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The company AKMover is one of the renowned Professional Packers and Movers for homes
and offices. AKMover are working for both international and domestic markets. With a tagline
“Movers and Packers No. 1 Malaysia”, their aims is wants to satisfaction their customers.
AKMover are a dedicated team of professional packers and movers that know how to deliver
exceptional services at affordable prices. There are one stop centre that can packing and moving
all customer things with carefully pack all customers belongings. There are systematically
packing and arrange very well in the trucks. They will transfer all customers’ belongings to the
locations that customer’s wants and doing a fast services unload all things at the right destination.

The AKMover will cares of all your requirements would be catered professionally. Whether
the customer things are small or big, easy or complex, they will complete the job with dedication.
The AKMover also have a truck that goods to bring the customer things to ensure that customer
belongings are transported safely. The AKMover also a strong team of professional packers and
movers with many years of experience in the logistics industry. The top management of
AKMover is position of Managing Directors is Mr. Syafiq, the Executive Director is Mr. Ghazali
and Director is Mr. Fadhil.

AKMover is based on Shah Alam and operates in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor region. The
address of AKMover is located at 26B, Jalan Kristal J7/J, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor. They also
provides their email at sales@myakmovers.com. Besides that, they also have their own websites
Akmover.com that contains a company information, locations, package, email and also telephone
number. So from the websites, customer easier to see about the service information. Customer
also can contact them at 019-5181744 or 03 5887 6914, customer can choose whether wants to
call or also can WhatsApp them. Then AKMover also promoting their service at Facebook,
Twitter, and many mores.

AKMover have a package that customer can choose based on their things. The package of
AKMover is small and larger moving packages, international movers, safe box movers, piano
movers, office movers, small movers, house cleaning, air conditioning dismantle & installation,
and other related services. For package large moving, there are three types that AKMover offering
which is premium packers & movers package, full packers & movers package and basic packers
& movers package. Examples of their package service is first valuation and consultation 7days
before customer moving, the operation manager will going to the customer`s house to make a
valuation, they will analyse which package are suitable with all customer belongings. Second is
packaging and wrapping. The team will packing such as dismantle furniture, wrapping furniture,
packing furniture, packing clothes, packing loose item, packing electrical appliance, and also will
tagging the process. Third process is load all item into their extraordinary black toned bonded
lorry. Next transfer all the customer items to the new house, then they will unload all the item.
Lastly the team will rearrange all of customer items in the new house.

The payment that AKMover accept is by cash, also credit and debit card. With 7years of
experience, AKMover now have 30 qualified team & staff, they have done with 5042 house
moved and 7497 was happy clients with their services. The AKMover big clients is CIMB Bank,
AMBank, Maybank, Petronas, Nestle, Sani Express, Celcom, Western Digital and many mores.
The customer can as seen on the AKMover at newspaper such as Harian Metro, Star, Kosmo,
and New Straits Times. Same with media broadcast, customer also can see at Tv3, Astro and
many mores. The AKMover also appears at magazines of Impiana and Laman.
Four broad categories of services based on difference in nature of service act tangible or
intangible and who or what is direct recipient of service people and possession, there are four
categories of services which is people processing, possession processing, mental stimulus
processing and information processing.

The broad categories of services that related with the AKMover is possession processing. The
possession processing is customers must physically enter the service system in the service factory
(the physical location) to receive the service and benefits. Services that directed at physical
possessions. In this categories customers are less involved compared to people processing
services. Which means, the team of the AKMover are doing by their job which is packaging and
moving all the customer belongings to the locations that customers ask. Customers just takes
their services and all the team AKMover will doing their job. With their tagline is movers and
packers no. 1 Malaysia, customer’s preferred one-stop professional packing and moving
company for homes and offices. AKMover ensure that customer’s belongings are packed and
moved quickly and safely to the direct locations.

Next of possession processing is involvement may be limited to just dropping off the
possession. Involvement of the team will different based on the packages that customers takes.
The packages that AKMover do is small and larger moving packages, international movers, safe
box movers, piano movers, office movers and small movers. So the team that need to do the
services will be different based on the packages that customers takes. Examples, if the customers
takes the packages of larger movers so many workers are needed to do the task.
The definition of segmentation is market segmentation is the activity of dividing a broad
consumer or business market, normally consisting of existing and potential customers, into sub-
groups of consumers known as segments based on some type of shared. Segmentation is dividing
a population of possible customers into groups with common service related characteristics.
Similar needs within same segment, different needs between segments. For AKMovers the
segmentation of the company is a person that have a problem need a service of moving and
packaging all the things that need move to the new locations. AKMover is a solution because of
the team have an expert to solve this problem.

According to Susan Ward, Targeting is target marketing involves breaking a market into
segments and then concentrating the marketing efforts on one or a few key segments consisting of
the customers whose needs and desires most closely match product or service offerings. It can be
the key to attracting new business, increasing sales, and making business a success. The beauty of
target marketing is that by aiming marketing efforts at specific groups of consumers it makes the
promotion, pricing, and distribution of products and/or services easier and more cost-effective.
The targeting of AKMover is focus on person that have problem to moving and packaging such as
large and small things, international mover, save box mover, piano mover, and also office mover.
AKMover offering different packages such as Partial Service Movers, Full Service Movers,
Platinum Service Movers, House Cleaning, Air conditioning dismantle & installation, and other
related services.

Positioning a marketing strategy that aims to make a brand occupy a distinct position, relative
to competing brands, in the mind of the customer. Positioning is about unique place in the minds
of customers. The company of AKMover is a strong brand and have in at mind of the customer
because of their service which is professional of packers and movers for homes and offices. The
value proposition an innovation, service, or feature intended to make a company or product
attractive to customers. The service that provided to the customers. The services of AKMover can
packaging all the customer things with carefully pack customer fragile belongings, systematically
load them in huge trucks, safely transport customer belongings desired location, and quickly
unload them at the destination. The services is from the beginning the team started packaging until
at the last the team will unload the customer belongings.
A focus strategy is usually employed where the company knows its segment and has products
to competitively satisfy its needs. Focus strategy is one of three generic marketing strategies. See
differentiation strategy and low cost strategy for the other two. The company of AKMover is
under by service focus, the service focus which means is narrow range of services to fairly broad
market. As new segments are added, company needs to develop knowledge and skills in serving
each segments. Number of markets served is many and the breadth of service offerings is narrow.

The AKMover are only focus on person that have a problem about packing and moving all the
belongings. They are an expert in doing this services. Customers that need a help about packing
and moving so customers can be rest assured that all requirements would be catered
professionally. Whether customer’s belongings move is large or small, easy or complex, the team
would strive to complete the job with utmost dedication. The team own a well-maintained fleet
of trucks to ensure that customer belongings are transported safely. The services of AKMover are
offered with an affordable price.
A core product surrounded by cluster of supplementary services are generally referred to as
the Flower of Service. It can help firms to improve their service levels and overall client
satisfaction. Generally, services will appear as core services which are the basic benefit that a
customer gets from purchasing a certain item or service and supplementary services which are
the non-routine services that follow the process of acquiring the item or service.

5.1 Core Value for AKMovers Is Moving and Packaging

AKMovers is one of the renowned Professional Packers and Movers for homes and offices.
They will ensure that customer belongings are packed and moved quickly and safely. They
are a one-stop-centre for all customer packing and moving needs, they carefully pack
customer fragile belongings, systematically load them in their huge trucks, safely transport
customer belongings to desired location, and quickly unload the things at the destination.
AKMovers are a strong team of professional packers and movers with years of experience in
the logistics industry. They will provide Goods in Transit Insurance for the things that they
lift or carry for customer.

5.2 Facilitating Supplementary Service

A service consists with two product element to perform it function. The two product elements
are core product and supplementary services. Core product is the core set of benefits and
solutions delivered to customer while supplementary services are service-related activities
that surround the core product. Facilitating services that AKMovers applied in their company
are included information, order taking, billing and payment yet the enhancing services contain
with consultation, safekeeping, logistics, and exceptions.
AKMovers work for both international and domestic markets. Their aim is to provide
maximum customer satisfaction. AKMovers cater to a variety of their customers’ needs, by
offering different packages such as Partial Service Movers, Full Service Movers, Platinum
Service Movers, House Cleaning, Air conditioning dismantle and installation, and other related
services. They also provide additional services such as packing and wrapping service, assemble
and dismantle service, load and unload service, unpacking service and house cleaning service
based on the package that AKMovers provided. Moving items such as Box, Shrink Wrap, Paper
Wrap, Bubble Wrap and Cello tape are also given based on the package that customer choose in
the Quotation. Large container for loose items and Furniture protector are the tools used during
the moving process only.


AKMovers are dedicated team of professional packers and movers that know how to deliver
exceptional services at affordable prices. Once a customer hire them, a customer can be rest
assured that all customer requirements would be created professionally. Whether the move is
large or small, easy or complex, AKMovers would strive to complete the job with utmost
dedication. The customer satisfaction is their priority in completing the service. The price that
have been given is depends on the package that have provided. If there is any fault occur while
completing the job, the price will be deduct. In addition, customer can also add on any packages
or service such as safe box movers, piano movers, office movers, and small movers. AKMovers
are also providing a quotation price for customer to make a comparison and satisfied with their
decision. Voted as the Premium Packers and Movers in Klang Valley, they offered supreme
quality services at affordable prices to those who want a peace of mind while moving.
There are two type of moving, large moving and small moving.
i. Large Moving (Premium Packer and Movers Package)
For the customers who appreciate the finer things in life, look no further than Premium
Movers and Packers as your package of choice when deciding to move. Equipped with
every necessary equipment and material and the sole purpose is to ensure the operation
runs smoothly. They can use the Premium Movers and Packers for a complete mind free
ii. Large Moving (Full Packers and Movers Package)
The customers has to choose only 70% of their things. It is not easy to move all of their
things from the old house, but experienced and systematic of operation ensure everything
run smoothly. Furniture and possessions arrived safely and were placed in the appropriate
rooms and set up if needed. The only issue is whether the customers are going satisfy with
service delivered.
iii. Large Moving (Basic Packers and Movers Package)
This Package fit for a small family with only a few items in the house. If the customers
are someone who always stay at home, Basic Movers and Packers may suits their need.
As long as it is within customer’s budget, they can packing by themselves. If the customer
are someone who always with busy lifestyle, AKMovers strongly suggest Full Movers
and Packers.
iv. Small Moving (Full Pickup Three Man Power)
This is provide packing, load and unload. Lorry bonded with 2 tonnes capacity. Three well
trained manpower including the driver. Free assemble and dismantle service for maximum
3 furniture, free boxes and free packing and wrapping service.
v. Small Moving (Partial Pickup)
This is also provide packing, load and unload. Lorry bonded with 2 tonnes capacity. Two
well-trained manpower including driver is provided and free assemble and dismantle ser-
vice for maximum three furniture.
vi. Small Moving (Self Pickup)
The lorry bonded with two tonnes capacity and provide the driver only.
AKMovers will target the customers through social media website. They has to convince
their customers through website. They have to compete with the existing service that has the
same service. They will put all of the details in the website such as contact number and their
email. So, people can reach them and can try to use their services.

Although the competitors also might use the same method, AKMovers will do better than


AKMovers will do the advertising always through their website. Through advertising they
will tell the whole thing about their business. People can be clear how to use the AKMovers
services. They advertise their services through picture and video that they provide all the

Figure 1.0: AKMover Boucher


Physical AK AK
Evidence Packages/ Transport
Mover Parking Movers Quotation Employee Equipment
Catalogue ation
Website Office

Customer Call & Choose Receive

Action Make Arrive Speak to Submit Make
the the
Appointmen Office Facilitator the Form Payment
Package Service

Greet & Receive Packing & Receive
Brief the the Form Moving the the
Customer Equipment Money

Backstage Make Information Prepare

Action Prepare
Appointment & Photocopy the
the Bill
for Guest Document Documen

Support Choose the

Action Make Online Register
Appointment System
from Online

- Failure Point
Figure 2.0: Blueprint of AKMover

From the table above, there are five element in blueprint service which are physical evidence,
customer action, onstage contact employee, backstage employee and support process. According to
Lynn Shostack (1984), service blueprint is represent to a functional process chart which shows the
service delivery process from the customer's perception. Other than that, the service blueprint is a
procedure originally used for service design and innovation, but has also found applications in
diagnosing problems with operational efficiency. Apart from that, we also have design service
blueprint for AK Movers Company which is represent the service of that company.

i. Physical Evident
The supports and places that are come upon along the customer’s service journey. It’s a com-
mon misconception that customer-facing physical evidence, but any forms, products, signage,
or physical locations used by or seen by the customer or internal employees can and should
be represented.
The physical evident for AK Movers Company such as website, office, transportation, equip-
ment and other. These kinds of element are the importance element that should include. When
the AK Movers Company have official web page it shows that, the customer can surf or can
find detailed information regarding the service that provide by AK Movers Company. Next,
parking lot shows that when the business provide the parking lots for customer it shows that
the company do not want to make the customer troublesome by searching for the parking at
the far places. Besides, AK Movers Office shows that if customer having problem or they
want get more information regarding packaging and moving service they can straight away
can go to the Company Office. Furthermore, when the company provide the catalogue of
packages and quotation, it will delight customers to make a choice regarding the packages
that suitable and affordable to them. Finally, regarding the employee, transportation and
equipment. These element are very importance because it is a key requirement in the service.
Without such element of the service cannot be run or implemented smoothly. The function of
employee is to packaging the equipment and the function of transportation is to moving the
ii. Customer Action
The steps that customers take as part of the service delivery process. The customer action in
AK Mover service are call and make the appointment which is when the customer are required
for our service they have to call and make the appointment with us. The purpose to make the
appointment because the facilitator usually is not around the office because they are sometime
doing outdoor work. Next, the arrival of customer to AK Movers Office and after that the
customer will meet our facilitator and having some discussion on how to get that service, what
is the price that offer to particular service and other information regarding the service. In
addition, after the customer brief by the facilitator the customer will decide to choose which
packages that suitable to them. After that, the customer will submit the request form to the
counter. So, the employees will do the next process so that the service is received by the
customer as soon as possible. After the customer receive the service the customer will make
full payment to AK Mover by cash of online payment.

iii. Onstage Contact Employee

Front-stage contact is about Visible Contact Employee Actions which is steps taken by contact
employees as part of the face-to-face service encounter. There are three element that employee
require to do which is firstly, the employee have to greet and brief the customer. These things
have to done by the employee so that the customer will satisfy regarding services provided by
workers in AK Mover and the customer also will feel happy to receive the service from that
business. Secondly, the onstage employee will packaging the thing that in the customer house
or office and after that the employee also will moving or transfer the thing into the transport
and after that to the new place that was request by the customer. Thirdly, the onstage employee
will receive the full cash payment from the customer.
iv. Backstage Contact Employee
Back-stage is above Invisible Contact Employee Actions which is the 'line of visibility' sepa-
rates the front-stage and back-stage actions non-visible steps taken by contact employees be-
hind the line of visibility. There are four element in backstage contact employee. Firstly, the
employee must arrange the appointment to customer, so that the brief process become smooth
without any barrier. Secondly, the backstage employee have to provide the information to
customer when the customer came to AK Movers Office and also the employee should make
few copies of AK Movers flyer so that the customer can understand very well regarding the
service and the packages that provided by that company. Other than that, the backstage em-
ployee must prepare the document regarding the request form for the customer. This is be-
cause, when the company doing the jobs or task systematically the process of some work will
going smoothly and perfectly. Next, the employee should prepare the bill for the customer
when the customer made full payment, by doing these thing the company will know whether
the customer has made the payment or not.

v. Support Process
Activities carried out by employees who are not dealings employees, but whose activities are
required for the service to be distributed. There are three element in support process which
make online appointment, choose the package from online and register system. Firstly, make
online appointment which is the customer can make appointment in online if the customer do
not want to make a call to AK Mover Office. The customer might fell like by doing their affair
using online will make them easier compare to usual affair such as make a call which will
include some cost or they feel like they have to wait until someone answer the call. Next, the
customer also can choose the packages that provided by AK Movers by visiting to AK Movers
web page. In that web page, already include the type of packages with the price. So it will
make the customer easier to access the detail information regarding AK Movers service.
Lastly, about register system. When the employee prepare the document regarding confirma-
tion to receive services from our company, we will indirectly register the customer's name in
our system. This is because, to avoid any doubt or misfortune occurring later on.
The Failure Point
The failure point of these business were occur three times. Firstly, the customer will make a
call before made the appointment with the company’s facilitator. The barrier that occur during
this process is the telecommunication line might be not clear during the conversation between
the customer and the employee such as when rainy day the telephone line is not so clear and
call always intermittent. So, this element will be the failure point might happen in these ser-
vice business.

The second failure point is when the AK Movers facilitator are brief the customer, that cus-
tomer might does not like the package that we are offer to them. This is because the price that
company offered may not suitable to them or quite high. In other hand, the customer may not
satisfy with the item that were provide in every single package. May be the customer more
services offered in such a package.

Finally, the failure point was occur when the AK Movers employees are about to send items
to the destination that the customer wants. This is because when delivering goods there are
obstacles in terms of traffic congestion, road accidents, the driver do not know the exact ad-
dress and so on. After that, during packing of items there is possible to item to be broken and
these things will cause the company's reputation to be affected where the company fails to
provide qualified and skilled workers. In addition, when transferring goods into a truck or
somewhere, there may be items falling and broken because employees are not careful to make
the work or worker inadvertent to make a mistake.
AKMovers service environment is to shape customers’ experience and behaviour. This ser-
vice environment is used for customers as a criteria in evaluating services and services cape
which is used by customers as a positioning tool for service organizations. There are three ways
to service environments affects buyer:

i. Message creating Medium: Symbolic cues to communicate the distinctive nature and quality
of the service experience

ii. Attention Creating Medium: Make services cape stand out from competition and attract cus-
tomers from target segments

iii. Effect Creating Medium: Use colours, textures, sounds, scents, and spatial design to enhance
desired service experience.

House Moving Without You (Customers) Doing Anything

All of the process in moving the stuffs and equipment will be handle by the AK Movers staffs.
Customers does not need to pack their properties or stuff because it is all will be done by the
staffs from the start until the end of the processes. All the packaging will be done by AKMov-
ers. Customers can just lend us their key and let us finished it from the start until the end.

Avoided Stuffs and Equipment from Broken

AKMovers offered service environment where customers can avoided the risks of broken
stuffs. This is because AKMovers have a well – trained workers that can finished their jobs
on moving customers’ stuffs properly. AKMovers offered 90% decreased in risk when using
our services because we used the right materials and the talented employees compared to other

Fast Services
AKMovers offered fast services to their customers rather than their competitors. We under-
stand that our customers’ time are very valuable to them and our services help them to save
their time because we can do it faster for them. AKMovers offered only 12 hours to finish the
services and the moving for the customers. This processes usually take about 2 weeks to fin-
ished but AKMovers are really fast services where offered best service environment to cus-
AKMovers provide customers way to communicate their experience to company through two
channel which is online and traditional. These channel are provided by the company to give their
customers space to give feedback or even praise the company performance.

i. Online communication
Through online, the customers can use media social such as Facebook, Twitter and also
Instagram to interact with the company. When the customers communicate their experience
online, these platform allow them to openly say their personal thought with the company,
other customers and also the potential customers. Customers can complaint to the company
through these channel and in return, they expect the issue will be solved immediately. Online
communication also allow the customers to influence the other customers and potential
customers through their positive or negative feedback. This is because everyone can see what
they write regarding the service provide. The company also can see if there are complaint
made by the customers on their media social by always up to date with the social media. If
there are complaint made by the customers, immediate action need to be take in order to
reduce the impact to company performance.

ii. Traditional.
For traditional way, the customers can e-mail, call or visit the company directly to make
complaint. These channel require more cost and time of the customers to complaint but these
are the most effective way to complaint something. Sometime the company does not see what
is being posted on their media social because they don’t have time to check so, if the customers
use these traditional way the company can know the problem straightaway. These allow the
company to take action immediately for the customers. These channel also does not affect the
company reputation because it only involve the customers and the company only, no third
party. This help the company in managing their image to their other customers.
John Tschohl said that “Service recovery builds customer loyalty that brings a customer back
from the brink of defection”. An effective service recovery system can turn a complaint
customers into a loyal customers. Service recovery is the procedure in dealing with customers’
problem or complaint. A good service recovery system can solve the customers’ problem or
complaint immediately and also restoring the customer satisfaction.

Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4

Stage 1
Resolving Communicating Integrating data
Identify service
customer and classifying and improving
problem service failure overall service

Individual customers Improve service system

and employees

Overall customers and

Maintain customers and employees’ satisfaction
employees loyalty

Develop customers and

employee loyalty

In conclusion, AKMovers is full service company. The main activity of that is packaging and
moving the equipment to one place to another place. Apart from that, AKMovers also provide 3
type of packages which are premium packer, full packer and basic packer. The customer can
choose one of these packages according to their financial ability. Other than that, the AKMovers
have experience in doing this kinds of service for several year. So, they mention that they already
expert or become professional in packaging and moving the equipment. They will carefully pack
the customer fragile belongings, systematically load the equipment in their huge trucks, safely
transport the customer’s belongings to desired location, and quickly unload the equipment at the
Next, the AKMovers also have provide the video on their official portal regarding the
customer feedback on their service. Mostly the customer giving the positive feedback on their
service. Moreover, the payment system for AKMover is through manual and also by online
payment such as MasterCard, My debit, Union Pay, Jcb. AKMOVERS is one of the renowned
Professional Movers and Packers for homes and offices. They work for both Movers Malaysia
& International. Their aim is to provide maximum customer satisfaction. In addition, they are
specialized in high quality movers and packers services. They also cater to a variety of their
customers’ needs, by offering other packages such as, Small Moving, Piano & Safe Box Movers,
Office Movers, International Movers, House Cleaning, Air conditioning dismantle & installation,
and other related services.
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