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12/4/2018 Dangerous deception and rabid misrepresentations debunked – Kaieteur News

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LATEST apologises for ‘jobs for PNC people’ statement Teen assaults Head Teacher, leaves her with split lip, swollen face

Dangerous deception and rabid

misrepresentations debunked
 Dec 04, 2018  Letters 0 Comments


There was a time and up to the period before he ascended to

GAPLF Senior Nationals 2018 –
the Presidency, I used to believe that Donald Ramotar was one
of the better humans within the Peoples Progressive Party
Staggering 28 Records Set Vijai
(PPP/C). However, time and events have comprehensively Rahim...
 Dec 04, 2018
proven me wrong. There are not any excuses, or mitigating
factors that are there to contradict or disprove such a view. By Franklin Wilson The 2018 season of the Guyana

In fact, it needs no repetition that his presidency saw the continued hand of Bharrat Jagdeo, as the Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPLF) wrapped

country descended further into the dark chasms of state criminality, unparalleled not only in up in grand style on Sunday afternoon last when

Guyana’s history, but in the CARICOM membership. His party’s defeat at the 2011 polls, at which it Runica White, a Buddys Gym member became the

lost its parliamentary majority for the first time in its political existence, signaled the beginning of the first...

end, of his party’s once seemingly invincible hold on political power.

Read More
The 2015 defeat, caused primarily by his undemocratic action of proroguing parliament – rather than
engage the then parliamentary opposition in a no confidence motion vote – signaled his political
V and V Variety store
demise, as far as being an influential party-political grandee. backs Hunte Dominoes...
There should have been lessons learnt by this former president and party elder, especially given the  Dec 04, 2018
very serious damage that he and his predecessor would have done to this country, particularly with
regard to their role of drastically altering its social dynamic during their over two decades reign in
Therefore, at least for one who would have served at such a level, the least that could have been Titans Table Tennis Club
expected was an honest acceptance as to what occurred during their collective stewardship, and to close off 2018 with...
 Dec 04, 2018
contributions towards avoiding those mistakes again, and advising on the future.
But not Donald Ramotar! His very frequent letters have become a politician’s textbook and guide for
political deceptions of all kinds, and misleading information, towards creating a more than false
impression of the current government and its stewardship. What is so unfortunate is that it has been
RHTYSC Cricket Teams
given a home in sections of the private media, a refuge that continues to facilitate the sanitization of to host 4th Annual
Ramotar and his fellow political cabal. Christmas...
The utterances are politically desperate, and grow frantic by the day, since they are always designed  Dec 04, 2018
to whip up certain sentiments so as to keep the party faithful in line, as well as to constantly degrade
both the current administration’s performance and achievement since taking office in 2015.
I believe in democracy and therefore believe in the right of expression, except that it must be Education Department
responsible, truthful, and not be twisted for selfish ends as in the missives that Ramotar continues to Region Four and
pen. School...
 Dec 04, 2018
In the Stabroek News, Ramotar stated what amounted to an understanding that the many criticisms
of the then APNU coalition were responsible for the targeting of Chinese businesses by robbers. This
is to impute a political hand.
Johnson’s return to
This is an egregious assertion that was debunked by law enforcement which concluded Chinese
Windies team is in his...
commercial spots were the victims of opportunistic criminals, and not any orchestrated strategy. In  Dec 04, 2018
fact, Ramotar has a chronic track record of linking the Peoples National Congress Reform (PNCR) to
crime and criminals without ever providing any evidence.
This brings me to Ramotar’s latest slew of high public mischief, “Guyanese have lost confidence in
this govt.” in Stabroek News of November 26, 2018.
Again, there are so many distortions, as is expected, in his missive that I have questioned myself as Features/Columnists
to whether it is worth my good time to respond to all of the dangerous, brazen, offensive and bold
deceptions that such a discredited leader and his party have the temerity to continue unload on this Macron: People will always reject
Here are some samples of the principal misrepresentations that Ramotar uttered in that letter. deceitful government
“For the first time we have seen the government boycotting the National Assembly”
This is a ludicrous statement, since the government decided that it would request an official

https://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2018/12/04/dangerous-deception-and-rabid-misrepresentations-debunked/ 1/4
12/4/2018 Dangerous deception and rabid misrepresentations debunked – Kaieteur News
postponement for a meeting with all of its MPs. This is quite understandable in the circumstances Guyana has its Macron. He is Moses
rise to the request. One is certain that the Clerk of the National Assembly would have
Nagamootoo. President Macron of  FOLLO
communicated with every MP, informing them about the re-scheduling of the House’s sitting. France probably doesn’t know about
Compare this official and orderly approach by the current government, to the more than shameful Nagamootoo in Guyana.... more
and disrespectful manner in which Ramotar as President, treated the then combined opposition MPs
when the latter reported to the Assembly for debate on its no confidence motion brought against his
The Ethnic Relations Commission
government. Ramotar, unknown to the opposition MPs had already prorogued the House, thus
avoiding a debate, and a vote. should audit public service
And here is another of Ramotar’s absurd remarks.
“In just three years, thousands of jobs have been lost. The biggest blow was on the sugar industry.
Working people have fallen into really hard times. Some are facing starvation”. The Chairperson of the People’s
This particular issue of GuySuCo is what would have defined the moral mentality of the PPP/C – as National Congress Reform and
a party that is prepared to deceive on a shameless scale, even to risk the destruction of truth and in Minister of Health, Volda Lawrence,
the process, induce the worst form of provocation. has apologized... more
It is incredulous, and unbelievable that a former president who sat on the Board of GuySuco for
close to two decades, and who would have been part and parcel of politically, self-serving
deliberations and decisions that would have finally brought this once great national industrial giant to CARICOM MUST BE ACTIVE ON
its knees, is now uttering the above. In any other jurisdiction, the then ruling political clique would HAITI
have been criminally indicted for their role in the destruction of GuySuCo.
Any Fifth form economics/business student would have taken similar action as the government’s, in By Sir Ronald Sanders Haiti continues
the current case of GuySuCo. Ramotar needs to be reminded that government has finally paid all to be an unsettled country politically.
severance to the sugar workers, which means that he and his party will no longer be able to continue Demonstrations against successive
to use those workers mercilessly for narrowly selfish political ends. governments... more
Just in case Ramotar and his clique are struck by convenient amnesia, there have been many social
amelioration programmes that have been preparing and benefitting sugar communities and their
Volda Lawrence merely made public
workers for employment and other socio-economic opportunities after sugar.
Ramotar must be reminded that no one is starving, since a reported 10,000 workers are still what others do
employed. Redundant workers have been and are continuously being re-skilled through the
Alternative Livelihood Programme established through the Small Business Bureau and GuySuCo. Volda Lawrence is the Chairperson of

Others are now employed under various arms of the Ministry of Agriculture. the People’s National Congress. She

In fact, during the difficulties of the 1980s, it was the same tale of citizens “starving” and “falling defeated the likes of Joseph Harmon

down” in the streets of Georgetown that the PPP/C, ironically in opposition at that time also, had and the incumbent,... more

helped to orchestrate. Yet, visitors from the Caribbean, especially, were commenting on the
abundance of fresh foods that was dumped daily around the city’s two biggest markets. ‘Us’ versus ‘them’, constitutional
On the question of thousands of job losses – I wonder where in the national economy this has taken
place, since no other sector, apart from sugar, has experienced any such reduction of employment, reform & shared governance
since 2015. At least, not the 30,000 that another politician has been spouting around. In fact,
Talks of constitutional reform and
Jagdeo, Ramotar, and the PPP/C should give an analytical breakdown as to this figure.
shared governance are doing the
In total, 4,283 workers were laid off from the Skeldon, Rose Hall and East Demerara sugar estates.
rounds again, in what have become
How could such number of jobs have been lost without impacting on the current market economy?
sporadic and less than... more
Further, it stands to reason that had so many jobs now reported as losses since 2015 been created
prior, then there would not have been that reported 45% unemployment rate existing among young
Guyanese, long before 2015. Did these pretenders ever create half of the number of jobs that they Minister Lawrence’s rhetoric is a
are now bleating as having been lost.
recipe for losing in 2020
We must now examine another “thousands” figure that Ramotar has put to the number of corrupt
instances. This is to supplement Jagdeo’s ridiculous, dishonest and astonishing claim of the coalition First, Minister Lawrence’s comments
government being the most corrupt in the history of the Caribbean. Of course, this is to continue to must be contextualized. They come in
conjure up the filthy pitch of a country in socio-economic turmoil, in attempts to justify the PPP’s call the wake of the massive defeat of the
for a no confidence motion. PNC at... more
But this is vintage communist strategy, the Stalinist brand, of which Ramotar would have inculcated
very well. Except that it has made him into a disseminator of dangerous political falsehoods.
Dillon Goring

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12/4/2018 Dangerous deception and rabid misrepresentations debunked – Kaieteur News
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https://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2018/12/04/dangerous-deception-and-rabid-misrepresentations-debunked/ 3/4
12/4/2018 Dangerous deception and rabid misrepresentations debunked – Kaieteur News

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