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On-the-Job Training Plan

Name of Company N.L. Villa Memorial Medical Center Name of Student Trainee May L. Balhag
Name of OJT Supervisor Ms. Ruthmabelle Bunyi Program B.S. Information Technology
Job Designation Department Manager STI Campus STI Academic Center- Lipa
Training Period August 22- September 19, 2018
Required no. of hours 600 Hours

Period Area/Topic Specific Tasks Expected Output No. of hours spent

Collects and distributes paperwork from department.

August 22- August 25, 2018 Human Resources Familiarized the do's and don'ts and person inside the To finish the all given task at the end of the 26 hours
company. of the day.
Prepares and making of company Id.
Filling and searching of paper .
Assist the applicant and employees.
Filling and searching of documents. To luch effectively the task at the faster and
August 28- Sept.1, 2018 Human Resources correct time and way. 32 hours
Distributes of paper to different department.
Lunch of important papers to Medical director.
Photocopy and preparation of papers
Assist the applicant and employees. To accomplish my task at the right time and
Sept. 3- Sept. 8, 2018 Human Resources 39 hours
Distributes of paper to different department. way.
Filling of paper and folder.

Noted by: Ms. Rizza Matutino Ms. Ruthmabelle Bunyi

OJT Adviser OJT Supervisor
STI Academic Center- Lipa

May L. Balhag
Student Trainee Date of Agreement