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Court Rules • Personal Injury
• Immigration
in Favor of • Matrimonial/
Family Law
Mount Vernon ------------------
Quality Legal
Taxpayers Services to the

N ew York State's highest court recently de-

livered a major victory to Mount Vernon
taxpayers by declaring the city has the right to
Since 2005
tax cell towers and telecommunications com- Call Now for Consultations
pany infrastructure.
Janet DiFiore
unanimously up- 212-608-3734
held two lower ash@ppid.com • www.ppid.com
court rulings sup- www.thecasehandler.com
porting the au-
thority of the City
of Mount Vernon
to levy property
taxes on T-Mobile
in connection with
its cellular data
equipment in the
city. Along with Chief Judge
the city, the school Janet DiFiore
district is a benefi-
ciary of the decision, which also applies to mu-
nicipalities across New York.
"The State Court of Appeals decision is a
huge victory for taxpayers in Mount Vernon and NEW BEGINNING
around the state," said Mayor Richard Thomas. BEAUTY SALON
"By successfully arguing for common sense - 501 South 8th Ave, Mt. Vernon
that cell towers and similar cell company equip- 718-678-8118
ment can be taxed - Mount Vernon has estab- bxtopstylist@gmail.com
lished a long-term source of revenue that's
beneficial to its residents and all municipalities
across the state. Taxpayers deserve to share in
the innovations of technology and this decision
protects that dynamic."
The case centered on the definition of
"telecommunications equipment." T-Mobile

Buju released
owns large cellular data transmission equipment,
such as antennas, cables, and "stealth walls" to
shield them from view. The equipment is in-
stalled on the exterior of buildings around Mount
Vernon and T-Mobile has multi-year leases with
the building owners.

from US prison
In her decision, DiFiore found that all the
equipment included in its Mount Vernon instal-
lations fit into the definition of the state Legis-
lature and was taxable. "Indeed, it appears that
T-Mobile's equipment is precisely the type of
property the Legislature intended to cover when
it substantially revised the [the real property tax
Turn to Page 4
law] in 1987," DiFiore wrote.


The gift that keeps on giving !

T he gift that keeps on giving, was a pop-
ular phrase that was used in popular
commercials that implies that a company’s
Be encouraging to give this season es-
pecially to those who are in need. Look
around to see those who are having a diffi-
product will give enjoyment over and over cult time getting by. Invite them to your FLORIDA HOMES
instead of just one time. holiday party, buy them groceries and share
The first commercial use of the phrase your time. Because the life that you may be & CONDO’S
"the gift that keeps on giving" can be traced saving could be very much your own. Call About Our Fly & Buy Program
back to as early as the 1920s. The slogan
was used to promote Victor Radio's latest • No Credit, Bad Credit, No Problem
products. One ad campaign read as follows: Express Starting Price:
yourself in
"When you go to your Victor Dealer's to
hear the three models of Victor-Radio, you $74,900
will find them beautiful, compact, and
soundly built, has become Victor instru- Street Hype Florida AAA Action Realty Inc.
You will recognize them as the gift that www.streethypenewspaper.com
keeps on giving...a royal gift...at a very low By Solemn_Vow
price!" Kodak, a well-known camera com- editor@streethype.net
pany, is also known to use this slogan as
well, so much so that whenever people basis, and with the holiday season, it gets
would hear that tagline Kodak camera au- even harder for them.
tomatically comes to mind. Even though Therefore, the idea of giving is more
this is a simple phrase that is used many than just what meets the eye. Giving can
times to promote goods and services. free your soul and the soul of others. Giving
There is some truth to this phrase and is also a powerful tool that can be used to
the companies knew it too. We are in the connect humanity. One author states that
season of giving and many times around “Acts of generosity and sacrifice also ap-
this time of the year; people spend big pear to stimulate the production of the hor-
bucks on buying gifts for their loved ones, mone oxytocin, which promotes bonding
friends, or people they want to impress. The and closer relationships between people.”
holiday season becomes a time when peo- In other words, giving increases your hap-
ple go broke. piness.
Recently, General Motors laid off 15 When we give, it increases our capac-
percent of its salaried workers in Ohio, ity to provide more, and it also inspires oth-
Michigan, and Maryland causing many ers to offer as well. When a person is on the
families to look forward to a hard time dur- receiving end of generous kindness, they
ing the holidays and after. Here in New are more apt to treat others with the same
York City, many people in our communities service; creating a cycle of giving and
are also finding it hard to get by on a daily therefore making it a gift that keeps on giv-

The opinions expressed in this newspaper, except for the above, do not necessarily reflect the views of
Street Hype Newspaper and its publishers. Please send your comments and or suggestions to
editor@streethypenewspaper.com. Responses should be no longer than 400 words. Not all articles will
be published.

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Mount Vernon, NY 10550
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Nanuet man pleads Buju released
guilty to stealing a from US prison
By Kimmy Blair
child's ID to buy cars Street Hype Writer

NANUET: J amaican born international reggae star

Mark “Buju Banton” Anthony Myrie, 45
was released from the McRae Correctional
A 27-year-old man admitted in court to
stealing a child's identity to open bank
accounts to finance new cars.
Facility in Georgia on December 9th.
Banton was convicted of federal drug
Andre Mendez, of Nanuet, pleaded charges in February 2011 for illegal posses-
guilty in Westchester County Court to first- sion of a firearm and conspiracy to possess
degree identity theft and first-degree falsi- cocaine with intent to distribute. He was
fying business record, both felonies. sentenced to 10 years, a prison term his at-
He also pleaded guilty to three vehic- torneys appealed to be reduced a year later,
ular felony charges of first-degree aggra- citing his "limited participation" in the drug
vated unlicensed operation, and two operation that led to his December 2009
misdemeanor counts of driving while in- bust.
toxicated. As part of his plea deal, he will Banton is one of the most well-known
serve a year in state prison for each charge reggae artists and is considered a big name
and repay $14,551.73 and $16,781.18 for in the same genre of music that features
Andre Mendez, 27 icons such as Bob Marley. His popularity
the two cars. Mendez used the new accounts and Mark “Buju Banton” Anthony Myrie, 45
He'll also be sentenced to one year for among reggae fans led to his collaboration
forged earning statements from a hospital with international US artists such as Busta
each of the three vehicular charges. Those for which he didn't work to finance two use the regular airport exit because he did
will run concurrently with the other sen- Rhymes and Fat Joe.
Toyotas in February 2017, prosecutors After his release, rap artist P. Diddy not want to be mobbed.
tence. Mendez created a fake identity using said. The investigation into Mendez's ac- "He felt the crowd was too big, and
the actual name, date of birth and Social posted a message on Instagram. "Today is
tivities started in May 2017. He appeared a glorious day. Buju is free. Let's go!" he Buju had already been harassed by the
Security Number of an unsuspecting 10- in Greenburgh Town Court that same dozens of passengers who traveled home
year-old and opened two Bank of America said.
month on the vehicular charges, driving The Jamaica Observer reported that with him ... by taking pictures and videoing
accounts, prosecutors said. one of the Toyotas to court, prosecutors him, and asking questions on his way back
Because banks and credit agencies had Banton returned home over the weekend,
said. District attorney Investigators tracked where crowds of fans gathered at the airport home," Donovan Germain said.
no record of the Social Security Number, down and recovered a car from a Bronx The musician went to the studio from
they didn't know it was a child's, according to await his arrival. His friend and manager
auto body shop. Mendez was arrested on told the paper that Banton decided not to the airport, and is looking forward to per-
to prosecutors. Sept. 8th. forming early next year, he added.

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Man gets Students plead guilty to stalking
20 yrs sexually
abusing a six schoolmate before her death
By Kimmy Blair
year old child Street Hype Writer

A Bronx man has been sentenced to 20

years in prison for sexually abusing a
N ew Rochelle students Do-
minique Slack and Carl
Booker both pleaded guilty to
six-year-old girl left in his care. The defen- Stalking in the First Degree, a
dant knew the child and her mother and class D violent felony, for their
took advantage of their trust. He sexually roles in an incident resulting in
abused the innocent victim, who was only the stabbing death of 16-year-
six years old, and took pictures of his atro- old New Rochelle High School
cious actions. student Valaree Schwab.
District Attorney Clark said the defen- Westchester County Court
dant, Carlos Rosario, 39, of 1642 Mace Av- Judge Barry Warhit on Decem- Dominique Slack Carl Booker Z'Inah Brown
enue, was sentenced by Bronx Supreme ber 14 accepted the plea. Sen-
Court Justice Ralph Fabrizio to 20 years in After stalking Schwab for
tencing for Slack and Booker is
prison and 20 years Post-release supervi-
sion and will be required to register as a sex
scheduled for Jan. 25, 2019, and
Feb. 22, 2019, respectively.
some time, the group of teens,
including Booker and Slack, Bronx man sentenced
offender upon his release from incarcera- physically confronted and as-
tion. The defendant pleaded guilty to first-
degree Criminal Sexual Act on September
According to Westchester
County District Attorney An-
saulted Schwab on the sidewalk
of North Avenue resulting in a
to 50 years in killing
thony A. Scarpino, Jr., on Jan.
severe physical injury to
13, 2018.
According to the investigation, on Au-
10, 2018, the defendants, Slack
and Booker, while aiding, abet-
At the time of the assault,
his estranged wife
gust 13, 2016, the defendant sexually ting, and acting in concert with
abused the victim in his home, after her
mother was rushed to the hospital for emer-
each other, another teen, a juve-
nile and other unnamed and
Schwab dropped her house keys,
and one of the teens picked them A maur Perdomo, 34 of a Bronx address was recently sen-
tenced to 50 years in prison for killing his estranged wife
as he fired shots at her and her friend. Amaur Perdomo who was
gency surgery and left the child temporarily up. Schwab then followed the
unindicted co-conspirators, en- in a rage of jealousy, shot and killed the young mother of his four
in his care. group to Dunkin’ Donuts, 646
gaged in a course of conduct children in broad daylight.
While the child slept, the defendant en- North Avenue, to try to get her
likely to cause reasonable fear of A jury found the defendant guilty of first-degree Manslaugh-
gaged in various sexual acts with her. The keys back and was stabbed in-
physical injury and did inten- ter, Attempted Murder in the second-degree and second-degree
defendant took multiple photographs of the side the restaurant. Schwab was
tionally cause bodily injury to Criminal Possession of a Weapon. Amaur fired a Glock 9-mm
sexual acts he performed on the child and pronounced dead later that day
the victim, Valaree Schwab. pistol at his estranged wife, Jennifer Ortiz, 27, causing her death.
distributed them online. at Jacobi Medical Center, the

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Guatemalan girl Scotiabank
died in US custody
Feds focusing on guns
RAXRUHA, Guatemala:
being smuggled to Jamaica named 2018
O utside a humble thatched-roof home
deep in the lush Guatemalan country-
Bank of the
side, the mother of a seven-year-old girl
who died after being detained by US border
T he issue of guns from the United States
being smuggled into Jamaica is receiving
special focus from the US State Department.
ing group addressing arms trafficking…we
try and find answers to some of these com-
mon challenges…” said Duffy Dueholm who
agents tries to remember happier days with
her daughter.
The 27-year-old woman mournfully
Director of the Caribbean Office at the
Department, Kather-
was recently in Jamaica.
The issue of guns being Year by Latin
ine Duffy Dueholm, trafficked from the US to Ja-
points to a nearby tree that young Jakelin
Caal enjoyed climbing. "I feel pain and sad-
has confirmed that a
special meeting is
maica and other coutnries in
the region has been a long stand-
ness over the death of my daughter," said being convened early next year by ing one which has caused signifi- TORONTO:
Claudia Maquin, speaking in her native a technical working group estab- cant challenges.
Maya Q'eqchi' language through an inter-
lished to tackle the issue.
Duffy Dueholm, says there is a specific Illegal guns account for the
S cotiabank is proud to have been named
2018 Bank of the Year by LatinFinance
for excellence in retail, commercial and in-
Jakelin's death in American custody on technical working group to deal with arms majority of murders in Ja- vestment banking services for Latin Amer-
December 8 -- which followed her detention trafficking to the region. maica, and there is a thriving ica and the Caribbean.
after illegally crossing from Mexico with She gave an update of the group's ef- market for the trafficking and sale of these
Scotiabank is the first Canadian bank
her father -- has reignited a debate in the forts and pending developments. weapons which leads to other crimes.
United States on immigration policy and to ever receive the Bank of the Year award
“Talking about the specificity, I think There has also been strong advocacy for
mistreatment of migrants. It has also from LatinFinance. The Bank was recog-
that one area in which we try to cooperate the US to make more effort to prevent illegal
shocked residents of this indigenous farm- nized for its, “overall strategy, volume and
with that is thrugh a specific technical work- guns from leaving its ports.
ing village of unpaved roads that has neither diversity of transactions; innovation and
electricity nor running water, and where foresight; execution quality and success of
crushing poverty is the norm.
The child's death came as President
Donald Trump struggles to deter a tide of
Sandals rocked by another transactions; role in particularly complex,
innovative or large deals over the years;
and quantity of transactions worked on
migrants fleeing poverty and violence in
Central America. Nearly 60 percent of
Guatemala's 17 million people live under
sexual assault allegation over the year, and compared to previous
years,” according to LatinFinance.
“We are honoured to have been rec-
the poverty line, according to government KINGSTON, JAMAICA WI: ognized by LatinFinance as the 2018 Bank
and World Bank figures. That rate is higher
in indigenous communities like the remote T he local tourism industry is again under in-
tense scrutiny in the wake of a fresh report
of an alleged sexual assault.
of the Year and would like to thank our
customers for their loyalty and our em-
village where young Jakelin lived in the ployees for their hard work and dedication
municipality of Raxruha, some 145 kilome- A 45 year-old professional makeup artist, to providing an excellent customer experi-
ters north of the capital Guatemala City. Melissa Blayton, told ABC News that she was ence,” said Ignacio (Nacho) Deschamps,
sexually assaulted by an employee at a Sandals Group Head of International Banking and
resort in Jamaica last year. Digital Transformation at Scotiabank.
Another flight She also accused the hotel chain of mis-
handling the reporting of her case to authori-
“This award recognizes Scotiabank for our
long history in Latin America as well as
'Swoops' down at ties. Ms Blayton said the incident occurred in
spring 2017 when one of the hotel's employees
our new acquisitions that add scale in the
important markets we serve, especially in
MoBay airport offered her a solo sailing lesson.
She said she knew something was wrong the Pacific Alliance countries.”
MONTEGO BAY, St James: when she realised they were sailing much far- The Bank of the Year is chosen by an
editorial panel that reviews financial data
C anada's newest airline, Swoop, a low-
cost carrier that has only been in exis-
tence for six months, started its first
ther out than other sailboats from the resort
that had gone out at the same time.
Ms Blayton said the man later got on top
and research, considers quantitative and
qualitative factors, and weighs analyst
international flight from its John C Munro of her and began kissing her. Adam Stewart, Deputy Chairman opinion. Winners will be honoured at an
Hamilton International Airport hub, just The woman said he tried pinning her of Sandals Resorts International Awards Ceremony in New York City on
outside Toronto. down, but she was able to get enough leverage the issue when asked whether he thought of- December 4, 2018 to celebrate LatinFi-
“We have taken an aggressive ap- to push him off of her. Ms Blayton then de- fering someone who claimed to have been sex- nance’s 30th anniversary.
proach to attracting new flights into Jamaica manded that the man take her back to shore. ually assaulted by one of his employees a LatinFinance is the leading source of
as it is absolutely critical to the growth of She said a butler saw her crying and told refund and a non-disclosure agreement was the intelligence on the financial markets and
the tourism sector and setting up 2019 to be her to tell the manager what happened. The proper way of handling such as situation. "Our economies of Latin America and the
an even greater year. Additionally, we have manager reportedly went to her room and security protocols are crystal clear. They're in Caribbean, and has covered banking and
given much attention to Canada in recent asked what happened and if she knew the place, they have served the company very well capital markets in the region for more than
times as we inherited a market in decline man's name. over the years. We follow them to the book to 25 years.
when we entered office in 2016. We have She said she showed the manager a photo ensure that we take care of our clients and their
stabilized and are now on a growth path and of the accused. After Ms Blayton was done re- safety," he declared.
have 42,400 more seats out of Canada alone capping what happened to her, the manager left
for this high season,” Tourism Minister Ed- and came back 30 minutes later with a piece of
mund Bartlett pointed out. paper.
President & CEO, John C Munro When Blayton asked the manager if she
Hamilton International Airport in Canada, should call police after reporting the assault,
the manager reportedly told her they would
Cathie Puckering, noted that “Swoop began
take care of it and quickly offered her a
operation in June with domestic service and
voucher for $4,500 for a future trip, which
has since added US destinations to Florida
came attached with a nondisclosure agreement.
and Las Vegas in the fall. “This connection
Ms Blayton said the manager also told her that
between Hamilton and Montego Bay is a
the employee had been fired that day.
special one as both airports are part of the
Adam Stewart, Deputy Chairman of San-
Vantage Airport Group. This new service is dals Resorts International, told ABC News
sure to excite Canadians eager to escape the that he is aware of "around 10" incidents of
cold winter months ahead,” she said. sexual assaults at their resorts.
Seiveright noted that “Swoop offers fares However, Mr. Stewart said the company
starting as low as CAD$150 each way be- has strict safety and security protocols and the
tween Hamilton and Montego Bay with police are always called in relation to criminal
flights operating on Wednesdays and Sun- matters.
days only.” He also defended the hotel's handling of

Social Security Announces
2.8% Benefit Increase for 2019
S ocial Security and Supplemental Secu-
rity Income (SSI) benefits for more
than 67 million Americans will increase 2.8
percent in 2019, the Social Security Ad-
ministration announced recently.
The 2.8 percent cost-of-living adjust-
ment (COLA) will begin with benefits
payable to more than 62 million Social Se-
curity beneficiaries in January 2019. In-
creased payments to more than 8 million

Attorney Maitland
SSI beneficiaries will begin on December
31, 2018.
Adams Supports
receives Connecticut (Note: some people receive both So-
cial Security and SSI benefits). The Social
through their my Social Security account.
People may create or access their my So-
legal services Security Act ties the annual COLA to the
increase in the Consumer Price Index as
cial Security account online at www.so-
“It is time overdue for New York to chart
awards! determined by the Department of Labor’s
Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Information about Medicare changes
for 2019, when announced, will be avail- a path toward marijuana legalization. As

S tatewide Legal Services of Connecti-

cut recently honored social security
and immigration attorney Maurice Mait-
Some other adjustments that take ef-
fect in January of each year are based on
able at www.medicare.gov. For Social Se-
curity beneficiaries receiving Medicare,
legislative debate begins on this issue in
Albany, we must keep mindful of long-
standing disparities between communities
the increase in average wages. Based on Social Security will not be able to compute
land for providing outstanding pro bono that increase, the maximum amount of their new benefit amount until after the across our state in commercial entrepre-
legal services in a “professional, consis- earnings subject to the Social Security tax Medicare premium amounts for 2019 are neurship, criminal justice, and public
tent and selfless manner.” (taxable maximum) will increase to announced. Final 2019 benefit amounts health. There must be mechanisms in place
Attorney Maitland has contributed $132,900 from $128,400. will be communicated to beneficiaries in that ensure the public is protected from
more than $699,100 worth of billable Social Security and SSI beneficiaries December through the mailed COLA no- recreational marijuana’s harmful effects, as
hours to the state low-income clients. As are normally notified by mail in early De- tice and my Social Security Message Cen- well as that create truly meaningful path-
a result, these clients have been able to cember about their new benefit amount. ter. ways for historically disadvantaged and
stay in their homes, fight for child sup- This year, for the first time, most people The Social Security Act provides for persecuted communities to be uplifted out
port, receive critical public benefits, and who receive Social Security payments will how the COLA is calculated. To read more, of the shadows and into the bright light of
valuable consumer debt legal advice. be able to view their COLA notice online please visit www.socialsecurity.gov/cola. a new economic and social opportunity for
In a statement, executive director themselves, their families and the commu-
Janice Chiaretto said amongst other nities in which they live. That includes ex-
things, “I want to extend our sincere ap- punging the records of individuals
preciation to Mr. Maitland for his out- How much will the COLA amount be previously convicted of low-level mari-
standing contributions in helping us juana-related crimes such as possession
achieve equal access to the justice for all
members of our society.”
for 2019 and when will I receive it? misdemeanors,” Brooklyn Borough Presi-
dent Eric L. Adam.
“It’s a privilege to serve the commu-
nity and to help close the justice gap in
S ocial Security and Supplemental Security
Income (SSI) benefits for more than 67
million Americans will increase 2.8 percent
In December 2018, Social Security
COLA notices will be available online to
most beneficiaries through the Message Cen-
“A legal marijuana market requires
setting stringent health standards, just like
Connecticut,” Attorney Maitland noted. in 2019. This is the annual cost-of-living ad- ter of their my Social Security account. This recommended dosages for alcohol and
Statewide Legal Services of Con- justment (COLA). By law, federal benefits in- is a secure, convenient way to receive COLA warning labels for cigarettes. Without
necticut is a non-profit organization com- crease when the cost of living rises, as notices online and save the message for later. these kinds of advisories and protections,
prising of a dedicated and experienced measured by the Department of Labor’s Con- You will still receive your COLA notice by we risk exposing our communities to life-
group of people working to assist eligible sumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners mail this year, but in the future you will be long health damage, which could also lead
people seeking help with legal problems and Clerical Workers (CPI-W). able to choose whether you receive your no- to an increasing burden on our health care
affecting their most fundamental rights. The increase will begin with benefits tice online instead of on paper. Be sure to system. We cannot have legalization lead
For further information visit the web- that Social Security beneficiaries receive in choose your preferred way to receive cour- down a path toward irresponsible use of
site: mdmlawyer.com or call 347-346- January 2019. Increased SSI payments will tesy notifications so you won’t miss your se- marijuana that exacerbates health dispari-
0749. begin on December 31, 2018. cure, convenient electronic COLA notice. ties in poor, urban communities of color.”

on this page
for as low as
$29 Maurice D. Maitland, Esq.
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Fighting Chance! • Social Security Disability • IMMIGRATION • CRIMINAL LAW
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Struggling former CWI boss
Jamaican players wants more
to get help commitment
P resident of the Jamaica Football Feder-
ation (JFF) Michael Ricketts has re-
vealed that the local governing body will be
from players
starting a benefit fund to help former Reg-
gae Boyz who are currently facing financial
struggles. Ricketts who broke the news on
C ricket West Indies president Dave
Cameron believes the team's current
struggles are due to players lack of com-
Hitz 92 FM's Sports Grill gave details on the mitment to the team. The Windies lost in
first event and where the proceeds will go. all three formats to India recently and lost
“There are too many painful experi-
to Bangladesh in an away test series for
ences with past national players and we
the first time in their history. Speaking on
have taken a decision that we must do some-
thing even incrementally to assist some of
our past players who have become destitute
for want of a better word,” said Ricketts.
Atkinson wins Hitz 92 FM's Sports Grill on Wednesday,
Cameron argued that the problem extends
beyond the field of play.
“We are challenged as a people as
Ricketts says the JFF is committed to
the cause and intends to keep the event on a
yearly basis. “Too many of our national
players have entertained us and are now suf-
another gold everybody wants the game to be over in
three hours and we all want to get rich
very quickly. We have a board meeting
this weekend and will have to make some
fering so we want to reach out to some of
these players so this is the route we want to
take. We want to make the last Sunday in
J amaica's Alia Atkinson won a third medal at the FINA World Short Course Swim-
ming Championships on Saturday in China after taking the 100 metre breast stroke
title. Atkinson got a great start and eventually took the event in 1 minute, 03.51 seconds
serious decisions around our West Indies
cricket first policy. Part of our problem is
each year reserved for this exercise and of that we have players who are going in and
with American Katie Meili second in 1 minute, 03.63 and Australian Jessica Hansen
course afterwards we want to do something out of the system. They are not fit enough;
getting bronze in 1 minute, 04.61. On Friday, December 14th, Atkinson won her second
for our national players,” said the JFF boss. we’ve spent millions of dollars to bring
medal at the championships when she claimed bronze in the 100m individual medley.
———————— them to where they are at and we need
The 30 year old won gold in the 50m breaststroke event on Wednesday, her first in that
players to commit to West Indies,” said
event at the Short Course Championships having won silver on three different occa-
Windies begin sions.
Cameron also says the public should
ODI series against play its part in holding the players ac-
countable for their lack of commitment.
Bangladesh 16 Olympians Confirmed for “It’s not an outcry across the region be-
cause the West Indies is not one country.

T he West Indies will be hunting their first

ODI series win in four years when they
oppose Bangladesh in the first game of the
The Armory’s Signature Meet If this was South Africa we would not
allow our players to play other events
when West Indies is playing cricket and
three match series in Dhaka on Sunday
we seem not to have the moral authority
morning Jamaica time. Coincidentally, the
Caribbean men's last ODI series win was T he men’s 3,000m event during the 112th
NYRR Millrose Games on February 9th
is shaping up to be one of the day’s most an-
to force people to play for us even though
we have spent millions of dollars devel-
against the Bangladeshis in the Caribbean
but the last time both teams met, the Asians ticipated races. Three NCAA cross country oping these athletes. I think we need some
got by the Windies 2-1 in the Caribbean. champions will toe the line at The Armory’s sort of public forum where everybody can
The last time both teams met on the New Balance Track and Field Center as part get behind us,” noted Cameron.
sub-continent in 2012, Bangladesh got by of a deep field that includes numerous
the Windies 3-2. The game will see Ja- Olympians.
maican all-rounder Rovman Powell leading Headlining the field is former Syracuse
the team in the absence of the injured Jason University standout Justyn Knight. Knight
Holder and a return for Trinidadian batsman won the 2017 NCAA Division I Cross Coun-
Darren Bravo. The game bowls off at 2:00 try Championship after finishing in the top
am Jamaica time. The second and third four the previous two years, and went on to
matches in the series will be played on De- add another title on the track in the 5,000m.
Knight also qualified for the 2017 World minutes in the mile. Fisher also won an
cember 11 and 14 in Dhaka and Sylhet re-
Championships in London, finishing ninth in NCAA championship on the track in 2017.
spectively. The West Indies will wrap up
the 5,000m while competing for his native Another big name to watch is Hassan
the Bangladesh tour with three Twenty20
Canada. Mead. The veteran in the field, Mead, 29, is
“Millrose is the one of the world’s great- the 2017 USATF champion in the 10,000m.
est indoor meets,” Knight said. “The atmos- He qualified for the final of the 5,000m in
phere cannot be replicated, and I have never Rio, and has also competed in both the 2015
been to an indoor race like it. With competi- and 2017 World Championships. Australian
tive athletes and ecstatic fans in attendance, Olympian Pat Tiernan is also in the field, best
the environment will be suitable for a fast known for his stunning upset of Edward
race.” Cheserek to win the 2016 NCAA Cross
Fresh off their thrilling NCAA Cross Country Championship.
Country Championship duel to the finish line The men’s 3000m is one of many
last month in Madison, WI, Morgan McDon- highly-anticipated events during the 112th
ald and Grant Fisher will renew their rivalry NYRR Millrose Games, the most historic in-
at Millrose. The 2018 NCAA Cross Country door track meet in the world. The men’s shot
Championship came down to a sprint finish put will feature Olympic gold and silver
CARL GRANT between the two, with McDonald of the Uni- medalists Ryan Crouser and Joe Kovacs
versity of Wisconsin holding off Stanford throwing from the center of the track. Top
Real Estate Broker/Notary Public athletes who have been announced in other
University’s Fisher. McDonald is also the
CEO, Carib Worldwide Realty Australian champion in the 5,000m, while events include Clayton Murphy, Donavan
NY State & Jamaica Real Estate License Fisher was one of the most accomplished Brazier, Ajeé Wilson, Natoya Goule, Torie
Rooms and Apartment Rental high school athletes ever, winning Foot Bowie, English Gardner, Deajah Stevens, Nia
Locker Nationals twice and breaking four Ali, and Queen Harrison.
Call us today... 347-635-2470

In honor of Jamaican Prime Minister

Photos by Derrick Scott
ver 200 guests including General Colin Powell (Ret.), U.S. Secretary of Housing &
O Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson & Mrs. Candy Carson; U.S. Senator Ted Cruz;
Congresswomen Maxine Waters- Sheila Jackson-Lee, Barbara Lee, and Yvette Clarke;
ambassadors, members of the diplomatic corps and members of the Jamaican diaspora
participated in a Gala Dinner in honor of the Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness
on Nov 27 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington D.C. Holness was visiting Washington
for high-level meetings at the White House, Senate, House of Representatives, Interna-
tional Monetary Fund, Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness (r) shares a light moment with General Colin Powell.

Prime Minister
Andrew Holness
gets the
attention of
Sheila Jackson
Lee. Sharing in
the moment is

Prime Minister Andrew Holness (r) receives a warm welcome from U.S Senator Ted Cruz.

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The commanding officer of New York City Police Department - 47th Precinct, Eric Her-
nandez (5th l) poses with members of his team and Cristina Contreras, CEO of North
Central Bronx Hospital at the Bridgefield Civic League Holiday Gala 2018 held recently
in the Bronx. In the photo (l-r) are Lt. Pulgarin, Officer Dave Bell, vice-president Sherene
Hall and Officer Varnisha Hyman.

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(Family Features)

W hile holiday festivities bring to mind

thoughts of joy and celebration with
loved ones, there’s one element of the season
that can be a source of stress: gifting. Make this
year’s shopping trips a touch simpler with
thoughtful presents that can fit any number of
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When you head into the season with a plan
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For example, this Refine LED Desk Lamp four Caramel Apple Tartlets and a Signature Invite your friends and family into a world of
from OttLite’s Wellness Series provides Seasoning Packet. Available for a limited-time Fit for a Chef wonder this holiday season with pop-up Hall-
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gives it elegant appeal and a convenient USB tasty gifts at omahasteaks.com. an advanced and patented technology that to reveal a surprise perfect for displaying all
port charges electronics while four brightness strategically places metal where it’s most season long or sending to loved ones to share
settings allow for functional control to evenly The Gift of Good Light needed for efficient heating and exceptional the joy of the season. Make the holiday come
distribute the balanced, natural illumination. If you’re looking for a gift for a runner, hiker, durability. Another key feature is the sapphire- alive and shop the collection that can inspire
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COJO Founder & Chairman Gary Williams (left) presents the COJO Human-
itarian Award to Rockhouse Foundation Chairman Paul Salmon (c) at the 24th
Annual Scholarship Gala held recently in New York City, Sharing the occasion
is Senator Ruel Reid, Minister of Education, Youth & Information (r) who ADOPT-A-CLINIC PROGRAM:
was guest speaker. Since 2012, COJO has presented scholarships to deserving Executive Director, The Caribbean Action Network Foundation Initiative (CANFI) Attorney Sandra Smith with mem-
wards of the state in Jamaica totaling over JMD 15 million dollars. The Edu- bers of the Caribbean Diaspora at the “Fundraising Black Tie Gala” held in Brooklyn on Dec 15th, 2018. The Gala
cation Minister noted that while this is not US dollars, it is still a lot and most seeks to raise funds for the Little London Health Center in Westmoreland under the Ministry of Health’s Adopt-a-Clinic
importantly, it provides an opportunity for the recipients to uplift themselves, Initiative. The Adopt-A-Clinic Program is a structured arrangement that seeks to engage the private sector locally and
tap into their inner talents and excel as leaders in their chosen field. In 2018, the Diaspora to play a critical role in improving the provision and access to Primary Health Care via the philanthropic
the organization presented scholarships to deserving state wards totaling more support to a pool of 100 clinics identified across Jamaica for Adoption.
than US$25,000, adding that this is quite commendable.


Speaker of the New York State Assembly Carl Heastie (5th l) poses with members of the Jamaica ExPolice Association- Bronx Chapter who were awarded citation for outstanding services to the
association and the Bronx community. In photo (l-r) Arnette Blake, Clive Hunter, Derrick White, Danzel Palmer, Donald Powell, Felicia Ford, Kennedy Samuels, Peter Hart, Christopher Belnavis and
Oswald Robinson, president.

Speaker of the New York State
Assembly Carl Heastie (6th l)
and Vice Consul, Jamaican
Consulate General - New York
(7th l), Corey Whyte with Ja-
maica ExPolice Association-
Bronx Chapter's awardees (l-r)
Emily Benjamin, Olwyn Goul-
bourne, Lola Francis, Kerline
Johnson, and Devon Farquhar-

To all our Advertisers,

Readers and Subscribers:
Wishing you and your loved ones peace, health,
happiness, and prosperity in the coming New Year.
from the
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East Orange man arrested in Scholarship
Paterson with 300 bags of heroin opportunity
A man from East Orange NJ was ar-
rested in a Paterson drug bust last
Monday, Dejon D. McMillan, 29-year-
ders. He put up a struggle, but detectives
were able to subdue and handcuff him.
A search of his jacket’s front right
for 2019
old, was observed beckoning pedestrians
in the area of Marion Street and
pocket yielded 300 glassine envelopes
of heroin, a clear zip-locked baggie of
T he Bergen County Alumnae Chapter
of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
is offering scholarships to students who
Woodruff Place. marijuana, and $60 in cash, authorities have attained a GPA of 3.0 or better.
Detectives noticed he was holding a said. We are seeking students from the
small knotted clear plastic bag contain- Street value of drugs seized is African American community to award
ing several zip-locked baggies of crack $2,500. scholarships to on the basis of academic
cocaine. He was approached and told he Authorities charged the alleged drug achievement, extra-curricular activities
was under arrest. dealer with five drug offenses and resist- and financial need. A student with a GPA
McMillan became aggressive, ing arrest below 3.0 who has indicated a strong de-
clenched his fist, and refused police or- Dejon D. McMillan, 29 sire to attend college and has demon-
strated potential, persistence and
improvement throughout his/her four
Three New Jersey men arraigned years of high school will also be consid-

on mortgage fraud charges Please make the enclosed guideline

sheet and the application available to any
TRENTON: Simoes, a real estate settlement attorney, and For the three representative schemes
eligible students you know. You may
make as many copies of the materials as
T hree New Jersey men – a real estate in-
vestor, a builder, and a real estate settle-
ment attorney – were arraigned today on
others allegedly conspired to fraudulently
obtain mortgage loans with a total value of
more than $4 million.
highlighted in the indictment, Victor Santos,
Arsenio Santos, and their conspirators pre-
pared and submitted mortgage applications
you need. Please note that completed ap-
plications and all related materials should
multiple charges in connection with their al- Victor Santos, Arsenio Santos, and their containing false information to the bank and be postmarked by the United States Post
leged roles in a mortgage fraud scheme, U.S. conspirators allegedly recruited “straw buy- obtained loans totaling more than $1.3 mil- Office no later than Thursday, January
Attorney Craig Carpenito announced. ers” –individuals who purchase a property lion. The conspirators allegedly arranged 31, 2019 and mailed to:
Victor Santos, a/k/a “Vitor Santos,” 58, for another in order to conceal the identity transactions for the Newark properties Valerie Johnson
of Watchung, New Jersey; Arsenio Santos, of the actual purchaser, usually in exchange whereby the straw buyers would nominally c/o Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
a/k/a “Gaspar Santos,” 51, of Warren, New for a fee – to purchase properties in Newark. purchase the properties for far more than the P.O. Box 1225
Jersey; and Fausto Simoes, 65, of Milling- In exchange for the use of the straw sellers had agreed to sell them, and the con- Teaneck, NJ 07666
ton, New Jersey, were charged on Sept. 24, buyers’ identity and credit history, Victor spirators diverted excess loan proceeds for
2018, in a 19-count indictment. They were Santos, Arsenio Santos, and others allegedly their own benefit and to further the conspir-
each charged with one count of conspiring agreed to pay each of the straw buyers a fee acy.
to commit bank fraud. Victor Santos was of at least $5,000, provide the straw buyer’s Simoes was the closing attorney on ap-
charged with nine counts of bank fraud and
nine counts of making false statements in an
application for credit. Arsenio Santos was
down payment and cash required for closing,
secure tenants to lease the purchased prop-
erty, and make the mortgage payments on
proximately 10 of the fraudulent transactions
and signed and certified the final settlement
statements. These statements falsely stated
charged with four counts of bank fraud and each of the fraudulently obtained mortgages. that the cash required for closing for each
four counts of making false statements in an These secret agreements were not dis- transaction came from the straw buyer. In
application for credit. Simoes was charged closed to the bank. Shortly after the proper- fact, Victor Santos and his conspirators pro- Advertise
with seven counts of bank fraud and seven
counts of making false statements in an ap-
ties were acquired the mortgages went into
vided those funds to Simoes and the funds
were deposited into Simoes’ attorney trust
with us
plication for credit.
All three were arraigned today before
account. 914-663-4973
U.S. District Judge Michael Shipp in Tren-
ton federal court.
According to documents filed in this
case: From September 2007 through No-
vember 2008, Victor Santos, a real estate in-
vestor; Arsenio Santos, a builder; and

Advertising & Editorial

Contributing Editor
Regional Marketing/
Advertising Director

Signs that your happiness is
too reliant on your partner
By Laken Howard partner does or says that make you happy; it's

W hen you're in a relationship, it's totally

normal and healthy for your partner to
be a major source of joy and happiness in
an entirely different and more problematic
thing if you're happy simply because you're
in a relationship in the first place.
your life — but things cross the line into un- You Get Anxious When Your Partner
healthy territory if you depend on your part- Goes out without You-Healthy, inde-
ner for happiness. It might sound romantic in pendent couples know that it's perfectly OK
theory — 'I love my partner so much that only to spend time apart from your partner on oc-
they make me happy! But relying on your casion. If you're not happy or secure in your
partner to feel happy and fulfilled is ex- relationship unless your partner is physically
tremely detrimental, both to your relationship by your side, that's an example of codepen-
and to you as an individual. dent behavior.
You Mirror Your Partner's Mood- What To Do If You Feel Like You De-
There's a huge difference between having em- pend On Your Partner For Happiness-
pathy for your partner and being attuned to Whether you realize you're doing it or not,
their emotions, and adopting your partner's being reliant on your partner in order to feel
mood anytime it changes, regardless of how happy is emotionally draining, and it will only
you actually feel. "[It's not healthy] if your wrong with taking pride in being a source of sign that you're insecure about your own hap- cause trouble for your relationship going for-
significant other is in a bad mood, and you’re happiness for your partner, but if you catch piness in the relationship, too. ward. So what can you do to make sure your
immediately in a bad mood." yourself resenting anyone else — whether it's You Always Make Decisions Based On happiness isn't defined by how your partner
You Look to Your Partner for Valida- a friend, family member, or coworker — What Your Partner Wants-Even if it's about feels?
tion-When something positive happens in who's able to bring a smile to your partner's something as insignificant as choosing where If you realize that you and your feelings
your life, it's absolutely normal to crave praise face, that's a red flag to grab dinner on the way home, you should might be too dependent on your partner,
from your partner. But if you feel like you You Constantly Ask For Reassurance- always feel comfortable asserting your opin- there's nothing to be ashamed of: learning
need to know their reaction to any big news In a healthy relationship, you should never be ion and making decisions with your partner. how to be a healthy, mature partner takes
before you yourself celebrate (even inter- afraid to ask for what you need — which, If you're not happy unless your significant time, and as long as you're willing to work on
nally), that's a red flag. sometimes, is a little extra reassurance and other is always getting their way, that's not regaining your independence, there's no rea-
You Feel Threatened When Others validation from your partner. But if you con- healthy for your relationship in the long run. son you can't have a truly happy, fulfilling re-
Make Your Partner Happy-There's nothing stantly grill your partner about how happy You Equate Happiness with Being in a lationship — with your partner and yourself.
they are in the relationship that might be a Relationship-It's fine if there are things your

It’s always a big night when

you have a little blue pill.

50 Generic
Viagra pills
for only $2/pill

Things to know about computer
By Justin James 9: How to hook it up

I t is tempting to think that because you have

used a computer for a long time, you are
"computer literate" or "computer savvy," but
7: Basic hardware terminology
It is tough to have someone help you with a
problem when you tell them that your "hard
Despite the color coding of connections and
the fact that most cords can be plugged into
only one hole, tons of people still can't hook
this is not the case. Here are 10 skills you ab- drive" is unplugged, when you really mean up a computer. It is tough to claim to be com-
solutely must know to be considered computer "the computer." There are a number of com- puter literate if you can't even get it hooked up
literate. If you already know these, you should mon hardware misunderstandings out there, and turned on without some help.
be helping others learn them as well! and while some are understandable (for in-
stance, confusing a NIC with a modem — the
1: Search engines cables look similar and they serve the same 10: Security/privacy 101
Using a search engine is more than typing in purpose, networking), knowing basic hardware It is a dangerous world out there! You ab-
the address, putting a couple of keywords into terminology is a must-have skill to be a savvy solutely must know how to protect yourself
the big text box, clicking Search, and choosing user. from attackers on the Internet and keep your
6: Common keyboard commands
the first result. While that may work, it won't personal data private. Everything from know-
If you do not know how to copy/paste without
give you the best results much of the time. 8: Simple networking diagnosis ing to check a link before you click it to veri-
a mouse, you are not computer literate. Sorry!
Learning the advanced search, Boolean oper- Networking problems create the most common fying that encryption is being used to transmit
Every operating system has some universal
ators, and how to discern good results from trouble with most computers. While you don't sensitive data to researching sites before giving
keyboard commands, and while knowing them
bad results goes a long way toward enabling need to be able to program a Cisco router, you them your personal data are all critical skills
won't add 30 minutes back into your day, it
you to use a computer as a powerful research should know how to: for the modern computer user. If you do not
will take a lot of the "friction" out of using a
tool. Determine your IP address know how to keep yourself safe, you need to
computer. Learning these commands is more
Verify physical connectivity to the network learn how.
a matter of routine than anything else; a short
2: Word processing Check that you have a logical connection to the
tutorial done once a day for a week will prob-
Word processing is one of the oldest uses for a network. Find out what path network traffic
ably be enough to put you in the habit, and it
computer. And it continues to be extremely im- takes to get to its destination
will make you a happier user.
portant, even though in many ways its func- Translate from DNS names to IP addresses
tions have been put into other applications.
(For example, people may write more emails
than documents, but the task is nearly identi-
cal.) It is tough to claim to be computer literate
if the basic functions of word processing —
like spell check, table creation, and working
with headers — are outside your capabilities.

3: Spreadsheets
Spreadsheets were the killer application that
got a lot of people willing to pony up big bucks
for a PC in the early 1980s. Spreadsheets offer
incredibly powerful analysis possibilities... if
you know how to use them for more than stor-
ing the holiday card address list. (Okay, I use
Excel for that too.) Being able to use formulas,
references, and macros can turn a "grid of
numbers" into actionable information in the
hands of the right person.

4: Browser basics
Learn how companies are transforming with
AI and machine learning
Machine learning is still in the early stages of
adoption, but smart companies are figuring out
how to leverage it now and achieving real re-
It is almost painful to watch some "com-
puter savvy" people operate a Web browser.
The most obvious goof is going to a search en-
gine to type in the address of the site they want
to go to. But folks are unaware of a lot of other
things they do that make the Internet more dif-
ficult than it needs to be. Mastering techniques
like opening links in new windows, using
bookmarks, editing URLs to perform naviga-
tion, clearing the browser cache, and under-
standing common error messages will give you
access to a world of unlimited information in-
stead of keeping you stuck with only what Web
site designers make obvious.

5: Virus/malware scanning
Much of typical computer maintenance is au-
tomated or unneeded at this point, but it is still
essential to understand how to check a system
for nasty bugs, spyware, and other malicious
applications. While the scanning tools come
with real-time monitors, something can still
slip onto the system before the scanner has the
right filter for it. So it's critical to know how
to trigger a manual virus/malware scan, as well
as how to use alternative systems, spot signs
of an infection, and other similar tasks.


5 Tips for Staying on Track in the New Year
(Family Features) easy and healthy way to add flavor to your
hile many people often wish main- water during the day, consider putting an
W taining good health was as easy as
following an equation, health doesn’t
herbal tea bag of your choice in it. For ex-
ample, Chumbley recommends ginger as a
have a start or end date. Once the allure digestion-helper, mint as a caffeine-free
of the new year wears off, it can be easy way to awaken and chamomile to calm.
to let those resolutions go by the wayside.
When you focus on making small, pos- Make healthy swaps. Looking for al-
itive changes, you can move your health ternatives is an easy way to eat healthy.
goals forward throughout the year, no mat- Consider swapping out heavier carbs for
ter where you are on your health journey. vegetables such as grilled Portobello mush-
To help stay on track, consider these easy- rooms as pizza crust or zucchini noodles in-
to-implement ideas from registered dietitian stead of pasta. Swap mayo for avocado
Annessa Chumbley: when eating egg, chicken or tuna salad. You
Write it down. Using a nutrition jour- can also use the sweetness of ripe bananas
nal and keeping a record of everything you to decrease the need for added sugar in
eat and drink can help track progress and recipes like cookies, muffins and pancakes.
reveal small changes that need to be made. For an additional nutrition boost, con-
Alternatively, downloading a fitness track- sider adding a scoop of gluten-free protein
ing app can help keep you accountable dig- powder like Premier Protein’s line of 100%
itally. With a variety of options available for Whey Powders, which are available in
most operating systems, there is almost cer- chocolate or vanilla milkshake flavors and
tain to be one to meet your needs, whether feature 30 grams of protein and 3-4 grams
you’re looking for a companion app to track of sugar per scoop, plus no artificial flavors,
progress or something more in-depth to colors or sweeteners.
help guide you through workouts and meal Get moving. Commit to stepping out-
planning. side and taking a daily walk. Whether it’s 1
Start your day with protein. A high- mile or a walk around the block, you can
quality protein source can set the stage for burn calories and receive the added benefits
sustained energy levels throughout the day. of mental clarity, increased energy and im-
Having an on-the-go source of protein on- proved digestion.
hand, such as Premier Protein’s ready-to- “Use these tips as one small thing that
drink chocolate and vanilla shakes featuring can make a powerful positive impact on
30 grams of protein and 160 calories and 1 your day,” Chumbley said. “Choose one of
gram of sugar, can help ensure you’re start- these and do it every day. Keep the strategy
ing the day with a proper foundation for simple so you’ll be more likely to stick with
success. it. When implementing these health tips,
think ‘progress’ not ‘perfection.’ If you are
Hydrate all day. Hydration is a foun- progressing, you are successful.”
dation of good health. Before bed each Find more tips and products to help live
night, put a 16-ounce bottle of water in the a healthy lifestyle at PremierProtein.com.
bathroom then drink it first thing in the - Photo courtesy of Getty Images
morning for a daily energy boost. For an

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Fish Market
“We serve the best’
3963 Bronxwood Avenue
Bronx, NY 10466

Happy holidays
and best wishes for 2019
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ends- 5 nights a week/split
shift; 12 hours- Mondays-
Fridays/ Sundays included.
Call Kenrick at 212-
315-1398- Monday thru
Sunday from 9 am -6pm
(Males) must provide work-
ing documents

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