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Gemina Rustrian

307 S. Reno St. #121

Los Angeles, CA 90057


Through the classes I have taken at California State University, Los Angeles and my

experiences in the classroom, I have developed a personal teaching philosophy that will be

implemented into my future classroom. My philosophy of education is that all children are

unique and capable of succeeding. It is my passion to create a safe atmosphere, where students

can reach their fullest potential. I will always strive to provide an environment where students

feel free to share their ideas with other students by using cooperative learning. My personal goal,

for my future classroom, is to create an atmosphere that fosters creative thought using

scaffolding and modification methods, while respecting all learners and by educating them as

they get excited about learning. I will always be mindful of the child’s interests and the child’s

social conditions. I will instill healthy terms of socialization while connecting learning to the

child’s social life and community. I strive to make education both active and interactive and to

always involve the social world of the child and their communities.

As a prospective educator, I believe in educational equity and rigorous education. I will

always aim to have a classroom with a balance of structure and individuality. I understand that

everyone learns differently and will always implement multicultural education tools into the

classroom. I will assist my students in embracing the differences of others while also teaching

them to express themselves. It is important to help the students you are teaching, while also giving

them direction to help others. I understand how vital it is to create connections with students,
parents, and the community. Effective learning requires a collaboration between teachers, students,

and parents, which requires mutual trust and respect. I will always maintain a home-school

connection by regularly talking to parents and getting involved in community projects. I know the

dire need to understand students by learning about their backgrounds, household dynamics, and

their cultural communities. Knowing and understanding the student’s cultural upbringing is

essential to fully comprehending how students learn and who they are. For my future classroom,

I will always strive to create a bridge between my students and their world by creating culturally

developed lessons and acknowledging the student’s household. Effective learning includes a clear

understanding of the students and their background. I believe creating culturally developed lessons

are necessary to engaging students in the curriculum. To fully comprehend how a student learns,

and who they are, we must first understand their cultural upbringing. Ultimately, this will help

create an effective classroom learning experience for the students.

My excitement about teaching and learning has been instilled in me since childhood. I

have always enjoyed being in the classroom and have dedicated many years working as a

Teacher’s Assistant with General Education and Special Education students from the Los

Angeles Unified School district. Teaching diverse learners from low socio-economic

backgrounds, students with disabilities, with diverse cultural linguistics, has always been

something I have felt passionately about. I chose to pursue my teaching credential at California

State University, Los Angeles because this school provides students with a high-quality

education while honoring the diversity of all learners. As a future educator, I will help my

students by incorporating hands-on learning, cooperative learning, and always allowing them to

have freedom that allows expression and creativity.