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US. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons Wishington, BC 20544 NOV 0.2 zo1g MEMORANDUM FOR FRANCISCO J, QUINTANA, WARDEN FEDERAL MEDICAL CENTER LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Lb—— FROM: Keh Hyle Assistant Director/ceneral Counsel suBgECT; LANGFORD, Larry p, Redszal Register No. 27349-092 Request for Reduction in Sentence Please be advised that mr, Langford’ PS sone g@RtS) pursuant to 18 GS PS 5050.49, Compassionate Spates for Imptenentation sf sees 8.C-§§ 3582(c) (1) (a) ana 4208(g), section 4(5} (Elderly Thnates ‘with Nadie Gontitfons") is denied. We hove carefully reviewed the Soguimentation accompanying trie enerest and have consulted with Coro Medical Director and with the Assistant Director for the Correctional Programs Diviste thedition, section 7 requires tngtideration of factors such as fhe ature and circumstances oe fhe inmate's offense and whether xelease would minimize the SUnety OF the offense or posse danger to the safety of any other person or to the community. tee lansford is 72 years old and Ras Served 57 pexcent of hie Seem of imprisonment. He hag = History of end-stage chronit obstructive pulmonary disease ont emphysema, pulmonary pypertension, right heart failure, sickle-cell trait, plantar racial fibromatosis, bursitis, eophagesl reflux, dysphagia, pePertension, sensorineural hearing loss, pterygium, and anemia. waentg ,gesued an oxygen concentrator and’ nebeay se and ambulates HARD the use of a wheelchair. He often beseees fatigued with Sitgmuous exertion and is assigned an inmate companion to assist with movement and pill line. he ly neidered ircumstances of Mr. Lan sordingly, e ae Please provide Mr: Langford with a copy of this decision. ce Angela P. Dunbar, Regional Director, Mid-Atlantic Region