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Catalog 2010

Laser Diodes
TO18,TO5,TO3,C­mount Package 
5mW to 70W 
Most Cost­efficient

405nm Fiber Bundled Diode Laser Systems

2W, 4W, 6W    Output Power 
400um,900um Fiber core 
TEC Cooling and Water Cooling 
PC Control 
Low power supply 
High Lifetime 
Catalog 2010

Pigtailed Laser Diodes

850nm,870nm,980nm ,1310nm,1550nm,1625nm   
1mW to 150mW Output Power 
PM fiber/SM fiber/ MM fiber 
Coaxial Package (pigtailed laser diodes) 
Custom­Built Wavelengths, Powers 

Diode-pumped solid-state lasers & Diode Lasers

Blue,Green,Red,IR Laser   
Low Noise Laser 
50mW to 10W 
High power stability 
Low Cost ,Good Quality 

High Power Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes

1mW to 20W Output Power 
100um,200um,400um MM Fiber   
Air cooling /TEC cooling 
With Aiming Beam 
With PD 
2­PIN,4­PIN,9­PIN,14­PIN Package 
Custom­Built Wavelengths, Powers 
Catalog 2010

OEM Package Service

14­pin butterfly ,2­pin,4­pin Package    Service 
Bundled HHL Package 
Pigtail Package Service 
With TEC 
With PD 
With Aiming Beam 

Our laser chips are from USA and Japan, we package them by ourself.
We offer the best cost-efficient diode laser solution.
Catalog 2010

CW Laser Diodes
Type No. Specification

405nm laser diode

WSLD-405-015m-1 405nm/15mW/TO18

WSLD-405-020m-1-PD 405nm/20mW/TO18/with PD

WSLD-405-065m-1 405nm/65mW/TO18

WSLD-405-120m-1 405nm/120mW/TO18

WSLD-405-200m-1 405nm/200mW/TO18

635nm laser diode

WSLD-635-005m-1-PD 635nm/5mW/TO18/with PD

WSLD-635-010m-1-PD 635nm/10mW/TO18/with PD

WSLD-635-015m-1-PD 635nm/15mW/TO18/with PD

WSLD-635-020m-1-PD 635nm/20mW/TO18/with PD

WSLD-635-035m-1-PD 635nm/35mW/TO18/with PD

WSLD-635-100m-1-PD 635nm/100mW/TO18/with PD

WSLD-635-100m-2-PD 635nm/100mW/TO5/with PD

WSLD-635-150m-2 635nm/150mW/TO5

WSLD-635-150m-C 635nm/150mW/C-mount

WSLD-635-300m-C 635nm/300mW/C-mount

WSLD-635-500m-C 635nm/500mW/C-mount
Catalog 2010

650nm laser diode

WSLD-650-005m-1-PD 658nm/5mW/TO18/with PD

WSLD-650-010m-1-PD 658nm/10mW/TO18/with PD

WSLD-650-100m-1 658nm/100mW/TO18

WSLD-650-200m-1 658nm/200mW/TO18

WSLD-650-200m-2 658nm/200mW/TO5

WSLD-650-300m-2 658nm/300mW/TO5

WSLD-650-300m-3 650nm/300mW/TO3

WSLD-650-300m-C 650nm/300mW/C-mount

WSLD-650-500m-3 650nm/500mW/TO3

WSLD-650-500m-C 650nm/500mW/C-Mount

WSLD-650-1000m-3 650nm/1000mW/TO3

WSLD-650-1000m-C 650nm/1000mW/C-Mount

808nm laser diode

WSLD-808-200m-1-PD 808nm/200mW/TO18/with PD

WSLD-808-300m-1-PD 808nm/300mW/TO18/with PD

WSLD-808-300m-2 808nm/300mW/TO5

WSLD-808-300m-3 808nm/300mW/TO3

WSLD-808-300m-C 808nm/300mW/C-mount

WSLD-808-500m-2 808nm/500mW/TO5

WSLD-808-500m-2-PD 808nm/500mW/TO5/with PD

WSLD-808-500m-3 808nm/500mW/TO3

WSLD-808-500m-C 808nm/500mW/C-mount
Catalog 2010

WSLD-808-001-2 808nm/1 W/TO5

WSLD-808-001-2-PD 808nm/1 W/TO5/PD

WSLD-808-001-3 808nm/1W/TO3

WSLD-808-001-C 808nm/1W/C-mount

WSLD-808-002-3 808nm/2W/TO3

WSLD-808-002-C 808nm/2W/C-mount

WSLD-808-003-3 808nm/3W/TO3

WSLD-808-003-C 808nm/3W/C-mount

WSLD-808-005-3 808nm/5W/TO3

WSLD-808-005-C 808nm/5W/C-mount

830nm laser diode

WSLD-830-005m-1-PD 830nm/5mW/TO18/PD

WSLD-830-030m-1-PD 830nm/30mW/TO18/PD

WSLD-830-001-3 830nm/1W/TO3

WSLD-830-001-C 830nm/1W/C-mount

850nm laser diode

WSLD-850-010m-1-PD 850nm/10mW/TO18/with PD

WSLD-850-050m-1-PD 850nm/50mW/TO18/with PD

WSLD-850-100m-1-PD 850nm/100mW/TO18/with PD

WSLD-850-300m-1-PD 850nm/300mW/TO18/with PD

WSLD-850-500m-1-PD 850nm/500mW/TO18/with PD

870nm laser diode

WSLD-870-010m-1-PD 870nm/10mW/TO18/with PD
Catalog 2010

940nm laser diode

WSLD-940-005-C 940nm/5W/C-mount

980nm laser diode

WSLD-980-050m-1 980nm/50mW/TO18

WSLD-980-050m-1-PD 980nm/50mW/TO18/with PD

WSLD-980-100m-1 980nm/100mW/TO18

WSLD-980-200m-1 980nm/200mW/TO18

WSLD-980-200m-2 980nm/200mW/TO5

WSLD-980-250m-2-PD 980nm/250mW/TO5/PD

WSLD-980-300m-1 980nm/300mW/TO18

WSLD-980-500m-2 980nm/500mW/TO5

WSLD-980-500m-3 980nm/500mW/TO3

WSLD-980-500m-C 980nm/500mW/C-mount

WSLD-980-001-2 980nm/1W/TO5

WSLD-980-002-3 980nm/2W/TO3

WSLD-980-002-C 980nm/2W/C-mount

WSLD-980-003-3 980nm/3W/TO3

WSLD-980-003-C 980nm/3W/C-mount

WSLD-980-005-3 980nm/5W/TO3

WSLD-980-005-C 980nm/5W/C-mount

1064nm laser diode

WSLD-1064-001-3 1064nm/1W/TO3

WSLD-1064-001- C 1064nm/1W/C-mount
Catalog 2010

WSLD-1064-002- 3 1064nm/2W/TO3

WSLD-1064-002- C 1064nm/2W/C-mount

1310nm DFB laser diode ball lens/flat windiow

WSLD-1310-005m-1-PD 1310nm/5mW/TO18/ PD/DFB

WSLD-1310-010m-1-PD 1310nm/10mW/TO18/ PD/DFB

WSLD-1310-020m-1 1310nm/20mW/TO18 /DFB

1450nm laser diode

WSLD-1450-600m-3 1450nm/600mW/TO3

WSLD-1450-600m-C 1450nm/600mW/C-mount

1550nm laser diode

WSLD-1550-005m-1-PD 1550nm /5mW/TO18/PD/DFB

WSLD-1550-010m-1-PD 1550nm /10mW/TO18/PD/DFB

WSLD-1550-020m-1 1550nm /20mW/TO18/DFB

1625nm laser diode

WSLD-1625-005m-1 1625nm/5mW/TO18

Pulsed Laser Diodes

Type No. Specification

905nm pulsed laser diode

WSPLD-905-030-1 905nm 30W 400*1um TO18

1550nm pulsed laser diode

Catalog 2010

WSPLD-1550-010-1 1550nm 10W 400*1um TO18

DPSS lasers & Diode Lasers

Type No. Specifications

DPSS and Diode Laser CW Modes/TTL adjustable/with power supply

405nm diode laser

WSDL-405-080m 405nm/80mW/CW/Diode Laser

WSDL-405-190m 405nm/190mW/CW/Diode Laser

473nm DPSS Laser

WSDP-473-050m 473nm/50mW/TEC Cooling/CW/DPSS Laser

WSDP-473-100m 473nm/100mW/TEC Cooling/CW/DPSS Laser

WSDP-473-150m 473nm/150mW/TEC Cooling/CW/DPSS Laser

WSDP-473-200m 473nm/200mW/TEC Cooling/CW/DPSS Laser

532nm DPSS Laser

WSDP-532-300m 532nm/300mW/TEC Cooling/CW/DPSS Laser

WSDP-532-500m 532nm/500mW/TEC Cooling/CW/DPSS Laser

WSDP-532-800m 532nm/800mW/TEC Cooling/CW/DPSS Laser

WSDP-532-001 532nm/1W/TEC Cooling/CW/DPSS Laser

Catalog 2010

WSDP-532-1500m 532nm/1.5W/TEC Cooling/CW/DPSS Laser

WSDP-532-003 532nm/3W/TEC Cooling/CW/DPSS Laser

WSDP-532-005 532nm/5W/TEC Cooling/CW/DPSS Laser

WSDP-532-008 532nm/8W/TEC Cooling/CW/DPSS Laser

635nm Diode Laser

WSDL-635-300m 635nm/300mW/TEC Cooling/CW/Diode Laser

WSDL-635-500m 635nm/500mW/TEC Cooling/CW/Diode Laser

650nm Diode Laser

WSD-650-500m 650nm/500mW/TEC Cooling/CW/Diode Laser

WSD-650-001 650nm/1W/TEC Cooling/CW/Diode Laser

1064nm Diode Laser

WSD-1064-005 1064nm/5W/TEC Cooling/CW/Diode Laser

WSD-1064-010 1064nm/10W/TEC Cooling/CW/Diode Laser

Catalog 2010

405nm Fiber coupled Diode Laser systems

Type No. Specifications

Diode Laser System

WSLDS-405-002 Wavelength :405nm

Output power:2W
Fiber Core:400um/900um
TEC Cooling & Water Cooling
PC Contorl
High Lifetime
Low Power Supply
WSLDS-405-004 Wavelength :405nm
Output power:4W
Fiber Core:900um
TEC Cooling & Water Cooling
PC Contorl
High Lifetime
Low Power Supply
WSLDS-405-006 Wavelength :405nm
Output power:6W
Fiber Core:900um
TEC Cooling & Water Cooling
PC Contorl
High Lifetime
Catalog 2010

Low Power Supply

Pigtailed Laser Diodes

Type No. Specification

405nm pigtailed laser diodes PM/SM/MM fiber

WSLP-405-015m-PM 405nm/15mw/PM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-405-030m-PM 405nm/30mw/PM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-405-016m-4 405nm/16mw/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-405-016m-4-PD 405nm/16mw/4um SM fiber/ Side-face PD/Coaxial package

WSLP-405-040m-4 405nm/40mw/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-405-040m-4-PD 405nm/40mw/4um SM fiber/ Side-face PD/Coaxial package

WSLP-405-140m-M 405nm/140mw/ 105um fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-405-140m-M-PD 405nm/140mw/ 105um fiber/ Side-face PD/Coaxial package

WSLBX-405-002 405nm/2W/900um fiber/TEC Cooling/Water Cooling

WSLBX-405-004 405nm/4W/900um fiber/TEC Cooling/Water Cooling

WSLBX-405-006 405nm/6W/900um fiber/TEC Cooling/Water Cooling

635nm pigtailed laser diodes PM/SM/MM fiber

WSLP-635-002m-4-PD 635nm/2mw/with PD/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-635-003m-4-PD 635nm/3mw/with PD/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-635-005m-4-PD 635nm/5mw/with PD/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

Catalog 2010

WSLP-635-009m-4-PD 635nm/9mw/with PD/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-635-005m-M-PD 635nm/5mw/with PD/105um fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-635-010m-M-PD 635nm/10mw/with PD/105um fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-635-015m-M-PD 635nm/15mw/with PD/105um fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-635-XXXm 635nm custom-built mW Coaxial

650nm pigtailed laser diodes PM/SM/MM fiber

WSLP-650-001m-4-PD 650nm/1mw/with PD/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-650-002m-4-PD 650nm/2mw/with PD/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-650-020m-4 650nm/20mw/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-650-040m-4 650nm/40mw/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-650-005m-M-PD 650nm/5mw/with PD/105um fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-650-040m-M 650nm/40mw/105um fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-650-080m-M 650nm/80mw/105um fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-650-XXXm 660nm custom-built mW Coaxial

785nm pigtailed laser diodes PM/SM/MM fiber

WSLP-785-001m-4-PD 785nm/1mw/with PD/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-785-002m-4 785nm/2mw/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-785-025m-4 785nm/25mw/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-785-050m-M 785nm/50mw /105um fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-785-XXXm-P 785nm custom-built mW Coaxial

808nm pigtailed laser diodes PM/SM/MM fiber

WSLP-808-040m-4-PD 808nm/40mw/with PD/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-808-060m-4 808nm/60mw /4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

Catalog 2010

WSLP-808-080m-M-PD 808nm/80mw/with PD/105um fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-808-120m-M 808nm/120mw/105um fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-808-XXXm-P 808nm custom-built mW Coaxial

830nm pigtailed laser diodes PM/SM/MM fiber

WSLP-830-001m-4-PD 830nm/1mw/with PD/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-830-006m-4-PD 830nm/6mw/with PD/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-830-002m-M-PD 830nm/2mw/with PD/105um MM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-830-013m-4-PD 830nm/13mw/with PD/105um MM fiber/Coaxial package

850nm pigtailed laser diodes PM/SM/MM fiber

WSLP-850-002m-4-PD 850nm/2mw/with PD/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-850-010m-4-PD 850nm/10mw/with PD/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-850-020m-4-PD 850nm/20mw/with PD/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-850-005m-M-PD 850nm/5mw/with PD/105um MM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-850-020m-M-PD 850nm/20mw/with PD/105um MM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-850-040m-M-PD 850nm/40mw/with PD/105um MM fiber/Coaxial package

870nm pigtailed laser diodes PM/SM/MM fiber

WSLP-870-002m-4-PD 870nm/2mw/with PD/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-870-005m-M-PD 870nm/5mw/with PD/105um MM fiber/Coaxial package

980nm pigtailed laser diodes PM/SM/MM fiber

WSLP-980-010m-4-PD 980nm/10mw/4um SM fiber/PD/Coaxial package

WSLP-980-020m-4 980nm/20mw/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-980-040m-4 980nm/40mw/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-980-020m-M-PD 980nm/20mw/105um MM fiber/PD/Coaxial package

Catalog 2010

WSLP-980-040m-M 980nm/40mw/105um MM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-980-080m-M 980nm/80mw/105um MM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-980-XXXm-P 980nm custom-built mW Coaxial

1310nm pigtailed laser diodes 9um fiber Isolator,DFB,FP Optional

WSLP-1310-001m-9-PD 1310nm/1mw/with PD/9um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-1310-002m-9-PD 1310nm/2mw/with PD/9um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-1310-003m-9-PD 1310nm/3mw/with PD/9um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-1310-004m-9-PD 1310nm/4mw/with PD/9um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-1310-005m-9-PD 1310nm/5mw/with PD/9um SM fiber/Coaxial package

1550nm pigtailed laser diodes 9um fiber Isolator,DFB,FP Optional

WSLP-1550-001m-9-PD 1550nm/1mw/with PD/9um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-1550-002m-9-PD 1550nm/2mw/with PD/9um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-1550-003m-9-PD 1550nm/3mw/with PD/9um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-1550-004m-9-PD 1550nm/4mw/with PD/9um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-1550-005m-9-PD 1550nm/5mw/with PD/9um SM fiber/Coaxial package

1625nm pigtailed laser diodes PM/SM/MM fiber

WSLP-1625-001m-4 1625nm/1mw/4um SM fiber/Coaxial package

WSLP-1625-002m-M 1625nm/3mw/105um MM fibe/Coaxial package

Catalog 2010

High Power Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes

Type No. Specification

635nm fiber coupled laser diodes (HHL package)

WSLX-635-060m-H 635nm/60mW/105um fiber/ 4-pin package

WSLX-635-120m-H 635nm/120mW/105um fiber/ 4-pin package

WSLX-635-200m-H 635nm/200mW/200um fiber/ 4-pin package

WSLX-635-400m-B 635nm/400mW/400um fiber/HHL bundled package

WSLX-635-600m-B 635nm/600mW/400um fiber/HHL bundled package

WSLX-635-800m-B 635nm/800mW/400um fiber/HHL bundled package

WSLX-635-XXX-B 635nm custom-built W HHL

650nm fiber coupled laser diodes (HHL package)

WSLX-650-120m-H 650nm/120mW/105um fiber/ 4-pin package

WSLX-650-200m-H 650nm/200mW/200um fiber/ 4-pin package

WSLX-650-300m-H 650nm/300mW/200um fiber/ 4-pin package

WSLX-650-400m-H 650nm/400mW/400um fiber/4-pin package

WSLX-650-900m-B 650nm/900mW/400um fiber/HHL bundled package

WSLX-650-XXX-B 650nm custom-built W HHL

Catalog 2010

808nm fiber coupled laser diodes (HHL package)

WSLX-808-800m-H 808nm/800mW/105um fiber /4-pin package

WSLX-808-1500m-H 808nm/1.5W/200um fiber /4-pin package

WSLX-808-002-H 808nm/2W/200um fiber /4-pin package

WSLX-808-004-H 808nm/4W/200um fiber /4-pin package

WSLX-808-008-B 808nm/8W/400um fiber / HHL bundled package

WSLX-808-XXX-B 808nm custom-built W HHL

830nm fiber coupled laser diodes (HHL package)

WSLX-830-700m-H 830nm/700mW/105um fiber /4-pin package

WSLX-830-002-B 830nm/2W/200um fiber / HHL bundled package

WSLX-830-XXX-B 830nm custom-built W HHL

940nm fiber coupled laser diodes (HHL package)

WSLX-940-3500m-H 940nm/3.5W/200um fiber/4-pin package

WSLX-940-009-B 940nm/9W/400um fiber/ HHL bundled package

980nm fiber coupled laser diodes (HHL package)

WSLX-980-1500m-H 980nm/1.5W/200um fiber/4-pin package

WSLX-980-002-H 980nm/2W/200um fiber/4-pin package

WSLX-980-006-B 980nm/6W/400um fiber/ HHL bundled package

WSLX-980-XXX-B 980nm custom-built W HHL

1064nm fiber coupled laser diodes (HHL package)

WSLX-1064-009-B 1064nm/9W/400um/HHL bundled package

1450nm fiber coupled laser diodes (HHL package)

WSLX-1450-300m-H 1450nm/300mW/105um fiber/4-pin package

Catalog 2010

WSLX-1450-002-B 1450nm/2W/400um fiber/ HHL bundled package

OEM Service for HHL and Coaxial Package

We can offer butterfly package and pigtail package!

Please let’s know your wavelength & output power!

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