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After completing graduation in 2016, I received an opportunity to work as a software

developer at Prime Focus Technologies. I knew I was joining the horde of million IT engineers
who graduate every year, but my story is a long way from them. Initially working for first few
months in software development and collaborating with the project team at regular intervals,
I recognized that the company was still utilizing the obsolete methods of manual testing to
which I was completely bemused. Consequently, I took the initiative of developing an
automation framework to transform the software testing methodologies of the company. I
worked extra hours than my usual working hours to reduce the time and efforts involved in
manual testing. After days of research and efforts, I succeeded in building an automation
framework using java and selenium. This feat helped me develop a profound desire and
passion for automation development and resultingly influenced my decision to pursue this
field of software development.

Ever since I started working as an automation developer, my interest to learn more about this
field has increased multi-fold. There is an infinite scope for creativity and innovation in this
field that exhilarates me tremendously and pushes me to dig deeper to learn more about this
domain. Hence, by pursuing Masters in Computer Science, I want to be a part of further
developments yet to be achieved in this field. I strongly believe that this would be an excellent
opportunity for me to not only achieve my short-term goals of working in one of the most
innovative work environments such as Apple, Google, and Amazon but also allow me to
accomplish my long-term goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur by developing
automated applications in the fields of healthcare and education.

I began my journey by opting for computers as majors in my undergraduate degree. This

course helped me to strengthen my basics of software fundamentals in subjects such as data
structures, java, software engineering and artificial intelligence. My sincerity and dedication
towards my studies helped me to secure a respectable position among the top ten percent of
140 students. The undergraduate program in Information Technology has enabled me to build
a strong foundation which will definitely help me to excel in graduate studies.

To further solidify my learnings, I worked on two projects in college. First, Our three-member
team took the initiative to enhance the college website by adding the functionality of
processing admissions online that could take the load of 300 users at a time without impacting
the overall performance. Then, as part of one of my major projects, I developed an application
called “Career Connect” that provides a platform for students to connect with the seniors and
juniors to share information and resources. The fellow students are currently using it for note
sharing as well as to connect with college aluminize to ask for career advice. These projects
helped me develop strong software development skills as well as analytical skills.

To work hands-on in a professional environment, I undertook an internship at the Mobile

Programming Solutions, Chandigarh. I contributed by developing an intranet application for
their HR management system to make Employee recruitment process easier. The application
was implemented using MVC structure and the technologies like JSP and Servlets for server
side processing and Oracle database as back end. Working as an intern during my regular
studies has taught me time management and team building skills.
During my journey with Prime Focus Technologies, I worked on a project called “CLEAR.” My
work involved designing and development of automation framework along with automating
product features. PFT being a media domain company, had many unique challenges,
demanding creative thinking from the employees. For instance, I worked on automating
frame accuracy of a video, which I implemented using tesseract, an Optical Character
Recognition engine. I was awarded “Excellence award” for my efforts, which saved the cost
to the organization by automating product features. These experiences have taught me
pressure handling and self-efficacy skills.

Currently, I am a professional automation developer at IBM (India Software Labs) from past
six months and have been working on a project called Cost and Asset Management. It is a
cloud-based governance tool which uses Agile Methodology and aims to provide a
comprehensive, data-driven view across cloud and traditional IT providers such as Azure,
AWS, SoftLayer, etc. My current work involves designing, implementing, and integrating new
and enhanced features in order to develop an end to end automated platform. Apart from
building my technical skills, this project has also helped me develop problem-solving,
facilitation, and coordination skills.

Within my college, I was elected as the president of the Computer Science society. Giving me
the opportunity to co-host 18 seminars at the University level, this role helped me to improve
my leadership, communication and decision-making capabilities. I was also a member of the
Cricket Club and the Captain of the Chess Club. I represented my college at various cultural
fests and sports events. At University of Ottawa, I would like to join “University of Ottawa
Squash club” and become an active member of “uOttawa Sports Business Club.”

The University of Ottawa is one of the most prestigious universities in Canada. Its Computer
Science department is boasted with well-directed infrastructure and facilities, and the course
structure compliments my interests of work. I believe pursuing Masters in Computer Science
from this esteemed university will help me in developing the skill set required to achieve my
goals. I will be privileged and hugely honoured to work under the supervision of renowned
faculty members which will enlighten my knowledge and intellect. I am confident that I would
bring consistent academic performances with hard work and determination, and assure you
to live up to the expectations that university sets for its students. I hope the selection
committee shows credence in my ambitions and accepts my application for the upcoming fall
session in 2019.