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ISSN No: 2456 - 6470 |Conference Issue – ICDEBI-2018

Organised By: V. P. Institute of Management Studies & Research, Sangli

Digitalization in Marketing
Mallikarjun Raju Chikkodi
M.Com Student, K.L.E. Society’s B. K. College of Commerce,,
Chikkodi, Belagavi, Karnataka, India

ABSTRACT 4. extension
In this seminar I would like to show about the Many customerss do almost all of their shopping
digitalization in marketing and its performing in our online. Digital marketing lets you to request to
day to day life such as its needs, types and its these people and thus develop the reach of your
advantages and also its disadvantages. Digitalization business.
in marketing is playing a very important role in the 5. Multimedia: Consumers tend in the direction of
economy. more with marketing materials that mingle
numerous types of content,
conte including photos,
NEEDS OF DIGITALIZATION IN video clips, and audio. It is far easier to
MARKETING: incorporate all these content types into digital
Every business will have different specific goal in marketing than any other type of publicity –and it
mind, but almost all are trying to reach more is very important.
customers and convince them to purchase .to do thus 6. Interactivity:
effectively, you have to take benefit of all the most Digital marketing lets you be in touch directly
precious marketing resources and technologies. with the consumers who perceive you content,
Which include: notably through website comments, messages,
reviews, and social media posts. This shows those
1. Affordability consumers that you care about what they say and
Digital marketing is noticeably low expensive think, leading them to think respected and Part of
than other marketing techniques. Specific prices the society you’re building.
vary based on what you’re doing but ad spend 7. Tracking:
tends to be lower than other forms of marketing. Besides communicating with consumers digital
2. Mobile admittance marketing lets you track their activities. You can
You may not know thus but 77 percent of keep an eye on which ads and types of content
American youths are on a smart phone and are they have seen shortly before they make a buy.
likely o use that smart phone or another mobile
device for news, social networking, and countless Types of digital marketing
other actions .Digital marketing lets you reach 1. Social Media Marketing
them while they’re doing this. The social Ms has a muscular focus on social
3. Flexibility media marketing. So that is where we are going to
There are many forms and benef benefits of digital start our list of types of digital marketing. Social
marketing. Including banner ads, email marketing, Media positively has fairly earned position in the
content marketing, and social media posts. Thus record. Social media marketing is, the use of
by learning how to market yourself digitally, you social mediaa platforms and websites to support a
open up a wide range of possibilities for future goods or service.
publicity strategy.

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www.ijtsrd.com | Conference Issue: ICDEBI-2018| Oct 2018 Page: 48
International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (IJTSRD) ISSN: 2456-6470
2456 | IF: 4.101
2. Content Marketing 3. Easy to measure:
Content marketing is the ability of using Online everything can be calculated, thus it’s
storytelling and important information to raise simpler for the companies to know right away if
brand knowledge with the objective of getting their strategy is operating or not, what business
your target viewers to take a gainful actio action. concernn or customer is enthusiastic about their
Content marketing aims at building interaction items, from what places or nations are they, etc.
with probable consumers and becoming a 4. Brand growth:
colleague rather than an advertiser. Content Continuation on the Internet can help the
marketing strongly relies on content delivery. development of the business organization from
Content marketing can hardly ever be seen any local market to country wide and worldwide
completely divided from other typ types of digital market locationss at the same time, providing
marketing that can fill the content distribution almost boundless development opportunities.
part. 5. Available 24/7:
3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) The World Wide Web not at all rests and so does
SEO is the course of action of optimizing content Online promotion, enabling company with small
or websites so that they explain up in explore sources to maintain physical 24-hour
24 functions to
outcome in search engines such as Google. Search contend in the electronic
nic industry using Online
engines settle on which websites to prove for a promotion resources that can run almost 24 hours
search term based on keywords mentioned on the a day and 7 days a week.
website and links that pass on to this website. That
means SEO has a lot to do with using the right Dis-advantages
advantages of Digital Marketing:
keywords or key phrases in the copy of a website 1. Promotion policy canbecopied:
or within the content. One of the hazards in Internet marketing is that a
4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM): particular method can easily be copied by a rival.
While SEO describes the course of action of And, many have done so with conclude ignore for
perceiving not paid traffic from search engines – the lawful repercussions their actions may bring.
SEM refers to the paid traffic from search engines. Pictures or images can be used to mislead
The most general form of search engine marketing consumers and bring away an important company.
is probably Google Ad words for the From you. Not only that, these can also be used
uncomplicated cause that Googleoogle is by far the for perpetrating adverse and incorrect information
most used search engine. about your goods, products or services that will
5. Pay-Per-Click
Click Advertising (PPC): Similar to dangerous your online reputation – and minimize
SEM other forms of PPC advertising also useful focused consumers.
illustrate marketing techniques where the marketer 2. Digital Marketing Includes Too Much
pays for each click on a link. Competition:
Just like the development of online ads, Internet
Advantages or benefits of Digital Marketing
Marketing: promotion is knowledgeable with a great process
1. Level playing field: of too many competitors. Digital promoters are
Any company can challenge with any enemy apart not competent of receiving into a more powerful
from of element with a well-built
built digital internet place for the best possible disclosure for their
marketing approach. Furthermore, typically a promotion and promotion tasks, and with the use
minor store would find it difficult to bring of too many competitors, will make it even more
together the grace of the accessories of its larger difficult and costly to get the interest of targeted
opponents. Online, a sharp well thought out site observers.
with a sleek consumer trip and incredible service 3. Security problem:
is master – not dimension. Internet marketing has its own demerits which are
2. Low cost: not noticeable on its knowledge value. so, For a
It allows to companies to save money, an person or client who queries online for goods or
component that is really taken into account by the services, there is a caution not to disclose all the
companies since the Digital marketing strategies private information as it might be used against
don’t necessitate a great amount of financial them by nameless people.

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www.ijtsrd.com | Conference Issue: ICDEBI-2018| Oct 2018 Page: 49
International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (IJTSRD) ISSN: 2456-6470
2456 | IF: 4.101
4. lack of belief: Conclusion:
One of the important disadvantages may be a So, digitalization in marketing is about utilising
absence of believing in of the customers. Because digital technology to reach marketing goals. There is
of could be exclusive extraordinary offers that no essential necessitate for digital marketing to
come out to be scammers. So, this is a part that always be separate from the mark technology
reduces the image and reliability of quality and department as a whole, as the goals of both are the
sincere business organization. same.. However, for now, it remains a useful term
5. Requires More primary Investment: because digital marketing needs a certain skill set to
Playing Digital marketing contains various utilise the digitalogy effectively.
boundaries like developing delicate and
professional looking for your website and
planning an effective system. Therefore, Paid
marketing like Search engines Ad Words
Words, Search
engines Ads, and Social Media Marketing is quite
expensive, especially for small enterprise owners.

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www.ijtsrd.com | Conference Issue: ICDEBI-2018| Oct 2018 Page: 50