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Problem And Suggestions:

The following suggestions are carefully analyzed and discussed for its
maximum utility to be beneficent and in this advancing era, it is very difficult for any
producer to satisfy the consumer completely. Each and every product however it may
definitely has certain limitations. In today's consumer orientated market, as consumer is
the king, obsolete co-operation of consumers is of utmost importance, in order to obtain
a valid and appropriate data for the analysis of the study.

Suggestions Are As Follows:

Price cut: every company should consider that price factor while
manufacturing a product. It is a key factor with which every customer are aware of. It is
also one of the factors which determine the reputation or image of the products, so
regarding that price some of the respondents have a very good view and some have a
very bad view. To overcome this bad view, the prices should be competitive in the
consumer market. This will help suppliers to have competitive price.

The suggestions for maintaining competitive price in the consumer market

are as follows:

The cost of Himalaya Product should be controlled by all the aspects of

production, so it is immensely necessary to reduce the cost of the product so as to bring
down the prices.
The marketing expenditures should be minimized.
They should conduct surveys on the product.
Conclusion To The Study

The results of the survey are valid proof to show that Himalaya rank high
quality and brand image. It has been observed that Himalaya Health Care has
maintained an excellent product image among the consumer of the Ayurveda the
company has also a good network of salesmanship. In fact these things will contribute
in along way in improving product image as well as corporate image but in this
competitive field one should not be satisfied with the present performance. In order to
maintain high competitive efficiently there should be continuous product planning and
market improvement.

Modern market is consumer oriented therefore to be well of it is immensely

necessary for creating and maintaining brand image in the minds of people.

The corporate should ask the dealer for the preparation or preference
analysis and comparative study and analysis them to improve market performance in

The survey has given a clear picture and a precise description about the
study. It also thoroughly enlight on various brand sin market, awareness of consumers,
consumers problem and suggestion which would be or immense use and help this is all
about this project report