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Lexis READING SPEAKING GRAMMAR LEXIS & DICTIONARY Show you care... be aware! Pees Heath Aneathy testy for teens tthe doctor's Connectors Body idioms / sleep LUSTENING & VIEWING Are you geting enough sleeo? GUIDED WRITING TIME 2 CHECK iibteitek ont chien Lexis VIEWING LUSTENING GRAMMAR READING LEXIS & DICTIONARY wriTing SPEAKING ‘CLASS PROJECT TIME 2 CHECK IAP DARE 2 LEARN MORE leaflet Lexis, interaction & greiner ‘Teens problems The unhealthiest ty in America ‘Move Your Boy by Beyonce evond cantonal blog The teen years Ablog post entry Ching ional advico Creating aglog Leds & grammar The Foun Our Stars by ohn Green Dating abuse a 20 2 34 % 38 4 2 8 4“ 4% 4B ” 50 3 56 Cig eae Aira Lexis Must Eisen VIEWING Views on summer musi festivals READING Music festivals you need to know about GRAMMAR Past Simple vs Present Perfect SPEAKING —Tiketsfora concert WRITING ——mviting friend via email LUSTENING —_(Ican'tgetna) Satisfaction by theRoling Stones ‘Homework! Oh, homework by Jack Prelutsky RIAAP Lexis READING SPEAKING GRAMMAR LEXIS & DICTIONARY USTENING & VIEWING GUIDED weITiNG TIME 2 CHECK Lexis ‘VIEWING USTENING GRAMMAR READING LEXIS & DICTIONARY wrITing SPEAKING CLASS PROJECT TIME 2 CHECK RAP DARE 2 LEARN MORE DRL Cet) New media communication “Toons and mobile phones (Disagreeing Past Perfect Ways of interacting Sexial media and teens Aforand against text Lexis, interaction & grammar Technology pros & cons Make itweareble CChenges by David Bowie Reported speech (part 1) Do you have text claw or an Posture? New words in technology forum post Pros and cons of technology Creating traler Leis & gtemmar The Giver by Lois Lowry ‘New mentions " w u“ 6 8 2 a 66 6 @ 7 n ” % vp *0 a a as 86 8 8 0 n Lexis READING ‘SPEAKING GRAMMAR LEXIS & DICTIONARY Dream. Build. Achieve.’ eco ery Career paths and work ‘Choosing acareor path ‘Ajpb interview Reported speech part 2) ‘The word of work LUSTENING & VIEWING — The bestjob inthe world GUIDED WRITING TIME 2 CHECK ‘A personal profile Lexis interaction & grammar § 8 100 102 104 106 108 110 Lexis GRAMMAR PHRASAL VERBS lo1oms IRREGULAR VERBS BIBLIOGRAPHY Lexis READING SPEAKING GRAMMAR LEXIS & DICTIONARY Cred Teenage lie ard culture Fim and acting carps in Australia Talking over the pone Relative pronouns Giving opinions UsTENNGa viewne GEsMES BAFTAS 6 secon GUIDED WRITING TIME 2 CHECK ‘Aninterview Lexis, interaction & grammar 167 ” 188 189 190 m1 mw 134 136 138 uo ‘wanes us 106 Lexis ‘viewing LISTENING GRAMMAR READING LEXIS @ DICTIONARY wens ‘SPEAKING CLASS PROJECT TIME 2 CHECK RAP DARE? LEARN MORE Lfe skis and carers Creativity It's our future You Get What You Give by The New Radicals Infinitive ang ng forms Meet Richard Oakes Anologising review what's important ina joe? Volunteer ideas {oni & grammar Divergent by Veronica Roth kana USA education systems wm m8 15 16 18 120 a me we ma 126 oy Lexis LUSTENING EWING GRAMMAR READING LEXIS & DICTIONARY wens SPEAKING CLASS PROJECT TIME 2 CHECK RAP. DARE 2 LEARN MORE Bing ectve Cups by Anna Kenrick “The Cupsroutine rom Aten Pertect Question tags Into Edueation UK ‘Across cultures review ofa product Talking about an ad Speaking up foreach other Lex & grammar Teens of rea waoner Sinan eon Pe ‘Bollywood and Wellwood 3 180 181 182 184 186 187 158 189 wo 162 164

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