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BRD Logs
Collection Way


Step 1 Open the window for log collection.

Choose Software > Software Browser from the main menu of the U2000. On the NE tab p
menu. On the Other tab page in the right pane, select BRDLOG -ENODEB.

Step 2 Export the logs.

Right-click BRDLOG -ENODEB and choose Transfer > From NE to OSS Client from the short

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Set information such as the log file name and compression mode.

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Set the destination path for storing the logs on the local PC, and click OK to start the log c


Step 1 Start the FTP server.

When BRD logs are collected by using the Web LMT, the eNodeB directly uploads logs to

Step 2 Upload BRD logs.

Run the ULD FILE command to upload BRD logs. In the command, set IP to the IP address

Step 3 Query the result.

Search for the BRD log file in GZ format in the path configured on the FTP server. Click the

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e U2000. On the NE tab page of the displayed Software Browser page, right-click the desired NE and choose Other from the shortcut

OSS Client from the shortcut menu.

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click OK to start the log collection.

B directly uploads logs to the PC through the FTP server.

d, set IP to the IP address of the FTP server, and set the user name and password to those configured on the FTP server.
RN=0, SN=7, DSTF="LMPT-BRD-007-LOG", MODE=IPV4, IP="", USR="admin", PWD="*****", CF=COMPRESSED;

n the FTP server. Click the file to check whether the compressed file can be properly decompressed to ensure that the format of the co

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ther from the shortcut

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that the format of the compressed file is correct.

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