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Deliverance of Rupa Sanatana - 4

Kalpatararu Co-operative Housing Society

Community Hall

CBD Belapur Navi Mumbai

Sector 8-B

July 24, 2010

Sanatana Goswami did not comply with the demands of the Nawab and the
Nawab was finally forced to arrest Sanatana Goswami and was promptly put
behind bars by the Nawab. Meanwhile Rupa Goswami had made arrangements
for his own escape by bribing the jailor of his prison. Rupa Goswami said that
meeting and surrendering to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was much more important to
him than trying to get his brother out from prison. He wished his brother all luck
and immediately left to meet Mahaprabhu. He was certain that with Krishna’s
mercy Sanatana Goswami would be able to escape prison in a short time. He bid
adieu to his brother and went to surrender to the Lord.

Sanatana Goswami had a plan worked out .He approached the jailor of his prison
who was a devout Muslim. He told the jailor “I respect your sentiments as a devout
Muslim. It is customary for devout Muslims to go for a pilgrimage to Mecca and
Madina and pray for the well being of all fellow Muslims. I have been unfortunately
captured here and I yearn to go to Mecca on a pilgrimage and pray for the well
being of all the Muslim brothers. If you allow me to somehow get freed from here I
can fulfill this holy desire of mine.” As Sanatana Goswami was explaining to the
jailor, he slid about 5000 gold coins into the hands of the jailor as bribe. The jailor
was now in a receptive mode as the weight of 5000 gold coins filled his hands.
However the jailor was still not sure as to how this act could be pulled off. He was
dead frightened of the Nawab and was not sure what to do. Sanatana Goswami
gave the jailor some ideas based on which he could be out of prison and also the
jailor would be saved of the Nawab’s reprimand. Sanatana Goswami told the jailor
“Tell the Nawab that I entered the Ganges for having a bath with all the shackles
and chains and possibly because of the weight of the chains and shackles I
drowned in the waters of the Ganges.”As Sanatana Goswami was conveying the
idea, he slipped another 1000 coins into the hands of the jailor. The jailor was now
entirely convinced and thereafter he allowed Sanatana Goswami to escape from
jail. Sanatana Goswami made good of the opportunity along with one of his close
servants Ishan.He went to a place called Patira along with Ishan.

There was a very beautiful lodge in that place and Sanatana Goswami decided to
spend the night in that place. The owner of the lodge always had an astrologer
alongside him. As the two saw Ishan and Sanatana Goswami approaching the
lodge from a distance, the astrologer immediately exclaimed, “The two men
approaching us, have 8 gold coins in their possession.” The lodge was actually a
den of hoodlums who used to loot the innocent visitors who lodged there. The
lodge owner was the head of the gang and he used to murder the inhabitants of
the lodge before he did away with their possessions. When Sanatana Goswami
approached the reception area where the two hooligans waited for their guests,
the lodge owner was very sweet to Ishan and Sanatana Goswami and was overtly
kind in his interaction with the two. Sanatana Goswami expressed his desire to
cross over the hill behind the lodge next day early morning. The lodge owner
assured Sanatana Goswami that he himself would assist Sanatana Goswami and
Ishan to cross over the hill and that he himself would serve food to his guests that
night and the guests should have a peaceful night’s sleep before they ventured for
the next day’s activity. The sweetness of the owner’s words left Sanatana
Goswami to wonder for a while. Sanatana Goswami had already enjoyed the
position of Prime Minister of the state of Bengal. His primary business in that
position was politics and dealing with third grade antisocial elements. He was
reminded of some of such characters as the lodge owner was continually offering
him sweet assurances.

Sanatana Goswami was now convinced that too much of nicety is suggestive of
disruptive intentions. Sanatana enquired from Ishan as to how much money he
was carrying. Ishan had swindled 8 gold coins in the process of all the
transactions that Santana Goswami had during his attempts to escape prison.
Ishan still had his heart set on the Gold coins and said that he had about 7 gold
coins with him.He tried to retain that 1 gold coin with him. Sanatana Goswami
asked him to part with all the seven gold coins. He took the Gold coins and
handed it over to the lodge owner. He asked the lodge owner to keep the gold
coins and asked to be shown the way over the hill the next day. The lodge owner
immediately confided in Sanatana Goswami and said that he had intentions of
killing Sanatana Goswami that night since his astrologer had already told him that
the two guests had 8 gold coins. However looking at the ingenuity and purity of
Sanatana Goswami, he had a change of heart. The lodge owner now said that he
did not want the gold coins and was ready to help Sanatana Goswami
nevertheless. However Sanatana Goswami requested the lodge owner to keep
the gold coins because he was sure that even if the lodge owner did not accept
the gold coins, someone else may loot Sanatana Goswami on the way and kill him
for the coins. So it was appropriate for the lodge owner to retain the coins himself.

The next day Santana Goswami and Ishan were guided over the hill by the lodge
owner. After this Sanatana looked at Ishan and enquired “Do you still have some
money left with you?”.To which Ishan said that he had 1 gold coin still left with him.
Sanatana Goswami asked Ishan to take that 1 gold coin and go back to his home
and lead his own life. Thus Ishan and Sanatana Goswami parted ways. Sanatana
Goswami then made his journey to Varanasi where he met up with Chaitanya
Mahaprabhu. Chandrasekhar was assisting Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in Varanasi.

Mahaprabhu instructed Chandrasekhar to check if someone was approaching his
cottage. Mahaprabhu told Chandrasekhar that there must be a person with long
beard and dressed like a Muslim waiting outside. Chandrasekhar saw that there
was indeed such a person waiting outside the cottage. This person was none
other than Sanatana Goswami. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said that he was indeed
waiting for Sanatana Goswami to arrive.Chaitanaya Mahaprabhu, on seeing
Sanatana Goswami, immediately embraced him. Sanatana Goswami at once fell
at the feet of the Supreme Lord and washed his feet with the tears falling down
from his eyes.

The exchange of loving transactions between the Lord and Sanatana Goswami
was such that it was beyond description in words. Sanatana Goswami was then
instructed by the Lord on various spiritual subjects. These teachings are popular in
the spiritual circles as “Sanatana Shiksha”.As the Lord was preparing to give
detailed instructions to Sanatana Goswami, the Lord’s attention went on the shawl
adorned by Sanatana Goswami which was a very expensive one, donated by
Shrikanth, one of Sanatana Goswami’s cousins.Sanatana Goswami understood
that the Lord was not very pleased by the newly looking shawl. Sanatana
Goswami immediately left for the banks of the Ganges He found an old beggar
with a tattered shawl there. He at once exchanged his expensive shawl with the
beggar. After this Sanatana Goswami tonsured all the hair on his body and head
.He then adorned the ragged shawl and went in the presence of the Lord. The
Lord said that Sanatana Goswami had displayed great detachment all through and
this final act of his had absolutely pleased the Lord. Immediately after this the Lord
imparted beautiful teachings to Sanatana Goswami. After the instructions, Sri
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ordered Sanatana Goswami to leave for Vrindavana and
establish temples there. Sanatana Goswami had to resurrect old and dilapidated
temples and had to enunciate the Lord’s pastimes and philosophies through his
writings and in depth knowledge of the Vedic texts. Thereby the Lord left for
Jagannath Puri.

-----To be continued---