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Player Character Sheet ATTRIBUTES SAVING THROW Attrk od. son [ST cere eg Tat ot St, Foto (eens) SY HP DX 228 — neato ano Saving Troe Madiare aaa Tost of DX: pat of DX:__, sean |S Date och —, © Beh eo mag deh para pie ren) ON Tren sero —— a eeeererrs CO ensroenATon geen ert Languages, CO amet ina ngs rats oes wad) |W scent cu am spl age a Wiles oh AVOIDANCE rth wes gn sme pl ome rap) woot spe: ee ea CO sotetny its spt penta pie bits) feod [ayy od Undead ing a Maximum henchmen: “fSesccuraty 9 “4'——+ ther Saving Throw modifiers: an ARMOUR CLASS / \ MOVEMENT / Nit Jt 2 it iG VO) Q Norton [New Vogpon kil. Armou and Si ‘ree Damage Reduction: Other AC Modifier: United Weapon Attack Poly: xf ‘WEAPON COMBAT =z ‘Melee Weopon Skil Weapon | Attack | Altar ,| Damage | Other Notes (e.g, mohanded damage, special modifier) fonge | tack |_Altock , 7 Mise Weopon Sil sage, | Atsct | sAtath | oomoge | Other Note paint blank roge speci mde) (seme mle weapon care mite weapons 0. dapat had a) COMBAT MATRIX ager | ofa |7|ols[ ata] 2 | 1 em -1|-2|-3| «| -s|-6|7|-2| fat Lol PEPE PEEP Eo fick Rll (Apply waopon's ‘Mick Meio” 420 ack al) ost een Netcare UE CLASS ABILITIES 7 Ability Namo. Brief Description of Ability Chance of Svecess, Saving Throw, Other Notes TURALURDEAD saunas (TA RN UNDEAD MATRIX SO Chonce fo Turn Undead (chaning rao, fr nat rn “end “9a dey, “YO for inate dercon) (aera Chae ar commanding ence ha ances otc inpoved by oe) Se SORCERY casting ABILITY hers an Nog ol ae (a fermen ie Seat ay ‘SPELLS CAST PER DAY foot | Gaaer oy | Aanseseelt | *Rittprcy | “canporboy | Soma Seale | Meri rete elon ihe ‘cer ‘cers 7 2 A 4 5 é ign clout cde syomaent nln necromancer, edie al i neg de did pal at) {tone naycome Fa hp IN nano andor BW [ees sta bt Ct coerce gn bar pat ie magon con gin bore pa ough oor) SPELLS al Spell Level! | Other Notes (og, ronge, duration) || Spell feel [Kec rerio ee eee _ ee = ra = 7 oT er EXPERIENCE POINTS 10% XP Bonus? (1) or (NE | HENCHMEN | HIRELINGS; ANIMAL | UNDEAD COMPANIONS Name, Class, Species, et. | Abilis (Ay SZ: MV; DX: AG HD: hp #A:D: SV; Ml Special: Gear)