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Employment communication

Employment communication

Job application
 Starts you on your career

 The resume or bio data and the covering letter

which goes with it, together make the job
application and need to be very carefully made

 Well drafted job application cannot solely get

you a job but can get you short listed.
Employment communication

Through a resume or your personal

record sheet you need to project
yourself into a career, so make a
careful assessment and know what
you are good at.
Employment communication

The covering letter makes certain claims

about the applicants abilities, traits and
offers to add value to the prospective
employer’s organization.
Employment communication

Preparing a Resume
It should be written before a cover letter
as it helps you what to highlight in a
cover letter
Resume summarizes you on your
 1. background
 2. educational qualification
 3. experience
 4. interests
Employment communication

These questions help you to write a resume

 What does the employer want?
 How does my work relate to the
employer’s objective?
 What is the employer’s expectation for
the post?
 What benefit can I offer in addition to
what the employer wants?
Employment communication

Usually the information is put under 7

 personal / basic data
 Career objective
 Skills / other knowledge
 Organizations and activities
Employment communication

 Personal data
 Name- first, middle and surname
 Date of Birth- date, month and year [12
November,1990 ]
 Height and weight in cm and kg.
 Languages- mention extent of skill e.g..
Gujarati- can speak,
English- fluent at speaking and
Employment communication

 Career objective- mention goal some skills

which will enable you for the job and specific
areas in which you wish work eg.
‘Seeking an opportunity to use my education and skills
in marketing and contribute towards the growth of the
organization and in the process seek personal and
professional growth.’
‘ Human resource being the vital resource of an
organization, I seek an opportunity to manage HR in
the most amicable way to ensure good human
relationships in the organization and ultimately create
a conducive atmosphere for the excellent growth of
the company.’
Employment communication

 Complete record of academic qualification and
 Begin with latest degree/ diploma
scores/ grades
name of examining body
special subjects
include details relevant to the job
o Awards, prizes, scholarships
o Participation in co curricular activities eg
workshops, seminars, project work, etc.
Employment communication
 State in reverse order, first job last
 Mention cos. Name, position held, period of
 Job description with special achievements.
Employment communication

 Skills and other knowledge

 Mention other capabilities such as
 Languages known [if not mentioned earlier]
 Computer skills
 Special vocal and written qualities
Employment communication

 Organizations and activities

 Achievements or participation in
students committee
social organizations
corporate, etc.
Participation and achievements in
sports, music, excursions, etc.
Employment communication
 With prior permission from known people like
from academics, guide, boss in previous job,
 Name of the person
 Contact detail
Instead of this you may write ‘references available
on request’
Employer can refer your references to get more
information about you like your sincerity, your
character details, etc
Employment communication
 Points to remember
 Resume should be precise, short
 Good quality paper, simple, clear and
 Arrange to look spacey not congested
 Use proper words and spellings
 Do your own SWOT analysis
Cover letter

It has to be written in the AIDA format

Getting attention
Creating interest
Induce desire
Ask for action
Employment communication
Cover letter
2 types

1. Solicited: written to a prospective employer in

response to an advertisement.
It is easier, more direct and straightforward
this includes:
 Name, Address of the writer
 Inside address e.g.
Amro Consultants The Advertiser
Goregaon Post Box no. 1589
Mumbai Patna
Employment communication

Letter should be addressed to the

appropriate person
e.g. The Personal Manager
Software solutions
20, Chandni Chowk
Employment communication

Salutation: Dear Mr _ is most commonly used.

Opening: Should attract the attention of the
 Mention the position applied for stating the
source you came to know about the position.
e.g. Your advertisement in The Times of India,
dated 22 August, 2009 for the post of a Team
Leader, Sales and Promotion, suits my
qualification and experience.
Employment communication

Middle: Once the attention is arrested, the

middle paragraph should highlight your major
aspects, achievements and education and your
suitability for the post.
Close: In a humble way asking for an opportunity
to meet in person, without asking for sympathy.
e.g. Please be kind enough....
Instead, May I ask for an opportunity of your
convenience to meet and convince you about
my suitability for this position.
Employment communication

Unsolicited application is written to a number of

prospective employers as an initiative taken on
job seekers and has the advantage of
less competition,
applicant has a choice of opportunities
chances of job being created
Employment communication

Complimentary close

Most usable term for a complimentary close is

‘Yours faithfully’ or ‘ Yours sincerely’

Below this is your signature

Below the signature is the name of the applicant

with Ms./ Mr. prefixed

The number and nature of documents enclosed

with the letter
Get started right away!!