-based submissions in the following format: .pages, .docx, .pptx, and .key will be
accepted. Pdf submissions are also acceptable, however please be aware that .pptx, .key and .pdf do not allow

ASL 752: Sign Language Practicum 7 of 8

Methods ofSign Language Teachin
for the same level of feedback that can be given via the tracking and comment function available in .pages
and .docx formats.

9. Video Submissions: A major deduction or a zero can be given for video submissions that are subpar
in quality (e.g. the left side of your body is not visible, the focus is off, or constant unnecessary camera
movement), and/or unedited submissions.

10. Technology:  This is a paper/device-free course.  All assignments are to be posted on Blackboard or as
instructed. The Gallaudet Technology Services Help Desk can assist you with technical issues throughout the
course. You are to upload all of your assignments to Blackboard including links to videos. For large files,
upload them to GoogleDrive or DropBox, and share links via Blackboard. DVDs, thumb drives, CDs, external
HDs or any other device will not be accepted.


Academic Integrity Policy

All students must read and understand the Gallaudet University Graduate School Academic Integrity
Policy. This policy applies to both ASL and English.

Academic Accommodation Policy

Students are to request accommodation through the Office for Students With Disabilities (OSWD) at
the beginning of the semester prior to course start date. This is to be communicated immediately with
the course instructor in order to ensure accommodations are being made right away.

University Policies
All university policies may be found in the Graduate Catalog. The standards of professional behavior and
communication discussed in the catalog will be mandated in this course and program.

*Disclaimer: This syllabus is tentative and may be subject to change if circumstances require it.
Changes if any, will be announced via Blackboard announcement feature.

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Methods ofSign Language Teachin

ASL 752: Sign Language Practicum 9 of 8