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Profiles My Story: Being a "Bunso" Military Brat by Rowena Bautista— p. 3
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Advocacy Rudy Liporada: Filipinos thrive in the right environment — p. 13
December 21-27, 2018

PER M IT NO. 2 0 3
CA 9 1 9 1 0

Indonesia opens military base near disputed South China Sea

Pinoy IT professionals make A B S CB N N ews | M A N I L A ,
12 /16/2 018 -- I ndonesia th is week
Top 25 cut in NASA Space Apps opened a military base with over
1, 000 personnel on a remote
Challenge island at th e south ern edge of th e
disputed South Ch ina Sea, most
T h e G N P T eam | M A N I L A , media the top 30 finalists which of wh ich is claimed by Ch ina.
12 /13 /2 018 -- Filipino I T profes- included T eam iN on from th e T h e base th at opened T uesday is
sionals T eam iN on made th e T op P h ilippines. on N atuna B esar I sland, located
2 5 G lobal Finalists competing for T eam iN on’ s I SD A pp is de- in th e middle of th e N atuna I s-
th e N A SA Space A pps Ch allenge scribed by th e team on th e N A SA lands situated between B orneo
2 018 for solutions to problems on
earth and in space.
T eam iN on emerged as a top
contest site as “the first ever
community app th at aims to ef-
fectively communicate scientific
Iberian Christmas and th e M alay P eninsula, more
th an a th ousand k ilometers from
J ak arta
nominee after vying against data as useful information to I n a speech at th e base, I ndone-
entries from over 2 00 locations, underprivileged fishermen, even sian D efense Force ch ief, M arsh al
nearly 3 , 000 teams from 7 5 coun- if th ey don’ t h ave smartph ones H adi T jah janto, said th e outpost
tries in events h eld in October. and internet connection. is designed to work as a deter-
T h e N A SA Space A pps Ch al- “ I SD A pp (I sda, [ isdâ ] Filipino word
for fish) will empower fishermen with rent against any potential security
lenge finally announced Decem- th reats, particularly in border ar-
ber 8 on its website and social ( Continued on page 14 ) eas, according to military spok es-
A Christmas Story by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. man Col. Sus T aibur R ah man.
Shades of Gray: Nerd, musician, B efore th e base inauguration,
th e islands only h ad an unsoph is-
black belter ticated airbase and a small naval
base, wh ich were not integrated
by B um T enorio, P h ilstar.com | As the night fell, the Christmas cheer atmosphere became more intense. Christmas decorations with each oth er.
M A N I L A , 12 /18 /2 018 — A self- on the buildings, especially a life-size figure of Santa Claus hanging on the side of the buildings, T h e military ch ief said th e new
confessed nerd wh o can rearrange which they found to be common all over Spain, contributed to the festive feelings of everyone. base at Selat L ama, th e island' s
in h er h ead th e tune of a song major port, h as a h angar for an
note for note h as been crowned unmanned aerial veh icle sq uad-
M iss Universe 2 018 . ron. T h e base, h e said, will be
H er being a black belter migh t improved in accordance with
h ave been h igh ligh ted at th e pre- th reat levels, wh ile th e personnel
coronation of M iss Universe, but th ere are prepared to join in any
th e universe ough t to k now th at military operation.
at h eart Catriona Elisa G ray is a H adi did not disclose th e ex act
Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray
musician, too. By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. number of military personnel
“ I can sing in my h ead and rear- Publisher & Editor available in th e N atuna I slands
finished a diploma course in Mu- area, but said th e new base is
range th e tune of a song, note per sic T h eory at th e B erk lee College San Diego Asian Journal
note. I am a nerd, ” sh e told T h e The Original and First Asian Journal In America supported by an army battalion,
of M usic in B oston, reportedly companions of engineers and
ST A R in an interview. ( Continued on page 10 )
T h e 2 4 -year-old beauty q ueen ( Continued on page 6 ) marines as well as artilleries.
I n I ndonesia' s military, a battal-
Miss Vietnam 2018: ’I was told Tondo children also cheer for Ate Cat ion consists of between 8 2 5 and
1, 000 personnel, wh ile a com-
to find a husband, but I had to A ie B alagtas, I nq uirer.net |
M A N I L A , 12 /16/2 018 -- I t was
panion consists of around 100
follow my dreams’ a no-work day at Y oung Focus
I nternational Foundation (Y F) in
" T h e development of th is k ind of
military base will also be done in
Miss Universe 2018 top 5 T ondo, M anila, on th e day one of oth er strategic islands..., " h e said
placer H’hen Nie shares her its patrons, Catriona G ray, was with out elaborating.
inspiring story competing for th e M iss Universe L ast year, th e I ndonesian gov-
title in B angk ok . ernment unveiled an updated na-
R appler.com | M A N I L A , T h e Y F Center on R oad 10 tional map in wh ich th e country' s
12 /2 0/2 018 – M iss V ietnam 2 018 was almost empty. M ost of th e ex clusive economic z one north of
H ’ H en N ie may not h ave won employees and students were in th e N atuna I slands was renamed
th e M iss Universe crown, but sh e different places, watch ing th e th e N orth N atuna Sea. I t was
did win a lot of people’ s h earts glitz and glamour of th e pageant previously described as being part
th rough out th e competition. and rooting for th e candidate th ey of th e South Ch ina Sea.
T h e beauty q ueen ch armed considered one of th eir own. I n 2 002 , I ndonesia renamed th e
viewers during th e pageant’ s Everyth ing was q uiet on M on- section of th e South Ch ina Sea
coronation event on D ecember 17 OLDER SISTER Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray (left), fondly called Ate Cat,
day morning in th e building,
( Continued on page 7 ) has been helping support some of Tondo’s poor children to go to school through the ( Continued on page 7 )
Young Focus International Foundation. ( Continued on page 3 )

Save the Date:

January 13, Sunday

Monthly Fatima Devotion begins at 2:00 pm with
the Rosary; and concludes at 3:00 pm with the Di-
vine Mercy Chaplet and the Way of the Cross

Jesus I Trust In You!

Page 2 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com December 21-27, 2018

Housing & Real Estate

Trulia Names America's Friendliest, Most Spirited and Most Dog- and Kid-Friendly Neighborhoods
First-Ever Trulia Neighbor- " Every day, people tell us wh y th ey according to a recent T rulia survey R unner-up: D owntown, P ortland, won for h aving th e best social cal- A riz . – A n overwh elming proportion of
lys Celebrate Neighborhoods love th eir neigh borh ood. Using th ese conducted online by T h e H arris Ore. endar. I n fact, 7 6% of L inden H ills parents with ch ildren under 18 say safety
insigh ts, we created T h e N eigh borlys P oll* . R esidents of A merica' s most M ost H oliday Spirit: B ridesburg, respondents say th ey' ve attended (7 3 % ) and a q uiet neigh borh ood (5 9% )
Across America Where Locals are among th e most important attributes
to celebrate A merica' s most beloved friendly neigh borh ood, T restle G len, P h iladelph ia, P a.– Some neigh bor- a local community event, wh ich
Love to Live neigh borh oods and to sh owcase are q uite friendly as 97 % of par- h oods love celebrating th e h olidays include daily concerts and movies at wh en it comes to th e neigh borh ood th ey
live in* . I n A merica' s most k id-friendly
wh at mak es th em so special to th e ticipating locals report th at th ey say with festive h ome decorations and L ak e H arriet during th e summer, and neigh borh ood, 97 % of P ower R anch ' s
SA N FR A N CI SCO, D ec. 11, people wh o live th ere." " h i" to th eir neigh bors wh en th ey are events, from ex travagant Candy winter events lik e R eindeer D ay, th e participating locals reported regularly
2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Trulia�, a W ith T h e N eigh borly A wards, out and about according to T rulia' s Cane L anes for Ch ristmas and W inter K ite Festival, and W inter- seeing k ids playing outside* * . M ost
h ome and neigh borh ood site for T rulia aims to sh ine a ligh t on th e analysis* * . M any residents tell us spook y h aunted h ouses for H allow- fest* * . lik ely, th ese youngsters are enjoying th e
h omebuyers and renters, today neigh borh oods th at locals love most th ey " love all th eir neigh bors" and een. B ridesburg won for being th e R unner-up: Fairmount, Fort W orth , neigh borh ood' s long list of k id-friendly
announces th e national and local with th e goal of inspiring buyers th at it is " h ard to believe just h ow most spirited neigh borh ood. L ocal T ex as amenities th at include year-round h eated
and renters in th eir h ome search . friendly th e neigh bors are." traditions, lik e th e decades-old St. M ost W alk able: B elmont H eigh ts, pools, stocked fishing ponds, soccer
winners of T h e 2 018 N eigh borly fields, basketball courts, and over 26
N ational and local winners in 18 ma- R unner-up: K enny, M inneapolis, J oh n Cantius Ch ristmas B az aar, L ong B each , Calif. – A sligh t major-
A wards. N early 10, 000 neigh bor- jor housing markets were identified M inn. no doubt add to th e h oliday spirit ity of A mericans (5 5 % ) say prox im- miles of connected trails – perfect for
h oods spanning coast to coast using owned data in th e following D og-Friendliest: B aldwin P ark , wh ere 96% of participating locals in ity to amenities such as restaurants, family walk s and bik e rides.
were rank ed based on more th an R unner-up: R oosevelt I sland, M anh at-
categories: friendliest neigh bors, Orlando, Fla. – M any A mericans say B ridesburg say th ey decorate th eir sh ops, and grocery stores is among tan, N .Y .
2 0 million written reviews and dog-friendliest, most h oliday spirit, th eir neigh borh oods must love dogs. h ome for th e h olidays* * . th e most important attributes wh en T o learn more about T h e N eigh -
answered polls by participating best social calendar, most walk able, M ore th an one in four U.S. adults R unner-up: Sardis W oods, Ch ar- it comes to th e neigh borh ood wh ere borlys' national and local winners in
locals on T rulia N eigh borh oods' and k id-friendliest. (2 7 % ) say h aving a dog-friendly area lotte, N .C. th ey live in* . B elmont H eigh ts wins A tlanta, A ustin, B oston, Ch icago,
W h at L ocals Say feature. T h e 2 018 N eigh borlys N ational is one of th e most important attri- B est Social Calendar: L inden H ills, for being A merica' s most walk able D allas, D etroit, H ouston, L os A ngeles,
W inners: butes wh en it comes to th e neigh bor- M inneapolis, M N – Some A meri- neigh borh ood -- 99% of participat- M iami, N ew Orleans, N ew Y ork metro,
" P eople tak e great pride in wh ere Friendliest N eigh bors: T restle G len, h ood th ey live in* . B aldwin P ark cans love a good community block ing locals tell us th ey can walk to P h iladelph ia, P h oenix , San D iego, San
th ey live. I n fact, many buyers and Oak land, Calif. – N eigh bors can tops th e list for being dog-friendly party. W h en ask ed, 14 % of U.S. restaurants, and say th ey love living Francisco, Seattle, T ampa, and W ash ing-
mak e or break a neigh borh ood. I n with 100% of participating locals adults said neigh borh ood activities, in th is neigh borh ood because th ey ton D .C., visit: www.trulia.com/neigh -
renters say th e neigh borh ood mat- borh oods/awards
tered just as much as th e h ouse wh en fact, more th an h alf of A mericans saying th at th ey often see neigh bors such as clubs, groups, block parties, " can walk to th e beach , dinner or
(5 2 % ) say h aving neigh bors you can walk ing th eir dogs* * . T h is neigh - and festivals, are among th e most sh opping* * ." T rulia N eigh borly A wards M eth odol-
th ey were search ing for a h ome, " ogy* *
said T im Correia, T rulia' s senior get along with is among th e most borh ood is also h ome to an annual important attributes wh en it comes to R unner-up: P rospect H eigh ts,
vice president and general manager. important attributes wh en it comes D oggie D erby, a road race for dogs th e neigh borh ood th ey live in* . T h is B rook lyn, N .Y . ( Continued on page 14 )
to th e neigh borh ood th ey live in that benefits a local charity. is th e case in L inden H ills, wh ich K id-Friendliest: P ower R anch , G ilbert,



Offered at 11647 PUNTA DULCINA, 92131, SCRIPPS RANCH
Offered at
Extraordinary Elegant Toll Brother’s single level luxury masterpiece! BE THE $000,000,000 $1,799,999
FIRST TO LIVE IN THIS INCREDIBLE HOME. Panoramic canyon views Highly sought after coveted Luxury Toll Brothers Estate. Elegantly situated to $000,000,000
perfect for outdoor entertaining. Bright and open floor plan with Immaculate • 5 bed, 4.5 baths enjoy panoramic canyon views. This gorgeous master piece has been
gourmet kitchen. Relax and enjoy stunning sunset views from the outdoor meticulously cared for with an impressive entry way, sparkling chandelier and • 5 bed, 5.5 baths
jacuzzi. 12 ft ceilings with grand foyer. Built in bar-BQ. Local hiking trails are • 4450 sq ft circular stairway. A large gourmet kitchen with abundant cabinetry, plus butlers
just a short walk to compliment the California lifestyle. Beautifully pantry. Custom features will surpass you. 12 ft ceilings throughout. Built in • 4397 sq ft
landscaped throughout and plenty of space for outdoor and indoor • 3 CAR GARAGE BBQ with pool, jacuzzi, waterfall and fire pit. Local hiking trails are just a short
gatherings. There are 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. 4450 sq/ft - Plus an walk to compliment the California lifestyle. 5bed / 5.5 bath. Take a dip in the • 4 CAR GARAGE
attached casita with garage…NEVER LIVED IN.

• Built in 2015 pool and enjoy beautiful sunset views and crisp clean canyon air. Picturesque
Absolutely phenomenal turnkey property. Stonebridge Estates Canyon views. Open floor plan for plenty outdoor and indoor entertaining. • Built in 2014
Neighborhood in Scripps Ranch!

• Attached Casita Oversized 4 car garage. Located in the Stonebridge Neighborhood of Scripps


619-587-0631 |CalBRE #02009208 ROSS STASIK, REALTOR®
Ross.Stasik@sir.com 619-587-0631 |CalBRE #02009208

Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity.
Each Office is Independently Owned And Operated.
Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity.
Each Office is Independently Owned And Operated.
December 21-27, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 3

Catriona Gray struggled with Clint Bondad on girlfriend

‘slow-mo twirl’ because of scoliosis Catriona’s Miss Universe win:
‘She deserves it’
A B S CB N N ews | M A N I L A ,
12 /16/2 018 -- Filipino-G erman
model and actor Clint B ondad
is just as ecstatic over th e M iss


Universe win of h is girlfriend
Catriona G ray. I n an interview

after th e coronation nigh t of M iss
Universe on M onday in B angk ok ,
T h ailand, B ondad recalled h ow
h ard G ray work ed to prepare for
th e pageant.
“ M y G od, it just became real. Y ou
A B S-CB N N ews | M A N I L A you’ re going to pull yourself para k now it but it’ s a different th ing once
, 12 /18 /2 018 – B efore winning straigh t na straigh t ‘ yung body mo you realiz e it and you are th ere. I
th e M iss Universe 2 018 crown, and you get th e curves, ang h irap th ink sh e deserves it th e most, ” B on-
Catriona G ray captivated fans para sa k anya.” dad said. “ W h en th e h ost said th ey
Sh e mentioned G ray’ s scoliosis all work ed h ard for it, I just sh outed
across th e globe with h er “ slow- again in h er article in M anila B ulletin from th e top of my lungs and said member of th e “ A SA P ” Cover B oys
mo twirl.” publish ed on T uesday, saying: “ I t along with T ommy Esguerra, A lbie
sh e work ed h ardest. I just remember
I t look ed effortless, but did you was also to K uya Caloy th at Catriona h ow much work sh e puts into it, h ow Casiñ o, L uis H ontiveros, and T anner
k now th at G ray initially struggled cried in pain because of h er scoliosis many h ours, h ow many tears sh e M ata. H e h as also appeared on A B S-
– to th e point of “ crying in pain” th at h as become h er bane during past put into it… . Sh e deserves th e best, ” CB N ’ s “ I paglaban M o” and “ P usong
– because of scoliosis? related trainings.” Bondad said. The two first met in L igaw, ” as well as in a number of
“ W ith h er scoliosis, Catriona an elevator in B aguio. B ondad is a television commercials.
T h is was th e revelation of M iss couldn’t really fit into what society
can describe as ‘ sex y’ wh ere one
Grand International 2016 first run- food on Smok ey M ountain and sleep
ner-up N icole Cordoves, wh o served would see deep curves and th e evi-
dent absence of a V enus pouch th at’ s under th e bridges or on th e bank s of
as one of G ray’ s mentors in h er M iss ( Continued from page 1 ) rivers clogged with trash .
Universe 2 018 journey. inh erent in every woman. B ut sh e
I t’ s also one of th e places wh ere
taugh t critics a lesson or two about wh ich was built with th e h elp of h undreds of poor drug suspects h ave
I n an interview on “ T onigh t with th e standards of beauty and being th e 2 4 -year-old wh om th e ch il-
your best self, ” sh e added. been k illed in P resident R odrigo
B oy A bunda” on M onday, Cordo- dren fondly call A te Cat, wh o is D uterte’ s brutal war on drugs.
ves recalled: “ [ Sh e practiced th e G ray’ s efforts paid off as sh e was k nown for greeting th e staff with :
crowned M iss Universe 2 018 , mak - T o many, T ondo h as th e reputation
slow-mo twirl] with Carlos B uendia “ W h at do th e k ids need? ” of being a dirty and dangerous place.
J r., K uya Caloy. A t may scolio siya, ing h er th e country’ s fourth title-
h older after P ia W urtz bach (2 015 ), B ut to Y F, it’ s th e h eartland of its
Tito Boy, so ‘yung first few practices B ut after pageant h ost Steve H arvey advocacy.
niya, talagang umiiyak siya.” M argie M oran (197 3 ), and G loria
“ K asi ‘ yung posture pa lang na D iaz (1969). announced G ray as M iss Universe ‘Sincere heart’
2 018 , Y F was anyth ing but silent.
Rowena Bautista and her papa, Raul Bautista T h e ph ones rang nonstop, and th e M ark Soriano, 3 7 , Y F program
foundation’ s e-mail and messaging coordinator, said th at each time G ray
by R OW EN A B A UT I ST A 4 0 years into government service. k inds of th ings lik e cloth es, electron- after th e h olidays, be sure to let th em app notifications were abuzz. visited the center, her first question

I was born in at th e end of my ics, mak eup, even cute Sanrio items k now about some money and energy “ W e’ re a very small group. R eceiv- would always be: “ A no k ailangan ng
ince tak ing A sian fath er’ s military career and am th e tax free. T h en th ere was th e free savings programs th at SD G & E offers ing 10 to 15 e-mails or calls a day mga bata? ”
“ bunso” of my family, so I did not movie th eater, th e inex pensive gas its customers year ‘ round.
4 60 th is semester h ave to move from one place to station wh ose prices rival Costco’ s,
was a lot already, ” said Y F’ s D utch “ Sh e’ s just a normal girl with a
director, P aul van W ijgerden. sincere h eart, ” h e said.
and reading th e book th e nex t lik e my th ree older sisters th e mech anic, and access to many W rapping it up for th e h olidays? H e said th at just on M onday, th e Gray didn’t find YF in Tondo.
“ B eyond th e M ask ” by R iz ex perienced before me. I do recall free gyms and pools. Our family also T h ere' s no time lik e th e present to center received more th an 100 mes- Sh e found it on G oogle wh en sh e
A . Oades, I h ave been able living in a N avy H ousing called attended th e Cath olic ch urch on base sh ow someone in need you CA R E. sages from people wh o wanted to was preparing for th e M iss W orld
Pine Summit when I was five, often every Sunday. W atch : h ttp: //www.sdge.com/resi- h elp th e foundation. “ T h e messages
to reconnect with my fath er playing with my best friend, wh o I would recommend anyone to join dential/care-video
competition in 2 015 and wanted to
never stopped. W e weren’ t prepared get involved in “ someth ing with a
wh o currently resides in was a similarly aged Caucasian boy th e military based on not only my fa- B e jolly, by golly! W h eth er you for it, ” h e said. purpose, ” W ijgerden said.
th e P h ilippines by inq uir- th at lived nex t door. One day we th er’ s ex perience, but also on family rent or own, you could be eligible to W ijgerden welcomed h er but was
ing more about h is N avy were playing, and my friend pick ed members and oth er friends’ similar receive free energy-efficient home
up a stick covered with mud, wh ich experiences of being able to find and improvements th at can mak e your
Unexpected victory unsure about h er true intentions.
and Second W aver Filipino got on h is h ands and cloth es. I told become th e best versions of th em- h ome more comfortable and save
“ I was cautious in th e beginning, ”
ex perience to complete some W ijgerden, 5 8 , said everyone in h e said, laugh ing. “ W e’ ve been used
h im, “ Stop! N ow you’ re dirty! ” H is selves because of enlistment. T h e you money now and for years to Y F wanted G ray to win but no one by many celebrities already.”
assignments. W e were never moth er, with in earsh ot, walk ed over military teach es people to work on come. W ith th e Energy Savings A s- ex pected sh e would. “ I mean, wh at Everyth ing ch anged after th ey saw
close during my upbring- to both of us, look ed me into my self-discipline and confidence, and sistance P rogram, SD G & E’ s auth o- were th e ch ances, righ t? T h ere were sh e was sincere in h er desire to h elp
eyes with malice and said, “ N o, you as my own fath er once told me, if h e riz ed contractors will come to your
ing and lost touch with are dirty.” Sh e th en pick ed up h er was not able to pass th e test to join h ome and may provide free:
94 contestants, ” h e said. th e ch ildren. “ Y ou k now th is build-
W h en sh e did win, suddenly th e ing wh ere you are in righ t now? Sh e
each oth er since h e and my son and th ey went inside. A fter th at th e N avy, h e could h ave very well New, energy-efficient lighting eyes of world were on Y F, too. h elped build it, ” W ijgerden told th e
moth er separated, so it was day, my friend never played with me been involved with drugs or oth er R epair or replacement of doors and “ W e weren’ t even prepared, ” W i- I nq uirer on T uesday.
again. A s a ch ild, I wondered wh y worse, corrupt industries because life windows
amaz ing to learn of h ow h e th e woman said I was dirty wh en my in th e P h ilippines h ad many sh ortcuts M icrowaves, refrigerators and h igh -
jgerden added, ch uck ling. “ A nd we
immigrated to A merica. h ands and cloth es were clean; I was h e could h ave tak en in h is youth , but efficiency clothes washers
still do not h ave any idea h ow to deal Growing relationship
with it.”
taugh t to be mindful of my h ygiene. h e strove for an h onest life for h im- I nsulation, weath er-stripping and
T h is is h is story. I n 197 3 , R aul Y F provides support to underprivi- H e said th e relationsh ip between Y F
A s an adult, I understand wh at sh e self, my moth er, and th e rest of h is caulk ing to lower h eating and cool- leged ch ildren to h elp th em go to and G ray grew gradually but steadily.
B autista was a second year engi- was simply a racist. Since th at ex pe- family th at h e wanted to h elp gain ing costs sch ool, believing th at poverty sh ould
rience, I became more mindful of th e citiz ensh ip alongside h im. B ecause Sh e used to visit Y F with out wearing
neering student wh en h e received not be a h indrance to getting a good any mak e up and in simple jeans
a call card from th e United States way people would treat my family of the sacrifice of service and going M ore information: h ttp: //www. education. and sh irt, wh ich endeared h er to th e
military. A call card was wh at differently. on tours, there are many benefits to sdge.com/residential/energy-savings- “ Finance is not th e only problem. I f ch ildren and th e staff.
I remember being in th e passenger joining th e military, such as being assistance-program-video
every Filipino youth at th at time seat as my fath er was pulled over able to travel th e world, and h ave Y ule be h appy with th e savings, fa
we would just give finances for the “ Sh e’ s th e celebrity wh o does not
wh o h oped for a better future students to go to sch ool and we don’ t cover h er nose wh en visiting Smok ey
once and th e cop being incredibly sch ool tuition for oneself covered la la la la, la la la la. M edical issues
dreamed of: an appointment for a do anyth ing else, our program would M ountain. Sh e’ s th e beauty q ueen
rude to h im, speak ing in a tone th at via th e G I B ill and P ell grants, wh ich th at req uire certain medical devices,
ch ance of enlistment into th e U.S. fail. I t goes h and in h and with th e wh o does not apply rubbing alcoh ol
mimick ed th e women wh o lived are h elpful for people wh o wish to space h eating or air conditioning due supporting and coach ing, ” W ijgerden after visiting th e slums, ” Soriano
N avy. For one week , R aul went nex t-door’ s tone to me. Code- continue with h igh er education but to a medical condition, may q ualify said.
switch ing into h is voice th at h ad less cannot afford it. for a month ly energy bill discount. said.
th rough rigorous ex aminations 2 hubs H e said th e beauty q ueen treated
and interviews th at tested h is of an accent, my fath er apologiz ed, T h ere is th e dignity one gains See if you, or someone you k now,
took out h is insurance papers from wh en being a part of someth ing qualifies by clicking on this link: everyone lik e h er friends and visited
competency in reading, writing, Y F h as two h ubs: One, located in T ondo unannounced and with out
th e glove box , and opened h is wallet greater th en th emselves; th e military h ttp: //www.sdge.com/residential/
and speak ing English . Out of to tak e out h is license. W h en I saw is th e number one defender of th e save-medical-baseline/medical-base- V itas, caters to presch oolers. T h e bodyguards or a gaggle of report-
112 students, R aul was 1 out of th e cop see h is M ilitary I D colored A merican peoples’ life, liberties, and line-program oth er, on R oad 10, is for out-of- ers— just h erself and h er moth er and
16 wh o passed, and according to in blue signifying retired status, h e pursuits of h appiness. I h onor all B ring good tidings to a neigh bor sch ool youth s. sometimes with two or th ree of h er
his instructors, did so with flying immediately th ank ed my fath er for th at h ave served for our freedoms, struggling to mak e ends meet th is The hubs and the main office in fans.
colors. H e recalls, “ I was very h is service and let h im off with a especially as I write th is on V eterans’ h oliday season. SD G & E' s N eigh bor- B alut are all in T ondo, M anila’ s big- “ Sh e’ s very h umble. Sh e h as a k ind
warning. Reflecting on this now, D ay, and h igh ly recommend and to-N eigh bor Fund provides custom- gest district and th e h eart of M etro- h eart. Sh e told me, ‘ W in or lose, I
h appy and immediately told your politan M anila’ s poor community. will continue h elping you, ’ ” Soriano
L olo and L ola th at I ’ m going to I understand wh y my fath er was commend anyone wh o is considering ers experiencing temporary financial
incredibly patriotic wh ile h e lived in th e military as a career for th eir life. h ardsh ip and wh o are not eligible for H ere slums th rive, and some of th e said. --- Follow @ABalagtasSeeINQ on
A merica! ” sh anty dwellers still scavenge for Twitter
A merica. H e went th rough a lot of state or federal assistance up to $ 2 00
discrimination th at h e never sh ared * * * * towards th eir SD G & E bill. Find out
When reporting for his first duty
and was pick ed up by th e sh ip’ s duty openly with th e family but being part more.
of th e military granted h im respect R OW EN A B A UT I ST A is a third- h ttp: //www.sdge.com/residential/
driver, R aul was ask ed if h e was
in th e eyes of th ose wh o would once year student at San Diego State temporary-financial-hardship
Filipino. H e said yes and was imme-
look down upon h im. University majoring in International
diately tak en to work with oth er Fili-
M y h appiest time as a military Business. She is also enrolled in D on' t get your tinsel in a tangle! G et
pino cook s. “ I told th em th at I didn’ t
want to be a steward. I ’ m a seaman brat, oddly enough , is sh opping at Asian Studies 460, “Contemporary L evel P ay, k now wh at your SD G E Seniors, 60+: come enjoy a warm, nutri-
and would lik e to work in elec- th e commissary. I fondly remember
all of th e times I accompanied my
Issues in Filipino American Commu-
nities” taught by Dr. Ofelia Dirige,
bill will be each month & enjoy th e
h olidays! W ith L evel P ay you can tious lunch provided by Serving Seniors
tronics. T h ey just laugh ed at me.”
I nability to move into competent moth er and my grandmoth er wh en
sh e was alive to sh op for groceries.
Lecturer at the Center for Asian
Pacific Studies, and former Associ-
balance out th e h igh s and lows so at St. Charles Nutrition Center. Lunch is
served Monday – Friday, 11:00 a.m. – 12:30
work ing positions was a common your month ly energy bills are more
A s th e bunso, I was pretty much ate Professor in the Graduate School stable and predictable. Ch eck it out:
discriminatory practice most Filipi-
nos faced until gaining citiz ensh ip, my moth er’ s little h elper, so I h ad
th e task of adding up th e budget in
of Public Health, SDSU. She is also
currently The President of Kalusugan
h ttp: //www.sdge.com/customer-
p.m. Suggested donation $3.50, but any
and after doing so, R aul was able to
ch ange h is job rating to I C, I nterior my h ead. I ’ m pretty sure sh e could Kalakasan Center for Health and donation is gratefully accepted. No one
Wellness in San Diego.
will be turned away for inability to donate.
Communication Electrician, wh ere calculate it h erself, but sh e made me G et th e 4 11 on 2 -1-1 San D iego
feel important to give me responsi- _ _ _ _ _ just beClaus… ' tis th e season to
h e work ed on maintenance and
repair of gyro/magnetic compasses, bility. W e h ad a large family consist-
ing of my parents, grandmoth er, aun- M ESSA G ES FR OM T H E SA N
receive especially wh en in need.
2 -1-1 San D iego’ s mission is to
All are welcome. Please join us!
teleph one switch board, and all of th e
sh ip’ s communication and entertain- tie, th ree sisters and myself, so we D I EG O G A S A N D EL ECT R I C connect community members with St. Charles Senior Nutrition Center
945 18th St., San Diego, CA 92154
would go to th e commissary often. L end a H and T h is H oliday Season! th e most appropriate organiz ations
ment systems. H e served in th e N avy
Other benefits my family enjoyed T h e h olidays are all about doing a and resources. L earn more: h ttp: //
for 2 0 years and th en work ed at th e
V A M edical Center in San D iego as because of my fath er’ s service in
th e military are access to th e N avy
little someth ing ex tra for someone. I f
you’ d lik e to lend a h and and sh ow
www.2 11sandiego.org/new/about.
h tml # espsdge
a M edical R ecords tech nician. A fter
Ex ch ange wh ere we would buy all someone you care before, during and
retiring in 2 013 , R aul put in a total of
Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com December 21-27, 2018

Christmas at Manila North Cemetery
Eric and his family prayed over his father’s grave that Christmas morning of 1996. This was the first Christmas without him. He put
the flowers on his grave, touching the tombstone as he whispered a beloved Christmas greeting. He prayed for the eternal repose of
his soul and asked God to forgive his sins and allow him to go to heaven. That’s the most he could ask for that Christmas.
By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr., Publisher & Editor, The San Diego Asian Journal

Fourth in a series of Christ- A thriving community

mas Stories
T o Eric’ s surprise, h idden with in th e
walls of th e cemetery was a th riv-
Manila, Philippines ing community. T h ere were a few
December 25, 1996 sari-sari stores by th e roadside. Some

mausoleums h ad a second storey,
t’ s Ch ristmas D ay. obviously occupied by a family,
“ M erry Ch ristmas, ” h is complete with television anten-
th ree daugh ters and h is wife nas. T h ere were a few sh anties in
h ugged Eric wh ile h e was still between th e tombs. Eric’ s A merican-
raised daugh ters, wh o were visiting
h alf-awak e in bed. the place for the first time, were
I t was eigh t o’ clock in th e morn-
amaz ed to see tombs above ground.
ing. Everyone h ad only six h ours
I n th e United States and modern
of sleep, since th ey left h is mom’ s
memorial park s in th e P h ilippines,
h ouse one h our past midnigh t. H is
simple tombstones mark graves. I t
youngest nudged h im with h is gift
was obvious th at th e N orth Cemetery
wh en everyone started opening
was as congested as th e rest of th e
th eirs. I t was a green, h ooded jack et
city. Some tombs were built lik e a
and a card signed by th e four of took h is driving lessons h ere? ” h e one of th e few limousines in th e h igh -rise and stack ed with at least
th em. H e k new th at it was h is wife ask ed h is k ids. country. I t was so big th at it could five decks.
wh o bough t it for h im. { { more} } I t was 195 7 , h is maternal grand- h old seven ch ildren, th eir parents “ A re th ese people living h ere? ” Eric
H e still remembers h is ex citement fath er h ad just died. For one wh ole and still h ave room for two or th ree ask ed J ojo, pointing to th e ch ildren
as a ch ild wh en it was time to open year, h is moth er would tak e th eir maids. W h enever th ey went to th e playing on th e side of th e road and
gifts th at h e h ad loudly wish ed for grandmoth er along with th e ch ildren province of B ulacan on Sundays,
By Zena Sultana Babao our fath ers, to A brah am and to h is some families gath ered around a
during th e season. D ays before to visit th e cemetery after sch ool. th ey would all get out as th ey store.

seed forever.” Ch ristmas, h e would drop h is parents T h e family car was a long, 194 9 reach ed a steep small bridge at th eir “ Y es! ” was J ojo’ s nonch alant, wh at-
ver twenty centu- A noth er song about M ary and B aby h ints to mak e sure h e would not be D odge limousine with folding seats town’ s entrance. T h eir collective about-it reply.
ries ago, in th e little J esus is th e very popular “ M ary D id disappointed. B ut even wh en h e in th e middle th at sat an ex tra row weigh t made th e elongated car sag
Y ou K now” – anoth er favorite of Eric realiz ed th at M anila was so
didn’ t get wh at h e wish ed for, it was of people. Once th ey reach ed th e so severely th at its underside would
town of B eth leh em mine. I t does not lessen th e N ativity alrigh t. A new toy for most k ids is as h ave scraped th e surface of th e
congested th at sq uatters took to
entrance of th e cemetery, th eir driver, putting up th eir sh anties not only
in J udea, th ere was a truly Story but instead glorifies our Lord ex citing as any k ind. R iz , would ex ch ange places with bridge h ad th ey not gotten off. on th e grassy dividers of th e once
miraculous birth – th e Son J esus Ch rist: “ B etter get ready, J ojo will pick fifteen-year old Buddy, the eldest son One evening Eric’ s broth ers and picturesq ue R ox as B oulevard by th e
of G od was born! W ith a us up by nine, ” h is wife reminded in th e driver’ s seat. sisters, together with five workers in
“ M ary did you k now th at your bay; but h ad now even invaded th e
everyone. T h e fact th at h e could h ardly see th eir printing press, went out for a
D ivine Fath er and a h uman baby boy will one day walk on J ojo, h er cousin, was supposed to th e road ah ead h ardly mattered. T h ey joy ride. I t turned out to be th e car’ s
cemetery, sq ueez ing out th e dead! H e
moth er, J esus entered h is- water? was told th at one popular comedi-
tak e th em to h is wife’ s relatives in would put book s for h im to sit on. H e last hurrah. The car rolled to a final
M ary did you k now th at your baby enne, M oody, th e former partner of
tory: God in the flesh. M arik ina for lunch . B ut beforeh and, look ed puny in th at oversiz ed car, a stop to breath its last at th e L uneta comedian R oody M anglapaz wh en
boy will save our sons and daugh - th ey would pass by th e cemetery to limousine wh ich th eir mom got from P ark , th e site of th e infamous ex ecu-
ters? th e duo performed at th e M anila
T h e Old T estament foretold th e pay respect to h is fath er wh o passed a former lady senator wh en th e latter tion of th e national h ero, J ose R iz al.
D id you k now th at your baby boy G rand Opera H ouse, used to live
away two week s earlier. was unable to pay for th e printing of T h e driver forgot to release th e h and-
birth of J esus in th e book of I saiah h as come to mak e you new? The traffic in Manila that Christmas
in a h ouse constructed above h er
in a ch apter entitled “ T o Us a campaign materials sh e ordered from brak e and was now trying to restart it relatives’ tombs. W h en sh e died, sh e
T h is ch ild th at you' ve delivered morning was relatively ligh t. Scores Eric’ s fath er’ s printing press. B ut wh en anoth er driver of a passing car
Ch ild is B orn” : will soon deliver you. didn’ t need to go any farth er, as sh e
of ch ildren were walk ing around B uddy could reach th e pedals and shouted that a fire was burning under was buried underneath th e h ouse sh e
in th e streets dressed in brand new steer th e wh eel. T h at was enough . th e car. Everyone scampered out of
“ T h e people walk ing in dark ness M ary did you k now th at your baby once occupied. H er family, wh o still
cloth es presumably to visit th eir T h e road inside th e cemetery h ad the vehicle and into the traffic lanes
h ave seen a great ligh t; on th ose boy will give sigh t to a blind man? live in th e place, did not, in a sense,
relatives and godparents and collect few cars and th erefore was a good as oth er cars swerved out of th eir
living in th e land of th e sh adow of M ary did you k now th at your baby miss h er departure!
th eir gifts. I f anyth ing, Ch ristmas is place to learn to drive. P racticing it way wh ile th e driver desperately
death a ligh t h as dawned… boy will calm a storm with h is h and? Someh ow, th is incredible arrange-
th e day wh en a ch ild gets to wear every day, B uddy acq uired th e sk ill battled to snuff out the flames with a
For to us a Ch ild is born, to us a D id you k now th at your baby boy ment between th e dead and th e living
a-brand new outfit. As a child, Eric and finally got his license at the age rag. W h en th e ordeal was over, th ey
Son is given, and th e government h as walk ed wh ere angels trod? made sense to Eric. N ot only would
would look forward to wearing new of six teen. T h is was two years below k idded around with one of th e work -
will be on H is sh oulders. A nd H e A nd wh en you k iss your little baby, th e sq uatters get free rent and water;
pairs of sh oes and sock s, new pants th e legal driving age of eigh teen. B ut ers wh o managed to get out from
will be called W onderful, Counselor, you h ave k issed th e face of G od. th ey would be near th eir work as
and new sh irts. I t was as ex citing as Eric’ s godfath er h appened to be th e th e front seat with out even opening
M igh ty G od, Everlasting Fath er, most of th em earn a living by tak ing
receiving gifts. Even th e poorest of governor of th e province wh ere th e th e car’ s door. Fearing for h is life,
P rince of P eace. Of th e increase of T h e blind will see, th e deaf will care of rich people’ s graves, and
th e poor would stretch th eir meager license was issued. h e was able to sq ueez e h imself lik e
H is government and peace th ere will h ear and th e dead will live again. occasionally stealing the flowers
pesos to indulge in th is small lux ury. Eric relish ed h is memories about a rabbit th rough th e h alf-open car
be no end. H e will reign on D avid’ s T h e lame will leap, th e dumb will H e remembers a family of tenant th eir family car. I t was one of a k ind, window! ( Continued on page 5 )
th rone and over h is k ingdom, estab- speak , th e praises of th e lamb. farmers in B ulacan wh o was so dirt
lish ing and uph olding it with justice poor th at th eir seven ch ildren wore
and righ teousness from th at time on M ary did you k now th at your baby tattered cloth ing th rough out th e year.
and forever. T h e z eal of th e L ord boy is L ord of all creation? B ut on Ch ristmas day, th eir moth er
A lmigh ty will accomplish th is.” M ary did you k now th at your baby would mak e sure each would get a
boy will one day rule th e nations? new outfit, no matter if it meant she
I saiah ’ s proph ecy came true. I n D id you k now th at your baby boy h ad to scrimp on basic necessities for
th e book of L uk e in th e N ew T esta- is h eaven' s perfect L amb? h erself.
ment, G od sent th e angel G abriel to T h is sleeping ch ild you' re h olding “ J ust imagine, ” sh e would complain
announce to M ary th at sh e h as been is th e great I A M .” to Eric’ s mom. “ T h ere are seven of
selected to be th e moth er of J esus: th em, seven sh oes, seven pants and
“ T h e angel G abriel went to h er and W h en th e Ch rist ch ild was born, sh irts. H ow many bundles of grass
said: G reetings, you are h igh ly fa- th e angels appeared to th e sh eph erds would I gath er to be able to pay th ese
vored! T h e L ord is with you.” M ary out in the fields nearby, keeping off? ”
was greatly troubled at h is words and watch over their flocks at night. T o augment th eir income, th e wife
wondered wh at k ind of greeting th is T h e glory of th e L ord sh one around of th is farmer would gath er grass to
migh t be. B ut th e angel said to h er, th em, and th e sh eph erds were terri- sell as h orse feed. Eric’ s mom would
“ D o not be afraid, M ary, you h ave fied. But the angel said to them: occasionally give th em old cloth ing
found favor with G od. Y ou will be “ D o not be afraid. I bring you for h er ch ildren to use. H is mom
with ch ild and give birth to a son, good news of great joy th at will said th at th e wife used to be one of
and you are to give H im th e name be for all th e people. T oday in th e th e most beautiful girl in th e barrio.
J esus. H e will be great and will be town of D avid a Savior h as been T h e farmer sh e married was one of
called th e Son of th e M ost H igh . born to you: h e is Ch rist th e L ord th e h andsomest. Unfortunately, good
“ I am th e L ord’ s servant, ” M ary … Suddenly a great company of look s do not guarantee food on th e
answered, “ L et it be to me according th e h eavenly h ost appeared with table.
to your word.” th e angel, praising G od and saying,
D uring h er visit to h er cousin “ G lory to G od in th e h igh est, and Flower vendors
Elizabeth, Mary glorified God in the on earth peace to men on wh om h is
“Magnificat” (Song of Mary), the favor rests.” A s th ey approach ed th e entrance of
first word in the Latin translation
which begins with “Magnificat anima
A s th e angels praised G od for giv- th e N orth Cemetery in M anila, Eric VA
ing us H is only Son, so sh ould we! ask ed J ojo to park th e car so th at h e Vendo
Dominum” (“My soul magnifies the
L ord” ). T h is song, a great favorite
L et us not forget th e reason wh y could buy flowers for his dad. Ambu- r
J esus was born: “ For G od so loved lant flower vendors swarmed around
of mine, is M ary’ s great ex ultation of th e world th at H e gave H is one and thrusting flowers at them. Eric was
praise to G od. I t h as often been used only Son, th at wh oever believes in wary of buying th em since h e k new
as th e basis for ch oral music and H im sh all not perish but h ave eternal that some of those fresh flowers were
h ymns, and sang or recited during life.” retrieved from th e tombs wh ere visi-
evening service or vespers: G od sent J esus to earth to save us tors h ad left th em beh ind and were
“My soul magnifies the Lord, and from sin and give us life eternal. A t now being resold. B ut th en, h e real-
my spirit h as rejoiced in G od my th e age of 3 3 , J esus our M essiah iz ed th at th ere was noth ing h e could
Savior. For H e h as regarded th e died in th e cross for us all! H e was do if the flowers he now held in his
lowly state of H is maidservant; for beaten, blooded and crucified, but h ands were goig to be stolen. H e
beh old, h enceforth all generations th rough H is suffering and death , H e could not stay th e wh ole day in th e
will call me blessed. For H e wh o cleansed th e nations. cemetery and wait until th ey wilted
is migh ty h as done great th ings for G reat is th e mystery of G od mani- in th e h arsh tropical sun. N or could
me, and H oly is H is name. A nd H is fest – and h umanity will forever h e bolt th em down so no one would
mercy is on th ose wh o fear H im from marvel and celebrate th e birth of our carry th em off. T h e th efts decried th e

Office Hours
generation to generation. H e h as L ord J esus. desperate condition of th e city’ s poor
sh own strength with H is arm; H e h as wh o must ch oose between moral

Tues to Thu: 9-1 & 2-6

scattered th e proud in th e imagina- values and th eir own survival. A s
tion of th eir h earts. H e h as put down th e car went past th e gates, Eric saw
th e migh ty from th eir th rones, and
Sat 9-3
some familiar sigh ts. On th e righ t
exalted the lowly. He has filled the side past th e entrance were th e tombs
h ungry with good th ings, and th e of former P h ilippine P resident R a-
rich H e h as sent away empty. H e h as mon M agsaysay and former M anila
h elped h is servant I srael, in remem-
brance of H is mercy, as H e spok e to
M ayor A rsenio L acson.
“ D o you k now th at your T ito B uddy
Em e rg e nc y V isit s W e lc om e
December 21-27, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 5

California Communities
Fake calls about Chula Vista Assemblymember David Chiu Cabrillo National Monument
your SSN launches Smart launches 4th Annual “There Ought announces fee increase and fee
by Jennifer Leach, Acting Associate City digital to be a Law” Program free days for 2019
headquarters Constituents
Director, Division of Consumer and
Business Education, FTC invited to submit and allows residents to submit th eir A s part of its ongoing efforts to L uth er K ing, J r. D ay
bill proposals ideas for new laws to improve th e ● Saturday, April 20 – Start of
T h e FT C is getting reports about lives of people in San Francisco and address aging park infrastructure
T h e City of Ch ula V ista th is and improve th e visitor ex peri- N ational P ark W eek /N ational J unior
people pretending to be from San Francisco, CA --A ssem- th e State of California. R anger D ay
th e Social Security A dministra- week unveiled a new website P roposals can vary from local com- ence, Cabrillo N ational M onu-
blymember D avid Ch iu (D -San ● Sunday, August 25 – National
tion (SSA ) wh o are trying to get designed to sh owcase th e broad munity improvements to statewide ment announces an entrance fee P ark Service A nniversary
range of innovative projects th e Francisco) today launch ed h is reforms and can be entirely new increase beginning J anuary 1,
your Social Security number and fourth annual “ T h ere Ough t to be ● Saturday, September 28 –
city is work ing on as part of th e policies or revisions to ex isting laws. 2 019. T h e ch anges, wh ich come N ational P ublic L ands D ay
even your money. I n one version a L aw” program to offer constitu- A pplications are due Friday, J anuary
of th e scam, th e caller says your Smart City Strategic A ction P lan in response to public comments ● Monday, November 11 –
adopted last year. ents th e opportunity to propose 11, 2 019, and can be found at asmdc.
on a fee proposal released in Oc- V eterans D ay
Social Security number h as been new state legislation for th e up- org/otl. Cabrillo N ational M onument is one of
link ed to a crime (often, h e says tober 2 017 , resulted in a nation-
Ch ula V ista’ s smart city website coming 2 019 legislative year. wide plan released on A pril 12 ,
115 national park s th at h as an entrance

Chula Vista
it h appened in T ex as) involving fee. T h e oth er 3 03 national park s do not
features in-depth back ground 2 018 . ch arge an entrance fee. A complete list
drugs or sending money out of “ Some of th e most rewarding issues
information and news updates of park entrance fees may be found on
designated a
th e country illegally. H e th en says I h ave work ed on in my career h ave
on everyth ing from open data to come directly from constituents, ” T h e plan will modestly increase th e N ational P ark Service Entrance Fee
your Social is block ed – but h e entrance fees at national park s by P ark page. T h e N ational P ark System
autonomous veh icles.
Bicycle Friendly
migh t ask you for a fee to reac- said A ssemblymember Ch iu. “ W h en includes more th an 8 5 million acres
we work togeth er as a community, across th e country to raise additional
tivate it, or to get a new number. revenue to address th e $ 11.6 billion and is comprised of 4 18 sites, including
“ One of th e goals in our smart city we get better policy outcomes.”
Community in deferred maintenance across th e national park s, national h istorical park s,
And he will ask you to confirm strategy is to grow our h igh -tech national monuments, national recreation
your Social Security number. business cluster and attract new jobs L ast year, A ssemblymember Ch iu system of 4 18 park s, h istoric and areas, national battlefields, and national
to Ch ula V ista, ” said M ayor M ary collaborated with constituents and cultural sites, and monuments. seash ores.
I n oth er variations, h e says th at Casillas Salas. “ T h is website h elps a San Francisco-based civil righ ts T h e L eague of A merican B icy-
somebody used your Social Security us sh ow th e business community all organiz ations to write and pass clists h as designated th e City of One h undred percent of th e revenue L ast year, 3 3 1 million people vis-
number to apply for credit cards, and of th e innovative work we’ re doing.” A ssembly B ill 2 18 4 , th e I mmigrant Ch ula V ista as a B icycle Friendly from th e fee increases will remain ited national park s, spending $ 18 .2
you could lose your benefits. Or he I n addition to news updates and B usiness I nclusion A ct. T h e law in th e N ational P ark Service with at billion wh ich supported 3 06, 000 jobs
Community at th e B ronz e level. least 8 0 percent of th e money staying
migh t warn you th at your bank ac- project details, th e website also mak es it easier for immigrants to re- T h is award is presented only to across th e country and h ad a $ 3 5 .8
count is about to be seiz ed, th at you features interactive polls and gives ceive business licenses in California. in Cabrillo N ational M onument. T h e billion impact on th e U.S. economy.
need to with draw your money, and th e public th e opportunity to sign up
communities with strong commit- fund will be used for projects and
th at h e’ ll tell you h ow to k eep it safe. for news alerts. T wo years ago, R ED F work ed
ments to bicycling. activities to improve th e ex perience Cabrillo National Monument offers an
Ch ula V ista h as made bicycling a for visitors.
“ A noth er big smart city goal directly with A ssemblymember Ch iu priority for many years with bik e path s,
annual pass for $35 for unlimited entry
B ut all of th ese are scams. H ere’ s is transparency and community to write and pass A B 4 15 , wh ich en- to the park for 12 months. The price
bik e lanes and bik e routes mark ed on I n addition to th e fee ch ange, of the annual America the Beautiful
wh at you need to k now: engagement, and th is website gives sured th at CalFresh recipients h ave City streets. A n electronic map listing
· T h e SSA will never (ever) th e public a new way to learn and access to job training and employ- over 14 0 miles of bicycle facilities is on
Cabrillo N ational M onument will National Parks and Federal Recre-
call and ask for your Social Security be involved in th ese projects, ” Salas waive its entrance fee on five days ational Lands Annual Pass and Lifetime
ment services with social enterprises. th e City’ s website under “ Ch ula V ista Senior Pass will remain $80. There are
number. I t won’ t ask you to pay any- said. I n 2 015 , A ssemblymember Ch iu B ik eway M aster P lan.” in 2 019.
The five entrance fee-free days for also free or discounted passes available
th ing. A nd it won’ t call to th reaten One smart city project h igh ligh ted teamed up with program winners T h is designation mark s th e second time for senior citizens, active duty military,
your benefits. on th e site is moderniz ing th e police P aul M onge-R odriguez and Cindy Ch ula V ista h as been recogniz ed as a 2 019 will be:
fourth grade students and their accom-
· Y our caller I D migh t sh ow th e department’ s public safety dispatch D inh . T h ey were able to pass A B B icycle Friendly Community. T h e award ● Monday, January 21 – Martin panying family, and disabled citizens.
SSA ’ s real ph one number (1-8 00- system. Funded by M easure P , is for a period of four years and was
2 4 5 5 , th e Student V oting A ct, wh ich granted after reviewing th e application
7 7 2 -12 13 ), but th at’ s not th e real th is new system includes real-time mak es it easier for California stu- and consulting with local cyclists and
SSA calling. Computers mak e it easy track ing of patrol veh icles and can dents to register to vote and partici- bik e advocates. R oadway signs designat- D ow nload t h e Asian Journal
to sh ow any number on caller I D . optimize officer efficiencies and pate in democracy. ing th e City’ s B icycle Friendly Com-
Y ou can’ t trust wh at you see th ere. public safety. d igi t al e d it ion at w w w .s c rib d .c om / asianj ournal
T h is program is open to all constit- munity status h ave been posted at k ey
· N ever give your Social Secu- The site reflects the strategic priori- uents of th e 17 th A ssembly D istrict locations citywide.
rity number to anyone wh o contacts ties and initiatives outlined in Ch ula
you. Don’t confirm the last 4 digits. V ista’ s Smart City Strategic A ction
A nd don’ t give a bank account or
credit card number – ever – to any-
P lan, wh ich was approved by th e
City Council in September 2 017 and Swift to th e core of wh at sh e believes in.”
Cordoves is also one of th e judges
of noontime sh ow, Sh owtime’ s
“ Catriona is an epitome of a girl
wh o as much as a person h as th e
Cordoves said.
G ray was named th e 67 th M iss
Universe and th e fourth Filipina to
body wh o contacts you ask ing for it. won a merit award from th e A meri- ( Continued from page 16 )
· R emember th at anyone wh o can P lanning A ssociation in A pril. M iss Q and A segment, wh ere gay limitation, sh e removes all th e earn th at title on M onday after com-
G ray’ s preparation involved reh ears- candidates are given q uestions to be boundaries. Sh e made h erself big- peting with 93 oth er women from all
tells you to wire money, pay with a For more information, visit www. ing h er overall performance over and
gift card, or send cash is a scammer. ch ulavistaca.gov/ smartcity. answered for a limited time. ger th an life. Sh e h as a vision, sh e over th e world.
over. G ray came prepared, and it was believes in th e people around h er, ”
A lways. N o matter wh o th ey say “ T h is is wh en th e tech nicality of
th ey are. th e training comes— h ow you stand,
I f you’ re worried about a call from
someone wh o claims to be from th e
Call the Asian h ow you answer, ” h e said.
Journal at
Social Security A dministration, get ' End '
off th e ph one. T h en call th e real SSA
at 1-8 00-7 7 2 -12 13 (T T Y 1-8 00-3 2 5 -
619.474.0588 for T h e last part of G ray’ s training,
B uendia said, is simply to bring out
07 7 8 ). I f you’ ve spotted a scam, th en your advertising her confidence.
tell th e FT C at ftc.gov/complaint. “ T h e end is just h aving, under-
standing and k nowing th at deep
inside h er sh e k nows th at sh e is M iss

Christmas fath er of D an L az am, a realtor in San Universe, ” B uendia said.

D iego, wh o was a baby th en. H e was
( Continued from page 4 ) brough t to th e United States wh ere Q - and - A p re p arat ion
G ray also reaped praises for h er
h e grew up after h is moth er married
q uick th ink ing and well-spok en
brough t by visitors to th e peddlers
wh o sell th ese appealing bouq uets
an A merican sh e met in th e P h ilip-
statements at th e M iss Universe NATIONAL CITY, CA 91950
at th e entrance. On th e east side of q uestion and answer segments. On-
th e cemetery, along A . B onifacio N ear Q uez on’ s tomb are th e graves line users also pointed out th at sh e
gave an accurate and updated figure
A venue, th ere were mak esh ift h oles
in th e concrete fence wh ere cem-
of Eric’ s maternal grandparents. T h e
of th e P h ilippines' population. PHONE: (619) 259-6464 FAX: (619) 259-6557
enclosed site is supposed to accom-
“ I stand h ere not as one, but for th e
etery inh abitants could pass th rough .
Sometimes, Eric would see sch ool-
modate th ree tombs side by side.
104 million Filipinos! ” G ray said, www.rtesq.com
But already, it is occupied by five,
girls coming out. W h o would ever with one to spare. T h e tombs of h is closely reflecting the official figures.
imagine th at th ese girls live with grandparents were stack ed on top of Catriona G ray: " I stand h ere not as
one, but for th e 104 million Filipi-
th eir families inside th e cemetery?
L ook ing neat and fresh ly sh owered
anoth er; so were h is cousin’ s and h er
nos! "
h usband’ s wh ile anoth er uncle’ s rest-
In fairness, malapit sa actual,
in clean, pressed sch ool uniforms, no
one could tell! Eric was reminded of
ing place unobtrusively lay on one
official figures. Haha. pic.twitter.
side. H is moth er bough t th e adjacent
th e story in A sia W eek M agaz ine of lot, wh ich was th ree times th e siz e of com/5peeidC6TP MANILA SEAFOOD, ACCESSIBLE BY PUBLIC TRANS-
a poor family of four in M anila, wh o its neigh bors’ . — Alt Tantay ?????????????????
could not afford to rent a h ouse and (@rupertnotholmes) December 17, PORTATION AND JUST OFF EXIT HIGHWAY 805.
h ad to live in a push cart park ed by 2018
Eric’ s daugh ters listened in dis-
a side street near R ox as B oulevard. Cordoves, wh o trained G ray for th e
belief as h e told th em th at during
q uestion-and-answer portion of th e
The parents sold sampaguita flow-
ers, and watch ed or cleaned park ed
N ovember 1st, on A ll Saint’ s D ay,
pageant said th e B icolana beauty is a R&T IS HIGHLY SPECIALIZED IN
people stayed in th e cemetery th e
natural wh en answering q uestions.
cars to earn a living. N o one could
tell th at th eir daugh ter, wh o went
wh ole day and evening to pay
“ Cat is th e type of girl na k ah it IMMIGRATION AND CIVIL LITIGATION
respect to th eir dead. Some people
to a nearby h igh sch ool lived in th e anong q uestion ibato mo sak anya
would play mah jong with friends in
push cart. H er parents would bribe a masasagot niya, ” Cordoves said. PAROLE VISA for Relatives of Filipino WWII Veterans
th eir family’ s gravesite. Still oth ers
security guard so th at sh e could tak e “ W h at we work ed on was more im-
would tak e to visiting th e gravesites
a shower in the restroom of an office of celebrities. T h e most popular was
mersive, lik e sh e really immersed in Now Available for Processing at the USCIS starting June 8, 2016.
building, hours before office workers th e community."
th e tomb of movie idol Fernando P oe
would report to work . Sr. wh ere th ey migh t ch ance upon
“ W h en q ueens give voice to th e For details and information
voiceless, listen to th em, so th at' s
seeing some movie stars wh o were
Rotunda also paying th eir dead colleague a
wh at sh e did. Sh e wrote about please call our office at (619) 259-6464
th em, ” Cordoves continued.
visit. A s a boy scout, Eric would
Soon after, th ey reach ed a R otunda Cordoves said sh e also gave G ray
camp out overnigh t in th e cemetery
enshrining a national figure, Manuel several case studies on social enter-
with h is friends during such occa-
Roxas, who was the first president prises to give h er a more tech nical
of th e P h ilippine R epublic. A cross perspective on community develop-
th e road, was th e eq ually famous ment.
Eric and h is family prayed over
mausoleum of M anuel Q uez on, th e T h e former M iss G rand I nterna-
h is fath er’ s grave th at Ch ristmas
first president of the Philippine Com- tional beauty said a pageant candi-
morning of 1996. This was the first
monwealth . Q uez on’ s wife, A urora, date sh ould read a lot, turn th e social
Ch ristmas with out h im. H e put th e
and some members of h is clan were media accounts into news portal so
flowers on his grave, touching the
also buried in th at site, alth ough Eric th ey can follow h eadlines and get
tombstone as h e wh ispered a beloved
noticed th at th ey now seemed to friends wh o talk about current issues.
Ch ristmas greeting. H e prayed for
h ave been moved out of th eir tombs. Cordoves said sh e and G ray trained
th e eternal repose of h is soul and
D ona A urora was ambush ed by th e as friends wh ile th ey tack led th e
ask ed G od to forgive h is sins and
H uk s, th e national communist rebel different perspectives on issues and
allow h im to go to h eaven. T h at’ s th e
movement in th e 195 0s, togeth er determined G ray’ s position on each
most h e could ask for th at Ch ristmas
with some members of h er family of th em.
time. - A J
and a few security officers. One of For th e M iss Universe pageant,
the security officers slain was the Cordoves said th ey prepared for th e
(To be continued)
worst but sh e advised G ray to “ listen
Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com December 21-27, 2018

Spanish colonial rule for about 3 00 th e streets doing th eir Ch ristmas h umans can do for th emselves. B ut of th eir costume during th e festive
years until 1900 inh erited th is prac- sh opping or simply bask ing in th e wh o was h e to dispute h er beliefs? celebration of N ew Y ear’ s Eve at
tice. H e remembers h is grandparents festive atmosph ere. T h e stall vendors H e struggled to k eep h is mouth sh ut anoth er sq uare in M alaga, Spain a
telling th em to tak e a nap after lunch , were selling gift items, souvenirs, to avoid trouble. week later. A fter anoth er h our of
carrying on th e tradition into th e late food, colorful h ats and wigs for use ch eck ing th e sites and tak ing ph otos,
195 0s. in N ew Y ear’ s celebrations and oth er Ex pectations th ey went back to th e h otel a few
“ H indi k ayo lalak i, pag h indi k ayo items. minutes before midnigh t. D ay one of
natulog (Y ou will not grow up if you T h ere were some sh ops th at T h e R istorante de B otin ex ceeded th eir Spanish adventure was h istory.
don’ t sleep), ” th ey would tell th e specializ ed in h am only. H e never th eir ex pectations. I t was h oused
ch ildren. A lth ough h e only pre- imagined h ow many k inds of h am in an old building and a broch ure T our of M adrid
tended to sleep during th ose days, th ere could possibly be. T h ey were detailed its h istory and its claim of
h e someh ow grew up (albeit not as a h anging against th e walls, from th e being “ th e oldest restaurant in th e T h e nex t day, D ecember 2 4 th , th ey
Iberian Christmas six -footer h e h oped to become).
I n order to enjoy h is siesta, h is
ceiling to about th e eye-level below.
A nd th e ch eese! I f you th ink you
world.” H e remembers in P aris wh en
th eir tour guide brough t th em to
took a city tour of M adrid. T h ey
were sh own th e old and new build-
fath er would travel from h is down- already saw all th e k inds of ch eese anoth er “ oldest restaurant in town” . ings, th e P arliament, th e palaces,
( Continued from page 1 ) I n th e year 2 000, wh en th ey took a town printing press in M anila to th eir in an A merican grocery, you will feel T h ey must really be good to last th at and even the huge bullfight arena
T rafalgar T our th at brough t th em to h ouse in Sampaloc, about 3 0 minutes h umbled by th e variety of ch eese long. A nd indeed th ey were. and soccer stadium. T h eir tour guide
December 24, 2005 L ondon, England; P aris, France; and pointed out to them the significance
jeepney ride away. T h ese days with th e Spaniards, or for th at matter, th e T h ey walk ed up th rough a narrow
San Diego, California R ome, I taly, th e Euro as a medium th eir busy sch edules, h e doubts if Europeans, come up with . Some stairway to the second floor. Some of th e various statues all over th e

of ex ch ange was not in place. T h ey people still h ave th e lux ury of being look ed moldy, but wh at th e h eck , it Spanish families were celebrating city, with royals on h orseback or
his will be the first spent th eir U.S. dollars to th eir able to practice th is tradition. B ut is th e inside th at one eats. One inter- a special occasion wh ile th e oth ers, G reek G ods symboliz ing particular
Ch ristmas th eir fam- advantage because th e local cur- th e Spaniards, h e must say, are still esting item sh owcased in th e display tourists lik e th em, were marveling virtues. B y noon, th ey were brough t
ily h as spent at th eir rencies, lik e th e B ritish P ound, th e (sleeping) on it. windows in almost all meat sh ops all and enjoying th e ex perience. to th e P rado, one of th e many muse-
France Franc, and th e I talian L ira over Spain is a dressed piglet, about H is wife and daugh ters ordered ums located in th e city. I n featured
California h ome for th e past were a little bit lower th e migh ty D og-tired a foot in length , seeming to sleep coch inillo, th e small piglet dish classic work s of great Spanish artists
th ree years. I n Ch ristmas of U.S. D ollar. lik e a babe on a big elongated metal served only in Spain. H e th ough t h e lik e El G reco, V elasq uez and G oya .
2 003 th ey traveled Spain, T h e following year, wh en th ey took Since th ey were all dog-tired plate. I f th e Filipinos h ave th eir h as h ad pork ch ops many a times, A noth er building h oused th e M odern
th e Scandinavian T our, th e Euro as a after an overnight flight across two fried, day-old ch ick s, th e Spaniards and ch ose a dish h e h as not eaten as A rt M useum. T h ey saw th e G uernica
P ortugal and M orocco. L ast medium ex ch ange was implemented. continents, th ey were just too h appy much : lamb ch ops. H e lik ed th e co- by P icasso.
h ave th eir roasted, day-old pigs.
year, 2 004 , th ey took th e T h e countries th ey visited (D enmark , to join th e Spaniards in th eir siesta T h ey gingerly made th eir way ch inillo so much better th at h e ended T h ey felt privileged to h ave seen
B avarian T our th at brough t Sweden and N orway) were mem- th at afternoon. P araph rasing th e th rough th e th ick crowd in th e street up eating most of th eir orders wh ile th ese famous work s of art just lik e
th em to G ermany, Slovak ia, bers of th e European Union and h ad famous q uote, th ey told th emselves: and ended up in a h uge sq uare he urged them to finish his initial th e “ M ona L isa” of L eonardo D a
adopted th e Euro as a medium of “ W h en in Spain, do as th e Spaniards full of stalls. H e noticed most of ch oice. I f h e wanted to go back to V inci, “ T h e T h ink er” of R odin and
Cz ech R epublic, H ungary ex ch ange. A t th at time, th e rate of do (Cuando en Espania… well, you th e vendors were non-Spaniards, M adrid today, it will simply just to oth ers wh en th ey were in R ome two
and A ustria. H owever, to- ex ch ange between th e U.S. D ollar k now… ).” perh aps immigrants from th e M iddle h ave anoth er taste of coch inillo. years before. T h is is one advantage
morrow on Ch ristmas D ay, and th e Euro was one to one. J ust T h ey gladly covered th emselves East and Ch ina. T h e cold wind k iss- H e th orough ly enjoyed th e din- of using a tour company, instead of
th ey look forward to a q uiet two years later, th e Euro h ad risen with bed sh eets. W ith th eir windows ing th eir faces did not dampen th eir ner and th e company of h is fam- visiting places on one’ s own. One
and commanded more value th an th e sh ut and ligh ts out, all of th em slept spirits as Ch ristmas ligh ts glittered ily. T h ey started off th e meal with gets to save time and money because
celebration of th e birth of A merican dollar. T h is is wh y many like a log in the pitch-dark confines around th em. T h ey were bundled fresh ly bak ed bread dipped in olive th e “ must-see” places and sigh ts are
J esus Ch rist with family and Europeans, as well as th e Overseas of th eir h otel rooms. T h ey wok e up up lik e Esk imos. For a M anila boy oil from th e famed A ndalucia region almost always included in th e pack -
friends. H e believes wh er- Filipino W ork ers (OFW s) in Europe, just in time to attend th e tour’ s ori- lik e h im, wh o is not used to th e cold of Spain. B y th e end of th e eve- age of th e tours.
ever in th e world one spends can afford to spend th eir vacations entation meeting at a function room weath er and spent almost h alf of h is ning they had finished a huge jug A fter th ree h ours, th eir tour bus
abroad. I ndeed, th e Europeans were downstairs. T h ey ask ed th eir tour adult life in sunny San D iego, Cali- of Sangria, wh ich was much more brough t th em back to th e h otel and
Ch ristmas, it will always righ t in banding togeth er since th eir guide, M onica, for a good restaurant fornia, it was q uite an ex perience. delicious th an wh at h e usually h ad at th e guide let th em ex plore th e city on
turn out well as long as one common economy is now more sh e could recommend for dinner I t reminded h im of h is moth er wh o Spanish restaurants, Café Sevilla or th eir own. T h ey went straigh t to th e
spends it with loved ones. progressive th an th at of th e United th at evening. Sh e suggested th e R is- used to wrap around th ick cloth ing Ole M adrid, in San D iego. Even h is sh opping district, located just a few
States. torante de B otin, wh ich claims to be on h is frail body wh en h e was a little 18 - and 2 0-year-old daugh ters could block s away from th e h otel. T h ey
On D ecember 2 3 , 2 003 , h e and h is “ th e oldest restaurant in th e world” . boy as sh e would drag h im to Sim- enjoy a drink . T h ey were able to passed by several sh ops along a bou-
family boarded an I berian A irlines A bit q uieter Sh e doubted, h owever, if th ey would bang G abi or early morning mass drink as much as th ey wanted since levard, including th e Swedish ch ain
flight across the Atlantic for their be able to mak e a reservation. B ut before Ch ristmas in th e P h ilippines. th ey did not h ave to worry about store, H & M , wh ich h as become
first trip to Spain. They arrived in M adrid, th at early afternoon of after th eir guide pulled some strings, A fter wandering around th e same drunk driving. T h ey simply boarded th eir family’ s favorite. H e th ough t h e
M adrid by noontime. Since th ere D ecember 2 3 , 2 003 was a bit q uieter th ey got one . stalls and still failing to find the th e subway and were transported to saw one restaurant named “ J ollibee”
were five of them (himself, his wife th an h e ex pected. H e peered out of From th eir h otel, th ey walk ed restaurant, h is daugh ters gave up th e h otel, a “ crawling” distance from with a similar logo lik e th at of th e
and th eir th ree daugh ters), th ey took th e window of th eir h otel room and towards an underground subway and ask ed a lady for directions. Sh e th e station. P h ilippine h amburger ch ain. H e did
two tax icabs to th eir H oliday I nn saw empty offices across the way. station, wh ich was just a block away, was from Sweden and h ad settled in A fter th e sumptuous dinner, th ey not k now wh eth er it was a franch ise
h otel in th e center of M adrid. T h eir W as it a normal afternoon in th e took th e train and got off on th e Spain. Sh e was so k ind and accom- went back to th e Ch ristmas Fair and store.
G lobus tour travel agent told th em a Spanish capital or was h e witnessing fifth station. He didn’t know how modating sh e walk ed a few block s ch eck ed out each stalls. H is daugh - T h e Spaniards were busy sh op-
tax icab ride from th e airport would th e notorious Spanish siesta wh en h is k ids managed to navigate, but with th em and led th em directly ters bough t colorful wigs, one in ping on Ch ristmas Eve. T h eir guide
cost 2 5 dollars a cab and sh e was people go h ome for lunch , tak e a someh ow th ey made it. W h en th ey to th e doorstep of th e eatery. H is pink , and anoth er in yellow and th e told th em during Ch ristmas Eve and
righ t. W h at sh e didn’ t warn th em nap and go back to work by th ree? ex ited th e M etro, a lively Ch ristmas religious wife th ough t sh e was G od th ird in blue. T h ey bough t th em as a D ay, th ey h ad dinners and family
about was th e ex ch ange rate of th e T h eir tour guide said th at indeed Fair greeted th em. Colorful Ch rist- sent. Still, h e believed G od, with novelty and souvenir items, some- reunions. G ift giving, especially to
Euro D ollar versus th e U.S. D ollar th ey do so, and work up to seven in mas ligh ts were strewn over th e old H is omnipotence and omnipresence, th ing to sh ow to friends back h ome. ch ildren, is not done until J anuary
h ad risen by 2 5 percent. T h is took th e evening to recover for lost time. buildings and stalls and across th e would not both er to spend H is time T h ey didn’ t realiz e th ey would come ( Continued on page 14 )
th em by surprise. T h e Filipinos wh o were under th e streets. Hundreds of people filled giving th em a favor for a task th ey h andy as th ey wore th em as part

M argie probably never would h ave tion for everyth ing h e does. I never besides go h ome alone” sort of way. gold belt and slippers.”
noticed h im ex cept th at sh e took a sh ould’ ve come out h ere tonigh t, sh e R egardless, sh e almost smiled wh en “ H ow did you k now th at? ” sh e
break at th e same time h e took h is th ough t. sh e left th e Sh anty and th e man wh ispered.
walk , th at time after th e day but “ N o, I am a bit out of touch I walk ed up to h er. “ I told you, I ’ m an elf.”
before the night. At first, they didn’t guess.” “ Y ou’ re on time.” “ Ok ay, just for th e h eck of it, let’ s
ack nowledge each oth er – but th en, “ I wouldn’ t k now, ” M argie softly “ Still feel lik e h aving a drink ? ” th e pretend its all true. Y ou’ re an elf.
as th e evenings went on – th ey began replied. G o away; leave me alone to man ask ed. W h y aren’ t you at th e N orth P ole? ”
to nod. Margie was the first to nod suck on my ch ocolate in peace will “ Sure. B ut wh at’ s your name? ” “ I told you th at too. I build wooden
and th e man, after a bit of h esitation, ya please? sh e th ough t. “ W h y do “ I ’ m sorry. M y name is J arl H ol- puppets – k now h ow to build one or
nodded back . you say th at? ” sh e ask ed h im wh ile ger.” two h undred puppets an h our. B ut
Of course M argie wondered wh o at th e same time th ink ing, don’ t “ J arl H olger, th at’ s uniq ue. W h at not many k ids want th ose anymore.”
th is man was. T h en sh e started mak - answer, please don’ t answer. k ind of name is th at? M argie “ W h y don’ t you mak e someth ing
ing up lives for h im. I n h er h ead h e “ Easy, I ’ m an old guy wh o’ s done ask ed.” else? ”
became a failed mercenary, a suc- noth ing but mak e toys h is wh ole life. “ Oh , sort of Scandinavian and “ I lik e puppets. I lik e work ing
cessful baseball player, FB I agent, A nd now no one wants th e toys I N orwegian.” with wood, painting th eir faces,
A Christmas Story Olympic distance runner, an A maz on k now h ow to mak e.” “ A h , ” M argie sigh ed. “ D o you attach ing th e strings in just th e righ t

Down at the Pier

snak e catch er. B ut sh e realiz ed “ W h at toys do you mak e? ” smok e a pipe? ” length . I ’ ve been doing it forever.
th e silliness of it all – th e man was “ J ust wooden toys. P uppets and “ N o, but th e man I used to work for B ut I guess th at’ s past. N ow I lik e

barely th ree feet tall and th at just th ings lik e th at. Specializ ed toys did… .does. W h y do you ask ? ” to come h ere, look at th e water. I t’ s
argie noticed him the first time as September was wouldn’ t work with th e lives sh e h ad th ey call it now and th ere’ s not a big “ J ust th ough t I caugh t a sligh t nice, th e water… would solve so
drawing to a close, walk ing q uietly past T h e Sea imagined. M ore th an lik ely, h e was enough mark et for it.” aroma of pipe tobacco, ” sh e replied. many th ings.”
a second-string jock ey. “ I h ad a wooden puppet, ” M argie T h e two of th em h ad been walk ing M argie look ed at h im and closed
Sh anty. M argie h ad work ed at th e Sh anty – a A nd on th e two of th em went, day wh ispered, almost to h erself. down th e pier as th ey talk ed and h er eyes. “ P lease no, ” sh e th ough t
small bar with a tourist name th at served tourist food - for after day, th rough September and “ I k now.” very sh ortly th ey reach ed th e end to h erself. “ P lease don’ t let th is
years. T h at’ s h ow it was at th e end of th e k itsch y pier, rustic October, a nod, a smile, a glance. “ Y ou k now? H ow could you and needed to decide wh ere to go. h appen; I don’ t want to mess with
with sea salt and tourists. B ut now th e summer crowds h ad But around the first part of Novem- k now? ” “ T h ere’ s a good pub just a sh ort way some guy wh o th ink s h e’ s an elf and
ber, th e routine – th is long sem- “ ’ Cause just about every k id used from h ere. T h ey serve pretty good wants to end it all.” B ut th en, for
left and only th e year-‘ rounders still came down to th e pier. blance of a strange dance – ch anged. to h ave one. B ut not anymore.” food.” wh atever reason, M argie took a long,
M argie left th e restaurant at th e “ Y eah , probably not. N ow its com- “ Ok ay, sounds good, ” J arl said in second look at J arl H olger. Sh e saw
usual time, leaned on th e pier railing, puter th is and computer th at.” little more th an a wh isper. h is face by candleligh t, look ed into
put h er usual H ersh ey’ s K iss in h er A nd so th e two of th em stood T h e pub, th ough busier th an th e th e eyes th at h ad seen a th ousand
mouth and reach ed to smooth out h er th ere, gaz ing out to sea, for th e nex t Sh anty, was still more th an h alf Ch ristmases, saw th e h ands th at
sweater. few minutes, both lost in th eir own empty. T h e couple sat in a dark ened h ad carved puppet after puppet, and
“ P ardon me.” T h e small man h ad, th ough ts. “ W ell, ” M argie said, “ I corner, ordered h ot buttered rum. somewh ere, deep inside h er, saw th e
for the first time, approached her and guess I gotta go back to work .” M argie decided to be th e one to get smiles th ose puppets brough t. A nd
said someth ing. “ Y es… So, want to h ave a drink into th e h eavier conversation. “ So th en sh e k new. “ Y ou really are one
“ I ’ m sorry? ” M argie ask ed, not sure sometime? ” h e ask ed wh ile continu- wh ere do you work ? ” of Santa’ s elves, ” sh e wh ispered.
if sh e really h eard h im. ing to look out to sea. “ Y ou wouldn’ t believe me.” “ A n elf can’ t… N o, no, no. T h at just
“ H ate to both er you, but I was won- Sorry, you’ re too fat, too old, and “ Oh , sure I would.” Ok ay, so wh at means you h ave to go back – even if
dering if you h ad a match .” your nose is too damn red, sh e line of nonsense is h e going to try you end up mak ing just one puppet
“ Oh , a match . N o, sorry, I don’ t, ” th ough t. “ Ok ay, ” sh e replied. to give me now, M argie wondered. for one k id. T h at’ s Ch ristmas, J arl.”
sh e answered, noticing th e faint “ G ood. M aybe nex t week ? ” Can’ t one of th ese guys ever just be A nd J arl sigh ed, a deep, tiny sigh .
Writers: Msgr. Fernando Gutierrez, Virginia Ferrer, Zena Sultana-Babao, aroma of pipe tobacco around h im. “ Sure – after I get off work . A t 10.” h onest? “ I k now.”
Diggong Divinagracia-Araneta, Ofelia Dirige PhD, Marjon L. Saulon, Con- “ T h ank s anyway. I th ough t I h ad a “ A lrigh t, I ’ ll see you nex t week – at “ Fine” , h e q uietly said. “ I ’ m an J arl’ s ph one sounded – it’ s h ow
tributors: Ernie Delfin, Dr. Ed Gamboa, MD, Atty. Rogelio Karagdag Jr. few left but th e box is empty.” A s h e 10.” A nd with th at th e two turned elf.” Santa k eeps in touch – playing
spok e h e twisted a box around in h is away – h e to walk on as always, sh e “ T h at’ s cool. W h at sh opping center “ J ingle B ell R ock .”
h ands – a small, h eavy, wooden box . back to work . do you work at? D o you mind all “ I ’ ve gotta go – it’ s getting busy
M argie stared at th e box in th e th ose little k ids climbing on you all at h ome. T h ank s for th e com-
man’ s h ands and th en q uietly said, M argie left th e Sh anty at 10: 3 0 th at day long? ” pany.” J arl slid out of th e booth and
“ I h aven’ t seen a match box lik e th at T uesday nigh t. Sh e got off work at “ I mean a real elf – N orth P ole, sauntered off, wh istling th e carol to
in years. M y grandmoth er used 10 but in all th e years sh e h ad been Santa Claus, Ch ristmas k ind of elf.” h imself. M argie didn’ t mind paying
to k eep match es lik e th at by th e th ere 10: 3 0 was th e earliest sh e h ad “ W ell good. H ey, listen, I better be th e ch eck – and left a large tip. I t
fireplace.” ever managed. A nd th at was tonigh t, going now.” was, after all, Ch ristmas.
“ I guess it is old fash ioned… just and th at was because sh e h ad a date, “ I k new you’ d react lik e th at.”
lik e me.” and th at was because th e small man “ W h at did you ex pect? T ell some- From th e B eauch amp Family to
“ I didn’ t mean th at. A nd you’ re not h ad actually reappeared, and th at one you’ re one of Santa’ s elves… yours, wh eth er you are celebrating
old fash ioned, I guess. A nd wh at was because, well, sh e didn’ t k now good grief.” Ch ristmas, K wanz aa, H anuk ah , th e
if you are old fash ioned? W h at’ s wh y. B ut sh e was glad. N ot glad “ R emember I said I k now you h ad W inter Solstice or in some oth er
wrong with th at? ” W onderful, an- in a giddy “ I ’ ve got a date” k ind a wooden puppet? W ell, I made th at way, wh erever in th e world you h ap-
oth er needy guy wh o craves valida- of glad, but in a “ Someth ing to do puppet. R ed cloth es, black h air, tiny pen to be, H appy H olidays!
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with in its EEZ as th e N atuna Sea,
ex cept for th e waters north of th e
N atuna I slands. W ith th e latest

How to celebrate Christmas like

name ch ange, th e South Ch ina
Sea is no longer used for any part

Maria von Trapp

of I ndonesia' s territorial waters.
W h ile Ch ina recogniz es I ndonesian
sovereignty over th e N atuna I slands, Instead of simply dipping th eir agent book ed an A merican tour
it insists th e two countries h ave over- into a trough of sentiment this th at enabled th em to leave th eir oc-
lapping claims to maritime righ ts Christmas, dive into a sea of cupied h omeland and tak e refuge in
and interests in th e area th at need to the US. Most of their time in the first
meaningful, faith-based tradi- few years was spent on a big blue
be resolved -- a claim th at I ndonesia tion.
rejects. bus, traveling th e country, singing
" W h en (such ) a claim was th e beautiful classical and traditional
Susannah Pearce, Aleteia.org songs th at comprised th eir repertoire.
voiced...I was really upset. I brough t
a warsh ip to N atuna. I f you want T h ey h ad record albums and th eirs
A ll over A merica, families was a h ouseh old name in A merica
us to fight, together we will do it,"
P resident J ok o W idodo, wh o prefers watch T h e Sound of M usic as even before th e musical came out.
to be k nown as " J ok owi, " told a Christmas tradition. At first
M uslim leaders on M adura I sland, glance, th is seems a little odd, M aria was as effervescent and
off th e north ern coast of J ava I sland, since the film does not contain fun as R ogers and H ammerstein’ s
on W ednesday, alluding to incidents a single Ch ristmas scene. B ut, ch aracter suggests. Sh e observed
in 2 016. and collected some of th e traditions
someh ow, M aria and th e wh ole sh e learned in th eir new h ome from
von T rapp family elicit a love for people th ey met along th eir journeys,
At that time, some Chinese fishing
boats were caugh t by th e I ndonesian
all th ings traditional and family but most of all, sh e sough t to k eep
auth orities for operating illegally in – and wh at says family tradition h er large family (sh e and th e Captain
th e country' s ex clusive economic better th an Ch ristmas? h ad th ree more ch ildren togeth er)
z one in N atuna Sea, with B eijing grounded in th eir Cath olic faith
declaring th e N atuna area to be " a I f you’ ve ever wondered wh at th rough th e traditions as th ey prac-
traditional fishing ground" for Chi- became of th e von T rapps after th ey ticed th em in A ustria. M aria sh ared
nese vessels. climbed every mountain in th e A lps, th ese traditions with th e world in h er
I mmediately after th e name ch ange, setting th em alive with th e sound of 195 5 book , A round th e Y ear with th e
Ch ina ex pressed opposition to th e music, to escape N az i occupied A us- von T rapp Family and I am h appy
move, saying ch anging an interna- tria, you can read all about th eir ad- to announce that it is finally back in
tionally accepted name complicates ventures in M aria’ s book , T h e Story print!
and ex pands th e dispute, affects of th e T rapp Family Singers. T h ey
peace and stability and will not be came to A merica! T h ey h ad become
a talented family ch oir in A ustria and ( Continued on page 11 )
conducive for th e peaceful bilateral
I ndonesia countered, h owever, th at
it h ad th e righ t to name its territorial
waters and th e N orth N atuna Sea falls
with in its territory.
I n th e South Ch ina Sea, h ome to some
of th e world' s busiest sea lanes, Ch ina
h as overlapping territorial claims with

Good News
th e P h ilippines, V ietnam, M alaysia and
B runei, as well as T aiwan.

" I h ave good news and bad murder scene."

news, " th e defense lawyer says to " D ammit! " cries th e client.
h is client. " W h at' s th e good news? "
" W h at' s th e bad news? " " W ell, " th e lawyer says, " Y our
T h e lawyer says, " Y our blood ch olesterol is down to 14 0."
match es th e D N A found at th e

Room for Rent $390.00

Nice house near Pomerado Hospital,
woman preferred. Please call Aida at
(858) 547-3535 or (858) 679-9460.

Miss Vietnam money for college, wh ere sh e studied

A fter college, sh e started work ing
( Continued from page 1 )
as a model, and th en found pag-
when she became the first candi- eantry, eventually becoming the first
date from V ietnam to mak e th e eth nic minority to win M iss Uni-
pageant’ s top 5 – th e furth est any verse V ietnam in 2 018 .
one from th e country h ad ever A fter winning th e prestigious title,
gone in M iss Universe. H ’ h en decided not to k eep th e priz e
money for h erself. I nstead, sh e de-
D uring th e coronation, sh e also cided to use it to support literacy.
notably diverged from th e typical “ I opened a library deep in th e
beauty q ueen uniform and rock ed a countryside. I t’ s a friendly library
pix ie cut and a crop-top and pants th at h elps ch ildren to read, ” sh e said.
ensemble. H ’ h en will be doing th e same for
M ore th an h er sartorial ch oices and th e money sh e earned from compet-
even her top 5 finish however, it was ing in M iss Universe.
h er life story th at truly inspired fans. According to a post on the official
H ’ h en is part of th e R ade people, an I nstagram page of M iss Universe
eth nic minority in Central V ietnam. V ietnam, H ’ h en will be donating h er
Sh e is one of 6 ch ildren of farmers, entire M iss Universe earnings, wh ich
and, as sh e sh ared in a video posted amount to 1 billion V N D (approx
by M iss Universe, h er parents are US$ 4 3 , 000) to support h er cause.
still living in th eir h ometown in rural “ Sh e wants to complete h er promise
V ietnam. with h er village to provide sch olar-
Sh e sh ared th at h er parents wanted sh ips for poor students and complete
h er to follow R ade custom and marry h er social project R oom to R ead.”
in h er teens. R oom to R ead, for wh ich H ’ h en is
“ A t 14 years old my parents told an ambassador, work s to promote
me to find a husband. However I literacy and k eep girls in sch ool – a
stated th at I could not possibly get a cause th at H ' h en h as been ch ampion-
h usband at th at point in time because ing all h er life, from th e moment sh e
I h ad to follow my dreams, ” sh e said ch ose to pursue an education instead
in h er native language. of a h usband.
“ I did not want to live a life wh ere I t would seem th at in break ing cus-
I h ad to marry early lik e many oth er tom and following h er own dreams,
k ids h ad in my village, ” sh e added. H ’ h en is also h elping oth ers mak e
Sh e th en went on to put h erself th eir own dreams come true. – R ap-
th rough sch ool, work ing as a domes- pler.com
tic h elper in H o Ch i M inh to earn
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September 1, 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We thank all of you for your ongoing support for the Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC) and our mission of building a proposed
shrine to the Divine Mercy in Southern California.
Because of your presence, prayers and generosity, this holy and humble site has become not only a place of peace and refuge to all who gather and pray on the 13th of
the Month but more than ever it stands as a sign to all to trust in the unfathomable Divine Mercy of Our Lord during these turbulent times.
This indeed is a place set apart. It is here that we are inexplicably filled with the abounding grace of knowing the Lord is at work in souls. It is in this place that we are in
exaltation and awe of how the Lord works wonders in the lives of people who have come forth to offer their testimony and praise for the many graces bestowed upon them
-- to one devout elderly woman, it is the healing of the immobilizing pain in her legs the moment she stepped out of the car to join the crowd in the way of the cross; to a
first-time visitor who came with a friend, it is an heirloom silver rosary whose beads turned to gold as she prayed the rosary with others.
These anecdotes and many untold stories of blessings and manifestations of signs in the sun and sky -- that have happened more than once and have been seen by many
witnesses over the years -- continue to draw people to the authentic and tender message of the Divine Mercy as proclaimed by St Faustina Kowalska to the whole world. It is
here they discover and learn about the message and devotion to the Divine Mercy, that is, through no human merit, but purely through the graces that the Lord chooses to
reveal to those who trust in Him.
As you read this letter in this publication, we shall have already celebrated Thanksgiving. Once more we shall have paused to express our gratitude for the many bless-
ings and lessons in trust the Lord has brought into our lives. And once again the DMHFSC would like to appeal to you and invite you to keep the mission in mind as
“Giving Tuesday,” which is the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, would have come and gone . #GivingTuesday is the day set aside in America and across Facebook and other
global social media networks to donate to your favorite non-profit organization as the year draws to a close. Although Giving Tuesday has already passed, you may still do-
nate to the DMHFSC via online giving or by submitting your donation by regular postal mail.
We are listed as the “Divine Mercy Hills Foundation” (www.facebook.com/divinemercy724) on Facebook. However, be aware that Facebook works with a third-party
clearinghouse and it would take two months for the funds to be disbursed to us using this method. The DMHFSC is a 501(c)3 charitable organization registered in the
State of California, USA. Therefore, your donations are tax-deductible.
To this end, we have dedicated our campaign to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, and intend to pay off the land by July 13, 2019. This date is significant because
it was on this day in 1917 that Our Lady of Fatima revealed that “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will Triumph.” And why is that important you might ask? If the recent
events in the Church are indicators of what lies ahead for the faithful, then only the Immaculate Heart of Mary can vanquish the evils we face and prepare us her children
for spiritual battle.
We hope you can help us by renewing your pledge today or otherwise making a donation to help defray the $325,000 needed to pay off the land.
To date, the DMHFSC has raised $10,000 (Ten Thousand Dollars) through the “Way of the Cross” Campaign that kick-started our capital campaign. With the “Giv-
ing Tuesday” campaign, we hope to cover the balance of what is needed to pay off the land by July 2019.
Rest assured that as a donor and partner, you and all our benefactors will be remembered in a memorial dedicated to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. It will
be your legacy to the youth and to future generations, as well as to people of all beliefs and cultures, who have yet to come to know about the message and devotion to the
Divine Mercy.
We appeal to you to join us in this noble endeavor. May God bless you always!

In Christ's love and mercy,

John Oertle
President and Co-Founder
Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California
A 501(c)3 non-profit organization
Jesus, I Trust in You!
Facebook: www.facebook.com/divinemercy724 | Website: www.divinemercy724.com | YouTube: See "divinemercy724"
#GivingTuesday #DivineMercy724 #DMHFSC
Email: divinemercyshrineofsc@gmail.com Call DMHFSC at 619.962.8185 or 619.851.9547

Mission Statement: The Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to the mission of building a proposed shrine
to the Divine Mercy in Southern California so that people of all beliefs, cultures and nations may come to know the message and devotion of Divine Mercy as revealed to
St. Faustina Kowalska by Jesus who commanded her to, “Speak to the world of My Mercy. Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust to My Mercy.” The devotion
and message are approved by the Church. To this end, on the 13th of the Month, we gather at the Divine Mercy #shrine in Encinitas and together pray the Divine Mercy
chaplet, walk the Way of the Cross and say the Holy Rosary for peace and for the intentions of our benefactors and those gathered. To visit the site, GPS 701 Encinitas
Blvd., Encinitas CA 92024 or google “divine mercy shrine encinitas.”


1) Mail your donation to DMHFSC, 1150 Garden View Road, #230493, Encinitas CA, USA 92023

2) Donate online via PalPal on our website at www.divinemercy724.com

3) Donate via the Facebook "Donate" button at www.facebook.com/divinemercy724

Wise men
December 21-27, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 9

still find Him

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned. —Isaiah 9:2


Facebook: www.facebook.com/divinemercy724 | Website: www.divinemercy724.com | YouTube: See "divinemercy724"

#GivingTuesday #DivineMercy724 #DMHFSC
Email: divinemercyshrineofsc@gmail.com Call DMHFSC at 619.962.8185 or 619.851.9547

Mission Statement: The Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to the mission of building a proposed shrine
to the Divine Mercy in Southern California so that people of all beliefs, cultures and nations may come to know the message and devotion of Divine Mercy as revealed to
St. Faustina Kowalska by Jesus who commanded her to, “Speak to the world of My Mercy. Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust to My Mercy.” The devotion
and message are approved by the Church. To this end, on the 13th of the Month, we gather at the Divine Mercy #shrine in Encinitas and together pray the Divine Mercy
chaplet, walk the Way of the Cross and say the Holy Rosary for peace and for the intentions of our benefactors and those gathered.
To visit the site, GPS 701 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas CA 92024 or google “divine mercy shrine encinitas.”


1) Mail your donation to DMHFSC, 1150 Garden View Road, #230493, Encinitas CA, USA 92023

2) Donate online via PalPal on our website at www.divinemercy724.com

3) Donate via the Facebook "Donate" button at www.facebook.com/divinemercy724


(Photo taken with an iPhone 8 Plus at the Divine Mercy #shrine Encinitas on November 13, 2018. See stats on Flickr.com at https://flic.kr/p/2a8Ejij)
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Spiritual Life
All I want for Christmas is another The Lord's Final Coming
chance at Advent M editation:
Br. Jordan Zajac, O.P., Catholic th e embarrassment of h aving been W h en, on one occasion, instead of interior prayer, I took up a book
Exchange found unprepared, and th ey remain of spiritual reading, I h eard th ese words spok en distinctly and force-
distracted th rough out th e visit.
A n unex pected guest never T h ey’ ve opened one door, but k ept a
fully with in my soul, You will prepare the world for My final
sh ows up wh en you’ re prepared. more important one sh ut. Oth ers are c om ing . T h ese words moved me deeply, and alth ough I pretended
N ever does a sudden k nock at able to let it go, because th ey simply not to h ear th em, I understood th em very well and h ad no doubt
th e door or tex t message reading care more about th e person in th eir about th em. Once, being tired out from th is battle of love with G od,
“ stopping by ok ? ” arrive righ t midst th an th e mess. and mak ing constant ex cuses on th e grounds th at I was unable to
Reflections for December 21th: Advent: Fourth Sunday T o feel spiritually unprepared for carry out th is task , I wanted to leave th e ch apel, but some force h eld
after you’ ve cleaned th e place and
Greatness comes in small everyth ing just h appens to be in
Ch ristmas is to ack nowledge, in
a sense, th at we are not ready to
me back and I found myself powerless. T h en I h eard th ese words,
You int e nd t o le av e t h e c h ap e l, b ut y ou sh all not g e t aw ay f rom
perfect order. welcome H im under our roof. I n
th is way, th ere is some connection M e , f or I am e v e ry w h e re . You c annot d o any t h ing of y ourse lf ,
Ch ristmas is a few days away. between th e Ch ristmas panic and b ut w it h M e y ou c an d o all t h ing s (D iary, 4 2 9).
comes th e sh eph erd wh o would truly A nd th is post is for th e panick ed. Communion panic. I am referring to
take care of God’s flock. The Gospel For th ose feeling spiritually un- th e ex perience of th ose of us wh o, M y P rayer R esponse:
focuses not on th e busy, well-k nown alth ough we satisfy th e req uirements
T emple at J erusalem wh ere sac-
prepared, in particular.
for reception of H oly Communion, L ord J esus, with out Y ou, we can do noth ing, but with Y ou and Y our
rifices are offered, but on another still feel someh ow unprepared gracious mercy, we can do all th ings (see P h il 4 : 13 ). H elp us as
“ T emple, ” th e womb of two simple Even th ough Ch ristmas comes spiritually to welcome Ch rist in
country peasant women, M ary and with plenty of warning— even apostles of Your Divine Mercy to prepare for and pray for Your fi-
Communion. W e may be unfocused:
Eliz abeth . G od favors more th e th ough we migh t h ave resolved burdened by mental distraction or nal coming. M ay our celebration and offering of H oly M ass h asten
simple and th e h umble. “ T o go up, to be intentional about preparing spiritual aridity. Or too focused— th e day of Y our coming.
you must first go down,” said St. a way for th e L ord wh en we saw dwelling on our compunction, stem- * Th e w ord s of Je sus ap p e ar in b old f ac e t y p e
J oh n of th e Cross. J oh ann Ch ristian the first Advent candle lit at Mass ming from th e genuine recognition -- Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul © 1987 Mar-
Friedrich H ö lderlin (17 7 0-18 4 3 ) th at our past (th ough now forgiven) ian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the B.V.M. Excerpted from Divine
several Sundays ago— D ecember Mercy Minutes with Jesus: Praying Daily on Jesus' Words from the Diary of St.
introduced h is “ H yperion.” “ N ot sins indeed left our souls less h os-
to be encompassed by th e greatest, can drag us in all sorts of direc- Faustina by Rev. George W. Kosicki, CSB © 2010 Marian Press
pitable dwellings th an H e deserves.
but to let oneself be encompassed tions, and Ch ristmas ends up Capturing th e feeling of th e latter,
feeling lik e th e most unex pected
by th e smallest – th at is divine (N on
coerceri max imo, contineri tamen a of visitors.
th e Cath olic novelist L é on B loy
writes in a private reflection:
minimo, divinum est)” T h e former I am going to Communion. T h e
Cardinal R atz inger, now B enedict “ Oh pleasecomein, ” you h ear priest h as uttered th e fearful words
X V 1, writes, “ T o h im wh o as spirit yourself saying stiffly to the unan- which a fleshly piety calls consol- How to Recite the Chaplet of
bears up and encompasses th e uni- ticipated guest in th e doorway, as ing: D OM I N E N ON SUM D I G N US Divine Mercy
verse, a spirit, a man’ s h eart with its your jaw muscles clench and you [ ‘ L ord, I am not worth y’ ] … J esus
ability to love, is greater th an all th e pivot out of th e way so h e or sh e is about to come, and I h ave only a The Chaplet of Mercy is recited
Mother of Life, a painting by Nellie milk y ways in th e universe.” G reat- will come th rough . I t can be deeply moment in wh ich to prepare myself using ordinary rosary beads of
Edwards ness in G od’ s eyes does not depend unsettling to enter your own h ouse to receive H im… I do not recall
following after a visitor. I tended to five decades. At the National
Joke of the week: I n olden days in doing q uantitatively big th ings, h aving swept clean th is dwelling
but in doing q ualitatively with love peer anx iously over th eir sh oulder as Shrine of Divine Mercy in
it was th e practice, at least in wh erein H e will enter as a k ing or
even th e smallest th ings. “ W e cannot my mind raced: I s th at pile of clean as a th ief… I give it a glance, a poor Stockbridge, Massachusetts the
some convents, to h ave one of th e
nuns awak en each member of th e do great th ings, but we can do small laundry still sprawled on th e couch ? glance of terror, and I see it full of Chaplet is preceded by two
religious community at 6 a.m. by th ings with love.” (M oth er T eresa of W h y didn’ t I do all th ose dish es th is dust and full of filth. opening prayers from the
k nock ing on each door and declar- Calcutta) morning wh en I h ad th e ch ance? Oh I n response, h owever, we must Diary of Saint Faustina and
ing, “ B enedicamus D omino – let us no, th e bath room… remember wh at type of G uest we’ re followed by a closing prayer.
praise th e L ord.” Each nun was to W h en G od does someth ing for h is T h e presence of an unex pected about to receive. For, as B loy con-
answer, “ D eo gratias – th ank s be to people, h e does it unex pectedly and guest mak es you see your abode cludes, “ A h ! truly it tak es G od not to
in a way th at is th e very opposite differently. Y ou wonder wh at judg- Optional Opening Prayer
G od.” I n th e wee h ours one morning fear entering such a h ouse! ” A nd fear
an older nun spied a prowler tip-toe- of th e world’ s standard. W h en th e ments they might (justifiably) be H e does not.
ing down th e h allway. Sh e informed proph et Samuel was look ing for mak ing. Even after you conduct th e W h en Ch rist comes to sh are H is life You expired, Jesus, but the source
th e “ Sister A wak er, ” wh o q uick ly a successor to replace K ing Saul, usual business of apologiz ing for with us— liturgically at Ch ristmas, of life gushed forth for souls,
and q uietly h urried from door to h e did not ch oose anyone among th e mess and th ey reply with th e and sacramentally in th e Euch arist and the ocean of mercy opened
door with th e warning, “ T h ere is a J esse’ s robust and tall sons. Samuel customary nonch alance (“ oh , don’ t every day— H e does not ex pect to up for the whole world. O Fount
man in th e h ouse.” T o wh ich each pick ed out D avid, J esse’ s youngest worry about it” ), you can’ t h elp but find things in perfect order already,
wonder wh at th e place look s lik e of Life, unfathomable Divine
nun replied with wh at seemed more son. J oseph , youngest son of J acob as if we were capable of cleaning
and R ach el, h ad been abandoned by to th em. A nd wh at it says in turn Mercy, envelop the whole world
th an th e usual alertness, “ T h ank s be up th e mess on our own. T h at’ s th e
h is broth ers in a well, was sold into about you. N ot wh at you lik e to tell very point of H is coming to us in and empty Yourself out upon us
to G od.”
slavery, and later was appointed as yourself about yourself, but wh at it the first place. He does not say to O Blood and Water, which gushed Jesus, I Trust in You!
Scriptures: First R eading: M icah ph araoh in Egypt. T h is youngest really says about th e reality you live us, “ B eh old, I stand at th e door and forth from the Heart of Jesus as a
5 : 1-4 a. M icah is an eigh th -century son, left for dead by h is own broth - in. B ecause it can become all too k nock ; and if anyone h ears my voice fountain of Mercy for us, I trust in You!.
proph et wh o lived th rough th e ers, saved h is family from dying easy to live with our own messes and opens th e door you better h ave
destruction of th e north ern k ingdom of h unger. T h ere is a series of OT and get used to ignoring th e clut- everything spotless first, mister.” Begin with the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Apostle's Creed:
of I srael and th e invasion of J udah miraculous birth s th at occurred for ter we create. I t req uires th e intro- R ath er, H e vows, “ if anyone h ears
by th e A ssyrian k ing, Sennach erib, a specific function: Isaac’s mother, duction of anoth er to prompt real my voice and opens th e door, I will Our Father
in 7 01 B .C. H e ex poses J udah for Sarah , Samuel’ s moth er, H annah , self-evaluation. (H ence we confess come in to h im and eat with h im, and
and Samson’ s moth er, all gave birth our sins to a priest, wh o stands in th e Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name;
its injustices against th e defenseless h e with me” (R ev 3 : 2 0). H e doesn’ t
to a child destined to fulfill a mis- person of Ch rist, in th e sacrament even specify you sh ould h ave a meal Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
poor people. A t th e same time, th e
proph et raises th e peoples’ h ope by sion. T h e ch ildren born of th is mi- of R econciliation. D oing so h elps us prepared. H e simply invites you to Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as
announcing th at G od would set th em raculous conception are testimonies see ourselves as we really are.) open th e door. H e’ s all too pleased we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into
free and restore th e D avidic mon- to God’s grace-filled intervention in I ’ ve been th e surprise h ouse guest to h elp with th e rest. I n R econcilia- temptation, but deliver us from evil, Amen.
arch y th rough th e M essiah wh o is salvation h istory. T h is intervention often enough to observe trends in my
coming from th e little town of B eth - goes on with Eliz abeth and reach es h osts’ responses: some h old tigh t to ( Continued on page 14 )
Hail Mary
leh em. Second R eading: H ebrews its apex with th e B lessed V irgin
Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou
10: 5 -10. T h e birth at B eth leh em is M ary. T h e greatest surprise of all is I already k new h ow to read before I
th e virginal conception and birth of amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
an invitation to the readers to reflect went to sch ool, ” sh e added.
on G od’ s abundant love in sending J esus. H ow could th e greatest L ord H er A ustralian fath er I an G ray, a Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at
( Continued from page 1 )
us h is Son wh o died on th e Cross. become a small and fragile ch ild? retired civil engineer, “ also taugh t the hour of our death, Amen.
R eginald Fuller wrote “ B eth leh em T h is M essiah reveals th e ultimate th e largest independent college of me about life.”
was th e prelude to G olgoth a.” T h e and h igh est intervention of G od in contemporary music in th e world. “ M y dad is 2 0 years older th an The Apostle's Creed
mystery of th e I ncarnation is closely salvation h istory. M ary accepted my mom. G rowing up, I felt lik e h e I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and
link ed to th e death and resurrection G od’ s words in faith . B ecause of h er “ M y course is about really work ing k new everyth ing. I felt lik e for every
faith , th e promise of a M essiah is on a sh eet of music. Y ou work out earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, Our Lord, Who was
of J esus. H e came, was born of th e q uestion I h ad, h e h ad an answer. conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered
V irgin, and died th at we may h ave k ept. Steadfast in faith , M ary, wh ile th e ch ords, wh ich note complements ‘ T h e longest journey starts with a
eternal life. G ospel: L uk e 1: 3 9-4 5 . remaining a virgin, became a moth er. th e oth er and h ow th ey will mak e single step.’ H e used to tell me th at, ” under Pontius Pilate, was crucified; died, and was buried.
H undreds of years before th is visit A miraculous surprise! W e too, wh ile th e feeling of tension, th e feeling of sh e said. He descended into Hell; the third day He arose again from the
of M ary to h er cousin Eliz abeth oc- k eeping our faith in G od wh o does resolution, ” sh e said. “ I t’ s all about A n only ch ild, Catriona grew up dead; He ascended into Heaven, sitteth at the right hand of God,
curred, th e proph et M icah foretold marvelous th ings unex pectedly for h armoniz ation. T h at’ s more of th e very close to h er parents. “ G row- the Father Almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the
th at out of B eth leh em, th e smallest h is people, will h elp k eep th at prom- th eory of notation and everyth ing ing up in A ustralia, I didn’ t h ave living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic
town of J udah , would come forth a ise going. I t is a promise of salvation rath er th an practical. I don’ t play any any relatives nearby. M y relatives
th rough J esus wh o became a fragile instrument.” Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins,
ruler wh o would tak e care of G od’ s would eith er be in th e States or in th e the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. Amen.
flock, Israel, as well as all the na- ch ild so th at we can all be ch ildren Catriona can sing, too. “ I t’ s actually P h ilippines, also in G ermany. So, I
tions. Today this promise is fulfilled of h is Fath er. G od is always full of one of my dreams to h ave my own was just really close to my parents
in J esus Ch rist. surprises. H is surprise is guaranteed album. M y music genre is dark pop. and actually I moved around a lot Then, on the large bead before each decade:
to bring glad tidings to all concerned. D oes th at mak e sense? ” sh e ask ed, wh en I was very young. I th ink it
Reflection: T h e world’ s measure- M ay we all h ave a Ch rist-centered laugh ing. played a big part in mak ing me th e Eternal Father, I offer you the Body and Blood,
ment of greatness lies in doing big Ch ristmas and a B lessed N ew Y ear! Sh e added h er favorite artists sh y teenager th at I was. W e would Soul and Divinity, of Your Dearly Beloved Son,
th ings in grandiose ways. Some peo- included Emeli Sandé , D ua L ipa and move places. I was born in Cairns,
Quotation of the week: T h e virgin Sam Smith . Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins
ple are considered successful in life, Q ueensland. W e moved to Sydney. and those of the whole world.
wh en th ey own mansions, castles or birth is first and last a theology of H er being a nerd was developed W e moved to N ew South W ales. W e
palaces. I n spite of th e sk yrock et- grace, a proclamation of h ow salva- at h ome, in Q ueensland, A ustralia. moved around A ustralia.”
ing gas price, oth ers feel safer and tion comes to us: in th e simplicity H er Filipino moth er N ormita R agas Catriona started living on h er own On the ten small beads of each decade, say:
comfortable driving around h uge of acceptance, as th e voluntary gift M agnayon, originally from Oas, in M anila since sh e was 18 . Sh e
veh icles. T h e more money a person of love th at redeems th e world. -- A lbay, taugh t h er to read long before bough t h er own plane tick et using For the sake of His sorrowful Passion,
h as in th e bank and th e bigger is h is Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger. sh e entered sch ool. th e money sh e earned from modeling have mercy on us and on the whole world.
investment portfolio, th e better. T h e “ I loved sch ool as a k id. I was a bit since sh e was 16 years old. “ I don’ t
corporate ladder is used ex clusively of a nerd. I took two Science and h ave th e h abit of ask ing money from
two M ath subjects (per grade level). Conclude with (Say 3 Times):
for ascending, never for descending. my parents, ” sh e said.
Ch ristianity is th e very opposite: I loved numbers from a very young A t one point, wh en h er parents
nobody is left beh ind. I t does not age. I feel lik e my mom led me th ere settled for a wh ile in th e P h ilippines, Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
mean, h owever, th at we sh ould not because instead of giving me G ame “ I was th e primary breadwinner.” have mercy on us and on the whole world.
save for th e rainy days. B ut to set B oy and P layStations and a T V set, Catriona said h er parents bough t
our h earts merely on doing it big to sh e gave me educational software on th eir tick ets to th e M iss Universe Optional Closing Prayer
be great, famous, and acceptable is our family computer for M ath and coronation nigh t in B angk ok ,
to miss th e lessons in today’ s read- stuff, ” Catriona said. T h ailand month s before th e beauty
“ B y th e time I went to sch ool, Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of
ings. T h e little town of B eth leh em contest.
was inconspicuous. B ecause it is just I already k new th e fundamentals “ I love my parents so much . M y compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us and increase
a tiny town, J osh ua did not include it and as a ch ild, wh en you h ave th at day, or nigh t, is not complete with out Your mercy in us, that in difficult moments we might not
among th e towns apportioned to th e confidence, you can only get better. talk ing to th em – on Sk ype, ” sh e despair nor become despondent, but with great confidence
twelve tribes. Out of th is little town I felt very confident on all subjects. said. submit ourselves to Your holy will, which is Love and Mercy itself.
December 21-27, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 11

Arts & Culture

A Glimpse of Smelly lunch, tiger mums, bubble
tea: The subtle traits bringing
Ilonggo History Asians together around the world
by Dinggol Araneta
Dinggol is an Ilonggo Historian of modern times.
He is a Lover of Nature by profession; a Genealogist

Isang Tula sa Yumao kong Asawa

by avocation and an Advocate of Federalism.

A Tribute to Filipino Heroes for K ung maibabalik k o lamang ang tangk ay ng panah on
their Love of Country! nuon sa ak i' y paulit-ulit mong ibinubulong
na ak o lamang ang iyong bayaning ' di umuurong
na nak ah andang puk sain k ah it sino pa mang dragon.

Sa tuk tok ng bundok sana' y nagtayo ak o ng k astilyo

upang mamasdan ng lah at at pati ng buong mundo
ik aw na walang k asingandang prinsesa ng buh ay k o
A meme showing Winnie the Pooh struggling to read a white piece of paper. mabubuh ay, mamatay at magsasama h anggang dulo.
By Christina Zhou, Australian Broad- an A sian-A merican, it is surprising
casting Corporation to see A sians unite in such a positive Sana' y k aya k ong ibalik nalagas na mga dah on
(By: DinggolAranetaDivinagracia - manner since A merica basically
December 18, 2018) Subtle Asian Traits is dedi- teach es people to be ash amed of pupuluting isat' isa abutin man ng magh apon

cated to memes about the th eir culture. at sa ' yong paanan ak in muli itong ibabaon
n D ecember 18 , struggles and joys experienced " A merica basically wh itewash es magk asama nating aabangan k anilang pagyabong
by many young Asian migrants. [ our culture] , to say th e least."
18 5 6 (162 years ago A Facebook post sh owing a couple
today) an I longgo at th eir wedding with a range of dif- W ala ni isang mang tinik sa puso mo ay tutusok
" D o you practice ex treme
named G raciano L opez - sports? Y es, sometimes I contra-
ferent bubble teas on th e table. wala ni isang luh a sa iyong mata' y maglalagos
J aena was born in J aro, I loilo dict my moth er." wala ni isang bato sa lalak aran mo' y sisipot
City. Our h istory recogniz ed T h is is just one of th e jiving walang isa man sa ati' y magpapaalam ng lubos.
him as the first reformist and memes about tiger parenting th at
th e ack nowledged " trail- Ch inese-A merican Susana Ch en Subalit ang lah at ng yaon ay h indi na babalik
blazer" of the first propa- M ei sees as sh e scrolls th ough tik tak nitong orasan k o tuluyan ng nanah imik
ganda movement. A t age 18 , a closed Facebook group th at' s h indi na rin k ayang alisin pa, mga bato' t tinik
h e wrote “ Fray B utod” th at amassed nearly a million fol-
lowers internationally since its ng mga nagdaang panah on na walang k asingtamis
ex posed th e abuses and un-
creation in September.
h oly alliance of th e Spanish Copyright 2018 by Virginia Ferrer. All rights reserved.
auth orities, abusive enco-
mienderos and th e immoral a week end Ch inese language sch ool. ' A d ark e r und e rly ing st ory '
rural folk , th eir names are on th e lips A fter coming across a Facebook
friars under th e pseudonym of those who have benefited from group called Subtle P rivate Sch ool T wo women accompanied by th e
-- J ose B utete their sacrifices; but more important T raits, th e friends decided to create a speech bubbles " D o you practice ex -
still, th eir names are forever en- space wh ere th ey could sh are jok es treme sports? " and " Y es, sometimes
H e went to Spain in 18 8 0 wh ere sh rined in th e h earts of th eir country- about Asian traits that many first- I contradict my mum" .
togeth er with D r. J ose P . R iz al wh o men. generation A sian immigrants could A nne G u, one of th e nine admins in
arrived in 18 8 2 and, later, M arcelo W h at is perh aps, a great tribute to relate to. th e group, says sh e never imagined
H . del P ilar, th ey constituted th e Photo The caption for this Facebook
th e ch aracter of our people, is th e post reads: "it's not a happy ending un- T h e memes range from th e A sian th e group would become an interna-
triumvirate th at became th e core fact th at th ese men wh o are now bubble tea obsession to embarrass- tional h it, with members now h ailing
less there's bubble tea".
of propagandists and pamph leteers look ed upon as h eroes came from ing ch ildh ood memories of bringing from th e United States to N ew Z ea-
advocating reforms in th e P h ilippine all walk s of life. A ndres B onifacio " smelly" h omecook ed lunch es to land to th e United K ingdom.
A rch ipelago. Subtle A sian T raits was created by
of T ondo, M anila, wh o rose in arms a group of h igh sch ool students in sch ool.
to led his people in their fight for ( Continued on page 12 )
I n February 18 8 9, G raciano L opez M elbourne, A ustralia wh o bonded at
freedom and independence was an
J aena founded th e " L a Solidaridad" unsch ooled poor man. B ut th at did A portrait of Susana Chen Mei.

Holy Land Tours

th at became th e mouth piece of th e not deter h im from serving th e cause Photo Susana Chen Mei was born in
movement th at advocated reforms Venezuela, grew up in America, and has
for " I nang B ayan" . Chinese heritage.
and with th e novels of R iz al “ N oli T h ey came from all parts of th e
M e T angere” and “ El Filibusteri- country, but th ey set aside petty
simo” and th e ex ecution of th e th ree T h e group, called Subtle A sian
regionalism to unite for a common T raits, is dedicated to jok es and posts
(3 ) Filipino priests, G omez , B urgos cause. T h ey also represented varied
and Z amora became th e spark plugs th at convey th e struggles and joys
professions. T h ey were not all ex perienced by many young A sian
th at ignited th e armed P h ilippine soldiers or G enerals wh o fough t th e
R evolution of 18 96. “ --dinggol. migrants around th e world wh o' ve
enemies on the battle fields. felt pressure to assimilate or distance
d~ ~ ~ Of course, many were military th emselves from th eir cultural
leaders; but a great number of th em h eritage.
Our N ation h as always been proud led by our very own I longgo great-
of h er h istory. T h is pride, was borne M s Ch en M ei, an 18 -year-old
est h ero, G raciano L opez J aena of university student from I llinois,
out of th e conviction th at our past, is J aro in I loilo City never fough t in
a long story of courage and loyalty says th at growing up as an A sian-
battle. T h ey used th eir minds and
to th e ideals of justice and freedom th eir pens in advocating reforms for
A merican sh e always " felt ash amed" Book yout trip to Holy Land with your friends or relatives
wh ich any nation can be proud of. about h er culture and " wouldn' t
th e welfare of th e Filipino people. really be open to talk about it in
And because history is filled with T h ey work ed h ard to preserve th at Jerusalem Bethlehem Nazareth Galilee Via Crucis Last Supper
th e deeds of h eroes, th e P h ilippines public and would often try to h ide it
freedom once it was won.
h as always look ed upon h er h eroes A nd despite th e great differences in
if anyth ing" . Gethsemane Dormition Nativity Church Capernaum Tel Aviv
with much gratitude and admiration. " H owever in th is group, I don' t feel
th eir back ground and training, th ey th e need to h ide it [ because] mostly
T h eir names are in th e h istory book s h ad one th ing in common --L ove of Trips in 2019 - $3,995.00
and in th e h umble gath erings of th e everyone is able to relate, " sh e says.
Country! ~ ~ ~ " I guess look ing th rough my lens as Mar 02-12 ; Mar 20-30 ; Apr 03-13 ; Apr 10-20 ; Apr 17-27 ; Apr 24 - May 04 ; May 01-11 ; May 08-18 ;
May 15-25 [ May 22 - Jun 01 ; May 29 - Jun 08 ; Jun 05-15 ; Jun 12-22 ; Jun 19-29 ; Jun 26 - Jul 06 ;

How to
ing th e gifts each person delivered both on Ch ristmas Eve and Ch ristmas Jun 29 - Jul 09 ; Aug 28 - Sep 07 ; Sep 04-14 ; Sep 11-21 ; Sep 18-28 ; Sep 25 - Oct 05 ; Oct 02-12 ;
secretly th rough out th e day. “ T h ere is D ay. Singing with your loved ones is
a certain h ush all th rough th e h ouse, ” more intimate and personal th an simply Oct 09-19 ; Oct 16-26 ; Oct 23 - Nov 02 ; Oct 30 - Nov 09 ; Nov 04-14 ; Dec 02-12 Dec 18-28
( Continued from page 7 )
W rites M aria. “ P eople are tip-toeing and playing a Ch ristmas CD in th e back -
In it, you find lovely old-world prac- wh ispering; at th e same time th ere is an ground – and becomes an act of prayer.
tices to live out th e liturgical year in atmosph ere of ex treme activity. M oth er A s St. A ugustine said, “ H e wh o sings,
th e A ustrian way, just as M aria and th e Flights from anywhere in the United States and flights between countries as per
and fath er spend th e day beh ind th e prays twice.” A special, simple or festive your itinerary (all necessary flights on your trip are included).
Captain did with th eir family. T h e von closed doors, ‘ h elping th e Ch rist Ch ild.' ” meal for Ch ristmas Eve h elps begin th e
T rapp family’ s Ch ristmas celebrations T h ey spent th e rest of th e afternoon tidy- feast, as do snack s and cook ies made Daily Mass will be scheduled.
centered around th e birth of Ch rist. ing every corner of th e h ouse. only at Ch ristmas. Airport Taxes, Security Fees & Fuel Surcharges Saving you an average of $400-
A dvent was spent preparing th eir h earts
for th e Ch rist ch ild to enter in and to $600!
G reet th e feast with prayer Observe th e 12 D ays of Ch ristmas
contemplate H is second coming in th e W h eth er you attend M ass at an early I t’ s h arder to k eep th e Ch ristmas feast Transfers as per itinerary.
future. “ family M ass” at your parish , midnigh t th rough th e 12 days, let alone until it of- 4 or 5 star hotels in downtown areas.
A lth ough A dvent will soon be giving M ass, or one on Ch ristmas morning, ficially ends February 2 with Candlemas
way to th e great feast of Ch ristmas, it’ s
Transportation with luxury bus.
th e Ch urch celebrates th e birth of Ch rist (also k nown as th e feast of th e P resenta- All breakfasts and all dinners.
not too late to add depth and meaning to in th e wee h ours between th e 2 4 th and tion), in a country th at is not th orough ly
your family’ s celebrations. Even if you th e 2 5 th . T h e von T rapps attended th ree Cath olic lik e A ustria was. Y our tree will All tips to driver, hotel, and tour guide. If you feel that the tour guide did a great
h ave a different cultural back ground, M asses for Ch ristmas! T raditionally, have become a fire hazard before then. job, offering them extra tips is greatly appreciated.
M aria von T rapp’ s traditions will inspire th e M ass at M idnigh t is th e “ A ngels’ B ut, you can k eep your N ativity set up
you to go beyond our modern way of Guided Tours and Tour Fees ~ Our tour guides are very caring, licensed, and
M ass, ” dawn is th e “ Sh eph erd’ s M ass” near wh ere you gath er for your family
celebrating, wh ich mainly consists of and a Solemn H igh M ass tak es place prayers. A nd th ere are many feast days well educated. Many of our guides have their PhD's.
dipping into a trough of sentiment, and at broad dayligh t. Y ou probably only you can incorporate into your fam- Luggage handling (1 suitcase and 1 carry-on per person).
dive instead into a sea of meaningful, attend one, but you can pause to pray as ily sch edule. On th e feast of St. J oh n Single Supplement (as long as the passengers is willing to room with someone
faith -based tradition. Y ou can spend a family at th ese times – maybe praying th e A postle (D ecember 2 7 ), th ere is a
your Ch ristmas season welcoming th e and allows us to provide them with a roommate. If the passenger wants a guaran-
a family R osary, or an appropriate h ymn special toast to “ D rink to you th e love of
Ch rist into your h earts and h ome in sung solemnly – to ack nowledge th e St. J oh n.” T h e oth er person responds, “ I teed room to of their own, then they have to pay the $900 single supplement).
many of th e ways th ey did. different aspects of th is great feast of th ank you for th e love of St. J oh n, ” and Remember: Our trips are not more expensive during high season ~ Passengers
H ere are a few beautiful practices M a- th e I ncarnation of G od as all h eaven and turns to offer th e toast to th e nex t person.
ria records for us in h er book … will never be expected to pay extra for anything while on the trip ~ We always
earth rejoiced. N ew Y ear’ s Eve is spent look ing back
wait for passengers and never leave anyone behind.
to th ank G od for th e past year and th en
B egin Ch ristmas on Ch ristmas Eve Feast with food and song welcoming th e new year with merry-
R ath er th an rush ing around doing last-
minute sh opping on th is h oly day, spend
B oth food and song are essential to mak ing. M aria again includes games, Call Nonong Roxas for reservations: (858) 221-3088
a proper feast and M aria sh ares h er recipes and songs enjoyed by h er family.
a day of q uiet preparation in your h ome.
T h e von T rapp parents transformed
favorite recipes, as well as th e music to
join th em in song. Y ou migh t learn a few End th e 12 D ays with a bang
Best One Stop Travel & Cargo
th eir living room into “ th e Ch ristmas
room, ” decorating th e tree and arrang-
new songs to sing before and after M ass
( Continued on page 12 ) 550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City, CA 91950
as you gath er with your own family,
Page 12 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com December 21-27, 2018

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Smelly lunch Science
h ave sh ifted culturally over th e past wh ile growing up, th e memes in th e classmates, wh o were telling me to east wind/Raise the red flag high!” I
few decades. group provide a sense of comedic never go back to Ch ina, ” h e said. h ad been ch uck ling and sh ak ing my
( Continued from page 11 ) "When Pauline Hanson first came reassurance. h ead at th e stilted robot dance. B ut
( Continued from page 14 )
T h e 18 -year-old believes th e to power in h er maiden speech [ in " J ust scrolling th rough my Face- W e h ave k nown one anoth er for as th e familiar melody came th rough
th e nineties] , sh e focused h er racist of customers use its speech recogni- more th an h alf our lives. W e spok e my computer’ s speak ers, tears
group' s success lies in th e opportu- book feed daily and seeing th ese
commentary on A sians in A ustralia tion software daily. T h e company is for a long time— about th e h istory of flooded my eyes. I replayed the last
nity it gives to first generation Asian posts mak es me laugh , " sh e says.
and the way they didn't fit in or were worth over $ 2 billion. th e atomic bomb, about h ow G oogle few minutes of th e video again and
migrants to " feel more connected T h e closed group gives people a
with th eir identity and culture, and culturally incompatible, [ adding] th at platform to sh are ex periences in pulled out of US defense contracts again, sobbing uncontrollably in my
th ey would form gh ettos and didn' t B y th e time I graduated from UST C wh ile developing a censored search room, an ocean away.
strength en th eir sense of belonging" . a more public forum with out th e
assimilate, " h e says. in 2 009 with a ph ysics degree and engine in Ch ina, and about iFlytek ’ s
G rowing up, M s G u also recalls back lash .
th e goal of becoming an ex peri- work in X injiang. W e contemplated G rowing up on UST C’ s campus,
facing various stereotypes related to
How to
" W h en sh e returned to P arliament mental particle ph ysicist, H efei was our privilege and security in being I ’ d h eard th is song on th e radio ev-
being A sian, such as being academi- transforming before my eyes. I f it
cally smart as well as people assum- [ recently] , sh e made ex actly th e able to discuss th ese topics openly ery weekday at noon for the first 19
same speech … sh e just removed th e ( Continued from page 11 ) h ad lagged beh ind coastal areas in and freely. years of my life. A s a ch ild, I k new
ing she's fluent in Chinese, which the 1990s, by the first decade of
sh e says is " frustrating at times" . word ' A sian' and [ replaced it with ] T h e 12 D ays of Ch ristmas are followed it signaled lunch time. I ’ d go to th e
th e word ' M uslim' . by anoth er h uge feast — Epiph any. th is century it was catch ing up with “ A t th e end of th e day, it is a window to watch streams of people
K evin D unn, dean at th e sch ool of I n many countries, th is it is called alacrity. T h e city doubled and tripled
social sciences and psych ology at compromise between complicity emerge from labs and classrooms
“ T h ree K ings D ay, ” for th at is wh at it in siz e. N ew manufacturing plants, into apartment buildings or th e
W estern Sydney University, says th at " So it just sh ows you th at h er celebrates, and th is is wh en presents and survival, ” said H e. “ Our view
understanding of th e electoral mile- sh opping malls, and commercial real of wh at is righ t or wrong is from campus canteen, trying h ard to spot
wh ile th e group was a " celebration are given. T h is is a day for anoth er estate sprouted up everywh ere. A s it
of resilience" , it also " points to a age th at was to be made from racist party and for blessing your h ome in th e 6, 000 miles away. I t’ s a different my parents. When I first learned its
politics h ad moved on from being grew, so did UST C. T h e university view for students and research ers on lyrics in elementary sch ool, I h ad
dark er underlying story" . old way: T h e family sh ould be able to
added new dorms, teach ing build-
" T h e fact th ey can all feel some anti-A sian to being anti-M uslim." obtain some blessed ch alk from th eir campus.” ask ed my moth er wh y it was so po-
parish (th is is very common now) and ings, research centers, and campuses litical. M y moth er said th e song was
empath y towards [ th e posts] or and a second national laboratory.
[ collectively understand] th e meme K aren Farq uh arson, professor of mark above all th e ex terior doors in H e’ s work focuses on superconduc- a creation of its time.
is all suggestive th at th ey' ve h ad an sociology at th e University of M el- th is manner: 2 0 C M B 19. T h is stands tivity. “ I ’ m torn at times, ” h e said,
bourne, says th at wh ile sh e doesn' t for th e year and th e initials of th e th ree T h e plaq ue at UST C is still th ere: going on to list applications of th e Over th e years th e political h as
ex perience of racism, " h e says. M agi (Caspar, M elch ior, and B alth asar). “ Study h ard. B e red. B e ex pert.”
Ms Chen Mei recalls a school field believe Facebook groups lik e Subtle Y ou can also walk th rough your h ome tech nology th at h ave potential for faded into th e personal. T h e song,
A sian T raits will reduce racism, sh e W h at h ad been founded as a train- both civilian and military use. “ W e and th e place it represents, are
trip wh ere oth er non-A sian students blessing each room with h oly water and ing ground for scientists work ing
judged th e food sh e brough t in, com- believes it can be a " good source of always say ‘ for th e greater good, ’ but etch ed into me. UST C is wh ere my
incense. on atomic weapons now became grandfath er lived and work ed and
plaining th at it was " smelly" . social support" . wh o’ s to determine wh at th e greater
an incubator for Ch ina’ s h igh -tech good is? ” died. UST C is wh ere my fath er
Sh e ex plained th at it was upsetting T h ese are some traditions from A ustria industry. iFlytek was only the first of
to realise sh e was th e target of under- A ch ild doing h omework with th e and th e ancient Ch urch and you can look lived and work ed and died. UST C
caption " wh en you h ave to write a series of big companies th at UST C “ I don’ t h ave a good answer for is wh ere my moth er grew up. UST C
lying racism and still finds it hard to for more from your own cultural back -
alumni would start. SenseT ime, an
interact with people wh o th ink " all your own sick note because mum ground. W h en you learn h ow people of you, ” I replied. “ T h at’ s partly wh y I is wh ere I grew up. UST C is th e
English no good." oth er lands and times h ave celebrated AI firm now worth almost $5 bil- ch ose not to study applied science.” h ome I left with no certain prospect
A sians are nerds" . lion, was founded by a UST C grad.
" I did h ave racist ex periences wh en P h oto Subtle A sian T raits now h as th e feasts of th e Ch urch year, you may I t was an h onest answer, but it made of return. T h e scientists of UST C
be inspired to incorporate some of th em A noth er would go on to run B aidu, me feel lik e a h ypocrite. h ave h arnessed th e power th at fuels
I was growing up — I mean, I still to over a million followers around th e th e search giant. Y et th ese companies
world. into your own traditions. I n addition the stars, yet still find themselves
th is day, " sh e adds.
T h e closed group also gives people Ch ristmas, you will come to see th e uni- and oth ers lik e th em, wh eth er in
to h elping to live th e spiritual side of powerless against th e ch anging tides
Asian Journal
" W h en people don' t want to interact UST C mark ed its 60th anniver-
a platform to sh are ex periences in computer science or in biotech , il- sary in September 2018. A flurry of of politics.
with me because of my ph ysical ap- versal ch aracter of our beautiful Faith . lustrate th e eth ical q uandaries facing
pearance, I feel lik e th ere is some- a more public forum with out th e events celebrated th e university’ s
back in lashSouthern
th at comes with calling scientists in an auth oritarian state. legacy in building Ch ina’ s nuclear I ask ed each of th e people I in-
th ing wrong with First me andWeekly
Asian I just h Newspaper
ate California & SanoutDiego’s Most Widely Circulated Asian-Filipino Newspaper terviewed for th is story wh at th ey
it so much ." racism, sh e adds. and space programs, as well as its
550 East 8th Street, A nd Suite
wh ile6,memes
canCity ste- • Tel. (619) 474-0588 • Fax (619) 474-0373I n a few sh ort years, th e Ch inese
CA 91950
reinforce strides in q uantum computing and th ough t of UST C’ s anniversary
F rom ' ant i- Asian' t o ' ant i- M us- reotypes, P rofessor Farq uh arson says Call the Asian Journal at government h as turned th e north - artificial intelligence. The celebra- slogan, “ Six ty years of being red and
sh aring th e memes in th e contex t of western region of X injiang into a tion culminated in a gala on th e being ex pert. Six ty years of sci-
lim ' 2 1st-century police state with h igh -
criticism ch allenges th ose stereo- 619.474.0588 for your evening of September 2 0, UST C’ s ence and education in service of th e
types at th e same time. tech surveillance and mass collection official birthday. state.” D id th ey th ink th e purpose of
B ut wh ile A sian-A ustralians still advertising needs. of biometric data. T h e government
ex perience racism, P rofessor D unn B ut for M s Ch en M ei, wh o science is to serve th e state?
struggled with h er cultural identity is h olding over a million members A grand stage was constructed on
says th ere' s evidence th at attitudes of th e Uigh ur and K az ak h minori- campus nex t to th e main entrance. N one said yes. One UST C profes-
ties, most of th em eth nic M uslims, in Current and former students poured sor, a prominent ph ysicist, replied by
concentration camps. H uman R igh ts in from across th e globe. I watch ed a q uoting M encius, an ancient ph iloso-
ACCOUNTS PAYABLE SPECIALIST W atch describes th e situation in recording a few days later. Students ph er: “ I n straitened circumstances,
X injiang as th e worst h uman-righ ts in military uniforms sang ballads th ey perfected th eir own virtues in
Support accounts payable. Call (619) 699-1900 or visit www.sandag.org/jobs for information. Open Until crisis in Ch ina since th e Cultural solitude. I n prosperous times, th ey
Filled. EOE. in front of M ax well’ s eq uations.
R evolution. A lumni wh o are now generals in th e aided all under h eaven impartially.”
P eople’ s L iberation A rmy sat in th e
M any of th e tech nologies th at fa- front row and gave remark s. T h is Y angyang Ch eng is a postdoctoral
cilitate oppression in X injiang come was followed by a segment called research associate at Cornell Uni-
out of work done at UST C. A nd “ H umans dancing with mach ines, ” versity and a member of th e CM S
many of th em are now being used wh ich featured students moving ex periment at th e L arge H adron
elsewh ere in Ch ina. iFlytek is col- mech anically on stage with a group Collider.
laborating with Ch inese auth orities of R 2 -D 2 look -alik es. T h e robots,
to build a nationwide voice-based lik e th e students, were products of
surveillance system. UST C: th ey were built by UB T ech ,
a leading Ch inese robotics company
T h e Ch inese government h as h eaded by UST C alumni.
tigh tened its auth oritarian grip since D ow nload t h e
Xi Jinping took office in 2012. “The T h e evening concluded with every-
Asian Journal
management at UST C h ad always asianj ournalusa. c om / d ig it al
one standing to sing th e university
been relatively loose, up until about anth em: “ G reetings to th e eternal
a year or soTovar
Jackie ago, ” says th e senior
SANDAGh ings are more sensitive
“ T
now. N o one k nows wh at will h ap-
pen nex t.”From:
“ A n individual scientist h as Home Care Aides (San Diego)
little power tois chproof
Herewith ange government
your ” says L i, Fang’
ad for s widow, “ but Home Buddy Domestic Referral Agency is looking
if an auth oritarian
a scientist
in the government
to serve
Asian ask s
its interests, th e
for EXPERIENCED only Home Care Aides. Applicants
an d fh aasx th beapower
c k t hto e mak e a must be ABLE to DRIVE, have RELIABLE transporta-
ch oice.” I made
if anymy
ago, wh
for your
en I leftThe
oice almost 10
Ch ina to come tion, and fluent in English. Spanish & Tagalog
adtoisth tentatively
e US for graduate
scheduled sch ool. I told speaking a plus. Home Buddy DRA provides private
tomy befamily th at Iinwas
published thegoing across
th e ocean not just to pursue a degree
duty, one on one in-home care services, rate $12 to
science but alsoi stos liveu e in a free $15.00 per hour. Please email your resume home-
of the Asian Journal if we buddyreferral@gmail.com or fax resume to (858)
receive your approval on
Over th e past few years, I ’ ve often
time. At $4 per line
traveled to W ash ington, D C, to meet
1x4x10 lines, it costs
with members of Congress and th e
BY APPOINTMENT ONLY by calling (619) 322-9617.
ex ecutive branch to advocate for
$______.00 toofbebasic
federal support paidresearch . I t’ s
upon your receipt of the
both h umbling and empowering to
invoice and tear sheet.
do so— to feel th at I can tak e part in
Thank you.democracy even as a new
A merican Work for the San Diego’s
arrival to th is country. B ut as th e
T Fax # administration h as become in-
rump Top Home Care Agency!
creasingly h ostile and discriminatory
to immigrants, women, and people
of color— all of wh ich I am— it h as
become increasingly difficult for me
to conscientiously ask for funding
Now Hiring
from a government
please sign and fax th at discounts Exerienced Caregivers
my h umanity,
back to or th e h umanity of any
people. or for Live-In & Hourly Shifts
acknowledge via
Ch inese academics in th e United
EMAIL. Top Pay • Flexible Hours • Great Benefits
States face a dilemma: try to stay in a
country wh ere our future is increas-
ingly in doubt, or go back to one th at
demands we ch oose between moral • 3 professional references
compromise and martyrdom.
T h e Ch inese government h as • Proof of eligibility to work in the US
launch ed aggressive campaigns to
attract overseas talent. R ecent UST C Call for an appointment
presidents h ave crisscrossed N orth
A merica on recruiting trips. I called Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
H e Y u, an old classmate of mine wh o
h ad just received h is P h D in ph ysics
from Stanford, to ask h ow h e felt. “ I
La Jolla Apply Online!
just h ad th is debate with two of my 858-842-1346 HCAmatch.com
December 21-27, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 13

As the Maximizing Student Potential in STEM

Bamboos Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA H ow t o Ap p ly :
Click th e " A pply N ow" button below
page. N A SA ' s J et P ropulsion L aboratory is a
federally funded research and develop-

Sway M ax imiz ing Student P otential in to fill out the online application. Contact I nfo: ment center managed by Caltech and a
Y ou will need: P rogram Coordinator: leading center for robotic ex ploration
ST EM , or M SP , offers part-time - A digital version of your resume (up- J enny T ieu of th e solar system. T h e J P L Education
by Rudy Liporada and full-time internsh ip opportu- loaded as a P D F) – D ownload resume J enny.T ieu@ jpl.nasa.gov Office works closely with NASA and
Read previous articles by Rudy Liporada nities at J P L to underrepresented template (P D F) (8 18 ) 3 93 -5 3 8 6 Caltech , as well as educational organiz a-
at ww.asianjournalusa.com students pursuing undergraduate - Unofficial transcript For general inq uiries, contact: tions and institutions to offer intern-
JPL Education Office sh ip opportunities at th e laboratory to
or graduate degrees in science, Ap p ly Now internsh ips@ jpl.nasa.gov students from diverse back grounds and

Filipinos thrive in the right

tech nology, engineering, and For more information about J P L intern- (8 18 ) 3 5 4 -12 60 in various stages of th eir education.
math ematics disciplines. sh ips and fellowsh ips, visit our FA Q

environment A s part of th eir internsh ips,

students are partnered with J P L
A s th e B amboos Sway to every part of th e county. I t h as scientists or engineers, wh o serve
B y R udy D . L iporada rich inland and sea fishing grounds.
Numerous fine harbors and land- as th e students' mentors. Students
A ccording to a lifted post on lock ed straits are available for complete designated projects
Facebook posted by my colum- buildings up th e maritime industry.” outlined by th eir mentors, gain-
nist friend, Z ena Sultana B abao, G uerrero th en concludes “ I f th e ing educational ex perience in
natural wealth of th e P h ilippines their fields of study while also
Filipinos are a world class people. were to be tapped and developed by
“ A ccording to a CN N report, contributing to N A SA and J P L
th e Filipino people th emselves for missions and science. Students
Filipinos are now th e second their own benefit, it should be more
h igh est earning eth nic group in th an enough to sustain a population
will also h ave th e opportunity to
th e USA (I ndians are # 1, Cauca- several times bigger th an th e present participate in a number of enrich -
sians are # 6). W e are one of th e one.” ment activities, including tours,
eth nic groups least lik ely to go on lectures and career advisement,
welfare, we h ave one of th e low- I t is not really perplex ing wh en arranged by th e J P L Education
we consider th at th e majority of th e Office.
est crime rates and our ch ildren P h ilippines could not tak e advan-
are attending th e best sch ools and tage of th ese resources, th e “ righ t R e q uire m e nt s:
colleges. G iven th e righ t environ- environment, ” wh ere Filipinos could - Currently enrolled undergradu-
ment, we th rive and blossom. “ th rive and blossom” because of ate and graduate students pursuing
W e h ave now become th e emerg- th e one percent of th e population. degrees in science, tech nology, engi-
ing elite of A merica because we T h is Class A one percent, mostly neering or math ematics disciplines
dream big, work h ard, pray more feudal lords, control th e govern- - M inimum 3 .0 G P A -- 3 .5 is pre-
ment in cah oots with foreigners ferred
and sacrifice more for family and wh o plunder th e resources wh ich
k in back h ome wh o are in need.” - Open to U.S. citiz ens and legal
sh ould be th e “ righ t environment for permanent residents (L P R s)
th e majority of Filipinos. A meri- - First internsh ip ex perience must
G iven its colonial ties and current can imperialists for ex ample rule
relationsh ips with A merica, th ere are be 10 week s or more. Subseq uent
th e mines. N ow Ch ina controls th e internship terms are flexible
3 .5 million Filipinos in th e United P h ilippines Seas and even th e W est
States. M oreover, according to a Pacific Seas making Filipinos even
P opulation R eview, “ I n addition to D e t ails:
import fish now when all islands - Full-time and part-time opportunities
th e over 100 million Filipinos living are surrounded by salt water. For an available
in th e P h ilippines itself, th ere are agricultural country, Filipinos now - P articipants receive a week ly stipend.
estimated to be around 10.2 million even import rice because th ose in Stipend amounts vary and are subject to
Filipino people living abroad. M any control of th e lands even rent out ch ange.
h ave moved abroad temporarily to their fields for cash crops that benefit - H ousing and travel allowances are
find work, but others have settled foreign investments. M ining results provided to program participants resid-
abroad permanently. T h ere are also to deforestation wh ich destroys th e ing outside th e 5 0-mile radius of J P L
large Filipino populations in th e ecosystems of th e country resulting
M iddle East (1 million in Saudi in severe flooding and erosions that
A rabia, 8 2 2 , 000 in th e United A rab h ave snuffed lives.
Emirates and 2 04 , 000 in Q atar),
M alaysia (7 93 , 000), J apan (18 2 , 000) NOV ENA SCH ED ULE f or 2 0 1 9 Blac k Naz are ne
and A ustralia (3 97 , 000.). I nteresting-
A nd because th is k ind of system
wh ere th e feudal lords and foreign- ST. JOSEPH CATHEDRAL
ly, only about 4 2 , 000 Filipinos live ers benefit, they keep the Philippines
in Spain, th e P h ilippines' old impe- in an agricultural feudal system and
1 5 3 5 3 rd
Av e . SAN D IEG O CA 9 2 1 0 1 D e c e m b e r 3 1 , 2 0 1 8 M ond ay
rial master.” One would assume th at Nov e na / R osary af t e r sc h e d ule d 7 : 0 0 AM H oly M ass
foreign controlled status. I ndustrial-
th ose wh o ch oose to stay abroad, do iz ation is th us discouraged result- January 1 , 2 0 1 9 Tue sd ay and January 6 , 2 0 1 9 Sund ay
for th ey th rive and blossom th ere, Invites You and Your Family to Attend the
ing in massive unemployment and Nov e na / R osary af t e r sc h e d ule d 9 : 0 0 AM H oly M ass
too. underemployment with corollary low
wages. T h is resulted to brain and
7th Annual Feast January 7 , 2 0 1 9 M ond ay
G iven th is Filipino D N A class in Nov e na / R osary af t e r sc h e d ule d 5 : 1 5 PM H oly M ass
th e United States and oth er coun-
brawn drain wh ere Filipinos wh o
h ave th e ch ance go abroad wh ere
Celebration of January 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , and 8 , 2 0 1 9
tries, th e q uestion is wh y is it th at
out of th e 107 .5 million Filipinos,
th ey are “ given th e righ t environ-
ment” to “ th rive and blossom.” JESUS of NAZARETH Nov e na / R osary af t e r sc h e d ule d 7 : 0 0 AM and
1 2 : 0 7 PM H oly M ass

th e N ational Statics Coordination
B oard (N SCB ) reported in 2 012 Y es, th ere are a few lik e Senator
M anny ‘ P acman’ P acq uiao wh o
th at one th ird or 3 0% of Filipinos th rived and blossomed in h is k ind of 7th ANNUAL FEAST DAY CELEBRATION OF
are ex tremely below th e poverty environment but h ow many box ers
line, subsisting barely on $ 1.2 5 a
day. Where there is a classifica-
went mentally deranged, ph ysically
disabled, and th e lik e trying to be
tion of Class A , or upper class, or
th e 1% , th en Class B , or middle
lik e h im? A nd yes, wh ile th e major-
ity are proud th at th e M iss P h ilip- ( BLACK NAZ AR ENE)
class, th en Class C, or urban poor, pines Catriona G ray was crowned
M iss Universe, becoming th e fourth
poor, or low wage earners, th e
P h ilippine native to win th e crown, JANUAR Y 9 , 2 0 1 9 W ED NESD AY
N SCB furth er reports th at th ose h ow many of th e Filipinos lives were 6 PM H oly R osary an d Pray e rs t o
in th e B and C classes “ I n order uplifted by th is? A nd since G loria
for a family of five to escape Je sus Blac k Naz are ne ( Bilingu al)
D iaz , th e P inak amagandang H ayop
th e label of “ ex tremely poor” in sa Balat ng Lupa first Filipina Miss F low e r Of f e ring
2 006, th ey would h ave h ad to Universe, h ow many of th e majority ( Continued from page 13 ) 7 PM Bilingu al M ass
earn P 1, 68 1 ($ 3 9.09) a month . I n Filipinos h ave been awak ened from Proc e ssion using sid e w alk around t h e b loc k f ollow e d b y
2 009, th ey needed to bring h ome being lulled by telenovelas and oth er Snac k and F e llow sh ip at t h e H oly F am ily C e nt e r.
fantasies allowed by th e government
P 2 , 04 2 ($ 4 7 .4 9). B y th e 2 012 for Filipinos to be unaware of th eir For More Information please visit
survey, th ose income req uire- th riving and blossoming in th e righ t
ments more th an doubled. T h e https://www.facebook.com/jesus.blacknazarene.3
most recent N SCB report sh ows
th at families must earn P 5 , 4 5 8 Clearly, for th e Filipinos to be J esus of N az areth (B lack N az arene)
($ 12 6.93 ) a month to put food on aware of th eir resources th at sh ould
th e table every day. I f th ey want benefit them, they should be aware “Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno”
to meet non-food needs, such as of th e situation th ey are in and create
th e righ t environment for th em to “Mahal na Poong Hesus Nazareno”
cloth ing, th ey would h ave to earn th rive and blossom. M y friend said
P 7 , 8 2 1 ($ 18 1.8 9).” start with “ G et rid of th e dictators DIRECTIONS: FROM SOUTH DIRECTIONS: FROM NORTH
first.” They are part of the current
W h at sh ould be more perplex - environment wh ich is not “ righ t”
ing is th e fact th at th e P h ilippines Take I- North Take I-5 South HOW TO GET TO ST JOSEPH BY BUS and TROLLEY?
for th riving and blossoming of th e
is endowed with natural resources. majority of Filipinos. Take the 6th Avenue exit 16 B Take the Front St Exit 17 From South or North, Take Blue Line or Orange Line.
A mado G uerrero, in h is book , P h il- Towards Downtown Towards Civic Center Get Off 5th Ave Broadway Trolley Station, You will see
ippine Society and R evolution, says T h en, maybe th e Filipinos could be Turns slight left onto 6thavenue Stay straight to go onto Front St
th at th e P h ilippine “ mountains, many
CVS Pharmacy; bus waiting area. Take Bus No. 3. Get
world class people, not only th e USA Turn Right onto Beech Street Take the 2nd left onto W. Beech St.
of wh ich are volcanic, th e ex ten- but in th eir own M oth erland. Turn Right onto 3rd Avenue Take the 3rd left onto 3rd Ave 1535 3rd Ave
sive river systems and th e tropical is on the Right 1535 3rd Ave is on the Right Beech Ave. Cross the street where California Coast
climate endow th e P h ilippines with Credit Union and walk straight ahead going to 4th Ave
ex tremely fertile agricultural lands
suitable for wide variety of crops for ST. JOSEPH CATHEDRAL then 3rd Ave (Church Main entrance).
1535 3rd Avenue San Diego CA 92101 FREE PARKING:
food and industrial use. I t h as vast
Tel. No: 619-239-0229 WEBSITE: http://www.sdcathedral.org
forest, mineral, marine and power re- 1. BIG ACE PARKING located between Beech St
sources. I ts forests cover a little over FACEBOOK: JESUS BLACK NAZARENE
one-th ird of th e land. I ts mineral Reverend Patrick J. Mulcahy, Pastor and 3rd Ave. from 6 pm to 12 MN Mon – Fri. All day
resources include iron, gold, copper, Email: frpat@sdcathedral.org Saturday and Sunday.
nick el, oil, coal, ch rome and many EV ER YONE IS W ELCOM E; JOIN US! ! ! STREET PARKING from 6 pm to 8 am Mon to Sat. All
oth ers. I ts principal rivers can be Nov e na st art s e v e ry F rid ay at 1 0 : 3 0 AM . W e g at h e r at t h e st at ue of Je sus t h e Blac k
day Sunday and Holidays otherwise 2 hours
controlled to irrigate fields continu- Naz are ne and p ray t h e Nov e na, Ch ap le t of D iv ine M e rc y and H oly R osary
ously and also to provide electricity metered parking.
Page 14 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com December 21-27, 2018

Science vs. the state: a family saga at the Caltech of China
Three generations of personal G enerations of scientists at UST C B eijing in 1969, at th e h eigh t of th e A fter M ao’ s death in 197 6, th e sands of protesters. red. B e ex pert! ”
and political history show the h ave sough t to answer th is q uestion. Cultural R evolution, and struggled central government sensed an urgent
tensions between the Commu- T h e university gave birth to both to find a new home. Nobody wanted need to rebuild th e science and tech - Fang and L i, h is wife, took refuge T h at same year Ch en X iaoping,
China’s first satellite, launched in a group of intellectuals moving to nology sector. W h en regular univer- in th e US embassy in B eijing. T h ey wh o now directs UST C’ s Center
nist Party’s need for knowledge 1970, and the world’s first quantum- town. M ultiple provinces cited lack sity admissions in Ch ina resumed in remained th ere for 13 month s, until for Artificial Intelligence Research,
and its need for ideological communication satellite, launch ed of food as an ex cuse before A nh ui, 1977, USTC had first pick: no matter th e A merican and Ch inese govern- arrived at th e university to work on
control. in 2016. It is home to China’s first one of th e poorest, eventually agreed wh ich university a student applied ments negotiated a deal allowing h is own P h D . “ V ery few people were
synch rotron particle accelerator, and to h ost th e university. T h e academic to, th e ones with th e best grades in th em to go into ex ile in th e United studying A I in Ch ina at th e time.
Yangyang Cheng it will soon h ost a new multibillion- departments were scattered across th e sciences were sent th ere. States. N eith er ever returned. A nd it was mostly th eoretical, ” h e
dollar q uantum-science center. Over th e province: th e D epartment of says. When he left China for the first
On a h ot late-summer day in th e years, faculty and students h ave, M odern P h ysics, k nown to h ave th e “ T h e university was very poor, and T h eir names remain taboo in Ch ina. time to attend an A I conference in
2 005 , I sat in a pack ed, agreeably at times, wielded th e university’ s most independent-minded students, in retrospect th e conditions were A ll of th eir publish ed writings Stock h olm in 1999, only one oth er
air-conditioned auditorium and scientific prestige as a shield to pro- was sent to a remote military farm. very difficult,” a senior physicist remain banned. N oneth eless, th eir scientist from mainland Ch ina was
listened to a university admin- tect academic freedom and political Only M odern M ech anics, run by at UST C wh o was th en a student legacy remains a source of forbidden th ere.
istrator welcome th e class of independence. Q ian X uesen, k nown as th e “ fath er told me. (H e req uested anonymity pride for many at UST C. A t th e news
of Ch inese rock etry, ” was placed in out of concern for political blow- of Fang’ s death in 2 012 , messages “ A n individual scientist h as
2 009. “ Congratulations! A s th e B ut if th e university’ s rising trajec- H efei, th e provincial capital. back from speak ing with a foreign of remembrance from alumni filled little power to ch ange government
popular saying goes, ‘ T h e rich tory in recent years is any indication, magaz ine.) Seven students sh ared social media and electronic bulletin policy, ” says L i, Fang’ s widow, “ but
go to P ek ing U, th e poor go to science in Ch ina th rives most wh en T h at was wh ere UST C’ s and my a single, cramped dorm room. L ik e boards. if an auth oritarian government ask s
T singh ua, and th e ones willing to it serves th e state. T oday I live and family’s fates first intersected. most of h is classmates, th e ph ysicist a scientist to serve its interests, th e
work th emselves to death come to work in th e United States. I spok e to h ad spent years of h is youth work - UST C h ad been by far th e most scientist h as th e power to mak e a
UST C.’ ” many old sch oolmates and current M y grandfath er h ad moved to ing at farms and factories during th e selective university in Ch ina before ch oice.”
UST C research ers to report th is arti- H efei a decade earlier to teach at th e Cultural R evolution, and h e wanted Fang and G uan’ s dismissal. A fter
W e laugh ed. I f P ek ing University cle. T h e story of UST C th at emerges provincial Communist P arty sch ool. to go back to sch ool more th an any- th ey were push ed out, it retained a B ut by th e late 1990s, computer
is Ch ina’ s H arvard, and T singh ua reveals th e limits of science’ s ability A s th e fever of th e Cultural R evolu- th ing. “ W e read wh ile walk ing. W e rigorous curriculum and was still science was exploding as a field of
is Ch ina’ s M I T , th e University of to transcend Ch ina’ s auth oritarian tion brok e, classes at UST C partially read wh ile standing in line for food, ” tough to get into, but th e sense of study in Ch ina and elsewh ere. A
Science and T ech nology of Ch ina, or politics. resumed in 197 2 . D espite politi- h e says. “ Every day at th e break of punish ment was palpable. Funding six -person team of UST C students,
UST C, is k nown as “ th e Caltech of cal pressure, Fang, th e ph ysicist, dawn, you could find students read- was cut. R ecruiting of students and led by L iu Q ingfeng, won a national
Ch ina” for its small siz e and intense I t is also th e story of my family established China’s first astrophysics ing English by th e streetligh ts.” faculty suffered. I t didn’ t h elp th at voice-synth esis tech nology competi-
focus on science and engineering. I across th ree generations. group at UST C. I n 197 3 , my grand- H efei was left beh ind as B eijing and tion h eld in 1998 as part of a govern-
was proud to be th ere. B ut my pride fath er became a faculty member at B y th e early ’ 8 0s, following D eng oth er metropolises lik e Sh angh ai and ment effort to h elp th e ex plosion
sh ifted to awk wardness after th e UST C was founded in B eijing in UST C’ s small h umanities and social X iaoping’ s rise to power, Fang Sh enz h en began to prosper. along.
speech , wh en we stood to sing th e 195 8 , to train scientists for Ch ina’ s sciences division, wh ere h e taugh t h ad been politically reh abilitated.
university anth em, wh ich ends with fledgling nuclear and space pro- economics for th e rest of h is life. I n 198 4 h e became ex ecutive vice D eng X iaoping’ s aph orism “ L et M icrosoft R esearch Ch ina tried to
an ex h ortation: “ A lways learn from grams. M embers of th e faculty were president of UST C. G uan W eiyan, a small number of people get rich h ire L iu, but h e convinced h is team-
th e people, and learn from th e great drawn from China’s scientific elite. 1970s a fellow ph ysicist, was president. first!” became a sort of unofficial mates to found th eir own company.
leader M ao Z edong! ” Fang Lizhi, one of the first, came to D escribing h is ambitions for th e motto for Ch ina’ s economic trans- T h ey named it iFlytek . T h e company
teach ph ysics after being deemed too USTC students laboring in Hefei institution, Fang said, “ A university formation. I was born in th e fall of struggled in its early years. L iu was
H earing M ao’ s name left a bitter politically outspok en to work on th e (b&w photo) during the Cultural Revo- should be filled with the spirit of 198 9, month s after th e T iananmen just 2 6 wh en it launch ed, and wh ile
taste. I t reminded me of career path s bomb. “ H e was actually h appy about lution. science, democracy, creativity, and massacre. B y th e time my fath er h e recogniz ed th e potential for voice
my country h ad denied me. W ith out it! H e said h e would rath er not work independence.” For a time, it seemed got h is P h D at UST C in 1993 , J iang recognition and synth esis tech nolo-
on k iller weapons, ” Fang’ s widow, Fang and his fellow physicist wife, Li as th ough G uan and Fang’ s leader- Z emin, D eng’ s successor, h ad again gy, h e lack ed managerial ex perience.
th e rule of law, I could not become a Shuxian.
lawyer. W ith out a free press, I could L i Sh ux ian, told me. sh ip of UST C migh t transform th e reh abilitated th e university. T h e company nearly collapsed.
not become a journalist. W ith out nation.
W h en th e Cultural R evolution ar- A ll my grandfath er ever said to M y fath er’ s graduation ceremony, A t a fateful meeting in 2 000, some
democratic elections, I could not me about th e Cultural R evolution
become a politician. I nstead I did rived in 1966, science was deemed I t was not to be. I n D ecember 198 6, h eld on UST C’ s central sq uare, is suggested th at th ey ch ange direction
h eresy and k nowledge was consid- was: “ I was sent to labor. Everyone a few days before local elections, one of my most ch erish ed memo- and go into commercial real estate,
wh at was ex pected of Ch inese needed to labor! ” H is lack of interest
students with out political connec- ered counterrevolutionary. Sch ools Fang gave a speech , saying, “ I do ries. I wore th e only dress I owned, in ligh t of th e construction boom in
were closed. B ook s were burned. in politics probably spared h im th e not th ink democracy is bestowed a frilly number with notes of lace, Ch ina. “ W e made a ch oice th at we
tions or financial resources but with worst. M any of h is more politically
impeccable grades: I came to UST C from th e top down. I t is fough t for fancy for th e time. I n a grainy family would still mak e today, ” L iu said in
W h en th e Cultural R evolution ar- engaged and outspok en classmates from th e bottom up.” T h ousands ph oto, my fath er’ s black -and-red a T V interview years later. “ W e said,
to study science. and colleagues were dealt a h arsh er
rived in 1966, science was deemed of students protested th e nex t day robe contrasts with th e green pine if you do not have confidence in
h eresy and k nowledge was consid- fate. “ A ll of th em died! A ll of th em in H efei, wh ich th en inspired more trees beh ind h im. H e h olds me voice recognition tech nology, please
T h e lyrics of th e anth em brough t were tortured to death ! ” remembers
up a q uestion my classmates and I ered counterrevolutionary. Sch ools protests around Ch ina. T h ough th ey h igh in h is arms, wh ile I h ug h is leave.” T h e founder of L enovo saved
were closed. B ook s were burned. Fang’ s widow, listing off luminaries tried to defuse th e student demon- h ard-earned diploma tigh tly. M y th em with a last-minute injection of
would often ponder: Must scientific wh o h ad laid th e foundation of mod-
research be in service of one’ s coun- strations, Fang and Guan were fired. moth er stands nex t to us. A tall stone capital. iFlytek now employs over
UST C’ s central contribution to ern science in Ch ina. “ Z h ao J iuz h ang T h e student movement continued plaq ue to our left is engraved with a 10, 000 people; h undreds of millions
try— or can th e pursuit of k nowledge died. Y e Q isun died. W ang Z h ux i,
transcend nationalism? national defense did little to sh ield it. until tank s rolled into T iananmen h andwritten message from UST C’ s
T h e university was forced to leave wh o taugh t me statistical mech anics, Sq uare in J une 198 9, k illing th ou- founding president: “ Study h ard. B e ( Continued on page 12 )
died. Only Q ian X uesen fared ok ay.”

Iberian Pinoy IT
wh ich th ey sh ared as th ey ex ch anged way to th eir h otel in M ak ati, h is k ids M ost of th e sh ops were closed th at old restaurant inside th e sq uare and
th eir Ch ristmas gifts. A s th e day were amaz ed by th e h ordes of people Ch ristmas D ay ex cept for a few cof- spent th e rest of th e nigh t walk ing
( Continued from page 6 ) ch anged, th ey greeted each oth er walk ing lik e ants all over th e city all fee h ouses. T h ey ordered th e th ick around.
( Continued from page 1 )
6th wh en th e Feast of th e T h ree “ Feliz N avidad.” T h ey were in a day. ch ocolate drink th e Spaniards are A t around eleven in th e evening, h e
h otel in a strange foreign land, but “ W h ere do th ey all come from? ” famous for. D uring th e Spanish times and h is wife found th emselves sepa- data and information th at are useful for
K ings is observed. T h ey h ad dinner fishing and safety, through their analog
at a restaurant inside th e mall. T h e th ey felt lik e being h ome because th ey ask ed as th e scene seems to till th e late 195 0s in th e P h ilippines, rated from th eir daugh ters. T h ey ex -
th ey were all togeth er. th is drink , introduced by th e coloniz - plored th e outsk irts of th e city wh ere ph ones.”
adventurer in h im ordered a Spanish be typical all over M anila. For one T h e Filipino I T professionals of T eam
delicacy, A dobo de Cordero, wh ich th ing, h alf of th e people in Europe ers were common in th e P h ilippines. th e sh ops were closed and streets iN on competing in th e N A SA Space
is a rabbit dish . H is daugh ters were B uffet break fast are under th e ground traveling T h eir grandparents h ad th e same q uiet. H olding h ands and feeling th e A pps Ch allenge are:
alarmed. W h en h e was a young man th rough th e subway systems. I n th e utensils— a pitch er or ewer made of cool D ecember air, th ey occasionally M atth ew Concubierta
in th e P h ilippines, h e used to h ave T h at morning of Ch ristmas D ay P h ilippines, all of th e people h ave metal called “ batirol” and a wooden bumped into oth er strollers as th ey L eandro de G uz man
rabbit as pulutan (side dish ) as h e 2 003 , th ey h ad a buffet break fast to be above ground, because an moulinet . W h en th ey were in B a- enjoyed with fascination th e sigh t of R evbrain G . M artin
drank beer with h is friends in th e with th e oth er members of th e tour. underground subway system would guio last summer, th ey h ad lunch at th e different areas of th e beautiful M arie J eddah L egaspi
one and only restaurant th at served T h eir baggage was out by 7 a.m and be inundated with floodwater when a native eatery called “ Ch ocolate de city of Salamanca. J ulius Cz ar T orreda
by 8 , th ey boarded th e bus on th eir th e rain pours. B esides, M anila, as B atirol” inside Camp J oh n H ay and D ecember 2 5 , 2 003 is one Ch rist- T eam iN on will compete against 4
th e delicacy in M etro M anila, if not oth er teams for th e “ G alactic I mpact”
in th e country. T h e menu posted on way to th e beautiful city of Sala- everyone k nows, is seriously con- bough t th e ch ocolate and moulinet mas th ey can never forget. - A J
awards wh ich look s at “ T h e solution

th e walls of Sianing’ s R estaurant in manca. gested. th at th ey sell. T h ey will prepare th is
with th e most potential to improve life
B alintawak , M etro M anila included T h ey found out an elderly I ndian Eventually, th eir tour bus took a ch ocolate tomorrow, Ch ristmas Eve, on Earth or in th e universe.”
R abi-reta for R abbit Caldereta, R abi- couple wh o were members of th eir highway that would take them first and h e will imagine h imself drink - ( Continued from page 2 ) T h e Filipino I T team will be competing
dobo for R abbit A dobo and R abi- tour group were mugged th e evening to th e city of Segovia, and th en to ing h is grandfath er’ s ch ocolate or for global awards by mid-J anuary 2 019.
before. T h ey believed th e muggers Salamanca. T h ere were small h ills sipping th e drink as h e look ed out D esigned to h elps prospective buyers

All I want
prito for fried R abbit. and renters q uick ly grasp if a neigh bor-
migh t h ave been th e same men sh ad- in th e h oriz on, some farmh ouses and th e window of a q uaint ch ocolate de hood has the right fit and feel for their
Evening mass owing th em th at evening. H ad th ey farm as well as olive trees, wh ich casa in Spain. lifestyle, T rulia N eigh borh ood' s W h at
not walk ed faster, th ey would h ave are typical in a M editerranean region T h ey spent an h our and a h alf to L ocals Say feature surfaces insigh ts ( Continued from page 10 )
T h ey went back to th eir h otel to been th eir victims. lik e Spain. N o wonder most dish es look around before th ey moved on. straigh t from th e people wh o k now th e tion, it’ s th e h elp of H is forgiveness.
rest in preparation for th e evening T h eir travel guides often warned of M editerranean countries h ave T h ey arrived in Salamanca late in th e neigh borh ood best: locals. T h e feature I n th e Euch arist, it’ s being nourish ed
mass th ey planned to attend th at th em of th e muggers and pick pock - to h ave olives because th ey come afternoon, with th e h uge campus of provides both written neigh borh ood with H e wh o alone can satisfy th e
Ch ristmas Eve. B y eleven th irty in ets all over Europe. T h ey typically aplenty in th eir area. th e Universidad de Salamanca greet- reviews and feedback on topics we deepest h uman longings. I ’ m not
prey on tourists. W h en th ey were ing th em as th eir bus passed along k now prospective buyers and renters worth y to receive Y ou, L ord, and
th e evening, th ey walk ed towards th e care about, lik e if th ere is easy park ing,
ch urch , again, just a few block s from h aving break fast in Sweden one R oman aq ueduct th e river and turned righ t to cross th at’ s ex actly wh y Y ou want to be
time, a man grabbed h is wife’ s purse th e bridge into th e city proper. T h e or if people talk to th eir neigh bors, or
th eir h otel. H is daugh ters noticed decorate th eir h omes for th e h olidays. received. I t’ s a reassuring medita-
th ree men following th em, and urged from under th e table. L uck ily, th ree B y ten in th e morning, th ey saw th e buildings and layout of th e area was tion wh en you’ re steps away in th e
T o determine wh ich neigh borh oods
everyone to walk faster. H e dis- women members of th eir tour group h uge R oman aq ueduct of Sego- similar to I ntramuros, th e “ walled were most beloved by locals, T rulia Communion line. A t Ch ristmas or on
missed it as “ h aving much ado about were coming down inside a glass via looming ah ead of th em. T h ey city” in M anila during th e Spanish rank ed nearly 10, 000 neigh borh oods any day.
noth ing, ” but th e women outnumber elevator and saw it h appen. T h ey in- stopped to see th e one-of-a-k ind times. T h e buildings, th ough old, using more th an 2 0 million answered
h im in th eir family. H e was forced to formed th e security guard, wh o th en sigh t and tak e pictures. T h e aq ueduct were painted and well maintained polls from T rulia N eigh borh ood' s W h at Our model and patron for h ospital-
walk as fast as th em till th ey reach ed ran after th e man. B efore th ey k new was build by th e R omans wh en th ey and are still h abitated as h otels, L ocals Say feature. W ritten reviews ity under surprising circumstances
th e ch urch . th at h is wife’ s bag was stolen, th e coloniz ed Spain many centuries ago, offices, residences, restaurants and were used to h elp vet each winning is St. J oseph . N o ex pectant groom
D espite th e h uge siz e of th e ch urch , security guard already h ad it back . . and th eir tour guide said th ey still sh ops. neigh borh ood but were not factored into h as ever met with such unex pected
A friend of h im told h im wh ile th ey work to th is day. I t look ed lik e a tall T h ey stayed in an old h otel building th e rank ings. guests on h is doorstep. B ut h e is
h e was q uite disappointed by th e N ational and local winners in 18 major
small number of people inside. were traveling around Europe by bridge made of stone, with arch - with lux ury accommodations. T h e swift in welcoming M ary and th e
train, th eir th ings were stolen wh ile sh aped space in between th e posts. bed, th e dressers and oth er furni- h ousing mark ets were selected based on
He thought it would be filled with positive local reviews to th e q uestions unborn Savior into h is h ome (cf.
people since it was Ch ristmas Eve. th ey were asleep inside th eir coach . From th ere, th ey walk ed th rough a ture were maybe made in th e 18 00s M t 1: 2 4 ). N ot because h e h as been
below, th en rank ed by th e h igh est num-
M oreover, h e th ough t th ere would I t seems th e th ief sprayed a ch emi- narrow street made of cobblestone alth ough th e bath room, with antiq ue ber of respondents. look ing for or planning on th is, but
be more Spaniards going to mass cal th at induced th em to sleep and to a h uge sq uare. A long th e way, h e fixtures, had a modern system. Their Friendliest N eigh bors: D o you say h i because, th is reality h aving ap-
on such occasion compared to th e h elped h imself with th eir valuables. was surprised to see Ch anel, V ersace, h otel room overlook ed th e busy to your neigh bors wh en you see th em peared, h e cannot wish for any oth er.
Filipinos. T h e Spaniards after all, L ouis V uiton and oth er h igh -end street below and one side of a h uge around? D o you k now any of your Let us be realistic about these final
brough t Ch ristianity to th e P h ilip- Q uick tour boutiq ues one could see in R odeo sq uare across. P eople were starting neighbors on a first-name basis? days of A dvent, and we will be met
pines and converted th e Filipinos to D rive in B everly H ills. to fill out the square and many were D og-friendliest: D o you often see by graces unlook ed-for and unmer-
T h e bus gave th em anoth er q uick “ W h o sh op at th ese stores? ” h e walk ing back and forth in th e street. people walk ing dogs in your neigh bor- ited, but not unwelcomed.
th e Cath olic faith . A s it turned out, h ood?
th ere would be more Filipinos at- tour around M adrid. I t was Ch rist- ask ed th eir tour guide, convinced th e M aybe h alf of th em are tourists
mas D ay, but it was lik e a typical local folk s could h ardly afford to buy wh ile th e oth er h alf, local. M ost H oliday Spirit: D o you decorate
tending th e Ch ristmas Eve midnigh t your h ome for any h olidays? Editor’s note: This article original-
mass in M anila th an th e Spaniards in Sunday morning in th e United items from th em. B esides, th e area A s th e nigh t fell, th e Ch ristmas ly appeared on Dominicana and is
B est Social Calendar: H ave you attend-
M adrid. States. T h ere were few people in th e look ed provincial and isolated, not ch eer atmosph ere became more ed a community event in your neigh bor- reprinted here with kind permission.
On th eir way back to th e h otel, street, perh aps catch ing some rest th e typical cosmopolitan metropolis intense. Ch ristmas decorations on h ood, lik e a block party or B B Q ?
th ey noticed th e th ree men sh adow- after a h ectic Ch ristmas Eve activity. th e jet-setters h abitate. th e buildings, especially a life-siz e M ost W alk able: Can you walk to res- Br. Jordan Zajac entered the Order
ing th em again. T h ey walk ed much H e sometime wonders wh y th ere “ B elieve it or not, ” th e guide re- figure of Santa Claus “climbing” on taurants in your neigh borh ood? of Preachers in 2013. After graduating
are always few people in th e cities plied, “ th e locals h ave th e money.” th e sides of th e buildings, wh ich th ey K id-Friendliest: D o you regularly see from Providence College, he earned an
faster, almost h alf-running till th ey M.A. from the University of Virginia
reach ed th e doorstep of th e h otel of Europe compared to th e P h ilip- found to be common all over Spain, k ids playing outside?
pines. L ast J uly, wh ile th ey passed Closed contributed to th e festive feelings T o win, a neigh borh ood needed to h ave and a doctorate from the University of
panting. I n th eir room upstairs, h is at least 3 0 local reviews and at least a Massachusetts Amherst, both in English
wife brough t out some goodies th rough th e city of T aguig on th eir of everyone. T h ey h ad dinner at an Literature.
7 5 % positive response.
December 21-27, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 15
Page 16 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com December 21-27, 2018

Swift answers, iconic ‘lava’ walk: How Catriona

trained for Miss Universe

R osette A del, P h ilstar.com “ Y ou only h ave 3 0 seconds max to

| | B A N G K OK , T h ailand, ' Be g inning ' mak e an impression. Y our walk h as
12 /18 /2 018 — I t took almost to be mind-blowing, ” Cordoves said.
12 month s for Catriona G ray G ray began h er training by learning B uendia said G ray' s trainers saw
about th eater and P h ilippine h istory to it th at th e walk was “ powerful,
to mak e it to th e M iss Universe so th at “ sh e can bring out th e best in mind-blowing" and with a " ' vi-
pageant came out of it with th e h er, ” B uendia recounted. sion, " providing th e candidate with
coveted international title. H e said G ray learned to understand a " perfect silh ouette.” H e added th at
basic h uman emotion and dance so th ey also considered th e body type in
H er performance at th e 67 th M iss h er movement would be well-coordi- ch oreograph ing th e movement.
Universe was praised for being a nated, fluid and powerful. M eanwh ile, G ray also studied
standout from start to finish. She was B uendia added th at th ey h ad to P h ilippine h istory with gusto, part
lauded for h er iconic “ lava walk ” at train for th e “ lava walk ” since it is a of wh ich involved freq uent visits to
th e preliminary competition on D e- very important part of th e pageant. th e N ational M useum to learn about
cember 13 complete with a slow-mo- “ V ery important [ yung walk ] country and th e nation’ s rich culture
tion twirl. She also gave confident, because sa walk you can see th eir and h eritage. G ray is also push ing to
swift, precise answers during th e personality. W h en you' re on stage, promote P h ilippine arts.
q uestion-and-answer rounds. W h at' s you need to sh ow people na ‘ th is is “ I always tell h er every time sh e
more, sh e made it look lik e sh e was me, ‘ th is my personality, ’ ” h e said goes out th e stage sh e sh ould sh ow
h aving a good time. in an interview with CN N early th e story greatness of th e Filipino
One of h er trainers, Carlos B uendia D ecember. people, ” B uendia said.
J r., said G ray ach ieved h er pageant N icole Cordoves, one of G ray’ s
prowess th rough h er innate talent coach es, wh o is also M iss G rand I n- ' M id d le '
and training. ternational 2016 first runner-up, said
B uendia lik ened G ray’ s training to th at one factor to be considered was B uendia said th e second part of
a story th at h as a beginning, middle th e limited time any candidate would
and end. h ave on th e runway. ( Continued on page 5 )