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Dollie, a 27-year-old social worker, is visiting the clinic today for a physical examination.

She states that

she and her husband want to “start a family,” but she has not had a physical for several years. She was
told when she was 22 years of age that she had “anemia” and was given iron tablets, but Dollie states
that she has not taken them for years. She said she “felt better” and did not think she needed them. She
denies any use of tobacco and illegal drugs; she states that she may have a drink with dinner once or
twice a month. She uses tea tree oil on her face twice a day to reduce acne breakouts. She denies using
any other drugs. 1. What other questions does the nurse need to ask during this assessment phase? 2.
After laboratory work is performed, Dollie is told that she is slightly anemic. The prescriber recommends
that she resume taking iron supplements as well as folic acid. She is willing to try again and says that she
is “all about doing what’s right to stay healthy and become a mother.” What nursing diagnoses would be
appropriate at this time? 3. Dollie is given a prescription that reads as follows: “Ferrous sulfate 325 mg,
PO for anemia.” When she goes to the pharmacy, the pharmacist tells her that the prescription is
incomplete. What is missing? What should be done? 4. After 4 weeks, Dollie’s latest laboratory results
indicate that she still has anemia. However, Dollie states, “I feel so much better that I’m planning to stop
taking the iron tablets. I hate to take medicine.” How should the nurse handle this?