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Argumentative Text

By, Hasna Fauziyah, 3MEC,214313008

Alter Ego is the most dangerous mental disorder. Why? First we have to know about its definition,
characteristic, symptoms, signs and also the reasons why it is really dangerous. Alter Ego also known as the other I,
Multiple Identity disorder, dissociative identity disorder. Alter Ego is a mental disorder that characterized by a
condition where a person have at least two distinct, means the personalities is distracting into many identities that can
be opposite condition from the before identity which is believed to be distinct from a person's normal or
original personality.

Dissociative identity disorder is characterized by the presence of two or more distinct or split identities or
personality states that continually have power over the person's behavior. The "alters" or different identities have their own
age, sex, or race. Each has his or her own postures, gestures, and distinct way of talking. Sometimes the alters are imaginary
people; sometimes they are animals. As each personality reveals itself and controls the individuals' behavior and thoughts,
it's called "switching." Switching can take seconds to minutes to days. When under hypnosis, the person's different "alters"
or identities may be very responsive to the therapist's requests.

The official symptoms of dissociative identity are first; Two or more distinct personalities exist in one individual;
one personality is always present (Understanding Dissociative Identity Disorder Alters). Second, Dissociative amnesia
including gaps in the recall of important personal information and everyday events. Third, Severe distress and impairment
in functioning because of the disorder. Third, The disturbance is not part of normal cultural or religious practices. Forth, the
disturbance can't be explained but substance use or another medical condition

There is also a sign of this disorder including Personalities are discrepant (disagreeing) and often opposite. Then
Each personality is well-ingrained with its own memories, behavioral patterns and social relationships that govern its
behavior. Next, Transition from one personality to another is often sudden and brought on by stress. And also the
patient having an Amnesia or blackouts (in the absence of substance use) and The person referring to him or herself
as "we". Then, the person being told that they did certain things to don't recall. The person may find unfamiliar objects
or samples of strange handwriting, Sleepwalking and automatic writing (such as those in fugue states), Auditory
hallucinations, Phobia, Difficulty in parenting and responding to own children, Problems trusting other, Hostility and
anger, A sense of betrayal, Problems with sexual adjustment, Increased levels of sexual behavior, Prostitution, mood
swings, and Substance abuse.

The most extreme reason why it is very dangerous are about its effects and its causes that very risky of having
that disorder in this era. Because a person who has an alter ego can be end in suicide case or abuse in drugs and sexual.
And then for its causes, Alter Ego can be causes by a trauma, abuse in a childhood, stress, broken home or even a
social isolation that as the statistics said in the U.S., Canada, and Europe approximately 90 percent reported
experiencing childhood abuse. So, from that fact we can conclude that it’s very risky infecting by this disorder. So
that alter ego is the most dangerous mental disorder because it can be end in suicide case and also it is very risky to
infect by this disorder in this era that have a really high presentations of childhood abuse in most countries in the