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a. ravel, sand, dirt, or debris, this and the tailgate swings open. A support display. The dump truck becomes the tabletop truck is built to haul it drops down to hold the box up until the ninth piece in our Construction-Gradle all. Lift the box to dump a load cargo empties, orto simply prop it up for fleet. (See the whole set on page 62,) Lectin *© Hichassis we MS an POSITION HOLES PERFECTLY UAT ALLEL) First, the undercarriage Cut the chassis (A) to size [Materials List, page 62], then lay out and dil three 2" holes on each edge where dimensioned [Drawing 1, Photo A) Finish- sand the chassis to 220 grit. Laminate four pieces of ¥2%3%s" maple to create the hood (B) (Drav- ing 2]. Clamp actoss the eciges to align the pieces. After the glue dries, sand the bottom edge and the ends flush and smooth. Make a copy of the Hood Top- View Pattern from the WOOD Paiterns® insert and spray-adhere it to the top ‘edge of the hood blank. Attach an exten- sion to your miter gauge, and cut the ‘%-cleep kerfs where shown, " Spray-adhere a photocopy of the Clmpastopbiocktothe dil-pressfencetohelp Gluethehood (8 above the ont axlehole, Hood SideView Pattern to the right dillmatchingholesforaxlepegson opposite _algningthe rot andedgesof the hood ith the Side ofthe hood (8) Bandsaw and sand e#gesotthe chassis (A frontand edges ofthe chasis (A). the taper, then rout the 1%" chamfers eae around the top and front edges of the i hood. Soak the patterns with mineral (End view) spirits, scrape them off, and finish-sand "NOTE: Holes cilled In only. the hood. Then glue the hood to the 1%" a e chassis (A) [Photo]. |STEPS/BUMPERS axlopeg, 2 long 2*single wheel Cl al Apply glue tothe center ofthe bottom endo the ‘ab (C)and to the rearof the hood (B).Clamp the «ab tothe chassis (A) andhood, EMA OATS Stand the chassis assembly (A-G) on end and dri ‘yeroles "deep in each end ofthe chassis (A) and Inthe bumpers (6). Laminate two pieces of ¥odx4" wal- nut for the cab (C) [Drawing 2]. After the glue dries, spray-adhere a photocopy of the Cab Pattern to one edge. Bandsaw the bevel where shown, drill the 1" hole (Shop Tip, right), then rout the Ys" cham- fers, Finish-sand the cab, then glue it to the chassis (A) [Photo ¢]. From 14" maple, cut the wheel spac- Jers (D) to size (Drawing 2]. Drill a centered 'Y:" hole through each spacer, and rout the chamfers on each end. Glue the spacers to the chassis (A) over the front axle-peg holes [Photo D). Laminate and plane walnut to make wo be1¥xc3%6" blanks for the fenders (B). Make two photocopies of the Fender Pattern, and spray-adhere one to one face of each blank. Bandsaw or scrollsaw and sand the fenders to shape, then rout Vie" chamfers on their outside edges, Note: Make stire the fesiders are™ mirror innages of eacitothier, Temporarily install a front wheel with an axle peg, and use the wheel as.a guide to help position the fender as you glue it in place [Photo E, Drawing 1). Repeat for the other fender. UTP NaAeeaeON INC) Temporatily insert an axle peg toposition the spacer (0) onthe chassis (A) and prevent glue from logging the hole, BS oa ‘Adhere a straight edged scrap to thehandscrew ‘damp, paralleltotheedge fthetank. Bandsaw parallel the serap, ‘or the steps (F) and bumpers (G), cut a Yoxl/el2" maple blank. Rip a 15° bevel along one edge [Drawing 2a]. Crosscut the steps and bumpers to fin- ished length [Drawing2] and finish-sand them. Glue the steps to the chassis (A) with their top faces flush, and the rear of the steps aligned with the rear of the cab (C), Giue the bumpers to the chassis where shown in Drawing 1. After the glue dries, dravy a line across each end of, the chassis (A), centered on its th and extend the lines across the Lay out the placement of the headlights [Drawings 2 and 2a), then drill ¥6"-deep holes on these marks using a brad-point Dit [Photo F}. Grip the fuel tanks in a handscrew lamp and double-faced-tape a straight-edged scrap to the screw, to serve as a visual reference [Photo G]. Bandsaw 4" from the edge of each tank, then sand the sawn face smooth and flat. Glue the fuel tanks to the chassis A), tight to the rear of the steps (F {Cut the support stop (H) to size. Glue the support stop to the chassis (A), Een he Nene Cenc Position the back bottom face ofeach fender (E) flush with the top of the chassis. The front bottom face extends i" below the top ofthe chassis, Gluethe boxbottom U) and boxend (K) between, the box sides (Musing the tailgate (U) asa temporary spacer, Match up off-center holes you don't havea bit long enough to bore all the way through the cab (C), drill from both sides. To ensure the holes align, secure a stopblock on your drill-press fence using a" spacer, below. Clamp the cab against the fence and stopblock, then drillasdeepas you can from one side. Flip the cab over, keeping the same face against the fence, and reposition the stopblock on the opposite side of the bit. Drill the remaining