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Republic of the Philippines )

City of Manila ) S.S.



We, the undersigned, all of legal ages, members of the Philippine National Police
currently assigned at Manila Police Station, Special Operations Unit with office address
located at United Nations Avenue, Barangay 667, Ermita, Manila City after having been
sworn in accordance with law do hereby depose and state;

1. That, we render duty on a broken time basis and our unit is under direction and
supervision of the Chief of Police;

2. That, we received an anonymous tip that a certain Jason Raposas was engaged
in the selling and/or in the possession of unlicensed firearms;

3. That, after conducting surveillance at the house of Jason Raposas, we secured

a warrant from the Manila, RTC;

4. That, around 4:00PM of June 29, 2018, we went to the Barangay Hall of
Barangay 669 and coordinated with Barangay Captain Jeannie Cruz for
purposes of serving the search warrant;

5. That, from the Barangay Hall, at around 6:30PM, we went to the house of Jason
Raposas, which is the subject of the search;

6. That, upon arrival thereat, the Operations Team Leader, P/SINSP. Marco Rivas
served the search warrant to Jason Raposas who was inside the house together
with his wife and other lady;

7. That, upon informing Jason Raposas of the search warrant, he became angry
and denied having committed any illegal activity;

8. That, P/SInsp. Rivas assured Jason Raposas that he had nothing to worry about
if the team would not find anything;

9. That, we proceeded to search the living room in the presence of Brgy. Captain
Cruz and two tanods and Jason Raposas himself;

10. That, SPO2 Thea Banag found a calibre .45 placed in the ceiling;

11. That, Jason Raposas, who was at the living room that time, rushed to the room
and grappled with SPO2 Banag but failed to get hold of the gun;

12. That, after an exhaustive search was done, another calibre .45 was recovered
from the searched premises;
13. That, relative to recovery of said firearms, Jason Raposas was asked to present
pertinent documents for having the same in his possession but he failed to
present any;

14. That, then and there, we effected his arrest and subsequently, he was apprised
of his Constitutional Rights (Art. 3, Sec. 12, Philippine Constitution);

15. That, afterwards, an inventory was made at the living room of Jason Raposas in
his presence, the barangay officials and other persons present during the search;

16. That, after Jason Raposas and the witnesses signed the inventory receipt, the
team proceeded back to their office with Jason Raposas and the confiscated

17. That, we brought Jason Raposas to Philippine General Hospital for medical
check-up/physical examination for detention purposes;

18. That, we are executing this affidavit to attest the truth of the foregoing facts and
circumstances that led to the arrest of JASON RAPOSAS y PASCUA and file
a charge against him for Violation of R.A. 10591.

IN WITNESS HEREOF, we hereby affix our signature below this 2nd day of July
2018 at the City of Manila.

SPO2 Thea Banag SPO1 Norman Calamba

P/SINSP. Marco Rivas

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me this ____ day of July 2018 at Manila
City, Philippines.
I hereby certify that I have personally examined the affiants and I am fully satisfied
that they voluntarily executed and fully understood the foregoing statement.