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change our own consciousness and our field of perception.

We will now communicate with our words, thoughts and love the
following affirmations to the spirit of the Earth. These affirmations will
also help us maintain and expand our energy and our work toward
the ascension and the fifth dimension
We all call now for omega light to come into Mother Earth’s and our
individual unified sub conscious, unconscious and super conscious
minds, magnified by the energy of the crystals and to merge with the
intention of the affirmations as we say them.
Call now for Omega Light.
We all sing:-
Omega Light Omega Light Omega Light
“I am a fifth-dimensional being with expanded consciousness.
My I AM PREENCE IN MY HEART is in full connection with the I AM
PRESENCE of the spirit of Earth, Gaia
The keys and codes of ascension are now opening in my inner
I am ascending.”
“I am open to interacting with the spirit of Earth and the Earth with
“Gaia and I are one in mind.
“I am linking and connecting Gaia with the fifth dimension.
I am connecting with all the starseeds on the earth
For mother earth:
We have deep gratitude in our hearts for your loving agreement to
provide this Earth experience for all life on your being.
It is with deep honouring and joy that we embrace you
Mother Earth, we are helping you prepare /for your ascension.
Mother Earth, /you are able to receive and integrate/ fifth-dimensional energies.
We send healings to you/ throughout your entire surface, /throughout all of your
oceans,/ all of the skies around you /and throughout all /of the great rivers and
We honor, rejoice, acknowledge with love and respect your own natural healing
abilities and your creators of the natural manifested world.
You are the base /for us to return/ to the higher realms in the universe.
We, your lightworkers /your starseeds/ your planetary healers/ honor you for
your abilities to rebalance yourself, keeping this biosphere in harmony and intact.
You are able to reach homeostasis, balance in all your spheres
You are our guiding teacher/ our guiding light/ in how to remain in balance.
We as starseeds are able to download a new energy of balance /into your
subconscious and ours.
We thank you Mother Earth for your unconditional love for humanity and all life
you manifest!
Earth’s feedback loop system is now receiving fifth-dimensional light
because we are a conduit for higher energy.
You, mother Earth are ascending.
Maggie Reads
close your eyes and visualize two spheres …just think/say
“We want the dimensions to intersect.’
“We are attracting the intersection”
“We are preparing for the intersection”
Visualise, Feel. the spheres intersecting.
From your thinking on this and the Arcturians merging with your
thoughts, this intersection was brought closer.

Maggie unmutes everyone

All participants say….
Thank you Mother Earth.
Maggie remutes everyone