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Pipe Systems

Weholite is a structured-wall pipe with smooth internal and external surfaces.

Weholite pipe is manufactured by spiral welding PE- or PP-profiles.
The Weholite product range is a complete pipework system for conveying
liquids or air, underground, under water or above ground.

The Weholite pipework system is currently available up to and including 3

metre diameter with water-tight joints. What other material can accomplish
the same, especially with the properties that come with the pipe material
itself? And you get everything for the same price. No extra cost for surface
coatings and other special preparations.

Everything can also be tailor-made to suit the desired end result. It is all
prefabricated to be ready for installation. Job-site installation is sped up,
saving time and money. It is hard to imagine how a pipeline could be built
any easier and more economically.

Weholite – Benefits

To the designer: • a safe, reliable solution

• a comprehensive product range

To the contractor: • easy to handle

• quick to install

To the end-user: • a long-lasting, maintenance free system

An over-all economical choice

The Longitudinal Stiffness of SN4

Weholite is far superior to that of
SN8 corrugated pipe.

Weholite quality control covers

raw materials, dimensions and
tolerances as well as pipe proper-

Weholite has national approvals in

Finland, Great Britain, Poland and


Weholite – Lightweight
Weholite is an excellent choice because of it’s light weight. Installation is quick and
reliable, with the pipes easily transported to the job-site, even in poor ground
conditions. Light pipe materials have a distinct advantage for foundation work,
because Weholite does not apply as much load to its bedding as do heavier pipe
Weholite – Flexible
Weholite pipes have a natural ability to ”flex”, which enables them to adjust to
different loading conditions, vibrations, stresses and soil movements without causing
damage to the pipe. The situation is the opposite for rigid pipe constructions, which
break when their crush strength is exceeded. With a ring stiffness of 4000 N/m2, the
standard product is sufficient for all construction.
Weholite – Easy
Installing Weholite pipework is simple and easy. Important factors for installation are
the light-weight of the pipe, ease of handling, transporting to the job-site and
method of installation. Longer pipe lengths speed up the installation time, reduce
the number of joints (reducing the number of potential leaks) and help reduce
overall installation costs.
Weholite – Durable
Weholite pipework systems offer a corrosion-free installation, have excellent chemical
resistance and have superior abrasion-resistant qualities compared to traditional
pipeline materials (PE pipe has been used extensively in the mining industry for many
years). Installed correctly, PE pipework systems can provide an effective working life
in excess of 100 years.

Bends but does not break
The application areas for Weholite pipes are for gravity and low-pressure
sewerage and drainage such as foul-, and storm sewerage for municipal
and industrial use. The Weholite sewerage system comprises all neces-
sary fittings for municipal use such as elbows, tees and manholes.

2000 Plock, Poland,

sewage treatment
plant with collector
system SN4 DN/ID 400,
SN8 DN/ID 600-1800,
1181 m.

2001 Skive, Denmark,

sewage line 250 m,
Weholite DN/ID
1000 mm.

Collection system for

waste deposit site in
Ilmajoki, Finland.
Weholite DN/ID 600
and DN/ID 700,
total length 2550 m.

Municipality of Vaasa,
Finland, storm sewage
line, Weholite,
DN/ID 1000.

Weholite municipal sewage system Standard stock dimensions

With socket
Size OD
Weholite-sewage pipes
• With integral socket 280 315
• With thread joint 360 400

Fittings 400 450

• Tees 500 560
• Elbows
600 675
• Wall passings
• Saddle manholes 700 788
800 900
Jointing fittings
• Double sockets
• Flex-Seal installation sleeves With thread joint
• Shrink sleeves Size OD
1000 1125
1200 1350
1400 1575
1600 1792

On stock: Standard length 6 meters. Other pipe

lengths and dimensions according to requirements.

Long-life, corrosion free installations.
Weholite Culvert pipework is ideal for culvert applications in both roadway
and street applications. The ingenious threaded joint has excellent tensile
qualities and helps reduce overall installation time. Short “spool-pieces”
can be used to extend existing culverts quickly and economically, also
cutting down on wasteage in both time and materials.

Weholite culverts in highway construction. Ring road 1,

DN/ID 1600, Porvoo-Koskenkylä, DN/ID 500 and VT4, Oulu,
Finland, DN/ID 450 – DN/ID 1800.

2001, Åmål Säffle, Sweden, pipe bridge, Weholite

DN/ID 2240/2000 mm, trench length 37 m.

Weholite culvert system

Weholite culvert pipe

• With thread joint
• Culvert extensions

• Skew-cut culvert ends

Jointing fittings
• Internal socket

Road culvert, Bollebygd, Sweden, Weholite DN/ID 2000,

length 14 m. Top cover 600 mm. Standard stock dimensions

With thread joint

Size OD
360 400
400 450
500 560
600 675
800 900
1000 1125
1200 1350
1400 1575
2000, Järvsö Sweden, renovation of 1600 1792
stone culvert, Weholite, DN/ID 700 mm.

On stock: Standard lengths 2, 3 and 6 meters. Other pipe

lengths and dimensions according to requirements.

Road culvert, Orust, Sweden.

Weholite DN/ID 1500, length 22 m.

Alahärmä, Finland, culvert

extension for road construction.
Weholite DN/ID 1500.

Applications for Weholite Multi-Pipework include
ventilation/air-conditioning, agriculture and for
sewage pipework systems in less heavily trafficked

Kuwait, ventilation manifold system for odour control.

Weholite DN/ID 900 and 2400, including reduced
45° bends DN/ID 1400.

Standard stock dimensions

With thread joint

Size OD
372 400
520 560
600 663
800 860
1000 1075
1200 1300
1400 1525
1600 1725
1800 1950
2000 2175
2200 2380
2400 2592

On stock: Standard length 6 meters. Other pipe

lengths and dimensions according to requirements.

Monikonpuro, Espoo, Finland. Covering an open

creek with Weholite DN/ID 2200, length 150 m.

Manhole program

A comprehensive program with

ready-made solutions
• Inspection chambers for sewage-, and storm
water systems
• Sewage-, and storm water manholes
• Saddle manholes

2000 Plock, Poland, sewage treatment plant Stora Enso, Imatra, Finland. Manholes for Pulp and
with collector system, manholes. Paper mill sewage line, DN/ID 2000.

If required, tanks can be “tailor-made” to suit specific customer
requirements. Pre-fabricated before delivery, Weholite tanks can be
quickly and easily installed, resulting in potential savings in both
installation time and costs.

2003 Siedlce, Poland, clean water retention tank on

watermain, DN/ID 2200, volume 150 m3.

2002 Starachowice, Poland, storm water storage tanks,

DN/ID 1800, volume 2x95 m3.

Kokkola, Finland, chemical tank for waste water

treatment plant, DN/ID 2000, volume 32 m3.

Movable ramps are part of an environmentally-conscious Kauhajoki, Finland. Above ground pedestrian
forest administration in Sweden. tunnel, Weholite DN/ID 2400.

A 450 metre long stream used for cooling water at

Kemira’s Oulu plant in Finland was diverted into a
Weholite pipe, DN/ID 1800. A special fabrication which
then split the flow into two DN/ID 1400 pipes, was
designed to facilitate a crossing with existing pipelines.

Performer 12.2003


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