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October 11, 2018 Volume 3 / Issue 9

Put Target’s Forensics Lab Tools to the Test in this New Hands-On Exhibit

Become the Detective Inside the lab

“Through this museum,
Want to test your skills at spotting Target supports truth and jus- Our state-of-the-art forensics lab
evidence and eyewitness details at a tice .” -Don Liu, Executive vice in Minneapolis, which inspired the
crime scene? Visitors can try this and president and chief legal and risk Target Take the Case exhibit, has been
other real-life detecting methods in officer. operating since 2006, and is accredited
the National Law Enforcement Mu- by the ANSI-ASQ National Accred-
seum’s Target Take the Case exhibit, itation Board. Its dedicated team of
as they learn how detectives coordi- certified examiners (including many
nate with forensic scientists, medical former law enforcement officials) con-
examiners and prosecuting attorneys ducts latent fingerprint examinations
to solve a crime. and enhances and analyzes audio and
video evidence from crimes directly
Believe it or not, this hands-on exhibit related to our stores. But we also offer
was curated using real elements from our forensics team’s work to assist
Target’s in-house forensics lab. It’s one officer, will speak as part of the mu- law enforcement on cases unrelated
of several immersive exhibits visitors seum’s grand opening festivities. to Target—such as violent felony,
can explore inside the new museum, homicide and special circumstances
which opens its doors to the public This isn’t the first time Target has cases—free of charge. The lab handles
this week in Washington, D.C. supported the creation of a national about 300 cases a year, and nearly one
museum. In 2016, we celebrated in five are pro bono work, to alleviate
As one of its sponsors, we’ve worked opening of the National Museum strain on our law enforcement part-
with the museum’s leadership for of African American History and ners’ resources.
more than a decade. Along the way, Culture as a founding donor and
we provided business expertise, orga- grand opening sponsor, along with The museum sponsorship and the pro
nizational and strategic consultation, the unveiling of its Target Learning bono work of our forensics lab are two
and funding, plus pro bono construc- Center. Through partnerships like examples of Target’s ongoing support
tion and architecture support from these, we’re proud to help tell the for our public safety partners, as we
our construction and store design stories of American history, heroes team up on innovative programs and
teams. Don Liu, Target’s executive vice and culture for all families to enjoy. technology that help keep neighbor-
president and chief legal and risk, will hoods safe and secure.