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Answer key
Part one � LISTENING

1. d. He finished the job.

2. a. Yes, I have three more.
3. c. ice
4. d. a piece of fruit
5. c. almost every day
6. d. People enjoy reading them.
7. c. That man represents the government.
8. John is a ��. b) student
9. She has ��� c) a mother and father
10. Delores will probably ........ a) play some music
11. I only have three ............a. pennies
12. c. the movement of the oil
13. d. It is taken by mouth.
14. c. Carry on.
15. a. He's learning quickly
16. c. I�ll be at home.
17. b. She agrees.
18. d. I can't see very well.
19. c. He arrived recently.
20. a. He has the best job.
21. c. He is continually learning.
22. d. She was fortunate to get them.
23. d. It was like mine.
24. c. They often ride together.
25. a. He won't make friends with poor people.
26. b. He was busy.
27. c. He told the others what to do.
28. a. They stayed all night
29. c. spine
30. d. She shut the door hard.
31. c. They stopped it.
32. c. Yes, I stayed until it was completed.
33. b. I hope to visit you.
34. d. It matters when we arrive.
35. c. She brought our dinner to the table.
36. c. I had enough time.
37. c. We omitted it entirely.
38. b. He said he was very hungry.
39. d. Mr. Gordon approved the plans.
40. a. He set them up.
41. c. Bob showed it to the person who guides people to their seats.
42. d. It is wrong.
43. c. He couldn't think.
44. a. The student should contact the instructor.
45. a. He decided to attend.
46. d. We have to vary work with play.
47. a. He doesn�t have much money.
48. b. Communication with the ship was lost.
49. c. destroy
50 b) refused to compromise
51. b. clue
52. c. stars in
53. d) on the beach
54. d. sweet rolls
55. a. bundle
56. c. controversial
57. c. none
58. b. visit
59. d. He's going to give the dog a shot.
60. c. to start the car
61. d. the economy
62. a. what the cake is made of
63. b. conditions of
64. b. buying clothes
65. a. It was a comedy.
66. a. sit



67. b. are
68. c. to watch
69. b. myself
70. d. vehicle
71. a. an express bus
72. a. February
73. d. protection
74. c. Which
75. d. should
76. b. to
77. c. have fast reactions
78. a. need a lot of sun

79. a. those who engage in summer sport activities don't have to worry about
80. b. reading a book
81. a. Pete says that John stole the money
82. c. seems
83. d. awful
84. c. hidden
85. a. is closing
86. c. thought
87. d. Can you tell me where headquarters is?
88. b. stop
89. b. go at once
90. b. try it out
91. d. are required to
92. b. route
93. d. helps start the aircraft
94. c. now that
95. d. is being
96. d. signing
97. a. piled
98. c. spray
99. d. fumes
100. a. failed