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CUSTOM and POLITICS in URBAN AFRICA A Study of Hausa Migrants in Yoruba Towns ABNER COHEN Of Related Interest PLURALISM IN AFRICA Edited by Leo Kuper and M.G. Smith In this outstanding contribution to social science theory and the comparative study of societies, a number of historians, political scientists, anthropologists, and sociologists, all familiar with African societies, attempt to develop a theory of social pluralism derived from the work of JS. Furnivall, They test its utility by application to a variety of African situations, processes, and problems, and try to identify the critical factors associated with the emergence, persistence, and transformation of these types of societies. paper, $4.95 cloth, $12.75, CITY LIFE IN JAPAN A Study of a Tokyo Ward by R.P. Dore “Without doubt one of the most informative and perceptive studies of Japan since the end of the War."—American Political Science Review “An almost perfect fusion of sociological and anthropological techniques of analysis.”"—American Journal of Sociology “Vivid detail and shrewd comment on the changing fives of real people.”—Journal of Asian Studies paper, $2.25 cloth, $8.00 CULTURE, LANGUAGE AND PERSONALITY Selected Essays by Edward Sapir Edited by David G. Mandelbaum “To make available in one volume these scattered essays, some of them minor classics, is a major service to the social sciences and an exciting gift to the numerous admirers of Sapir’s mind.” —American Sociological Review paper, $1.95 AN ANTHROPOLOGIST LOOKS AT HISTORY Selected Essays by AL. Kroeber Edited, with an Introduction, by Theodora Kroeber With a Foreword by Milton Singer "These fourteen essays, all written when A.L. Kroeber was past 70, combine the wide-ranging speculations of one of the most knowledgeable anthropologists of our time with ‘next assignments’ for his younger colleagues."—Journal of Modern History paper, $1.95 cloth, $4.50 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS Map of Sabo Area, Ibadan