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Reflection 2

Lesson Reflection (Completed after EVERY lesson taught)

Remember to use support from the academic literature
Lesson - plants Student Amal Ebrhim
unit/page teacher
MST Mr. David School PYP
Class 3A Date 11\10\2018
Overall aim and context of the lesson

• Students will be able to investigate different color of food on the white flower.

• Students will be able to compare how the white flower it changes to the different color.

• Students will be able to recognize the importance of steps in a scientific investigation.

Select (S):
This lesson is second lesson of this course. It's all about the plants, and how the white
flower will change to the different color if we put the different of food coloring. Then they
will learn about the plants more in details.
Describe (D):
I teach the grade three in the school, and I teach them the science subject in the class. I
have to teach the students about the plant to let them know that's the plant's it's very
important to our life, also to learn how to care of the plant's to growth. I teach the
students about how the color of the white flowers will change to the different colors.
Analyze (A):
The students was very respond with me when I ask them the questions about the plants
and flowers and I let the students to imagine what will happen if all the plants will die,
and how you will protect the plants. The students were very active with me while I asked
those questions because they understand the questions also some of them have prior
knowledge about the plant. Therefore, the students remember and understand the
Appraise (A):
The next lesson I start to do the experiment with the students. First I explain by details
for the students the steps of the experiment. All the groups work together and
understand how to do the experiment because they listening well, and then I let the
students to predict and think what will happen and think about the theory, so that’s help
the students to improve their skills while they are thinking. I checked that all the students
understand the experiment and understand why we get this hypothesis, so I think that I
achieve the goals of the lesson because the students understand the lesson well.

Transform (T):
In the future I will improve the issues that I make it in the lesson and learn from my
mistakes; also I will create many activities and try to do the strategies for the questions
to let the students interact.